Room Of Response Pt2B: Date 02 of 03


This is part two of my Room of Response story. (It’s in 3 parts because of file upload size requirements – this is Part 2B)Part 1 set the stage and introduced most of the characters, and was all voyeurism and exhibitism. This part is erotic coupling and a little group sex. Part 3 is erotic coupling and a little romance. Part 4 is a lot of group sex. I’m thinking about other parts with other categories. Everyone in this story is over 18.

In Part 1, we met Stephen Thorne, an 18 freshman student in Advanced and Theoretical Magic (ATM) at the university. Stephen found the Room of Response, and a Book of Sexual Magic Spells. First, he learned about the Pornseive. Then he learned about the Voyeur’s Map, which helps him move around the campus and observe people. He also learned about ExposurOptics, which are X-Ray glasses. We met a few other students also over age 18 in ATM, including Rowena and Olympe from Sigma Sorority House. We also met Stella Starwell, a recent graduate of ATM who is now a student teacher in Transfigurations. In Part 2A, Stephen watched Stella and her boyfriend Robbie on a magical date.

A Date with Lisa

Lisa was a cute blonde, medium height, with bright blue eyes. She was a bit shorter than Stephen, but still a bit taller than the average girl at ATM.

“Yeah, I had never really thought about it before. I just always assumed I would be an office worker at some agency in the Department of Magic Affairs. But now that I’m 18, I think more of the wide open world of Magic is starting to be exciting to me.”

“Oh, so you didn’t learn anything about magic until after you turned 18?” Lisa asked, “It’s kind of fun to learn some of the new magic that opens up to us at 18.” She leaned in close to Stephen and whispered, “Have you learned any ‘over-18’ spells?”

“Um, well, maybe, um no not really” Stephen stuttered back.

“I have…” she whispered back, “but I understand you can get in a bit of trouble doing those spells around non magical people.”

“Ah, that I can help with”, Stephen said, “I know a place where we can try those spells with no non-magical people anywhere nearby”

Lisa looked at him nervously. “Um, maybe… Sure, yeah.”

“How about Friday night? Meet me on the 6th floor near the main stairs.”

“Sounds like a Date!!” Lisa said happily, Then her face fell a bit, and she mumbled “well, not a date, and… oh, i’m not sure… maybe not.”

Stephen reached out to lightly touch her arm. “Not a date unless you want it to be a date. It will be just two friends if you want it to be that instead.”

Friday evening came, and Stephen met Lisa on the stairs between the 6th and 7th floor. “You look great!!” said Stephen when she showed up.

And Side Escort she did! She had curled her hair into a wave that framed her face. She was wearing her Rho Sorority Robes, but open after a long day, and was wearing a pretty white peasant top blouse and nice black slacks. Stephen felt a little underdressed wearing jeans and a worn out Oxford shirt. ‘She did think of it as a date’ he thought, and wished he had at least put on a better shirt. He liked her, and wanted her to like him.

“So, where are we going?” Lisa said, somewhat nervously. “Still in the castle right? I didn’t bring my coat. I can go get it…. “

“Yes, in the castle. Just upstairs. You do look beautiful. I’m serious.” Stephen said. Lisa blushed.

They went upstairs to the picture of the trolls dancing. Stephen thought to himself ‘I need a place where she can relax and be comfortable’ as he walked back and forth three times. The wall shifted around and the door appeared.

“WOW, ” said Lisa, “didn’t know about this room. It’s like you created it!”

Stephen opened the door for her, she stepped inside, and he followed her, closing the door behind him. Inside, they both looked around. The Room was a sitting room, with a big comfortable couch in front of a roaring fireplace, which made the room cozy and warm. On one side of the room was a table, with a chess board. On the other, a bookshelf with a few books on it.

Lisa went over to the fireplace to warm her hands. Stephen walked past the book shelf, noticing that his book of Sexual Spells was one of the books on the shelf. Lisa finished warming herself and walked over to the chess board.

“Wow, this is a different kind of Wizard’s Chess board” she exclaimed. “The pieces are beautiful. Everyone looks like a model or an athlete!”

Stephen walked over and said “Would you like to play?”

Lisa replied “Oh.. well… sure…”

So they both sat down, and Lisa moved first. She rather casually moved a pawn out into the middle of the board. Her pawn was a woman in flowing robes. Stephen thought to himself ‘Ok, the pawns can move two spaces first time, then attack diagonally,… oh, I wish I knew more Chess!’ as he moved a pawn out onto the board.

Lisa looked at him quizziedly, and moved her Bishop out onto the board. “Are you any good at Wizard Chess?”, she asked casually.

“Um, I have played before”, Stephen said, and moved his Knight out onto the board. If he remembered right, that Knight was now threatening her first pawn.

Lisa moved another pawn out onto the board, and Stephen decided to take the pawn with his Knight. He moved the Knight to the space with her pawn, and reached for her pawn. Before he could get the pawn however, the Knight reached out, Side Escort Bayan grabbed the pawn, and ripped her clothes off her. The naked pawn tried to cover her little breasts and her crotch with her hands as she ran off the board to the left side.

“OH… “, exclaimed Lisa…”Definitely not a Wizard Chess board I have ever seen before!!”

“Yeah, me neither… “, said Stephen.

Lisa moved her Bishop to take Stephen’s Knight. The Bishop approached the Knight, touched it with his scepter, and suddenly Stephen’s Knight was naked too. He cupped his balls in his hands, walked off the board and stood next to the naked pawn. At the same time, Stephen felt his Hufflepuff robes lift off his shoulders and fly away over to the couch.

“Ah”, said Lisa, “Strip Wizard’s Chess huh! And it looks like losing any back row pieces costs the player a piece of clothing as well. WELL, this just got interesting!”

“Yeah,…. This sounds like fun!”, agreed Stephen

They each moved a piece or two. Lisa’s Bishop took out several of Stephen’s pawns. Each Pawn was stripped naked when they were taken. Some pawns were women, with various breast sizes, and others were male. The back row pieces were also male and female on both Stephen and Lisa’s set.

After a few minutes of playing, Stephen looked down and saw that there were ALOT of his pieces standing naked on the side of the board. He just was not that good at Wizard Chess. He was in trouble.

Lisa on the other hand, had a sly grin on her face. She brought wave after wave of attacks, stripping his other Knight, both of his Bishops, his Rooks… Each time she took one of his capital pieces, another article of clothing disappeared off him and onto the pile on the couch. Shoes, socks, his tie, his shirt…

Lisa did leave a piece or two unprotected every now and then, so that he did take her Bishop and a Knight. As he did, her robe floated away and one of her shoes. BUT, it was not going well for Stephen.

“I’m sorry”, she said, after she took another back row piece and his pants disappeared to the pile on the couch. “I guess you didn’t know that I was the Wizard Chess Champ for the last three years in my High School.”

“No, I didn’t”, he said, “I didn’t even know Wizard’s Chess existed until about a year ago. But I can see why you are the Champ.”

“BUT, this is a perfect date for me to relax and get comfortable… Thank you! You couldn’t have planned a better first date… well, except maybe wearing some more clothes!”

Her Queen approached his Queen. She ripped the robes off his Queen, exposing a very large breasted woman. His naked queen strode with dignity off the board, not covering herself at all.

Stephen’s boxer shorts disappeared Escort Side leaving him completely naked.

Stephen looked at the large group of his naked pieces. Some had lost interest in the game, and were making out with each other off to one side. The very few of Lisa’s pieces he had taken were looking over at that group and slowly inching their way over toward them.

Lisa said “Well, maybe we don’t need to finish this… Stand up!”

Stephen did, and as Lisa looked at him with not a stitch on him, his dick started to harden. Lisa watched and smiled. She took two steps towards him to be right in front of him, reached down and wrapped her hand around his swollen member. “Probably not quite how you wanted the night to go, huh? Strip Wizard’s Chess however, was EXACTLY the kind of over 18 spell that I was hoping to learn about. This was perfect!”

She tugged at his dick, stroking him with one hand after the other over and over. “Oh, Lisa,….” he said, as he started to get weak in the knees.

“Yes Stephen,…”, she purred and stroked a little faster.

Soon he came, and came hard, in her hands. The warm cum squeezing out between her fingers, as she stroked him.

“There… ” she said triumphantly, “not a total loss for you for the night.” She used her wand to wash his cum from her hands and then kissed him on the cheek. She picked up her robe from off the couch, slipped on her missing shoe, and headed for the door.

As she reached the door, she turned, saying silkily, “This was definitely a Date, and we definitely need to do this again….” as she walked out into the hall.

Stephen stood there for a minute or two, then got partially dressed. He walked over the bookshelf and took down the Sexual Spells book.

Chapter 1 still had the three spells he learned before, the Pornseive, the Voyeur Map, and the ExposureOptics. Chapter 2 on Couples Spells had Strip Games as its first set of spells, and also had a section on Experience Sharing, including a few spells. He turned to that section.

The section heading started with:

Experience sharing spells require two people. These spells are only available for couples study. Usually, some of the Strip Games in the first section of this chapter will help both people in the couple to relax enough to try the spells in this section.

‘Well,’ Stephen thought, ‘I guess that is what happened tonight.’

Stephen flipped forward into Chapter 3, “Beginning Sexual Transformations“, which had been blank before. It has two sections, “Beginning Female Transformations” and “Beginning Male Transformations“. But there were no spells in either section at this point. Stephen guessed he probably had to have someone else here for those spells to appear.

He put the book back on the shelf, finished getting dressed, and headed back to the Eta Frat House.

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