Scorned Bottom Ch. 02


The reading experience will be better if you read the first part.

Disclaimers: Our main character was drugged without his knowledge in the first part of the story. [Implied]. So he is too worried about getting drugged again.

There are women in this chapter, [No vaginas were penetrated]. Mentions forceful sexual advances.

Manipulation, cheating, aftermath of cheating, rough sex, drugging attempt.


Here I was lying naked, bent over the table of one of my professors taking his dick for the second time of the week. Professor White didn’t have the most impressive member I have ever seen, far from it, but he could control his orgasm like no other. He didn’t have to take his dick out for a couple of minutes to get going again. Just slight changes of pace, and he could go for a long time.

He has been pounding away in the same position for more than thirty minutes when he announced that he was going to finish inside of me. I just moaned in response as I was supposed to be still conflicted about the whole arrangement.

You see, this sleazy professor still thinks I am in a loving relationship with Liam. Worse of all, he knows the guy! Despite all that, this person has been making advances at me for a long time. These advances would never work if I was still in the relationship I thought I was. No, I was now free to fuck whoever and whenever I want. Mr. White didn’t know that. He gets some sort of sick pleasure knowing he had corrupted a young man like me. Making me cheat on my partner. I didn’t mind, and played along the part of a conflicted partner.

In fact, I was the one that approached him during the office hours to talk about the difficulties I was facing. Future prospects of the relationship, and how our career paths did not match. How all of that was having an effect on my grades. Naturally, he suggested that I did not have to be bound by a relationship that I got into when I was just 18. Then he kept broaching into the subject of how intimate we were in bed. I told him what he wanted to hear; it’s like I don’t exist after four years, Liam is too focused on his work. The naughty professor told me I had to branch out, and I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about; nervously of course. I had to appear as meek as possible for him to believe that he was the one seducing me.

He then told me that I could become a research assistant at the college. That way, it will be much easier to get a scholarship anywhere. Of course I knew I could be one, but I wouldn’t be his research assistant. There are much better, nicer, and less sleazy professors at the college. I was there to get fucked because he would be the easiest to get out of all the professors. I could get most of them, and I would, but you have to start somewhere.

That time, I had to sneak glances at his crotch, trying to make him know that I was curious, but he had to make the first move. Then he told me to visit him a couple of days later.

He was ready to fuck me, and fortunately, I keep my ass well lubed for easy access. You never know who might want to fuck you; and spit isn’t always the best lubricant. That day, he offered me a drink. Afraid of getting drugged again, I denied, telling him that I was trying to quit drinking.

My nervous act might have turned him on too much as I could easily see the tent inside his dress pants. He was leaning against the table, with me sitting a couple of feet away from him. I kept staring at his dick as he talked about who knows what. He was sure to notice my staring as he held my head and made me look up at him. He is easy on the eyes despite his age, and I was also getting turned on bit by bit. He asked me if I had taken another dick besides Liam. I lied and told him no.

In truth, for the last month, I fucked seven different men after taking precautions against any unnecessary bug.

He then asked me if I wanted to see what his dick looked like. Breathing heavy, I told him I don’t know, still acting slightly reluctant while my hand was reaching near the zipper to get the cock out. Instead, I just held my palm over the outline of his dick.

“Take it out.” He commanded.

I did and licked the tip before pulling myself away. It seemed like a little bigger than six inches and not too thick.

“You know what you want.” He said. “Don’t deny what your body clearly wants. What Liam doesn’t know wouldn’t bother him anyway.”

Is that what Liam was thinking when he fucked who knows how many people behind my back? The sudden rage at the mention of my ex had to be controlled and I took the entire cock inside my throat at once. He definitely was surprised by my reaction and had to hold the table tightly.

It didn’t take me too long to get his first orgasm down my throat. I didn’t know if he was done for the day or if he wanted to go for another round. To make sure he would have his cock out longer, I started my usual oh my god, what have I done act. Then he told me that it was natural and I definitely liked it. he pointed to my crotch as evidence.

Of course I was turned on, I just needed him hard once again. So I ‘reluctantly’ took ofise gelen escort my cock out. I stood up in front of him. Both of us were fully clothed with just our cocks out. That is when we heard the door to his office open and Professor White practically jumped behind the desk to hide his boner. I also sat down and pressed the chair really close to the desk to hide my now shrivelling boner. Another student came in with some problem he wanted to talk to the professor about. I was wondering if Professor White also fucked this boy when he greeted me gleefully. His name was Luke and he was a sophomore. In my current horned up state, I started thinking highly inappropriate thoughts about Luke as he talked to the professor. His perfectly tanned and tight body seemed way too luscious to be left alone. I wondered if the tan line ended on his crotch or if his whole body was tanned. Then I started imagining Luke lying down naked under the red hot sun.

“Okay?” I heard Luke saying. “By Aaron.”

“Huh!” I missed everything he said. “Bye, I’ll see you later.”

“See you later then.” Luke smiled before walking away. He does have a really cute smile.

As he walked away, I realized my dick was completely hard once again. Professor White zipped up his pants before standing up. He then walked over to the door and locked it this time.

“Now,” He said as he started walking towards me. “I believe we were in the middle of something. I’d hate for you to leave my office all frustrated.”

How nice of him! He had me stand up and started fondling my dick. I didn’t want a hand job from the man. He had to get hard again and put his dick in my ass.

“Oh Professor!” I turned around with the goal of rubbing my ample ass against his crotch. “I don’t know what came over me. It’s just …” I purposefully trailed off while rubbing his crotch.

“It’s okay.” He put his arms around and held my dick with both hands. “I think I know what came over you; and inside you. It’ll get inside you more and more.”

I gasped, pushing against the now hardening cock.

“Please don’t fuck me right now.” I pleaded. “I’ve only had one cock inside me in my whole life. I don’t want to do this to Liam.”

“Shhh baby,” He said as my words had the exact effect I wanted from him. “I’ll make you forget all about him. From this day on, I’ll be your daddy.”

My own father passed away when I was twelve. Mother remarried a year later and even after maturing and figuring out who I really was, I never had any urge to fuck any patriarchal figures in my life. The pervert probably has a poor son or a daughter that he wants to fuck. He’d probably imagine he was fucking them while his dick was inside me.

“Daddy?” I gasped, hoping I wasn’t overacting. “What do you mean.”

This time I didn’t have to press my ass against him, he did so while taking off my shirt. He wasn’t gentle about it and I didn’t want him to be. He then pulled my pants down and started fingering my hole.

“It feels nice and ready for me for some reason.” He said, pistoning two of his fingers in and out of me.

“Oh … Oh my god.” I was thinking how I could explain the lube inside my cavity. I could not tell him it was Liam’s residue as I already told him we haven’t been intimate for a while. “Please don’t.”

“Please what?” Third finger went inside me.

“Oh god… I played with my ass this morning. I had a dildo inside.”

He kept fingering me.

“Who were you thinking about when you were playing with yourself.” A fourth finger went in, he was dangerously close to fisting my ass and I didn’t want it.

“It was you,” I stood up straight, taking his fingers out of my ass. “I was thinking how your cock would feel inside my ass.”

I held his hand with one hand and started unzipping his fly with the other. I could let him take charge, but the man was really close to putting his entire fist in my ass. So I had to show him I was much stronger than him and could overpower him pretty easily at any point, even if I was aroused. With his cock out, I was meek again, hopeful that he received the message.

“This is …” I was breathing heavily. “Would you?”

“Turn around.”

“Oh.” I moaned and dramatically fell on my chest on the table.

To my surprise, Professor White was gentle at first. I don’t know if he cared about me or was scared of me. It didn’t matter as long as I had a dick in my ass. He kept asking me standard questions and I kept checking the answer boxes. After a while, I got bored and urged him to let me ride the magnificent dick of his. Stroking his ego clearly kept working as he sat on his chair and let me ride him. I liked the fact that he was taking so long to cum and I kept bouncing on top of him. I was close to cumming when I turned away from him, not wanting to ruin his clothes.

I came all over the desk and leaned over to lick it all up. He then stood up and started pounding me as I was now holding the desk for support. It took him nearly an hour before he came all inside me. I had to remind myself to act guilty for cheating before exchanging numbers otele gelen escort and leaving his office. He told me to meet him same time next week. I knew a couple more students whose asses were being pounded by him on the regular and deduced that I was his Wednesday appointment.


I felt like taking a shower after that so I headed to the gym. I had been spending way too much time in the gym over the last month, not going to the apartment I used to call home for so long. And I’ve been crashing at different friends and fuckbuddy’s places at night.

I saw Raj, one of those fuckbuddies, working out in the gym when I was heading for the shower. His long and slim cock felt nice inside as it could reach so deep without too much discomfort. Not wanting to start a heavy workout session, I went to the curling rack and kept working on my arms with lighter than usual weights until Raj approached me.

“Pretty light for you I’d say.” He referred to the weights as he stood behind me.

“I’m just pumping these muscles to keep them nice and strong.” I say, noticing his warm and sweaty body. “You don’t have to go hard every day you know, in fact, that’s actually bad for you.”

“Sure,” Raj came closer. “What about pumping something else.” He held my waist. “I can go hard at you.”

He was standing too close as the heat from his body was bothering me. I was horny enough to want another dick inside me. But since I already came nearly thirty minutes ago, I was not horny enough to ignore the stench from his body.

“Let’s go take a shower first.” I pushed my ass back but couldn’t find his crotch since he was holding me by the waist.

“Hmm.” He growled as he led me to the lockers. There were a few people present at the gym, and most of them knew by now what I was; some of them being envious against the man leading me away.

“Not here.” I said once we were in the locker room. “Under the showers.”

“Whatever you say.”

As I rested my torso against the shower stall, raj took off both of our clothes and started rubbing his penis against my puckered hole.

“Wait,” Raj spoke up. “Is that semen leaking out of you? Did someone cum inside you just now.”

“Oh that was minutes ago!” I said. “Don’t be a prude. You don’t think we are somehow exclusive do you?”

“But, this is.”

“Look.” I stopped him. “I’m clean. If you’re still worried about some disease, you can condom up; I don’t care.”

“My dick sloshing against someone else’s cum!” Raj hesitated.

“Sounds so hot when you say it like that.” I added.

He agreed and went inside me with one long stroke.

“Ah fuck,” Raj said. “What a fucking whore! How are you still this tight?”

I tightened my grip on his dick as he started groaning.

“God damnit you bitch … so fucking good!” He kept going faster.

Sadly, tightening my ass on his dick had the expected effect and he didn’t even last five minutes.

“I’m going to cum.” He announced.

“Do it inside.” I said. “Your little things are going to play around with Professor White’s cum.”

“Professor White? Ah fuck!” He came inside me.

His knees buckled as he held me for balance. I took a mental note to not start a serious fuck session right after a serious workout session.

Getting dressed after shower, Raj asked me what happened to turn me into such a slut.

“Existential crisis my friend.” In a way, it was the truth. I was in a crisis after learning about Liam’s infidelity. “I need to fuck everyone I can!”

“And … you don’t think you’d want to settle down with someone.”

Is he for real? Can’t blame him thought. The guy doesn’t know I wasted four years of my life trying to settle down with someone. For two of those years, my loving partner turned out to be a bottom and started taking thousands of dicks. I had a lot to do to catch up.

“I’ll never settle.” I told him. “You better not catch any feelings for me. That’s just your dick talking. I’d understand if you don’t want to fuck me anymore; but I can be reached anytime you feel like it.”

“That’s too cold.” Raj said. “I don’t think Shelly is even like that.”

“What. A man cannot be a whore without being compared to some woman. Get your head out of the eighteenth century.”

Shelly Stiller had slowly gained the fame of being the campus whore, despite being an amiable and nice enough person. She was a software engineering student who was talented enough to get a job at any of the Silicon Valley start-ups without even a college degree. But the poor girl decided to go to some frat party in her second week in college and was fucked for nearly a week by who knows how many guys, while under the influence of who knows what. She knows complaining about it won’t help, and her coping mechanism turned out to be fucking anyone who was nice to her. I had a class with her and the two of us hit it off pretty quickly before the eventual semester end had us drifting apart.

“And,” I added. “I am hot enough to get your dick hard on a constant basis.” I flicked the tip of his dick.

“Hey,” He jumped away at that. rus escort “You asshole.”

I started running away laughing as he chased me out of the gym.


The next Friday I went to visit a small apartment where I might be moving in to. While the area was not the worse in the town, it would certainly be a downgrade from what I was used to. The apartment didn’t have proper natural light coming in from any of the windows since there were buildings all around.

There was only one bedroom and the living room and kitchen together was as large as the bedroom in my last apartment. At least the washroom was decent enough and the mirror was not split in half.

A cranky older woman named Susan Lebowski showed me around the apartment. She then told me to follow her into her own apartment if I was interested in the place and wanted to talk more about the pricing arrangements.

Although surprised, I was interested in moving out of the old place as soon as possible. And this one seemed affordable enough for me.

Getting in the landlord’s apartment, I met the big bear that was Ronald Lebowski. The lady introduced her husband and told me he would be the one to fix any problems I encountered in the place.

I knew I’ll be having a lot of problems pretty soon. Unless he came to fix the sink unprompted. He could be described as Santa Claus with greying beard and full head of hair. We discussed the rent as I kept eyeing the big man sitting across me from top to bottom. His wife might have noticed it, but she didn’t care enough to mention that I was eye fucking her husband.

After getting out of their apartment, I started thinking about the relationship between those two. They might be happily married, and I was here fantasizing about one of them. Thinking about being the homewrecker made me feel sick to the stomach. If the old man came on to me even though he was married, then that would be different. But seducing someone in a happy relationship; that doesn’t sit right with the other party. Despite being the cranky woman Mrs. Lebowski was, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone in the way I was hurt.

So I decided to hit the bar and drink enough so that I was numb to this sick feeling. I went to the ‘Boner of Damocles’, the only place where I wasn’t afraid of being drugged. That was because the bartender Lorne was getting a piece of my ass consensually and he didn’t want anyone else to take me away from him. After a lot of drinks, who knows, I might do it with him and stay at his place tonight. Lorne was a man in his early thirties working as a bartender at night, trying out acting auditions in the day.

I was anxious when I didn’t see Lorne behind the bar. The current bartender was also a young hunk, but there was no trust. Anyone could slip in a fifty-dollar bill to the man to mix whatever in my drinks. I asked about Lorne to the bartender and learned that he actually found an acting gig. What do you know; I was really happy for the man. Hopefully this would be his big break.

So I decide to order beer cans; not even opened beer bottles from the bartender and started drinking away. I wanted to go for something heavier, but beer would have to do for the night. I was there for only 10 minutes when someone came up to me and started chatting me up. The guy didn’t look much older than me. He introduced himself as Ralph. The small talk was extremely boring for me as I almost told him to cut to the chase. I could ask him to fuck, but I wasn’t finished with the beer at hand. When I was almost finished with the drink at hand, Ralph ordered another drink for me.

“Oh no thanks, only beer for me tonight.”

“Come on now, only one drink.” Ralph pushed the glass in front of me. “Besides, you can’t go driving after beers.”

“Oh I’m not driving.” I regretted saying that judging from his reaction. “My friend will pick me up soon.”

He kept insisting that I just take this one drink. I looked at the bartender and he quickly looked away as soon as our eyes met.

“Oh,” I picked the glass with one hand and placed the other on his thigh. “You don’t really need to get me drunk to have your way with me.”

I got the reaction I needed.

“Do you want to go to the bathroom now,” I said, rubbing the thigh. “Or your place.”

He looked down at his crotch. At that moment I poured some of the drink from my glass onto his. As soon as he looked up, I pretended to have the drink myself.

“Oh we can go to the bathroom right now,” He downed his own drink. “Maybe my place later, maybe not. You don’t have to worry your pretty little head about it.”

“Oh my!” Whatever he put in the drink must have fast reaction time. “Lead me away, Romeo!”

His feet were wobbling as soon as he got up.

“Whoah there,” Ralph said. “Sure had a lot to drink tonight.”

“I hope this is ready for me.” I rubbed his crotch.

I almost had to carry the guy even before we reached the bathroom. He was nearly unconscious as I led him to the last stall. I had him lay on his back, pulled down his pants and got out. I went back to the manager’s office to inform him about what just happened. I hadn’t fucked the manager yet, but he knew he could easily get me anytime. Mr. Skinner told me he would be taking appropriate actions and the new bartender will also be reprimanded for the behaviour. I knew the bartender will be tied to the X shaped board in the manager’s office after the shift was over.

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