Sam’s sisters boyfriend


T laid down on the bed and watched Liz scooping up his cum before eating most and offering Sam the last bit. Sam sucked the cum off his sisters fingers surprised to find himself enjoying the flavor. Liz kissed Sam deeply and T relaxed feeling like the luckiest man alive before looking at the clock.

“Oh shit girls you’re gonna make me late. I gotta go pick up my bro but I’ll be back for the party. Make sure you both look real slutty” said T with a wink.

“Wait what party?” Asked Sam as T walked out and closed the door.
“Tyrone’s brother Darrel is turning 25 so their having a bunch of people over. Its gonna be crazy Sam. You should totally come! Just think about how much fun Samantha can have!” Said Liz excitedly.

“I don’t know sis it was scary enough with you here I’d be terrified by myself.”

“Sam look you came in these panties I’m sure you’ll love anything that happens. Can you really say you don’t want to get fucked or suck anymore tonight?”

“No… I guess you’re right. Promise you won’t leave me alone though?”

“Of course! Now let’s get ready!”

After a shower Liz helped get Samantha ready. She ended up with a fancy pair of black panties and bra, a short red skirt and a tight pink blouse with a plenty of padding. Liz helped Sam put Etimesgut Escort on some bright red lipstick. As Liz finished putting on her outfit and make up her phone rang.

“Hey hun! You here? K we’ll be down in a minute.” Said Liz as she grabbed Sam’s arm and pulled her down the stairs and out the door. They both hopped in the back seat before T drove off.

“Damn girls you look amazing! Ready to get fucked up?” Asked T.
“Thanks babe you look good too and most definitely” replied Liz.
“Sounds good hun. Were here.”

T opened the door for Liz and D(arrel) opened Sam’s they all walked into a huge house that had people all over drinking and smoking and saying hi to D as they walked by and into what looked to be the living room before sitting down on a big couch across two couches filled with big hunky black guys.

“Happy birthday D here’s a drink and who are these fine bitches?” Said a particularly jacked guy to their right.

“I’m Ts girl Liz. And this is my sis Samantha. She just lost her virginity today so be gentle guys”

The guys went crazy as Liz then got on It’s lap and started making out with him humping up and down showing the guys she wasn’t wearing any panties. Meanwhile D has turned Etlik Escort to ask Sam if what Liz said was true and he quietly moaned yes while staring intently at his sis and T making out.

Sam hadn’t even noticed D had already pulled down his pants and taken out a dick even bigger than Ts massive 9 incher. Sam definitely noticed when D grabbed his hand and placed it on the black beast.

“Oh god” moaned Sam as he began stroking D’s throbbing cock and licking his lips. He noticed a drop of precum already oozing from the top and didn’t even ask he just leaned down to lick it off the head.

“Fuck!” Yelled D as Sam went onto to licking the huge balls below while still stroking the dark dick.

D had enough teasing and brought Sam’s head up to his cock’s head before pulling him down til Sam gagged with about 4 inches in his mouth.

“Sorry girl your just driving me crazy” apologized D pulling Sam’s head off.

“It’s OK D I liked it” Sam was surprised to hear himself say.

“Damn slut! If you really want it here it comes” growled D as he began face fucking the intensely turned on slut in front of him. Sam could barely keep up with D’s trusting but his cock was rock hard in his panties and he was loving Eve Gelen Escort this so he decided to spoil D and started licking the shaft while massaging his balla. “Oh fuck she definitely wants it. She’s licking my cock like crazy and squeezing my balls. You want a load bitch your gonna get a huge one!” Roared D as he began fucking Sam’s throat even deeper and faster.

Sam felt D throb in his throat as the first shot started. He panicked but D quickly pulled his cock out and fired off 3 quick huge bursts all over Sam’s startled face before shoving it back into the boy’s mouth where he filled it with 2 more huge spurts 3 weaker ones. The crowd went crazy and as Sam wiped the cum from his eyes he looked around to see over a dozen guys with rock hard cocks in their hands.

“Who’s next?” Asked D as he got up and pulled up his pants. A Mexican guy on Sam’s right said me as he grabbed Sam by his wig and pulled his mouth onto a thick 7 incher moaning and he went to work swallowing a little over half before gaging and choking all over it. Sam got down on his knees and grabbed the base not even fitting his hand all the way around it. He stoked the bottom half and sucked and licked the top have until he felt a hand on his ass. Remembering what Liz said last time Sam quickly said “I’m on my period but you can fuck my ass if your gentle at first” while biting his lip and looking over his shoulder at a 6’4 220lb black guy with a what looked like an almost footlong cock.

“Damn this bitch is a freak. Take a deep breath slut and push out while I push in.”

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