Sacred Stones


The Stone Circle — A Sacred Connection:

“For the sake of a fruitful year ahead on the eve of Beltane a couple unclothed must thrice ride around the sacred circle of stones, mounted in homage to Epona and joined as nature intended”.

It was said that the old legend was a remnant of the old Celtic religions harking way back to the horse goddess Epona and the ritual joining of the king and queen to cement their bond and guarantee the fertility of the people, their crops, livestock and the land supporting them.

We read the text together trying to work out what it meant and might really involve, particularly liking the sound of “joined as nature intended”, and deciding that riding mounted together must mean both riding the same horse around the circle together.

After a slightly boozy evening we decided to try it out for fun, so on the eve of May Day Alison brought the horse out with only a bridle with no saddle and together we walked up to the ancient stone circle at the top of the hill. Once there we both almost got cold feet, Alison particularly worrying about the slim chance of anybody seeing us, remote as we were, but encouraging each other we quickly undressed.

I watched Alison undress, entranced by her gorgeous pale skin and the sensual soft curves of her body. The promise of the dark downy triangle between her legs and the puckering of her pert nipples as they darkened and stiffened in the cool air made my cock start to thicken and lift between my thighs, warming heat flooding into my increasingly sensitive sex.

Alison lead the horse to a low stone set solidly in the earth, her soft breasts swinging enticingly as she moved. She held the horse steady as I climbed up, feeling her eyes fixed on my hardening cock bouncing provocatively near her face as I swung myself up onto the horse’s back. Holding the reins with one hand I leaned down and offered my free hand to help pull her up to join me.

She managed to get up and settle herself in front of me, her rounded buttocks pressing firmly against my increasingly hard and sensitive cock, making me acutely aware of her soft cool skin pressed delightfully against the heat my of my now upright flesh.

Lowering my hand to adjust my swollen cock to a more comfortable position I felt my own hardness, surprised how inflamed I was already at the sight and simple touch of her beautiful body.

Alison settled herself against me her widely parted thighs gripping the horse tightly as she took the reins and asked it to move forward slowly at a leisurely walk. As it did I became acutely conscious of my cock squeezing between us, rhythmically rubbing against her soft buttocks as the steady powerful movements of the horse beneath us moved our bodies to and fro against each other. It almost seemed as if I was deliberately rubbing myself against her body to excite myself but in fact it was only the natural movement of our bodies together on the slowly moving horse.

Alison Ankara Escort merely pressed herself back against me though clearly enjoying the hardness and heat of my cock pressed against her, wriggling provocatively to settle me into a more comfortable position and position her pussy and clit snugly against her horse’s back, my balls against her buttocks and my upright shaft pressing against her back. The horse walked slowly around the circle, its rhythmic movements rolling my hips against her, her soft warm buttocks pressing against my groin, inevitably making my cock ache with desire harden even more and thrust up between us, its heat and hardness an obvious solid presence between us, the tip leaving wet trials of excitement on her soft cool skin.

As I moved against her soft warm body my hot shaft was sliding up and down between our gently moving bodies, rubbing itself against the small of her back insistently seeking the pleasure of her delicious body. The sensitive swollen skin at the head of my cock caught against her smooth skin then started to slide against her back as the clear glistening wetness of my excitement ran from the pouting tip.

She urged the horse on into a faster but steady rhythmic walk and as the tempo quickened she squirmed against me asking me to hold her breasts rather than her waist to stop them hurting as the horse moved us around. I eagerly complied, gently at first then with increasing pressure as I savoured the delicate soft weight of her gorgeous firm breasts resting in my palms.

She turned back towards me, smiling and said, “You seem to be enjoying this”!

All I could do in return was to lower my mouth to her neck and start to bite her gently as I began to feel her nipples, pinching them gently and making them swell between my fingertips. She moaned softly and moved her head to the side to allow me better access to her soft neck. At the same time I felt her move against the horse to angle her hips so that her clit rested directly against the coarse hairs on the ridge of the horse’s back. Without stirrups her weight rested between her legs and transmitted every small movement of the horse’s slow walk directly up against her wakening sex.

Still looking at me and smiling she leaned forward, down onto the horse’s neck. Looking back at me as her perfect rounded buttocks parted to expose her pouting pink sex, her delicate lips open and obviously moist from her own excitement.

She reached around behind herself to feel for my aching cock. Gripping it firmly she gently started to guide it down over her soft flesh and down between the widely parted cheeks of her gorgeous arse. The slick sensitive skin of my hot cock savoured the journey down between the offered cleft towards her swollen sex. Especially the frisson of excitement as it slid over the tight puckered ring of her anus lingering erotically as she used my throbbing cock Ankara Masaj Escort to tease herself with the smooth tip, allowing it to press gently against her tight hole just enough to tempt us both before guiding it lower down between her thighs.

Now she leaned back and trapped my rigid cock beneath her, capturing it between her thighs and pressing down on it against the horse’s rough back with her hot moist sex and forcing it to rub against her aching clit. As she leaned back towards me I felt the soft warmth of her body settle on me as the obvious wetness of her excitement coated my straining shaft. The weight of her body settled on me, her slick wetness engulfing me as her weight forced my hot aching shaft up against her wet open lips.

She rode on my stiffness, pressing it against her clit as she let her hips work against mine, pushing her beautiful rounded buttocks into my groin. I could feel her sex opening and her swollen lips spreading around my shaft as my captured cock tried to ease itself into a more comfortable position. The gentle insistent squeezing of her legs she was giving the horse to keep it walking on was transmitted directly to my trapped cock opening herself around it and driving it towards the centre of her aching heat.

Alison leaned forward again resting a hand on the horse’s neck and felt between us, urgently reaching for me. Her hand closed on my hot throbbing cock and she gently eased the tip up towards the centre of her excitement and the heat and wetness of her beautiful pussy.

She moved her hips in time with the horse’s rapid steady walk, rubbing her open sex against my aching cock, the smooth ripe head brushing open lips and moist exposed until I held her hips pulling her towards me as I pushed my cock slowly and gently into her soft yielding warmth. Listening to her cries of pleasure I thrust my hips towards her to enjoy the feeling of my thick hard shaft piercing the open folds of her beautiful sex and sliding naturally and easily into the depths of her welcoming body.

Moaning out load she leaned back onto me, forcing me deeper as gripped her soft heavy breasts again, pulling her onto me and pinching her nipples as I groaned with the pleasure of her warm wet cunt sliding down over my rigid throbbing cock.

She rocked back and forth with the movement of the horse, her weight on my cock opening her sex wider and wider around the thickness of my upright shaft as my cock drove upwards to spear into the soft warm recess of her cunt, my curving length forcing her delicate lips apart as it thrust deeper inside.

Her weight pinioned my cock deep inside her, squeezing my balls against her widely stretched thighs. The horse’s slow powerful movements being transmitted up to our connected bodies making my cock churn slowly but forcefully inside her wide open soaking wet cunt.

We were moving slowly around the circle fucking each Ankara Olgun Escort other gently absorbed in the sensations being created by our bodies and the horse’s steady rhythmic movements, her wetness sensuously coating my cock and balls.

As we completed the first slow circuit of the stones I felt Alison tense and groan deep in her throat as she pushed back onto me hard. Sensing that she was about to come I gripped her tits hard and pulled her firmly towards me, driving my cock even deeper into her quivering sex. Then began to pinch and pull on her sensitive swollen nipples and making her squirm on my cock with pleasure, She shouted out loud and cried ecstatically as she thrust her tightening cunt eagerly down on my cock and I felt the contracting walls of her beautiful pussy tightly squeeze my buried cock as she came on me, her writhing body trying to milk the sperm form my buried aching cock.

She was still coming on me, using my cock as we completed the second circuit but I was very aware that I was close to coming myself and knew I could not last a lot longer. Somehow, despite the pleasure peaking in my throbbing cock and balls, I managed to stop myself from coming, concentrating on completing the final circuit as Alison rode my cock and abandoned herself to her own pleasures, using my body to wantonly satisfy herself, eagerly filling her writhing body with my hard aching flesh.

Finally the end of the third and final circuit approached and I started to let myself go letting my pleasure take me as I squeezed Alison’s tits hard and thrust myself into her open body from behind. The remorseless pleasure built in my swollen aching sex and I became intent only on my own satisfaction as I used her body to find the release I craved. The sensations in my cock grew as we both enjoyed the hard fucking that I was giving her weeping cunt. Then finally just as we completed the last circle I came inside her, shouting out load as I felt my thick musky cream pumping from my cock as it pulsed deep inside her, flooding her cunt with my sperm as it spurted forcefully against her cervix.

Alison came with me again, falling forward onto the horses neck as the thrusting of my cock inside her and the grinding of the horse’s back against her clit became too much to bear. Gripping her hips hard and pulling her onto me as I finished coming, the final spasms of my cock emptying the final drops from my balls in little intense jets for pleasure as I looked down at the wet lips of Alison’s gorgeous cunt tighten around my pulsing cock as her cunt pleasured me and the tight little ring of her arse contract forcefully as she came on my cock.

Recovering slowly Alison sat upright again letting me cup her soft warm breasts gently while I gently mouthed the back of her neck, wrapping my face in her hair. She kept the horse walking as my softening cock started to slip slowly from her body to rest wetly between her buttocks, my warm sperm running from her body to slip down between our thighs, and mix with the wetness from her own excitement.

Holding her closely I wondered if we had we completed the ritual correctly. Whatever we had done we both felt very much alive and refreshed and knew we had enjoyed something magical together and been joined in pleasure as never before.

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