Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 24


Sally and Mark Horton

Sally had just finished calling the last of six guys she had lined up for her friend Sarah. Sarah had been upset because her parents told her she could no longer attend their swingers parties and Sally had called some of “her guys” to help cheer Sarah.

Now she could go back to finding someone for herself. She had been looking through her list of guys to have sex with before Sarah called. The list was made up mostly of the “geeky” guys from high school. Sally was a less attractive girl with almost no figure but a strong sex drive and a high intellect. She had found it easy to attract the guys who were less socially capable and had taught them how to please her in exchange for her pleasing them. This summer, before leaving for Stanford she intended to fuck as many on the list as she could.

After Sarah’s call she was reminded of the swingers party that the two of them had attended. Sarah had managed to get one of the high school teachers to be her partner at the party. Sally had had a brief sexual encounter with him at the party and had his number. Thinking of his thick, though short cock, she knew he was the guy she had to have. She dialed his number.

Mister Horton

Mark Horton was in his classroom preparing for his afternoon remedial English class. He had volunteered to teach a couple of remedial classes for the money. He wasn’t looking forward to another session with students who either were not interested in the subject or had a basic difficulty with English beyond his ability to correct. He reflected on the difficulty any student who grew up in a household where no English or improper English was spoken would have with the language. And then if they didn’t want to be in school at all… He sighed, resigned to do his best, even though those who most needed his help were the ones who least wanted it.

His cell phone rang. The phone had no name and he didn’t recognize the number so he let it go to voice mail.

A tone indicated that the caller had left a message and he listened to it. “Mister Horton, this is Sally Czarwitz, you know, from the debate club, and …” There was a brief pause in the message. “And, well, you know, I was at the swingers party?” How was he likely to forget encountering one of the better students in the school at a sex party. The message continued, “I was hoping we could, Uhhh, get together, and, uhhh, talk, and …” Another pause, this one longer and followed by a very hesitant conclusion, “uhhh, and, uhhh, uhhh, maybe, uhhh, maybe, you know do, uhhh, IT, you know, IT, again? You know? Call me back.”

Not a very coherently stated message from one of the best debaters in the school he thought, smiling to himself , knowing that it was completely reasonable, given the subject. “IT again,” huh? His cock enlarged as he thought about “IT” again. Sally wasn’t all that physically attractive but she clearly knew the power of her sex and how to use it. And, it wouldn’t be polite to ignore her message. Before calling he needed to decide: IT again or no IT with her.

Making up his mind, he called, “Sally?”

“Of course Mister Horton, Hi, how are you?”

“I’m doing well, Sally, how are you?”

“Ohh, fabulous,” Sally was a bit giddy from her uncertainty about how this would go and how to approach the conversation. “You got my message.”

“Yes I did, and,”

Sally interrupted out of her nervousness, “Good! And, …?”

“Yes, good, and, I’d love to see you.”

“Ohhh! Great. Where would be good?”

Mark had considered that before calling, “I have a Community College class at 8:00. Could we meet at the fountain in the quad around 7:00?”

“Oh,” Sally’s expectations dropped and her voice showed it. She reluctantly brought up the subject, “What about, well, you know, IT?”

“Ahh, IT.” Mark expected that discussion to take place in person.

“Yes, IT.” Now that the subject was out in the open, her inhibitions were by the board. “I really want sex, Mr. Horton. I told you at the party. I do want to talk with you but it’s more fun naked, don’t you think?”

“Uhhh.” now Mark was the one with the nervousness. “Yes,”

“And even more fun talking when your cock is in my cunt, don’t you think? I sure do!”

Mark was overwhelmed, she might as well have been inside his pants stroking his cock. That was what he wanted and he had decided to do “IT”, but hoped to approach the subject more gradually. “Well, yes, but …”

“I was hoping, well, to do IT maybe this afternoon?”

“I have high school remedial classes this afternoon. I only have a couple of hours between those classes and my community college class.”

Sally considered whether she really wanted to wait. She could always call one of her other guys. One of them would certainly be available for fucking within minutes. But, she did need to wait for Sarah to be finished. Sarah would probably be satisfied with three or four guys and Sally could get one of the others to come satisfy her. But she did want Mr Horton’s thick Ankara escort cock. And if she was with him she would have given odds she could get in his pants (or was it get him inside hers?) She decided to lay the groundwork. “Okay, 7:00.”

Sally got off her phone in a calculating mood. Her focus was on how to turn the 7 O’clock meeting into an evening of sexual pleasure. She’d have everything set. Hotel room for after his class. They’d meet after his class. Maybe she’d pick him up. She’d get him so turned on at the 7:00 meeting that he wouldn’t resist. It would likely take only a few well placed touches and some hints and what could go on after. She’d be careful not to push too hard. “That thick cock is as good as inside me,” she thought, rubbing at her crotch.

As Mark Horton hung up he considered what a bad idea it was to be having sexual liaisons with ex-students, especially two nymphomaniacs like Sally and Sarah. But the attraction was hard to put aside, and it wasn’t like they were current students or under-age. From his short experiences with the two, they did know how to please a guy. Given the emotional and physical pleasure he just wasn’t ready to give it up.


Deciding against getting the motel first, Sally got to the community college at 6:30. She wanted to scope out the location. She was wearing a ribbed white tank top about two sizes too small with no bra. It stretched easily and was comfortable but showed everything underneath. It was especially chosen to emphasize her large nipples. She wore a short, tan skirt low and tight on her hips, such as they were. It flared out slightly and could be easily encouraged to expose her crotch. She had debated wearing no panties but instead decided on white lace that showed the bush she kept well trimmed.

The fountain was a simple flowing one with a bench surrounding it. It was much too public but in each corner of the quad was a bench surrounded by bushes on three sides and open toward the fountain. One of those would be perfect. A couple sat on one of them, kissing, The guy had a hand on the young woman’s thigh, pushed up under her skirt. Sally went into the student union, ordered a soda and sat waiting at a table that looked out at the fountain. She smiled as she visualized getting Mark’s hand up her skirt.

Mark arrived almost ten minutes early. That was good sign, Sally thought. He was anxious. There’d be no problem getting him to fuck her tonight. After looking around for Sally, he sat down and pulled his night’s lesson plan out of his brief case.

Sally didn’t want to appear too anxious, but she did want him to know she wanted him. So, five minutes before the scheduled time, she disposed of her almost finished drink and left the student union through a door away from the fountain. Before she came around the corner, she quickly applied an ice cube she had reserved for just this purpose to each nipple and then adjusted the tank top, rubbing it against her nipples to harden them and stretching the fabric tight. She also applied the cube to the crotch of her panties before tossing it aside.

She put on her best, “I want you,” smile and did a combination walk/skip/run toward her objective, “Mr Horton!” she called out.

Mark barely had time to put down his lesson plan before she was on him. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. As she released him, his eyes were right at the level of her hard nipples, with the darkness of her aureoles showing through the damp fabric.

“Come on, Mr. Horton,” she said sweetly, pulling on his arm so he stood. She immediately hugged him, putting her arms around his. He instinctively hugged back but she had his arms pinned so his hug was positioned at her hips and his hands were on her butt. She reached back and pushed his hands firmly into place, bringing her body in contact with his. She rubbed her belly against the growing hardness she felt between his thighs.

“Come on.” She pulled him toward one of the corner benches, giving him almost no time to grab his brief case and papers.

He followed her. He had no time to think. Was she skipping? he wondered to himself as he watched the ponytail she had made from her hair bobbing behind her. Her skirt didn’t seem to quite cover her butt and flipped up to reveal a brief hint of white and a butt crack with each step. She flounced down on the bench. Her grasp on his hand sat him down. He dropped his brief case next to the bench and sat at the opposite end. Her forehead gleamed slightly and her smile lit up. Her smile, her eyes, the shining smooth forehead, all pulled his attention away from her too large, slightly misshapen nose and the fact that her mouth was a bit too wide for her face. She just looked beautiful. He kissed her back.

She scooted right next to him, hip to hip. She placed his hand on her thigh and moved it to her crotch, sliding the few inches of dress out of the way. Moving her face to his she kissed him solidly and sensually. His other hand, displaying a mind Abidinpaşa escort of its own, went around her shoulder.

“Mmmm,” she hummed lightly as she leaned her back into him. She pulled the hand from her shoulder down to her breast and moved her other hand to stroke his enlarged cock. He kept his hand on her thigh and pushed it against the soft pillows between her legs. “You know what I like, Mr. Horton?”

His mouth was dry, “sex?” was all he could think of.

“Well yes.” She made a girlish giggle. “I mean something else, Mr. Horton. I like guys’ penises.”

“I’d have never guessed,” he attempted weak humor.

She gave a lilting little laugh. “You’re funny. Yes indeed. I like to look at them, I like to feel them,” she emphasized with a squeeze of his through his slacks. “I especially like to feel them inside me.” She reached down to pull the crotch of her panties aside. Mark felt her bare pussy with it’s carefully cultivated furry covering. She pushed his fingers into the wet slot. “I’d love yours inside.” She displayed her beguiling, puppy dog, smile.

“That sounds good,” Mark responded honestly, feeling the inside of her vagina up to the cervix and rolling one of her substantial nipples between thumb and forefinger of his other hand.

Sally knew she had him hooked, now to give him some line and then reel him in. “Mr Horton, we’re in public!” she pulled his hand gently away from her crotch and shrugged away from the hand at her breast. “What did you want to talk about?” she asked demurely, adjusting her panties while assuring he could see her neatly trimmed pubes.

“What I wanted to talk about?” His mind whirled around at the change of subject. His thinking was not helped by the way she adjusted her skirt and then smoothed her tank top.

“Remember. You wanted to meet and talk before we …” she paused and feigned embarrassment before quietly saying, “before we, you know, did… it.” She almost whispered the last word as if “it” was something she never talked about and certainly never actually did.

“IT” had become the only thing on Mark’s mind. He could remember nothing about what he might have wanted to talk about. He said the first non sexual thing he could think of, “how are your plans for Stanford going.”

“Oh, great. There’s not much to do. Dorm and everything is all arranged. My parents will take me up. I have my class list and will be arranging my schedule the week before I leave. It’s all on-line.”

A pause signaled to Mark that he was expected to continue the conversation. “So how’s the summer project going?” He blurted out the next thing that came to mind.

“Summer project?”

“Yes, you know the one with the guys you know.” Sally had told him about her plan to fuck all the guys on her list when she met him at the swingers party.

“Oh, that project. It’s underway. Underway as we speak.” She managed to get her slim hand between his belly and belt. Her fingers stroked at his bare tip.

“You ready to fuck? Love to do it.” She said in her sweetest voice, turning to kiss him. Her tongue explored his tonsils and her hand pushed fully into his slacks to explore his cock and balls. He responded by pulling her close and using his tongue to check out her teeth.

As they separated, she asked, “Can we get together after your class?”


“You’re place or mine?” she laughed, “Can’t be mine ’cause my parents wouldn’t want it. But could be a motel.”

Mark couldn’t help but think of the rumors and problems that might follow if anyone saw a high school teacher ringing a young teen aged girl into his apartment. “Better be a motel.” “Can’t be too expensive,” he added as an afterthought.

“If it doesn’t have to be fancy, I can get us a room,” she told him in her most inviting voice. She had in mind a clean but spare by-the-hour place near where Sarah worked as a stripper.

Mark checked his phone for the time. “I better get to my classroom. I have to setup.” His senses were returning.

“Mind if I tag along? I’ll leave when it’s time for the class”

“I guess so.” Mark gathered up his papers and briefcase and the two of them walked to the class together.

“How are your classes going?” Sally asked, beginning a friendly discussion, now that the important stuff was out of the way.


Sally drove up to the motel and obtained a room. They could spend 2 hours or a day there and settle the account when they checked out.

The room had a musty odor so she went to a nearby drug store and bought an air freshener to put in the room hoping that in the hour or so before she and Mark actually made use of it the freshener would have done its job. She also picked up a package of extra large condoms and a couple of scented candles for mood.

She had an idea and drove to the net exit up the freeway and Pete’s Pleasure Palace where Sarah and her mother worked as strippers. A brief, satisfactory conversation with the manager and she was back in her Akay escort car driving to the park and ride near the community college to wait for Mark.

Mark had rushed through the class and ended it early hoping none of the students would complain. He arrived at the park and ride shortly after Sally and she got into his car. “I’m looking forward to this,” she said, kissing him and briefly stroking his cock.

“Me too,” he replied, returning the kiss and grabbing her hand to hold it in place before starting to drive. She took the hint and continued stroking, bringing the organ to full engorgement as he drove.

As they drove in silence she put her idea into action. “Sarah and her mom work just up the road.”

Mark drew a blank, “Sarah?”

“Jeez, Mr, Horton, she invited you to the swingers party and had sex with you after and I saw you giving her mother a working over at the party.”

“Oh, Sarah Malone, and her mother! Sorry, the name just didn’t register right away. What are they doing?”

“They’re strippers at the nudie place, Pete’s, up the way.”

The occupation for Sarah didn’t surprise Mark, she hadn’t been much of a student and certainly had the body for stripping. His experience with her going to the swingers party had demonstrated that she didn’t have many inhibitions either. “Oh? she didn’t mention she was stripping when we went to the party.”

“I’m sure she started after the party.”

“And her mother?” Her mom, Marlene, was also a looker and the thought of her excited Mark almost as much as having Sally in the car with him. He had gone to the swingers party more to have sex with Marlene than anything to do with Sarah.

“Yep! she started at the same time. She’d done it before too. You wanna go see them?”

“Might be interesting.” Mark debated with himself. There was always a chance that he might be seen by someone, like a father of a student, who could result in trouble for him. He would like to see Marlene again and Sarah was always easy on the eyes. Sally’s grasp on his cock reminded him that there was another, more exciting, activity in store. He vacillated, to go to the strip club or get it on with Sally.

“C’mon. Let’s look in!” Sally encouraged him, hoping this would pay off. Even though the strip club might help get Mark excited, he seemed plenty ready now and if he ended up in a back room with Sarah or her mom they might relieve him of his load.

“Why can’t I have both?” he decided. “Sure, let’s see what it’s like.” he told Sally. He grabbed her thigh as far up as possible, moved his hand to push against her vulva and reassured her, “This will get serviced after.” She squeezed his cock in response.

As they got out of the car, Mark noticed how seedy the place looked. It was seedy on the inside too but that was harder to notice because it was dark. Sally led him to a table near the stage where a skinny, dark haired woman was dancing with her top off, jiggling her clearly artificial breasts. When the waitress came over Sally asked where Astrid and Valkyrie were. “I think they’re in back with guys,” the waitress responded, “What do you want to drink?”

“Let them know Sally is here,” she told her. “Bring me a water.”

After they ordered and the skinny woman had stripped to her birthday suit. Sally excused herself. Mark watched as the woman displayed her sexual parts to the guys around the stage, even pulling one guy’s head into her crotch after he had tossed some money at her. As she was gathering her clothes to leave the stage, Sally returned, “enjoying the show?”

“Sexy but not really sensual,” was Mark’s reply.

“I’ve got something special for you,” Sally told him. “Let’s move to the stage.”

“Oh?” Mark wondered aloud as she pulled him out of his chair to a seat next to the empty stage.

To his surprise, she didn’t sit next to him and as the announcer said, “Now for something really special, one of our amateur night winners, Sabrina!”

He was even more surprised when Sally, herself went up the stairs and onto the stage. The words, “amateur night winner” echoed in his brain as Sally began slowly gyrating her body to the tune of “Pretty Woman.”

She was clearly dancing for him, strutting up to him and then retreating. She paid no attention to any of the other guys like the woman before her had. She walked right up to the edge of the stage in front of him and knelt down. She took his hands and rubbed them against her already hard 3/4 inch nipples. Then she grabbed the bottle of water she had left with him and poured some over the front of the shirt, fully revealing her small breasts, dark aureoles and substantial nipples.

Sarah came out of the back VIP room and noticed Sally on stage. As she came to the stage she recognized Mark and went over. Sitting in the chair beside him she announced her presence, “Hi, Mr. Horton.”

He looked over at her. She winked, “good isn’t she,” and turned back to watching her friend on stage.

“Yes.” Mark no longer took his eyes off the gyrating figure which had now dropped the small skirt to the floor revealing her bush through the thin lace. Once again she came in front of him, “Hi Astrid,” she said to Sarah as she took the water bottle and this time poured it into her panties. Spreading her legs she took Mark’s head and pulled it between them rubbing his nose at her damp crotch.

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