Sabine At School Ch. 06


It was Saturday morning and we usually slept in on Saturdays. For some reason I woke up early. I wondered why Melanie hadn’t come to me last night, Friday night. We didn’t have classes today and we could have stayed up late and done things. I felt my face heat up as I mentally pictured what doing things meant to me.

It meant Melanie on top of me, humping me with the dildo in the harness. Melanie fucking me like a man did, except a man didn’t have breasts that teased mine or nipples that hardened and rubbed on my skin. A man didn’t feel like Melanie did, soft and warm. A man didn’t kiss like Melanie did, urgent but soft and lingering. And Melanie didn’t come in my pussy, squirting it inside me so when he pulled out it gushed out and down the crack of my ass.

I wondered if she felt it was fucking or making love. I didn’t care what she thought it was, I liked it, hell, I loved it. I loved having my pussy full when she kissed me. I loved feeling her body on mine. I loved not being crushed under a man’s body, but I loved being under hers.

I lay in my bed looking at Melanie sleeping and wanted to go to her. I wanted to crawl under her blanket and sheet and kiss and lick her pussy. I wanted her to be naked with me again. I wanted to see her body in the light, not lick and kiss her in the dark. Maybe I could get her to let me today. I hoped so anyway.

It seemed a long time before she woke up and I was so happy to see her smile at me.

“Ready for a fun day, Sabine?”

“Um, yes, I guess so, Melanie.”

“Would you like to try some new things today?”

“Um, I guess, Melanie, if you want to.”

“You’ll be a good girl too, won’t you, Sabine?”

My tummy clenched. I didn’t know what she meant by good girl but I had some ideas that it would be involving some of the things she had bought last weekend. I blushed as I remembered humping that dildo with the suction cup in front of her. If that was it, I could live with it. But I also knew that there were some things she had bought that I hadn’t seen since the bookstore. That made me feel nervous inside. No handcuffs had come out, because she hadn’t needed them. And that funny looking pointy thing with the base that I still had no clue what it was for, but I did have some suspicions. None of which I wanted to think about right now.

Melanie got up, in her nightie, and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start and I lay back, imagining what the new things would be, flushing as my mind raced.

Soon she was out and dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans. I got up, in my nightie too, and went into the bathroom. I showered and shaved my legs. Then with a giggle I peered down to look at my pussy. Since that night that Rebecca and Amy had taken me out and had my pussy shaved I had pretty much let it grow back. Now I thought I would want to look nice for Melanie, so I did the best I could with my razor to trim the sides and shave my lips bare. I felt naughty doing this but it was for her.

Then I brushed my teeth so my mouth would be nice and fixed my hair as good as I could. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. I opened my little makeup case and put on eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. I wanted to look good for her.

When I came out, Melanie looked at me and smiled.

“Sabine, you look lovely. Let’s go get some breakfast.”

I was hungry but I wanted her to do anything to me but ask me to go to breakfast. But we went anyway. I’m sure some people thought I looked strange, being made up at 9:30 in the morning, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted Melanie to like me. We were on the way back to our room.

“You know, Sabine, you are really very pretty when you take time to make yourself up.”

“I don’t know about that, Melanie. I don’t know much about makeup and how to use it. I just use the stuff my mom used.”

“Perhaps someday we can go out and both get our colors and some Ankara escort tips for using makeup. Does that sound like fun?”

God, anything she wanted sounded like fun to me!

“Sure, Melanie, if you think that would be a good way to learn for me.”

We walked into the dorm and up to our room. Melanie sat down in front of her computer. She brought up “My Pictures” again and looked at the icons, then she smiled and crooked her finger at me. I walked over and she had me stand in front of her facing the computer screen. Then she clicked an icon and I stood silently, waiting for it to load. As I was waiting, Melanie reached around me and unbuttoned my jeans. Then the zipper came down. I shivered and then the picture came up. I looked at it and saw a naked girl’s ass, pussy showing between her thighs and a blue thing over her anus. Melanie pulled down my jeans and panties, slowly; giving me a chance to feel a little embarrassed as she did. I liked being naked for her, but I still got embarrassed.

My jeans and panties tangled around my ankles and she didn’t tell me to take them off. She just nudged my feet apart and cupped my pussy in her hand, making me gasp softly. I did love her touch. It was gentle and warm and oh so nice.

“Lean forward so you can rest your arms on my desk, Sabine.”

I did as she told me; bending over and feeling my face get hotter as I felt my cheeks open. Melanie gently rubbed my pussy and her thumb teased up between my cheeks. I sort of jerked as she touched my anus, but soon relaxed because of the feelings she was giving me in my pussy.

“Do you see the picture, Sabine?”


She had me aroused already.

“Do you know what she is doing, the girl, or should I say what she is having done to her?”


“Do you want to find out?”

“Oh God, Melanie, I don’t know, oh God.”

“You’re a good girl, Sabine, aren’t you?”

She kept rubbing me, making me whimper softly.


“Good girls do what they are told to do, don’t they, Sabine?”

Oooh, God, Melanie, yessss.”

“You want to be a good girl, don’t you Sabine?”

“Yesss, Melanie, yesss.”

“All right, sweetie, just wait here, just like you are and we’ll make you a good girl.”

I felt her hand leave my pussy and moaned, I didn’t want her to stop touching me. Melanie moved her chair back and I stayed bent over, breathing hard. It didn’t take much at all for her to get me going. I heard her dresser open, some crinkling sounds and then it closed. I sensed her behind me. I felt something drip between my cheeks and jerked.

“Wh-wh-what was that, Melanie.”

“Just a little something to make things easier, Sabine. You trust me don’t you darling?”

“Yes, Melanie, I trust you.”

“Good girl.”

I felt a finger rub between my cheeks smearing whatever it was over my anus and then gasped as she pushed her finger against it. I started to lift up, but she touched my back.

“Stay darling, stay.”

I forced myself back down, wondering, then she pushed again and I felt my ring open slightly. I felt another drip, she rubbed some more and then the finger was back at my anus again. This time when she pushed it slid inside my ass, making me whimper.

“Melanie, what are you doing?”

“Remember before when I did this?”

“Um, yesss.”

She was rubbing my pussy again and I almost forgot about the finger up my ass. She rubbed for a bit before speaking again, watching my hips until I began to press down on her hand between my legs.

“This time we are going to try something new and exciting, Sabine. You want to, don’t you?”

I would have said anything if it kept her hand on my pussy.


I felt another of her fingers alongside the one up my ass and she slowly pushed it inside with the first. I groaned. It didn’t feel bad, but it didn’t feel good Ankara escort bayan either. It was just a stretching and fullness, but I was willing to let her do that if she kept feeling me. She didn’t talk for a while; she just kept rubbing my pussy and slowly moving her fingers in and out and rotating them. I was breathing faster when she slowly pulled her fingers back and out. I groaned.

“Now comes the new and exciting part, Sabine. You want me to continue so you can find out don’t you?”

I would have agreed to anything.


I felt something at my anus, my asshole. Then some pressure and then something cool and hard inside me. Melanie didn’t push further when I groaned, but stopped, leaving it in.

“You’re OK, aren’t you darling?”

“Ah, yess, I think so, what is ……”

I hadn’t gotten the entire sentence out when she pushed again. More of the thing went inside me, stretching me wider. I could feel my eyes open wide. I gasped.

“Melanie, don’t….

“Shush, just a bit more, darling.”

She held it in me, letting me get used to whatever it was. Then she pushed again and I yelped as my anus stretched wide and then the thing passed my ring and the stretching eased. I felt stuffed, but my ring wasn’t feeling as if it would tear now.

“Wh-wh-what is that?”

“I’m so proud of you Sabine. You took it without crying. It’s an anal plug and it looks very cute. Give me a hand, Sabine.”

I lifted my left arm and reached back. Melanie took it and put my hand on something. It was sort of square and cool.

“Wh-wh-what is that?”

“It’s the base, darling, the rest is in your ass.”

“Oh God, Melanie, take it out…”

“Nonsense, Sabine. It doesn’t hurt does it?”

“Um, no, it just feels awfully funny.”

“You did so well, I am so proud of you.”

I felt a little better at hearing that, but it still didn’t feel quite right. What was the rest of it that was in my ass? I wanted to know.

Melanie bent forward and kissed my cheeks, making me whimper. Her hand was still cupping and teasing my pussy.

“We need to do something, Sabine.”

She bent further and untied my shoes and slipped them and my socks off. Then she lifted a foot and my jeans and panties came off that leg. Then she did the other so I was naked from the waist down. She rubbed my pussy some more, making me pant and I began to forget about the thing inside me. Then she stopped rubbing and lifted my shirt up and over my head.

“Help me take this off, darling.”

I lifted an arm and let it slip off that side and then the other arm. My shirt disappeared. My bra was unhooked and slipped off me too so I was naked, completely naked. Melanie moved away, I heard her. I still was bending over. She came back and I felt something firm against one cheek. She reached around me and closed the picture of the girl’s ass and clicked another. When it opened, I saw a downward picture of a girl with a flat thing showing and what looked like a dick underneath it. I sucked in a breath as I felt something, oh god, the dildo, penetrate me. I was so wet it just went in.

But it felt tighter somehow, even if I was wet as I had ever been. I felt Melanie press up against me. She had the harness on with the dildo fastened to it. I whimpered, my pussy felt so full, my ass too. Melanie pulled back and I gasped as I felt as though my insides pulled back with it. Then she pushed back in.

“Feel nice darling?”

“Yes, but I feel so stuffed, it feels bigger.”

“It’s just because your ass if full too, Sabine. Do you like it?”

“I don’t know, Melanie, can we do it like we did before?”

“We could, but I want to do it this way, Sabine.”

“All right, Melanie, all right..”

I whimpered again as she pulled back and then thrust back into my pussy. She did it several times, making me lay my head down, gasping Escort Ankara and wriggling. Her hands held my hips and pulled me back onto the dildo.

“What are we doing, darling?”

“Ah, uhh, ah, uhh, fucking?”

Oh, Sabine, yes, we are fucking. Do you like to fuck?”

“Oh, God, Melanie, I like it when you fuck me. Uhh, uhh, uhh”

Melanie held onto my hips and thrust in and out of me, making me gasp and wriggle. She pulled my hips back when she thrust in, making me feel like the dildo was going deeper. She kept it up until she thought I was going to explode, then stopped. I squirmed back at her.

“Sabine, stop. Do you want to try something new again?”

I would have let her stick sharpened slivers under my fingernails if she would let me come.


I felt her fingers at that thing and she pulled back. My anus stretched wide again, making me moan and then the stretching eased and I felt the thing slide out of me. I sucked in a breath, feeling so much better. I wanted her to start fucking me again, but she pulled the dildo out.

“Melanie, please…”

“Something new, Sabine, remember?”

I said nothing, my body shivering, until I felt the dildo at my anus. I gasped, loudly this time and started to rise up. Melanie pushed on my back and smacked my ass. I jumped and yelped,

“Stay down.”

She moved back and the dildo was at my anus again and then I felt it push in. It didn’t hurt, much anyway, and Melanie was gentle. She pushed and stopped and pushed again and stopped. She kept on until I felt her hips on my cheeks.

“All right, girl?”

I didn’t speak.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Then Melanie pulled back, slowly and I felt as though my rectum was going to turn inside out, gasping and putting my hands back to hold her away. She grabbed my wrists and twisted them up into the small of my back. Then she pushed up my ass again.

“Feel good, Sabine?”

“Noooo, it isn’t nice, Melanie, it’s nasty.”

“But darling, I want to do it. What am doing to you?”

I said nothing, tears beginning to leak from my eyes.

“Sabine, answer me.”

I still said nothing until she smacked my right cheek, hard.

“It’s dirty, Melanie, you’re fucking me in the ass. I don’t want it.”

“Ah, Sabine, but I do.”

She thrust up and then began to push in and out, making my guts churn. Then a hand went between my legs and began to rub and the other found a breast and cupped that, teasing the nipple. I forgot all about what I didn’t want and just gave off to the feelings. Melanie was gentle and humped me; it didn’t really hurt all that much and I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted her to keep rubbing my pussy.

She humped me and rubbed and squeezed and teased until I stiffened, my head jerking up and a groan escaped my mouth, then my body jerked and spasmed as I came

“Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh.”

Melanie pushed deep up me until I stopped jerking and grunting, then she slid back and the dildo came out of me. She stopped rubbing and let my breast go.

“New things are nice, aren’t they, Sabine?”

I slumped down on my knees, panting, my head swimming. Melanie helped me up and over to my bed. I felt like my legs were jelly. I collapsed on my bed and Melanie sat down next to me and stroked my hair.

“Thank you Sabine, that was lovely.”

I closed my eyes and shuddered. Melanie eased me over some and lay down beside me. She held me and kissed my forehead, still stroking my hair. I loved that. I loved it when she was loving and tender to me.

I finally got my breathing under control and she quivering of my body, too. I looked up at her.

“I want something from you for that, Melanie.”

She smiled at me. “I thought you would, Sabine. What do you want?”

“Just hold me for a while longer and I’ll tell you, Melanie. But if you expect that again, remember that I get something in return.

“All right, darling, all right.”

We cuddled for a while and then I whispered in her ear what it was that I wanted. Melanie smiled at me. I looked at her shyly and smiled back…

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