Saved by A Flower


Shutting the laptop, he was tired of editing photos, it seemed it was all he did anymore, get up in the morning let Gracie his ever-present companion out to do her business while he sipped a hot cup of coffee, Gracie was one of the most vital pieces to the puzzle that was his life since which was forever changed on 2:08 PM, November 20, 2016.

That was the day that time stood still, and his life took a Rod Serling Twilight Zone twist into the unimaginable. His love, life, everything had slowly slipped away into the abyss of sleep never to wake again, Maggie (she hated that name, real name Peggy) was his strength, and conscious, the very soul of his life, they had been in love for 47 years and married 43, resulting in four beautiful children who were now adults with families of their own, not to mention the many lost souls that drifted in and out of their lives and house as easily as the gentle Southeast Georgia breeze brought relief in the summertime.

It had not been an easy life, military life can be demanding of a marriage, but his Maggie managed where many women threw up their hands and quit, some returning home to their parents, and the rare few who ran off with another man to a hopefully better future that often ended up much worse than the one in which they felt trapped.

His life now consisted of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he had gotten to that part of life, his winter which he still demanded was his early Autumn, Army family, photography, and Gracie his ever-present shadow. She went everywhere with him, except in the truck, they both learned early she was not a mobile type of lady, she stayed home. Yet still his life was a full as it possibly could be, with the one missing piece that was his puzzle, the most important piece, someone to be a part of his life, he was content, but he wanted to be happy, the kind of happy you get when there is somebody in your life that cares for you as much as you do them.

CJ had tried the usual dating sights, which either failed or matched him with a woman whose life was filled with misery and disappointment like his own, everyone knows that sadness combined with grief equals despair in fifth gear, you get nowhere fast, and the ride is a horribly painful one often ending with hurt feelings and anguished souls.

He had become so desperate that he began exploring the “fetish’ sites. I mean who doesn’t love tits right? Big tits with big juicy nipples! This he knew was just his cup of tea, he had always been an ardent fan of suckling, oh how he loved the feeling of a nipple in his mouth, the flesh of a breast against his face, the smell of a woman’s body and perfume that mixed together took him to a new level of eroticism.

It had all begun years ago, was it really almost fifty years? His wife was breastfeeding their oldest son, when it became apparent that she was producing too much milk. Sharing her milk with other young mothers who had trouble producing didn’t seem to help, she had become a milk factory which necessitated her spending time expressing the extra to give her poor aching breasts relief. One afternoon while passing the bedroom, Maggie called out to him, entering she said that she heard of a new way to help in ridding herself of the extra milk with no pain, then smiling sweetly she said ‘you have to drink it’ shocked he told her he wasn’t drinking breast milk, if he wanted some there was cow’s milk in the refrigerator, you know the ‘moo’ kind. Laughing she said, ‘you just might like it, Jackies husband loves hers’, then she began telling him how she learned about Adult Breastfeeding and its benefits to both mother and husband. thinking about Jackie he was thinking to himself how he would love to get hold of her breasts, then as if reading his mind, she said ‘you know mine are as big as Jackies now, I see you looking at her hooters, and believe me they are some beauties, look at mine’, then allowing the towel to drop upon her lap there before him were two gorgeous pink breasts with the most luscious nipples he had ever seen, pregnancy had been very good to his wife.

lying next to her at her urging he gave it a shot but nothing happened, becoming frustrated he gave up, then chuckling Mags grabbed his arm and said ‘no like this come her baby, I have something special for you’ the word ‘baby’ struck a chord in him, and he suddenly became very attentive to her needs.

Lying his head in her lap as instructed she offered a beautiful full breast with a drop of milk on the plumb rosy nipple, ‘taste it’ he did and found it to be sweet and not that bad after all, ‘now suck on my breast’ willing to try something new he gave it a shot and failed, then after instructing his how to properly latch on he caught on quickly, and he was getting it from straight the tap, he began loving their time together and discovered he loved breasts more than he thought, he was in love with his wife’s breasts, and when she would finish nursing their son it was his turn and he was always ready for his share of what he came Beşevler Escort to refer to as ‘his liquid gold.’

Some years later Maggie after weaning their last child Mags decided to quit lactating which resulted in a boycott of their marital bed, CJ did not take the news well that his favorite drink was going away, if had decided that if she was denying him her milk, he likewise would deny her of his, and he stood firmly on his protest of no milk.

After a month of no sex, he was becoming quite irritable, Maggie was becoming so tense that not even her best toy would give her relief, she needed her man. So, one night as he slept, she silently slipped under the sheet with him, she had pretty much dried up and thought there might be a chance of reconciliation. Completely nude she cozied up to him with her head above his so that her breasts were point blank in front of his mouth, then carefully she took the slightest dab of peanut butter and applied it to her left nipple, after which she placed it against his lips. In his sleep his unconscious mind registered something at his mouth, and he while very much asleep licked his lips and in doing so tasted his second favorite treat, peanut butter, creamy peanut butter that he always dolloped upon her nipples for his own version of a peanut butter milk shake, this was his favorite treat!

Tasting it again he then opened his mouth as if to have some more and that was when she inserted her plump nipple, the reaction was ingrained since birth, and made stronger in his suckling of Mags breasts when she would feed him. they had learned through research that suckling is something that babies are born with and when breastfed it is reinforced as proven by research in the study of mane and women being so attracted to the female breast, though the inherent desire is much stronger in men, and accounted 85-90% of men being desirous of women’s breasts and of that amount at least 95% yearning to suckle, not only for the nutritional aspect but more importantly the nurturing effect on the male brain and the soothing, calming state of being that comes from such contact.

While she was sick, battling blood clots and heart disease their sex life became non-existent, with cuddling to soothe her aches and pains being the only thing he wanted in his was of comforting his wife whom he was slowly but certainly losing to heart disease. She never smoked, had done everything right yet she ended up paying such an awful cost. For the longest time CJ was now boycotting God for this travesty, and only recently has he begun reaching out asking forgiveness and seeking why, why her? Then it came to him one day in the form of his eldest daughter, when he was especially despondent, she said ‘Daddy, you know I believe that people, special people like Mommy are only in our lives for a season, then after taking us to a certain point they have to leave us to help someone else, that’s what Angels do.’ It was the perfect explanation for Peggy she was the one who saved his life, now at 63 he had to move on by himself, later hoping to find another Angel to walk with him.

Now after being alone for so long, he found he missed the bond of Adult Breastfeeding so much, it was an important missing piece of the puzzle to his life that had been non-existent for years since Maggie had become ill and their sex life decreased to nothing. But in his mind, it was secondary to keeping his wife well.

Now years later, he knew he needed a relationship in which breast love would be an important part. So, with that thought in mind his journey began and it became the centerpiece of his search, and so the taboo sites became an integral part of his daily life.

Now perusing the ABF/ANR sites he kept running into roadblocks, the ladies willing lived too far away, and the one he really wanted, really wanted ‘Misty’ was married and that was a bond he could not sever, no matter how sexy the redhaired green-eyed beauty was, though he had set up three different meets, reserved hotel rooms only to back out, Misty said she understood and later quit answering his messages for just one more chance.

Later he found himself courting single women as far away as Atlanta and the panhandle of Florida, promising one woman that the 500-mile round-trip would be a piece of cake, he came to realize that his constantly erect cock was now manning the tiller and the erotic lifeboat in which he found himself captured. The calls, mutual masturbation, skypes to fondle themselves while watching one-another, was nothing more than a band aid on a gaping could not staunch the bleeding of his aching soul, looking for love and acceptance.

Thinking Jennifer to be the one he dutifully made the five-hundred-mile round trip for an evening of unfettered sex, that ended all too soon as she was an executive lady who would abate her primal urges but fucking his lights out resulting in them falling to sleep with one of her massive breasts with a nickel-sized nipple in his mouth as he fell asleep as Escort Beşevler she stroked his hair telling him how wonderful he was.

The evenings were wonderful, only to be followed by a quickie the next morning, and if he was lucky a blowjob, followed by a kiss and ‘I got to go, see you next Friday night’.

He had become what he feared the most, long-distance on time sexual relief and nothing more, he wanted a connection to someone who ‘got him’ someone who had walked his road and understood his heart, little did he know that person would be 700 miles away, and in less than a month he would be introduced to the lady who would make his dreams come true, but at a very scary price.

‘I love you’ were the three most precious words he ever knew, and not to be taken lightly, they were followed by honor, duty, devotion, love of God and country. They were not words he threw around, when he said them, they meant his heart was now someone else’s, he had given it away only once before and it had taken him years of pain, anguish and torment to regain it, giving it away again was not going to be easy.

He met Louise through an ABF site; she was careful and not easily given to revealing her true self, he gave her time and kept in contact while talking to other women, but there was something about her that attracted him, he couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something that caused him to keep returning.

Then one day he sent her a photo he had recently shot in hopes of engaging her in conversation, it worked and then slowly but surely, he kept courting her through the website. One day after communicating through the site for well over a month she brought up meeting half-way, he thought it was great idea but worried about her safety as she would be traveling alone, assuring him she would be fine, he relented and agreed. Then why talking on the phone a week later she uttered ‘why don’t I fly down to meet you? I have always wanted to visit Savannah.’

While she was setting up plans for a flight to Savannah, he began looking for hotels, not having a great deal on money he found a Days Inn, not top drawer but clean and quiet. Then the day arrived, he stood atop the ramp anxiously awaiting her appearance, he knew she was a Rubenesque woman from her photos, someone he would not usually go for but there was something behind her smile, it was in her eyes that drew him in, and he had to find out what it was. And yes, she had some beautiful breasts, CJ was a Boob man, through and through and she had some beauties, but still it was her eyes.

She was a big woman, just as she had told him, but it didn’t faze him, it was her eyes, they hugged, greeted each other and he felt a warmth he had not for many years, taking her bag, they walked to his truck, walking and talking he began to feel at ease with her, knowing they would not be able to get their room until later as her flight landed just after noon, there would be time to kill, so he drove her around Savannah showing her what sights he could from his vehicle, she had leg problems and prolonged walking was out of the question, and Savannah is definitely a walking town of discovery,

Wondering if Louise might be hungry she said she could stand a bit of food so they set about trying to find someplace for lunch, unfortunately it was Tuesday and the traffic was heavy, checking a couple of places, he asked if she liked chicken, and finding out that she did they had to settle for a fast food place, but it was an opportunity to sit across from her and get to know this woman who had such a strong appeal with eyes that kept pulling him in.

Louise was a wonderfully well-spoken woman, a retired teacher and counselor, he had his share of the cute airheads and knew they were not for him, yet sitting across from him was this beauty who spoke to him in complete sentences further weaving a spell that would capture him in a chant he had never before experienced, now he was really intrigued he had to know more, he wanted more, no, he needed more.

Finally, it was time, just after 2 o’clock they headed toward the hotel, he was becoming nervous, she was calm cool and collected.

CJ was nervous, this was going to be the first serious relationship he was going to have with a woman since the death of his late wife almost 7 years ago and he didn’t want to blow it, little did he know that within the week he was going to make the Atom Bomb tests look minor league.

Entering the room, helping with her luggage, he excused himself to the bathroom to brush his teeth and gather his wits, brushing completed he washed his hands and face, replaced the towel and exited the bathroom.

What greeted him completed floored him! There, in the bed, covers to her shoulders lay Louise, shocked he stood there, his feet as if entrenched on concrete, he couldn’t move. ‘Are you naked?’ He asked, smiling and laughing a little she replied ‘yes’, then taking the hint he undressed as cooly as he could noticeably nervous, ensured he Beşevler Escort Bayan folded his trousers nicely, even hanging and buttoning his shirt on a hangar, he got into bed, looking at her, he kissed her plump painted lips and his head began to swim, feeling her body against his, her breasts touching his chest, his cock coming to complete attention he wanted to be inside her NOW!

But he waited, he had to make a good impression, instead he continued to kiss her, trailing kisses down to her full proud breasts, taking her right breast into her hands she offered it to him. Kissing the nipple then circling her areola with his tongue, she chuckled a bit telling him that her left nipple was better, it was always perky and alert, the right one ‘needs work’ and to him that was his clue to latch on. Doing so her heard her let out a little sigh only saying, ‘yes harder please’, the man was all about pleasuring this woman who so freely gave of herself to him, and he did as she bade him.

Suckling her breast while his free hand roamed her body, feeling her soft tummy he slowly dipped his hand between her legs, rubbing her inner thighs, allowing his hand to brush the neatly trimmed vagina he could feel her moisture, her desire.

With his fingers, he traced her labial lips and then very slowly, methodically he inserted the tip of one wetted finger onto her vagina pulling back its hood he exposed her full erect clitoris begging for attention, placing his finger upon her clit she gasped in pleasure slightly arching her back to meet his probing finger.

Continuing to suckle her breasts her fondled her pleasure palace with his fingers finally inserting two of them inside her molten valley of erotic delight. Pulling his mouth away from her breast he kissed her again, she offered her tongue which he readily suckled as it as if it was an exploring nipple seeking acceptance, then quickening his pace he began stroking her now flowing pussy with strokes that caused her, as he would later tell her ‘Speak in tongues’ Louise is a very vocal woman and CJ loved it.

Kissing her once again and tickling each nipple on his travels south, he stopped at her Mons, that spot just above the opening to her vagina and the sanctuary containing her clitoris.

Using his fingers to peel back the protective hood he found Louise’s beautifully erect clit, the button he was looking for the button that would really get her engine running in going. Now exposed he slowly licked and tickled her clit with his tongue, her taste was a sensory overload, she was sweet and salty, and so hot!

He watched in delight as he saw her clit dance in erotic pleasure, then he licked it again, suckling and giving it just a nibble bringing a noticeable grunt from Louises mouth, a mouth that would later be giving him oral pleasure he had never experienced before.

Now suckling her swollen clit, he reinserted his fingers and began slowly, then faster stroking her now molten hot weeping pussy as if his right hand was a piston driven sex machine meant only for her pleasure. After a while his arm began to tire, he looked at her beautiful, flushed face saying ‘I have something different for you now’, and then he slowly inserted his swollen cock into her, she arched her back to accept him while wrapping her arms around his back, intent on not letting him go, he began undulating his hips, driving his love muscle in and out the two of them became one he was intent on only one thing to make her scream in sexual ecstasy, when she did he was not disappointed she was loud, lyrical and it was such a beautiful sound, she was releasing all of her pent up emotions, wants, needs, and sexual desires, he loved it! She was amazing, she did not have an off switch! He would take a break and then they would be right back at it again, this routine continued for almost 90 minutes then finally spent he had to lie back and catch his breath.

Propping herself up on her right elbow, she grabbed his shaft in her left hand, and saying’ now have something to tell you’, moving down Louise took him into her mouth, it was unlike any other feeling he had experiences before, she swallowed him whole, then she sucked vigorously on her way to the top, where she teased his hardened cock with kisses, tongue licks and nibbles, taking her tongue she traced the entire length of his shaft, up one side down the other then retracing her path, she knew that she was driving him insane with lust, she had full control and loving every minute of command she did as she wished

Taking a breath she smiled, commenting him on the size of his testicles, they were rather large, and she evidently relished their size in how she made love to his scrotum, then just as quickly she took him back into her mouth, this time it was his turn to gasp and raise his hips to meet her every stroke, it was magical and on the verge of eruption, she felt one pulse.

Recognizing its significance, she demanded in a commanding and husky voice, get on top of me now!

Without rebuttal he climbed atop her body, her leg splayed wide, he entered her, grabbing his back and she drove her impassioned body against him and in ten strokes they both exploded in and orgasmic symphony of pleasure, sexual release as a wave of peace and calm enveloped their bodies.

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