Romance With My Mom Ch. 02


Thanks for the comments and votes. I was so encouraged by them and I included some ideas of the readers to this chapter. This is the second chapter of Jason and Jessica’s love story. It’s better to read the first chapter before reading this one.


Mom got out from the car as soon as it stopped and she went to open the door. Even though I was really turned on, I had the mind to turn the engine off and lock the car before running towards mom who just opened the front door of the house. She jumped on to me when I reached her and kissed me again. I too wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back with so much passion. Then I swept her feet off the floor and took her on to my arms. She kissed me again and whispered in a low erotic voice, “Take me to the bed, darling.”

Our excitement was so much that neither of us bothered to lock the front door. I just kicked it and I walked towards her room holding her weight with both my hands. Then I heard the door slam against the door frame as I was walking towards her bedroom while kissing her. Lucky us, her room wasn’t too far away from the front door. Otherwise I would’ve stumbled and fallen on the ground with mom as we weren’t paying any attention about what’s in our way.

But still, I wasn’t sure if I should take her to my room or her room. So I broke the kiss and asked her, “Which room mom, yours or mine?”

She replied, “Mine, my bed is bigger than yours. I don’t think your bed will be enough for the things we are planning to do.”

I smiled as I got the meaning of her sentence. “As you wish ma’am. It’s still your night.”

Then we entered her room and reached her bed. I got on to the bed and laid her carefully on the bed and kept looking at her beautiful body like I was in a trance. She was lying on her bed like Venus. Her exposed skin looked so beautiful under the dimmed light in her room. Her face showed so much happiness and yet she was blushing like a teenager ready to have her first sex.

She waited some time for me to take charge. As it didn’t happen, she asked me, “Honey, are you going to just stare at me for the rest of the night or will you come to me and make love to me tonight?”

I felt like a fool to just keep staring at her. So I apologized, “I’m sorry mom, You are so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off you.”

She smiled and opened her arms for me. “Then come to mommy and show her how much you appreciate her.”

I removed my shoes and lied on her and stated one of the most sensual kisses I’ve experienced in my entire life. She wrapped her arms around me as I tried to push my tongue into her mouth. She parted her lips and I pushed my tongue into her mouth while her tongue too tried to sneak into mine. That was the start of a sensual tongue duel between mom and me. Both of us were moaning, but not much sound came out as they were trapped between our locked lips. We kissed like that for about 10-15 minutes and then I rolled on to my back with her on top of me.

Meanwhile, my cock was hard as a rock and I thought it would burst out of my pants anytime. It was leaking precum which coated the inner side of my boxer. Mom wasn’t helping the situation either as she started to rub her crotch against mine. The feeling was so amazing and I felt like I was flying over the clouds. But I knew, if she carried on this dry humping for another 2-3 minutes I would cum in my pants for sure. So I warned her, “Oh god mom, this feels so good. But if you keep on doing this, I would cum inside my pants. We don’t want that to happen. Do we?”

She stopped her movements and told me, “I’m really sorry honey. I got carried away with these new feelings. You know, it’s been so long for me too. It makes me feel like a virgin.”

I kissed her lightly, “Virgin mom and virgin son. Quite ironic, isn’t it?”

Both of us started to laugh. “I have the perfect solution for that. But first, you have to unzip my dress,” she said.

Her legs were still straddling my waist and she was lying over me. I ran my hands over her back and found the zip of her dress. I slowly pulled the zipper down to open her dress from behind. Then she rose and pulled her dress down to her waist. Now, her tits were covered with only a black strapless bra. But the top half of her beautiful breasts were exposed to me. I got up from my supine position and sat on the bed to get an eyeful of those beauties. Then I kissed the exposed areas of her soft tit flesh and wrapped my arms around her in searching her bra hook. Finally I found it, but before unhooking it I looked at her lustful face. She just nodded and kissed me again. I slowly unhooked her bra and just let it fall on to my lap.

Some inches in front of my face was the most beautiful pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. They were quite larger than I imagined. Their slight sag suggested her maturity, but still they were of beautiful shape topped with brown areolae and long nipples. Her nipples were long and hard most probably because of the excitement. I was staring at those twin beauties, open mouthed and İstanbul Escort I couldn’t think of anything other than that.

Mom asked me, “Do you like them, my love?”

Her words brought me back to my senses. I looked at her, “Oh yes mom, they are so beautiful. I love them so much.”

“Then go ahead and touch them sweetheart. They are all yours now. You can do anything with them,” she told me.

I brought my shaking hands to her beautiful breasts and cupped them with my palms. They were so soft and all natural. But my palms weren’t enough to cover them. I could feel her nipples become stiff under my palms and then I squeezed them gently. She dropped her head back and moaned with pleasure, “Oh god, that feels so good, baby. Keep doing. Keep doing.”

I kept massaging her tits and while doing that occasionally I paid my attention totally to her nipples. I rolled her puffy nipples using my thumb and index finger to make them harder and longer. I think her nipples are so sensitive because her moans became louder when I was paying more attention to them. After some time she brought her hands to the back of my head and pulled it closer to her breasts. “It’s time for mommy to feed my baby,” she told me and then giggled like a school girl.

She held her right breast with one hand and used the other to pull my head towards it. I opened my mouth as my face got closer and closer to those cute breasts and finally her nipple and good part of the areola were inside my mouth. I closed my mouth around them and started to suck her nipple like a hungry kid. While sucking one breast I used my hands to massage her free breast. I alternately sucked her breasts for more than 20 minutes and it brought her to the heights of her arousal. Her moans became louder and louder with each passing minute and I thought that she would cum just by sucking her tits.

Finally, she pushed my head away from her lovely breasts and pulled my face for another sensual kiss with lots of tongue. She broke the kiss and said in a serious tone, “It looks like we are a bit overdressed for the occasion. Aren’t we, honey?”

Then only I remembered that I hadn’t even removed my shirt before jumping to the bed with mom. She got up from the bed and dropped her dress to the floor. I too quickly got rid of my dresses until my underwear. She slowly removed her black high cut panties and posed showing all her glory to me. She was so beautiful that even Venus would envy her. My eyes were quickly drawn towards her genital area which had the black pubic hairs neatly trimmed. Their wetness showed the clear signs of her arousal. Her fat pussy lips were like peeping at me through those trimmed pubic hair. I had no idea for how long I was looking at her. Finally I was able to mutter some words. “Oh mom, you are so beautiful. I… I… I’m out of words to describe your beauty. Your whole body is so perfect.”

She chuckled and seductively walked towards the bed and got on to it purring like a kitten. She ran her hands slowly through the fine hairs on my chest and kissed my little nipples one after the other. She then looked at me, “Just how I like it. Not bare and not too hairy.” Then she slowly rubbed the bulge on my boxers and said, “Oooo, looks like my baby boy isn’t a baby anymore.”

She then pulled the waistband of my boxers down as I supported by lifting my ass off the bed. My cock sprang out to its full length as it got free from the restraints of my boxers and it showed a clear surprise in mom’s face. “You have such a nice cock, my darling,” and as she wrapped her hand around my cock she said, “I can barely wrap my fingers around it.”

She kissed the top of my cock while she jerked off my cock gently. I propped on my elbows to get a nice view of that erotic sight. Then she slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I knew she hadn’t done it in 20 years caused her technique to be quite different than what I had seen in porn, nevertheless it was the most amazing feeling I had felt up to that moment. Her mouth was warm and it felt like my cock was wrapped in a soft velvet tunnel. She was swirling her tongue around my cock head for a while and then tried to take more of it into her mouth. But she wasn’t successful and she gagged when she took about three quarters of my shaft. I quickly pushed her head away as I didn’t want her to do anything fancy and make herself uncomfortable during our first night and also I didn’t want to disappoint her by cumming too quickly.

She looked annoyed and glared at me. I instantly knew the reason and I needed to calm herself down. “Mom, I don’t want you to do anything special. Just being with you is so special for me. So, let’s don’t try anything new and do what we can do tonight. We have whole life time to explore each other. Right?”

She moved up, gently rubbed my cheeks and kissed me softly. “Got it honey. So tell me, what should we do next?”

“See for yourself,” and I rolled with her onto her back and I was laying on top of her. I could feel the heat emitting from mom’s pussy as Bayan Escort my rock hard cock was resting on her vaginal opening. But still I didn’t want to penetrate her because I had other plans in my mind before it. I kissed her lips and then I started to plant kisses on her fore head, eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, neck and tried to move southwards towards her pussy. But she stopped me before I moved further. I looked at her and she said, “Make love to me baby. I want to reach our first orgasms when you are inside me.”

“But mom, I won’t last long if I make love to you right now. You won’t even be able to reach orgasm. I don’t want you to end up unsatisfied. So, let me make you cum first, so that you get satisfied first. Then we can take care of my problem,” I said caressing her lovely face.

Tears were swelling in her eyes as I spoke and I kissed her eyes to wipe them away as I never liked to see my mom cry. “Oh mom, I’m sorry if I told anything bad. I never meant to hurt you. No more arguments and we’ll do it as you want. Right? Please don’t cry. Please,” I was pleading as I thought she was upset with me.

She smiled, giving so much relief to me. She wiped the rest of her tears while I kept rubbing her soft hair. Then she looked at me with so much love within her eyes and she spoke, “No my love. Those were the tears of joy. I never thought anyone would love me so much to put my needs ahead of his. Actually I never believed that a man can love so much to a woman and think like that. But now I believe that real love is there and my son is showing me how beautiful love can be.”

I was still looking at those dark eyes and said, “You know mom, I read this once on internet. If you try to satisfy your partner, you’ll get the same in return.”

“That’s so sweet of you, honey. I only need to have you inside me making love to me. I probably won’t take much time to climax with you in me. So don’t worry about it. If you are worried about cumming too quickly, you’ll learn to control your urges as the time goes on. You just have to practice more and practice will make you perfect. You have a good teacher to support you anytime you feel the need,” she replied.

This lovely woman, my mother doesn’t care whether I cum too quickly or not. She just needs me to make love to her and she is willing to help me to learn. She could’ve easily found a guy who could fuck her for hours. But still she was backing me up. I felt like I was the luckiest man on earth. “I love you so much, mom. I promise you, I won’t disappoint you.”

She smiled and said, “I love you too, baby. Please make love to me now. I need it so badly.”

I said, “As you wish, my lady,” and tried to push my cock into her pussy. But I found it difficult to find the opening and I was getting frustrated about myself. She realized I was having a problem. She held my cock with her hand and as she was guiding my cock towards her wet opening said, “Let mommy help my baby.”

She placed the head of my cock on her vaginal opening and thrust herself slightly up to get the head inside. I was thinking whether to start fucking her or not. “Please be gentle with me, my love. It’s been so long and I haven’t taken anything of your size in me,” she was like pleading to me.

I kissed her softly and tried to calm her down by rubbing her hair. “Don’y worry mom. I’d rather die than to hurt you. Let’s do it slow. I want you to enjoy this as much as I do.”

She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it down for another long sensual kiss. She wrapped her legs around my waist, probably a sign for me to go on. I slowly pushed my cock millimeter after millimeter inside her hot vaginal canal. I thought it might feel amazingly tight with her not having sex for almost 2 decades. But my cock fit so perfectly inside her vagina. Neither too tight nor too loose. It felt like my cock was gripped with a warm velvet glove which kept pulling my cock inside it. Mom was trying moan, but I kissed her tightly not letting them escape from her mouth.

Her pussy was sucking my cock in with those contractions of the vaginal muscles. Even with that support and all the lubrication releasing from her, I spent some time in bottoming out my cock in her. Finally I was all the way in and Both of us moaned, “Aaahhhhh…” simultaneously.

We were connected by the most sacred but the most forbidden copulation of all, the mother-son copulation. I should’ve felt guilt, but all I felt was love and lust for this wonderful woman. Probably mom too was having the same feelings because she smiled at me and said, “Welcome home, sweetheart.”

I knew what she meant. I was returning to the place where I spent 9 months before seeing the light of this world. That was my home, inside my mom. Then she said, “Wait for some time baby. I need to get used to your cock. I never had a bigger cock than yours in me.”

That was good for me too as being inside her pussy and the contractions of her vaginal muscles were too much for me. If I started to move my cock, surely I would’ve cum right there. Eskort We were looking into each other’s eyes with so much love and lust.

She looked so comfortable being under me and she whispered, “Fuck me baby. Fuck your mommy.”

“Mom, we can fuck some other time. But tonight, I’m going to make love to my sweet mother,” I said.

Then I started to slowly pull my cock out of her pussy until only the head remained inside. Then I slowly pushed it back in until our pubic bones met each other. I was in no hurry, so I carried on with the same gentle pace I started. Mom was moaning and muttering different words. “Ooohhh… Aaahhh… My baby is all the way inside me and fucking me. Oh god this feels so good..”

I said her, “Oh mom, this is amazing. My cock fits so perfectly to your pussy. I really love this feeling and I never want to stop this.”

Mom smiled at me. “It fits perfect because every mother and son are meant for each other. You are made for me and I for you. And don’t worry baby, we’ll be doing this lot more in the future.”

“I know mom. I know. That’s why I love you so much,” I said and kissed her again.

The firm grip her pussy was doing wonders to my cock. I was fighting so hard to keep myself from cumming and make her cum before me. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be successful or not. But it was worth a try. So I started to suck and flick her right nipple and roll her left nipple. I think it was working as her moans increased. “Suck my nipple baby. Harder, harder… Mommy loves to get her nipples sucked. Harder…”

She was holding my head to her breast with one hand and I felt she move the free hand between our bodies towards her pussy. Then she started to stimulate her clit by rubbing her finger over it. She moaned loudly as soon as her fingers touched her clit. “Oh my goodness, I’m going to cum my darling. Aaahhhh… Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Meanwhile I too was getting closer to the edge and I knew I can’t hold it for longer. I warned her, “I can’t hold it anymore mom. I’m really sorry. I’m going to cum. “

Her motherly concern came over the lover’s concern. She replied, “It’s OK my love. Let it go baby. Let it go.”

That was it. I was on the edge and I started to pound her at a faster pace still wanting to make her cum. But I couldn’t hold on for more than 10-15 fast strokes. With a long grunt I started to unload my hot sperm inside mom’s pussy. “Aaaahhhhhh… mom, I’m CUMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG…”

I had to suppress my screams because whole neighborhood might wake up to see what’s going on in our house. I had no place to hide. So I hid my face between mom’s neck and shoulder. But still the intensity of the orgasm was too much for me and all I can remember is that I bit her neck to muffle my screams and she was shouting “Oh Jason, I’m cumming toooooooo babyyyyyy…”, then everything blacked out.

“Jason, Jason, get up my love. Do you hear me? Jason please,” I was hearing mom’s voice like a dream. But it was like coming from far away. Then someone was shaking my body and droplets of water were sprinkled over my face. I slowly stirred my body. Then slowly opened my eyes to see I was lying on my back on mom’s bed and she was kneeling beside me with tears rolling down over her lovely cheeks.

I felt like I was exhausted. “Mom, what happened? All I remember is that both of us orgasming and then nothing’s in my mind,” I asked her with some difficulty.

She laid by my side and hugged me tightly. I too hugged her back to make her feel I’m OK. She was still crying and said, “Oh my baby, I was so frightened. Your orgasm was too much for you and you passed out on me. Are you OK? Do you feel good?”

I tried to get up, but my body was weak. “Ummm… Not quite. But overall I’m OK. Mom, can you give me some water. I feel like exhausted.”

Mom helped me to get up and I rested my back on the head board. Then she handed me the glass of water and I sipped some of it. I kept the glass on the night stand and pulled mom between my stretched legs. “Come here mom. Lay back on me.”

She sat between my legs and lied her back on my belly and chest. My flaccid cock was hanging between us on my crotch. First thing I did was to wipe away her tears using my thumbs and held her tightly. I turned her face up towards mine and said, “No more crying mom. I always hated to see my beautiful mother cry. And I promise you I won’t do anything to make you cry.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face down for a loving kiss. No tongue. But still a lovely kiss. She whispered, “I know that baby.”

I brought my hands to her big tits and started to massage them gently. A little moan escaped from her lips but she kept kissing. I pulled out my lips after some time and she looked disappointed. I asked her, “Mom, was that good?”

She looked puzzled. “What is that? the kiss?” she thought for some time and smiled, “Oh that… That was the best sex I’ve ever had. I had never cum like that before. It felt to my whole body and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t push you down from my body for some time when you passed out. My body was so weak after that orgasm. You are the best baby. If you are like this in the first night, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with you in the future,” she chuckled.

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