Roses for Marie


All characters are works of fiction and any resemblance to the real world is entirely coincidental~ that being said enjoy!


I kept my eyes closed and listened, Marie’s breathing even and soft next to me. I could feel her body’s tender warmth against mine, and knew she would shiver as I slipped away. She always did… We were warmest and the most relaxed together in bed. I slept best by her side. But I knew she would be fine with this little interruption. Maybe little wasn’t the best word.

I secured the strap-on harness to my hips and marvelled at the 8 inch length the protruded from the plastic ring, the base of this fake cock resting just against my pelvic bone. She’d never taken anything so big before but had given me a red faced confession that a common fantasy of hers was to be stretched wide. I licked my lips and felt my already drenched pussy become even more wet thinking about it. She would moan and whine and tremble and I’d have my way with her.

She loved it when I took the dominant role.

Very carefully I rolled her over onto her stomach (so maybe for a moment she wouldn’t know it was me~) and tied her wrists together, pressing her legs wide and that made her stirr. I ever so quietly lubed up the huge dildo and moving behind her and pressing the head against her sweet pussy. I grabbed hold of her butt length chestnut hair and pulled lightly, leaning forward and whispering in her ear, “Wake up my perfect little slut~”

She made a Ankara escort noise that sounded surprised and groggy. “Rose?” she whispered breathlessly, seeming to come fully conscious. “What are you doing?”

I rocked gently against her and felt the tip of the silicone dick start to push in. “You. Obviously~” I grunted back, hearing her whimper softly.

“That hurt?” I asked carefully.

“A little…” she replied, I heard the ‘but’ in her tone before the word left her perfect pouty lips. “But keep going…”

I smiled, “Ooh I plan to sweet girl.” I purred, using my free hand to swat both her ass cheeks roughly. My Good Girl loved her spankings~

I moved my hips gently and methodically so as to work the huge invader into her sweet, tight pussy as painless as possible… and when the whole head fit in she let out a gasp, trembling euphorically.

“Fuck~” she moaned. “It’s so big!”

I couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped, feeling a wet drop slip from my pussy and down my right thigh. “Isn’t that what my little slut wanted? I big fake cock deep in your pretty pussy~” I sighed. “Well it’s not deep enough yet… But we’ll get there right?”

Her face flushed at my dirty talk, but nodded her agreement as I started to move my hips, the lube making it easier, but I still knew I should go slow… As much as I wanted to pound her little pussy until she screamed so loud the neighbors complained, I didn’t want to hurt her. However, it wasn’t long before Ankara escort bayan I could move my hips smoothly, and she easily took four, and then 6, of the thick inches in…

I began a harsh pace, pulling out nearly all the way and shoving those inches I knew she could take back in, the sweat starting to form, and my pussy throbbing with each thrust of my hips. I felt powerful, tingling almost with the ecstasy of it, how she whined and moaned because of my hips and my fist holding fast to her long silky hair.

I let my other hand explore her, following the curve of her hip and squeezing the flesh there; slapping her ass and then moving up her front to pull gently at her nipples. She trembled and gasped and cried out as I thrusted and forced the seventh inch in, her breathing heavy and broken.

“Oh my god- yes fuck me~” her words melded together and my hips touched hers with another deep thrust, the bed beginning to creak.

“Oh fuck~ I knew my beautiful girl would like this… So. Fucking. Lewd~” I punctuated each word with an especially deep thrust and tugged roughly at her hair which only made her moan louder, my hips slapping against hers. I watched her beautiful form shake with each deep thrust… Her moans louder and more frequent~

“So deep-” she gasped, trembling and squeezing a pillow between her tied hands. “H-How big is it?” she asked after a long moan.

I grinned, letting go of her hair and grabbing hold of her hips with both hands Escort Ankara so I could really fuck her, my pussy throbbing with each thrust forward. “8 inches.” I grunted, grinding against her ass for emphasis, which earned a throaty moan and a trembling sigh. I could hear how wet she was with each thrust, the squelching of a wet pussy making my clit pulse gently. I moaned and began to fuck her with harder and heavier strokes, kissing all across her back and shoulders~

She looked back at me, face contorted, eyes glazed and her mouth slack from the pleasure. The bed rocked as I moved, pulling the cock out halfway, watching it’s girth make her sweet pussy stretch~ and then thrusting back in roughly. Pretty soon I felt the light headedness come, my arms and hips tired, but I was fueled by the pleasure.

“My pretty whore~” I growled and pressed her hips down hard to the bed. I started thrusting even rougher, my breaths heaving and I heard her moans get louder and louder. I let myself get lost in the motions and smells of sex and then, almost out of nowhere, she let out a sharp scream, her thighs trembling and her body tensing. My beautiful trembling mess of a girl was coming, and she was coming hard.

My eyes widened as I watched her, forcing the cock in all the way as she moaned and spasmed in ecstasy~ I felt my pussy drip as hers squeezed the toy, and I kissed all over her back lovingly as she continued to shudder and gasp. “Oh holy shit Rose… Rose oh fuck~”

After a long moment of keeping still, she looked back at me and arched, her lips reaching for a kiss. I gave her one, deep and slow, my tongue seeking hers. She moaned into the kiss, and I slapped her ass hard.

“That’s my good girl…”

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