Saturday Morning


Waking up from a steamy dream about us, I open my eyes to see you aren’t in the bed next to me. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and stretch my long legs across the entire bed… then roll over to your side, bury my nose in the pillows and inhale your scent. A smile plays across my face as I settle deeper into your side of the bed. Our cat lays at my feet, lazy and sleepy just like me. He stirs as I stretch and move in the bed, comes up to me and settles next to my waist, purrs and goes back to sleep. I lay with my head facing the doorway, my eyes open but unfocused as the scent of you has sparked a memory of the dream I just woke from. Then you appear in the doorway, a single white rose in your hand. I smile, moving onto my side from my stomach and prop my head up on my hand.

“Good morning my beautiful..” you say as you sit on the edge of the bed next to me.

“Morning..” I reply with a yawn. Then: “is that for me?”

“No baby, it’s for the cat..” you say as you put the rose to the cat’s nose for a sniff.

I laugh and say “smart ass. Now kiss me.” You do as I ask, pressing your lips to mine in a soft, sweet, lingering kiss.

“Hungry?” you ask me after you pull away.

“A little.. what time is it?”

Turning around to look at the clock on the nightstand that’s out of my view, you reply “8:30..” I grimace and fall back onto the pillows.

In a whiney voice I say “but it’s Saturday. I wanted at least another hour in bed before I got up…”

You laugh at me, lay the rose on the pillow next to me, and say “nobody said anything about you getting up, baby. Stay in bed, I’ll make you something to eat.”

Kissing me on the forehead and smoothing my hair, you get up and disappear from the room. As you go, I can’t help but watch you leave. With each step, your calf muscles contract, your behind moves fantastically, the small of your back twists, and the skin rolls on and over the muscles around your shoulder blades. With your arms at your sides, I can see your triceps moving with each swing as you walk. When you’re out of sight, I sigh, wondering if it’s unhealthy for me to appreciate your body so much. I giggle at the thought and first put my nose to the rose, one of my favorite flowers, then back into the pillows where the scent of you still lingers; the only scent that truly stimulates each of my senses.

After a few minutes you reappear, say to me “here, love” and hand me a small glass of orange juice, drop a kiss on my nose, and leave the room again.

Suddenly finding myself famished, I down the orange juice fairly quickly. Wanting more, I sit up in bed slowly, pausing to sit on the edge. I stand and put on a pair of lacy boy-short type panties, then pull a camisole over my tesettürlü escort head. I pick up the rose from the bed, step into my slippers and walk towards the kitchen. You don’t hear me behind you and I find myself stopped at the doorway, leaned against the door jamb, just watching you. On your feet are socks and house shoes, other than that you’re wearing nothing but a pair of navy and baby blue striped boxers. The TV is on in the other room, volume turned down low, playing cartoons; Tom and Jerry at the moment. I giggle at this; I love the little boy in you. This was something we always had in common, no matter our age; we still watch cartoons every now and again.

But you aren’t watching the TV; you’re humming a little tune to yourself in the kitchen, something I can’t quite make out. You’re lost in your plans for breakfast, moving back and forth from the stove to the refrigerator and then to the countertops where you’re preparing something I can’t quite see. More than likely, it is one of your famous omelettes that I love so much. After a few minutes I step into the kitchen and grab a small vase from under the sink, draw water from the tap and place the rose in the water.

“Thank you for the rose babe, it’s so beautiful.” I say as I turn to you and wrap my arms around you from behind, placing soft wet kisses on your shoulder blades and moving my hands up and down your chest and stomach. You stop what you’re doing and place your hands over mine, lean your head back against me and say,

“A beautiful rose for my beautiful girl.”

I smile against your skin, closing my eyes as I inhale the scent of you. I stand there awhile not moving, pressing my cheek to your back, my eyelashes fluttering against the back of your neck. You’re unmoving as well, the breakfast tasks seem to be forgotten for the moment as you move your hands up and down my forearms. I feel a familiar desire start to unwind in my belly, and I playfully run my finger along the waistband of your boxers. I’ve begun kissing your back again; softly nibbling on the back of your neck where I know it sends chills through your entire body. You can’t help but shiver against me and I can feel the goose bumps on your arms as my hands travel up and down over your skin.

I reach around and place a hand underneath your chin, gently forcing you to lean your head back to where your face is pointed at the ceiling, and I move in to the side of your neck, trailing my tongue up the side to the sensitive area underneath and behind your ear. As my lips enclose your earlobe, your mouth opens as you let out the breath you’d been holding. My other hand is on your waist and I grab onto you more türbanlı escort fiercely as my tongue probes at your ear; licking and biting and exploring each crevasse. My fingernails rake your side as I sigh into your ear, and your body starts to move around with excitement as you let out a soft whimper. I know your ear is one of the most sensitive spots on your body.

With your back still to me, I begin to trail my tongue up and down your back, kissing your shoulder blades, moving my head under your arms to bite your ribs, running my hands down your hips and thighs when my mouth finds the small of your back, placing kisses on each side of your spine. My hands creep back up your body, and my fingertips play underneath your boxers and reach around to cup your balls. I hear your hands slap the counter in front of you; you’re using it for support to hold you up. Gently massaging you with one hand, my other hand explores your calves, up your thighs, across your ass, and from your side to your chest it lands on one of your nipples where I gently pull and pinch simultaneously with each grip of your balls. You’re breathing heavy now, talking to me the way that you do, telling me how good it feels when I touch you. Without seeing your face, I know that your eyes are closed, your eyebrows knitted together, and your mouth hanging open. This is just where I want you, you delicious man.

I stand and back a few inches away from you, just enough so we aren’t touching in any way. I can see your chest rising and falling from the back as you are gaining composure of yourself, your head leaned down, hands still placed on the counter in front of you. You turn around and your eyes graze over me; you haven’t seen me since I came out of the bedroom because you had your back to me cooking when I entered the kitchen. A smile curls up one corner of your mouth as you see I’m wearing one of your favorite types of panties. You come at me quick, wrapping your arms around my waist, plunging your tongue into my mouth and walking me backwards until I’m pinned against the wall behind me. You push your body up against me, grinding your pelvis into mine, making sure I know how bad you want me.

Your hands roam my entire body, savagely you rip my camisole away from my breast and pull it out to squeeze and pull at it while your mouth plants hot sloppy kisses on my neck and collarbone. You take my arms and put them against the wall above my head, pinning them together with one hand, then as you’re passionately kissing me, your other hand finds its way underneath my panties to finger my wetness. I bring one knee up against your waist to give you better access to me and you plunge tüyap escort two fingers deep inside of me. I gasp against your mouth and my lips go slack, unable to kiss you back. You bite at my bottom lip, sucking it into your mouth, fucking me with your fingers, simultaneously thrusting your pelvis up against me to match your fingers’ rhythms.

The sensation of this passion is deliciously overwhelming for me, I find strength enough to rip my arms free from your grip and walk you backwards until you collide against the refrigerator where magnets and pictures are knocked to the floor. Not caring, I slant my mouth against yours; reaching into your boxers to grip you so tight it makes your breath catch in your throat. I can feel the veins full of blood and the skin very tight as I begin to move my hand back and forth with you in my grip. I take a moment to reach up and spit in my hand, and then I take you once again into my palm this time wet and slippery. I know this sensation is heaven for you as you fall against me. You begin talking again, telling me you want to fuck me.

We’re ripping at each other’s clothes like animals and before I know it you’ve wrapped your arms around my waist and lifted me onto the counter, pressing yourself between my legs. I can feel you warm and stiff against me, and I whisper in your ear that “she’s” aching for you. Without hesitation you plunge into me so deep that it blurs my vision for a few seconds and my body almost collapses. Raking the skin of your back underneath my fingernails, I can see your face grimace; but you like this pain and you pound into me even harder. Screaming for you not to stop, never to stop, you place my legs over your arms and pick me up, holding me in the air and reaching a point in me so deep I shake with convulsions and cum all over you. Sensing that you’re reaching your own breaking point, you let me down and I stand with my back to you, bent over the kitchen counter. You smack my ass twice before you push into me and it’s not long before I feel your body start to shake and I clamp my inner muscles down on you and thrust my ass up in the air and back against you, reaching behind me to grab your hips and keep you locked deep inside of me.

You grip my waist, cry out and throw your head back as you let it all go with an “oh shiiiiiittt!!!”

I collapse against the counter, breathing hard, muscles weak, and to stop yourself from crushing me, you brace yourself on top of me with one hand on each side of my shoulders. At last you can’t hold yourself and you fall on top of me, breathing loudly in my ear, kissing my back and shoulders. We come down slowly and I turn around in your embrace. We kiss softly, cooing to each other, giggling at the magnets strewn all over the floor, making jokes that we’re both REALLY hungry now.

I pour myself more orange juice, tell you I love you and without getting redressed, have a seat on the couch to watch cartoons. You clean our passions off the counter and continue back to the other side of the kitchen to finish preparing breakfast.

I love Saturday mornings…

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