Santa’s Naughty Helper


The car pulled up in the snow outside the house. They got out, ran inside and upstairs to his room. He lay on the bed and motioned towards the closet in the corner. She walked over to the closet, and opened it, inside on the rail was a red shiny suit cover on a hanger with a big green bow. She took the hanger and went into the bathroom. Having taken a quick shower to wash away the feeling of travelling, she slowly unzipped the suit cover. She smiled as she saw what it was he had put there, they had talked about the holiday outfit some time before, and she tingled inside as she realised what the effect of her in this would be on him. She knew how it would turn him on to the point of no control, and the thought of this made her feel horny as she sorted through what was in the package.

She slipped into the tiny red lace thong, feeling a buzz as she hitched the sides high up on her hips. The bra made her fingers tremble with excitement, it was strapless in red lace to match the panties, but the most sexy thing about it was that it was only a quarter cup with a bit of padding to the cups and white fur trim across the top. She reached behind herself to clip it together, and adjusted her breasts in the tiny cups; they were pushed up and together, creating a stunning effect, with her nipples just peeking out through the fur which tickled them sending a shiver through her pulsing nerves. The garter belt came next, sitting enticingly upon her hips, with the narrow straps hanging down her thighs, framing her crotch.

The feeling between her thighs was exquisite as she rolled the white sheer stockings with red bows and bells up her long slender legs, and clipped them up on the garter straps. She stepped into the knee length shiny boots with the spiked heels, and took a glance in the mirror. Again the deep sensual feeling surged inside her, and she turned back to the counter and slipped üsküdar escort the short red velvet dress with a white fur trim over her head and laced up the corset style back. She looked in the mirror again and felt good, as she knew what she was going to do to him….

She called out for him to strip and sit in the chair in the room and then she returned to the room. The effect on him was instant, as he saw her he was immediately erect, and his heart raced as she crossed the room towards him. Taking scarves from her bag, she tied him to the chair, before starting to gently touch him all over with the very tips of her fingers. Next she put some music on the radio and began to dance before him, grinning at his obvious frustration at not being able to touch her.

His pulse continued to race as she carried on dancing provocatively sometimes caressing herself, then turning from him and leaning forward to show her slender legs and curved butt parted by the slim back of the red thong. She rearranged the straps of her garters, so that she could remove her panties, which by now were getting damp from the effect that this outfit and the situation was having on her too. She knew that his touch was what she wanted, to feel the soft strength of his hands on her tingling body. She came close to him, and reaching down, she untied one of his hands. The sight of her breasts barely concealed in the tiny dress made his throat go dry and the tease of having just one hand free was almost too much to bear.

All these thought left his mind as she turned from him, and lifting her red skirt to show her butt with those two thin straps tight across her skin, she gently sat back on his lap. She flung her head back as she felt him penetrate her as by this time she was as hot and wet as she could ever remember. He ran his hand up her back, yenibosna escort and having got his other hand free, began to unlace the back of her dress. As she began to ride him, he touched the thin lace cupping her breasts in his hands, then squeezing and massaging them, feeling the hardness of her nipples beneath his fingers. She was gasping, her heart racing, and her pussy was gripping him tight. She leaned forward putting one hand beneath her and he felt her long fingers against his cock as she began to play with her clit as she started to softly call his name.

The sight of the lips of her pussy stretching around him, never failed to arouse him, and he felt himself swell a little as he watched his cock slide in and out of her, glistening wet and hot. Reaching over to the table next to him, he took an ice cube from the ice bucket and gently pushed it inside her butt, causing a little cry of surprise to escape from her lips. As he continued to tease her tight puckered hole with his cold wet finger, she leaned forward further and freed his legs from their restraints.

They moved forward off the chair and onto the floor so that she was on all fours, with him kneeling behind her, still coupled, they crawled across the floor and up onto the bed. He sat back on his heels, and grabbing her hips he pulled her back so she was sat back on his lap. She reached down and pulled the dress up over her head, she looked back over her shoulder to see him, and their lips locked as they kissed, hard and long.

Again she leant forward on her knees, and burying her face in the pillows, she felt the ecstasy as he drove deep into her pussy. She began to squeeze him hard, contracting her muscles, hearing him moan softly as she did so. Their movements now mirrored their breathing, short and rapid as they both hurtled towards zeytinburnu escort the conclusion that they knew was not far away. Finally, they both came, him exploding deep inside her, feeling the heat as the energy flowed from him, holding her tight against him as her hips bucked in his hands.

They lay like this for a while; neither saying a word, as their pulses and breathing slowed gradually.

Eventually she got up, and walked through to the bathroom. He heard water running, and she called him to follow her. When he waked into the bathroom, she was sat on the side of the bath with her knees apart, touching herself as their combined juices trickled from her. She nodded at the razor that lay by the basin, and told him she wanted him to shave her.

He knelt between her feet, and taking a pair of scissors, proceeded to cut her pubic hair as short as he could. He then took his shaving soap and brush and soaped her between the legs, hearing her giggle as the bristles of the brush tickled her clit which was by this time peeking from between her lips.

Dipping the razor in the basin, he began to shave her. The feeling of the blade across her skin, coupled with the way she could feel the care he was taking, produced such sensations inside her that she couldn’t describe. She held his shoulders, and looked at the ceiling as he gradually left her crotch soft and smooth.

She ran her hands down over her belly and between her thighs as he finished rinsing her down, with a stiffening between his legs he watched and rubbed himself as she began playing with herself. She parted her lips with her fingertips, and slipped a finger deep inside her, sliding it in and out as he watched, feeling himself cum as she continued to bring herself off again.

After a while it all became too much for them, and having run a hot bath, they both climbed into the deep suds and as the steam rose they gently caressed each other’s bodies as they washed.

Eventually they rose and towelled each other dry, she felt a tingle as she slipped into the dark blue lingerie he had bought her that morning and he wrapped the matching robe around her slender waist. Blushing slightly at what had just occurred, they made their way downstairs for dinner.

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