Rub and Tug Mom


For the past three years, completely unbeknown to my husband Tom and my three beautiful kids, I have been working in a massage parlor called the Pink Lady.

While I’m not proud of being a ‘rub & tug’ girl, Tom has repeatedly refused to let me get a regular job even when money is tight.

Because I handle most of the finances in our family, Tom just doesn’t understand that we can’t make ends meet and maintain our lifestyle on his salary alone. Plus, we only had a few more years to contribute to our children’s education fund before they were all in school. It would break my heart if my daughter, Jill, seventeen, or Suzy, who is 15, had to go and do this kind of work to pay for college.

My oldest and only son, Billy, was already heading to school in the Fall for engineering.

Billy was a pretty self motivated kid, so he had also been contributing to his education fund by working at a local restaurant. At least I would never have to about him becoming a sex worker for college! To call Billy sexually inexperienced would be an understatement. The poor kid never even had a girlfriend in his life!

It wasn’t that Billy was unattractive though he was a bit on the plump side with a small acne problem. His worst issue was his self-esteem. He would just clam up whenever he encountered an attractive woman For instance, just last week my friend Cathy came over and we decided to sun bathe in the backyard. Sure Cathy has a great set of tits and her bikini was barely dental floss, but Billy could barely string together a sentence when he tried to talk to her.

I felt sorry for Billy and thought I should do something for him, but my husband told me it would happen for the boy when the time was right. I guess I resigned myself to that fact. Sometimes I wondered if I should just book him an appointment at the parlor!

I mulled this over as I gave my make up a final check. Quickly, I tied my blond hair up in a twist and put on a cute pink dress with matching heels. I was almost running late for work.

Being a typical Tuesday, Tom was at the law firm office working his nine to five. He would assume that I was going over to my friend Mary’s place for coffee. This was my typical excuse for getting out of the house on Tuesday afternoons. I only worked about two to three shifts a week at the parlor. I worried that if I made too much money I’d be tempted to spend it on clothes, which would make Tom suspicious.

Plus, although I certainly didn’t mind the work, I didn’t want to handle more cocks than I needed too.

The Pink Lady is located above a store in a strip mall just outside of town. Most of our clients were truckers who were coming through on the nearby Highway 15. It was a little run down and smelled of pussy and cum all the time, but it was woman owned and operated and, except for our bouncer Chuck, all the employees were female.

By Escort İstanbul four o’clock I had already served three clients, when the House Madam, a Chinese lady named Li-Ling told me that a young man had requested a white woman in room 5.

“I’ve got to be home to make dinner, I don’t know-“

“Please,” Li-Ling said, “He said he’s a virgin and you are the only Caucasian on the floor right now.”

Li Ling had a funny way of categorizing us all.

I figured if I got home at five I could still have dinner on the table for six thirty.

“Ok,” I said.

“Oh,” Li-Ling added. “Be gentle with him ok? Nothing too naughty!”

“Fine!” I giggled.

I always loved doing virgins. I usually had about three or four a month. They tended to be shy guys that were uptight about not living up to their new bride’s wedding night expectations. Plus, I knew they were clean. I wondered if I would let the kid bareback me. Maybe if he had a nice one and treated me right, I decided.

I went into my dressing room and checked the chart on the wall. It said the customer wanted full service and that they requested I be fully nude. At least this was going to be good money. I was worried for a second that I might have had to stick around for a forty dollar blowjob. I slipped out of my robe and hung it up. I did a quick check of my pussy and butt for any unpleasant hygiene thingies and jiggled my full boobs to give them a little lift.

I then walked down the hall in nothing but my heels to Room 5. Opening the door, I saw the young man was lying on the massage table with a warm white cloth stretched over his face. He had taken a shower as all of our clients are required to do. His considerably sized cock was already rock hard and standing straight up in the air. I almost laughed at the boldness of him having an erection even before I arrived but I was certain that, as a virgin, he had probably been excited about this for a while.

“My, my, someone’s happy to see me.” I cooed, wrapping my fingers around his cock. I pulled off his facecloth to discover that this ‘virgin’ was none other than my son Billy.

“Billy!!! What the hell are you doing here?!?” I covered my breasts with my arms instinctively, dropping his shrinking dick.

“Mom!?!” Billy said, just as surprised. “What are YOU doing here?”

I didn’t know what to tell him. I mean, here I was in a sleazy massage parlor, completely naked in front of my son.

Does dad know you work here?”.

“No!” I said sternly. “And you better not tell him!”

“I.. I won’t.” He put the facecloth over his cock modestly.

“Why are you here Billy?” I asked him, though I knew the question was obvious.

“I, I wanted to ‘lose’ it mom.” He said, almost in tears with fright and embarrassment.

I wanted to reach out to hold him. I wanted to let him İstanbul Escort Bayan know it was ok. But I was completely naked and couldn’t bear to feel him against my exposed breasts. “Well, son, maybe we can both forget we saw each other and mommy can get you another girl.”

“But I wanted a blond one for my first time.” He whined. He was definitely a whiner sometimes, especially when he was young. “I even brought five hundred dollars mom.”

I was concerned. “Son, five hundred dollars gets you full service. You don’t really want your first time to be with a sex worker, do you?”

“I can’t wait any longer mom and Jill won’t even talk to me after our first date last year.”

He had a date about a year a go that ended disastrously. Let’s just say he was a little over eager and got into some trouble with her parents.

“Well, girls don’t like to be pressured son.” I told him. “You’ll meet someone.”

I suddenly noticed him looking at my pussy which I had forgotten to hide. “Whoops!” I said, bringing one of my hands down from my breasts to cover it quickly.

“Aww! Mom!” He said, “Can’t I see it?”

“No!” I told him. “You most certainly can’t!”

“But it’s where I came out of right?”

“Uh-” I couldn’t help it. Billy’s curiosity was starting to make me wet.

“Please mom?” He begged.

I wondered what the harm was. It was only looking after all. If I had my back to him, I wouldn’t even have to look him in the eyes. Plus he could take his time and get a great view.

I turned around hesitantly, bent over and spread my cheeks for him. “There you go honey.” I said, using my fingers to open my pussy lips so he could see the hole inside. Suddenly I felt a poke and jumped.

“Honey!” I didn’t say you could touch it!”

“But mom!” he cried. “I’m going to pay!”

“Baby, you are not getting mommy’s pussy!” I said, turning back to face him.

Of course his cock was hard again. I couldn’t say it didn’t look tasty. My eyes lingered on it. “I think this has gone far enough. Now there’s a very sexy Filipino woman down the hall that I think you would enjoy and she would be very happy to fuck you.”

“No mommy. I want you.” His tone was so earnest. “I’m of age, right? I’m 19!”

I looked down at his tempting cock. “Look, I’ll give you a blowjob but that’s it.” I said, drawing the line.

“Without a condom?”

“No. With a condom! Are you crazy? You always have to wear condoms here. Didn’t you read the house rules?”


“No son.”

“I’ll tell dad!”

I realized I couldn’t win. I was not exactly happy with having taste my son’s bare cock, but I gave in.

“Fine.” I grumbled, taking the cloth off his tent, I found myself face to face with his hardened cock. Like his dad, he was a healthy seven inches and twice as thick as a beer cap. I wrapped Anadolu Yakası Escort my manicured fingers around his dick once more.

Billy sniffed his fingers. I guess they had some residue from my pussy on them.

“Why is your pussy all goopy mommy?”

“That’s pussy juice.” I told him, “It helps the penis get inside.”

I held his quivering cock in my hand and gently licked it from balls to crown. He was already moaning by the time I sucked his cock all the way down my throat. I could feel his hands grip my boobs and squeeze. I knew what was coming next. A giant load of sperm suddenly filled my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and almost gagging me. He had a lot of cum in him, probably because he had been anticipating having it sucked for a while.

“Swallow it mom.” He said. Trying to convince myself he was just another customer, I complied, eating the whole load before cleaning his cock off with my tongue.

“Satisfied honey?” I asked him, hoping we could make it a day.

“But mom…” He said, indicating his cock, which to my amazement had grown right back into a full erection. “Oh, Billy!” I said, almost laughing. “Are you kidding me? I’ve got to be home in thirty minutes!”

He started to beg again, saying he was going to get blue balls and all the shit his father usually uses too.

“Ok honey, we have to get you to come quick so I’m going to let you fuck my pussy.”

His face was glowing with excitement.

“But you’ve got to be quick and you’ve GOT to use a condom.” I took one out of the basket on the wall and rolled it over his cock head and shaft. I could still taste his cum in my mouth as I straddled him, lowering myself slowly onto his not insignificant cock.

His dick was a perfect fit inside me. I started to ride him cowgirl style as his hands fondled my bouncing titties. I let down my hair as I ground my pussy onto his cock.

I clenched my pussy and asked him if he could feel it as his hands found my butt.

“Yes mom,” He mumbled in a daze, his eyes closed, obviously enjoying every minute of it.

Soon I felt his cock swell before shooting what felt like another heavy load of cum into the condom.

Suddenly, my pussy twitched. I started to squeal as one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had spread from my clit throughout my body. My whole body shook. I collapsed on top of my son. Our naked bodies entwined on the massage table as we kissed each other’s mouths.

Billy pulled the condom off and asked me to swallow the contents. I did, tilting the condom upside down and letting his cum pour onto my tongue..

We both helped each other dress and I fixed my hair before getting into the car to drive home together.

“So how was your first time?” I asked him.

“It was amazing mom.”

“You know, I don’t want you spending all of your earnings on women, ok?”

He looked at me, confused.

“If you ever need to get fucked, come and see me about it first. Ok?”

“Thanks mommy!” He said, smiling widely.

I laughed and put my hand on his crotch. “You’re welcome. Just, for the love of God, don’t tell your father. Ok?”

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