Roommate Agreement Ch. 01


Not sure if this story has legs, but I’ve had this first chapter in my drive for a while and decided it should see the light of day.

As always, I appreciate hearing feedback!


Jay looked around his condo one last time before answering the door. “Hello, Darla?”

A pair of beautiful blue eyes stared back at him. “Yep.” She shook his hand. “Jay, I presume?”

“Please, welcome into casa de Jay.” He laughed and shook his head. “Sorry about the bad joke, a little nervous here.”

She smiled. “I know what you mean.” She gave him a thoughtful stare. He felt her take in his six foot, lanky frame. “You look cuter than your pic.”

“Thanks.” He looked her up and down. Her blonde hair fell just past her shoulders framing her pale skin. He thought she looked a bit heavier than her photo, but she carried it well and with a nice curve to her hip. “You too.”

“So this is the place.” She looked as she moved around the bare living room.

He moved in front of her and to show her an empty room off to this side. “This would be your bedroom.”

“Looks good.” She opened the closet and nodded in satisfaction at the space inside. “I’d be able to move in soon?”

“Today if you wanted.” Jay nodded and then nervously cleared his throat. “About the rent…”

“Yeah?” A flash of anxietycrossed over her face.

“Well, I don’t think sex once a month would cut it…” He hesitated and then pushed on. “If you are only paying have the usual rate, we should have it at least five times.”

Darla cross her arms, frowning. “I made it clear it was for once a month.”

“You need a place to live.” Jay shrugged. “That’s my offer.”

“Well not five.”

Jay felt a thrill of sexual energy shiver through his body. A vision of this woman, naked before him, waiting to be penetrated invaded his thoughts. “I supposed I could go down to sex three times a month and oral a couple times.”

“Twice a month and oral twice a month.” She raised her chin. “That’s as far as I’ll go and I don’t swallow.”

Jay hesitated. He had the feeling Darla was desperate to find housing, but again the image resurfaced of her naked body, this time writing in passion.

“Fair enough.” He smiled and his hand moved down to massage his crotch. “Time to put down the deposit.”

Darla opened her mouth, but then shrugged her shoulders and went down on her knees before him. Jay watched this young woman unzip and fish out his cock. He felt warm lips wrap around his flaccid cock. Slowly she pulled back, but her lips tightened and stretch out his cock.

“Oh…”Jay rested his hands on her head. Her intense suction had the desired effect and he felt himself hardening. She continued moving up and down his growing cock. Jay knew he wasn’t huge, but he was thick and few women were able to swallow his entire cock.

He watched her blonde head move up and down. Her hot mouth had an electric effect on him. Jay felt himself at full staff and still her mouth covered his whole cock!

“Wow! I love to see you slide down my cock.”

She looked up him and winked. Then she popped it out of her mouth. “You’ve got a nice one.”

Darla tongued around the head before diving full throat again. It had been so long since he had had any sex. So long since he had been able to let loose. A little embarrassed, he felt himself on the edge already!

He thought about trying to make it last, but it felt too good. His climaxed!

Jay looked down as he felt her hand replace her mouth. Spurt after spurt, he came as she continued to stroke him. Their eyes locked and she smiled, flinching as a spurt landed on her cheek.

She finally slowed the stroking.

She stood up and walked over to the kitchen sink. She turned and said, Sakarya Escort “Well, I need to get better at planning this out. No way, I’m taking it on my face… crap, and shirt.”

Putting his flaccid cock back into his pants as he watched her grab a few paper towels and try to clean up. Jay’s thoughts wandered to when they would fuck and imagined her naked.

“Well I better get going if I’m going to move in.” Darla darted out, slightly embarrassed.

Outside, she climbed into her truck and inhaled deeply. Thoughts ran rampant like wild horses. Turning the key in the ignition, bringing her truck to life, Pat Benatar’s “Hit me with your best shot” filled the air, she chuckled.

Her thoughts wandered back to what had just transpired.

Why had she given in and given him a bj so quickly? This was all still a little surreal. Who was she kidding; her giving a blow job was a bit surreal. If she wasn’t so desperate for a place to live there wouldn’t have been any blow job.

Parking her truck, she jumped out and went to retrieve her belongings from the apartment she shared with Lucy. It had been a great roommate arrangement until Lucy’s girlfriend had moved in. One day, Darla, not feeling well, left work early and arrived home to find them fucking in the kitchen. They had barely acknowledged her, but after that moment; it seemed the whole place was fair game. They’d make out and fondle each other as the three of them all watched a movie. Lucy and Jessie would barely cover up as they walked around the apartment.

Darla had mentioned it to Lucy a few times. At best, she’d get an apologetic smile, but usually not even that. Jessie was clearly the one in control of that relationship. Last week, Lucy was giving Jessie a massage as they watched tv. Darla had tried to keep her eyes on the scree, but when Jessie moaned, she glance over and was sure Lucy’s fingers were inside of her gf.

“Got to work the glutes!” Lucy had said in a chipper voice.

The blonde sighed to herself. She certainly couldn’t continue to live there any longer than necessary. Using her key letting herself in. As if on cue, she heard a series of passionate “yes’s” fill the air. She paused momentarily and wondered, do I get my stuff or come back later, get my stuff when they are done.

Marching over to her bedroom, she shut and locked the door. She perused what to do first; leaning against the door, she could still hear the passionate sounds of the lovebirds. The combination of the sounds and having sucked Jay’s cock made her a bit horny.

Undoing the button and zipper of her pants Darla slipped her hand down the front of her silky panties to the crotch; they were wet, saturated by her juices. Pulling her hand back up, she slipped it inside her panties, sliding it lower, Darla’s fingers were greeted by hot wetness, her palm resting against her mons, and she began to rub her fingers against her pussy adorned with downy soft blonde hair.

The tip of her finger sought out the end of her clitoris; lightly Darla brushed the tip of her finger against the end of it, a rhythmic stroking, her orgasm was quickly coming. Darla’s back pressed firmly against the door; her body tensed then began shaking as the orgasm erupted. Panting Darla shuffled over to the bed plopping down onto it.

That was good but not quite enough, thought Darla.

Pushing off her shoes, pants and panties, before scooting higher up onto the bed, she pulled the pillow down, lying back, she abruptly rolled to the right reached into the secret spot where her vibrator was hidden.

Rolling over onto her back Darla turned on the vibrator, lightly pressing the tip against her pussy, slowly moving it up and down, pressing harder with the vibrator had separated her labia, Sakarya Escort Bayan sliding it down the tip slipped into her pussy, Darla pushed it deeper, slide it out, fucking herself with the vibrator, her other hand rubbing her clitoris.

“Uhhh…uhhh…” Darla moaned as her fingers pressed harder and faster as she pleasured herself, her knees having fallen to the sides left her pussy totally exposed.

“MMM…MMM…Uhhhhhh…” she moaned as she felt the orgasm quickly approaching, her hips thrusting she pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy, rubbing her clitoris fast and furiously, her hips thrust down her back arched up.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh,” Darla hissed from between pursed lips.

Panting, tossing her head side to side, her whole body tensing as the orgasm reached crescendo, beginning to ebb the second orgasm crashed over her, the pleasure so intense her soft scream of pleasure fading to silent…

Silence in the whole apartment. Had they heard her? Darla took a deep breath and chuckled softly. It would serve them right. She sat up and searched for her pants. It was time to start packing.

**** *** *** *** *** ***

Jay unlocked the front door and let himself into the condo. “Darla?”

He had been horny all day long and figured that today was the day he’d cash in for the first time on his agreement with Darla. She had been here almost a week. So far, things had gone fairly well. They had liked some of the same tv shows and she had kept the living room and kitchen clean.

“Yeah Jay, I’m home.”

He heard her faint voice coming from her room. “C-can I see you out here?”

The door opened and Darla came through. His stomach cramped in nervousness. She was wearing a simple t-shirt and sweat shorts, but the curves of her body… well, his palms began to sweat.

Something in his face must have given away his intentions.

“I see.” Darla reflexively crossed her arms. “How did you want to do this?”

“Um…” He awkwardly put down his computer bag and walked over to her. Their eyes met and then looked away. His mind raced. Should I just kiss her? Take off my clothes? Take off her clothes?

“This is just too awkward. Hold on.”

Jay’s stomach fell in disappointment as she turned and walked into the kitchen. The young woman came out a moment later with a six-pack of beer.

Darla flashed him a smile. “Let’s get drunk.”

Relief flooded through Jay and he nodded. “How about a game of I Never?”

Darla laughed. “I haven’t played that game in ages.”

They went over to the living room and sat down across from each other.

“I’ve never had sex.” Jay smiled.

Darla laughed. “I guess we are getting right to it!”

They both drank and Darla asked. “I’ve never had sex outside.”

Jay shook his head as Darla shrugged and took another slug.

“I’ve never had sex in a foreign country.”

This time Jay drank as Darla shook her head.

“I did a semester in London.” Jay shook his head. “My American accent was exotic!”

Darla giggled. “I’ve never faked an orgasm.”

She shrieked with laughter when Jay drank along with her. “No way! Guys can’t fake it!”

Jay shrugged. “Sure we can. Particularly with a condom. We had been going at it for a while and I could tell she was starting to get frustrated I hadn’t cum yet. So I faked it.”

“Aw, what a gentleman.” Darla cooed.

“I’ve never gotten … or given road head.”

Jay’s jaw dropped when Darla drank.

“I was a teen ager and stupid. My god damn boyfriend almost drove off the road!”

Darla shook her nearly empty can. “Well time to break open a second one. Let’s see, I’ve never had sex with toys.”

They both laughed and drank.

“Toys can make sex a lot Escort Sakarya more fun!” Jay thought for a moment. “I’ve never seen people have sex… live not a porn.”

Darla drank again as Jay asked, “Really?”

Darla grimaced. “Yeah, it’s why I needed another place to stay. My roommate and her girlfriend decided they could have sex all over the place… whether I was there or not. Hmmmm… I’ve never watched someone masturbate.”

For the first time, neither one drank. Jay shifted and cleared his throat. “Is that a fantasy of yours?”

Darla bit her lip and nodded. She thought she could see a bulge grow in Jay’s pants.

Jay saw her gaze and his hand dropped down. “Would you want to?”

Darla’s eyes went back down to his groin. He took that as a yes and unzipped. Fishing out his half hard cock, he felt nervous pleasure shiver through his body. His manhood responded, getting harder with every stroke. Harder as he felt her eyes bore into him. He loved the look of desire in her eyes.

He pulled down his pants and underwear so his left hand could play with his balls as the right continued to stroke.

Darla smiled and leaned back. Her legs were spread, and he thought he could see up her shorts a little… almost to the promised land. A thought struck him. “You know Darla, you could give me a show too.”

She looked startled at the sound of his voice, but then nodded.

She pulled her shorts down. She wasn’t wearing underwear. Jay say that her bush was a darker shade of blonde than her hair and closely trimmed into a nice V. Her fingers slid down either side of her slit a few times and he realized that he had no idea how women pleasured themselves.

A finger ducked inside of her and Jay saw she was wet. It slid back out and began to rub her clit in a circular motion. It was so hot to see her fingers move, far hotter than he thought it would be.

Incredibly, he began to feel his own orgasm already! He slowed down his pace, focusing more on his balls so he would remain hard but not cum.

Darla looked so damn sexy! Her beautiful pussy open to him. Her eyes, half lidded in pleasure.

He needed to fuck her now. He fished his wallet out of his pants and ripped open the condom wrapper.

“Get over here.”

Darla practically leaped up and ran around the couch. To Jay’s surprise, she grabbed the condom from him and unrolled it on his cock. She then pushed his knees further apart and turned away from him, grabbed his cock, and positioned him right at her opening. She grabbed his knees for balance and began to slowly sink down an inch. Moving up, and then sinking a little further. Up and then further down. God, she was so tight!!

Finally, she was fully impaled on him.

Jay heard her moan as she began moving up and down. He grabbed her hips and to dictate the rhythm. Warm wetness hugged him. She felt so good! He thrust into her faster. One of her hands left his knees and he realized she was playing with herself as they continued to fuck. A soft moan continued, almost inaudible from her. And it began to build as they continued to fuck.

He thought of how sexy she must look, fucking him while touching herself and the mental picture pushed him over the edge and he began to cum!

“No…” Darla panted. “I was so close.” She tried to continue fucking him but his softened penis fell out.

She leaned back against him, continuing to rub her clit. He took advantage of their position to move his hands under her shirt and play with her tits.

“Play with my nipples!”

He gently moved his fingers back and forth.


He gently grasped each one and twisted.


He complied. Twisting and pinching both nipples, he felt her body rocking in time with her fingers.

“Yes! Yes!” Darla’s entire body went taut and then relaxed against him.

Jay wasn’t sure what to do so he continued to massage her breasts, more gently now.

“Well, we blessed the living room!” Darla then stood up and smiled back at Jay. “I need to take a shower.”

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