Robin Red Breast


Robin Red Breast

My sister Robin is a gorgeous girl. She has a beautiful face, long blonde hair to her ass, and a figure that is absolutely outrageous. For a fourteen-year-old she has that Marilyn Monroe look with hips, tiny waist, and big tits. Honest to God she wears a 32-H bra. Mom has a hell of a time finding them for her. Out on the Internet mom found a place called HerRoom that actually had fourteen styles in Robin’s size. They aren’t cheap either. They range from forty-five dollars to eighty-four dollars. Of course the cheapest ones are not the prettiest ones either.

For those of you who are not all that familiar with bra sizes Robin’s ribcage just under her breasts measures twenty-six inches. You add five inches to that getting thirty-one but you need an even number so it becomes a size thirty-two bra. Then you measure around the fullest part of her breasts. Like over her nipples. In Robin’s case that measurement is forty-one inches. Subtracting thirty-two from forty-one you get nine inches. On the chart nine inches becomes an H cup. Thus my little sister wears a 32-H bra.

Now just think about a young tiny built girl with a twenty-six inch ribcage and forty-one inch tits. Wow! Fifteen extra inches of tits! She is a freak of nature.

The boys in school kid Robin all the time. They say they can see her coming around a corner three feet before her body shows up. She gets very self-conscious. The other girls don’t help either with their A and B cup tits. Girls can be so cruel at times. I think they are jealous because every boy in school knows who Robin is.

I am sixteen years old and pretty normal for a boy.

One day after school I found Robin crying her eyes out on her bed so I knocked on her door jam and walked in. I sat on the edge of her bed and started rubbing her back. Robin almost always has a backache. The doctors said it was from her huge tits.

Anyway Robin rolled onto her back and said, “I hate my tits! They’re gross! I want reduction surgery!”

I said, “Why? You have the best tits of any girl I know!”

Robin half smiled and said, “Really? You never said that before!”

I replied, “That’s because you’re my sister!”

Robin asked, “Do you really like them?”

I said, “You bet! I’d give anything to see them without your clothes on!”

Robin said, “You would?”

I said, “You bet! Every boy in school asks me about them!”

Robin said, “But all they ever do is tease me! No boy has ever asked me to show them to him!”

I asked, “Would you show them to me?”

Robin asked, “Do you really want to see them?”

I replied, “Yes! I really do want to see your tits!”

With that Robin sat up on the edge on the bed then stood up. She told me to sit where I was, which was on the edge of the bed now. Then I watched Robin pull her T-shirt up over her head. God they were bigger than the last time I had seen her in a bra. She was even out growing the bra that she was wearing. They were huge and very impressive. I got an instant hard-on, which isn’t a surprise. I swear I get them whenever a girl walks by. My friends kid me about being allergic to girls. I just tell them that it’s my pussy detector.

Anyway Robin reached behind her back to undo the hooks. There are at least five and sometimes more hooks on her bras. I have seen them often in the hamper along with her panties that I sometimes jerk off into. Then she lowered her arms and her bra stayed right where it was. Robin playfully tugged on the straps that were on her shoulders. Then the bra fell away leaving her tits standing straight out in my face. Holy shit! God was good to her!

I looked at Robin’s tits real good trying to memorize them for future use to jerk off too. They were firm and stuck straight out with no sag. They weren’t big around like some girls. They just stuck straight out. If she was on her back I bet they would still stand up like that. Sometimes on the beach mom’s tits tend to flatten out quite a bit. Robin has the nicest pink nipples. They were hard as pencil erasers too. The ring around her tits or the areola were the same color pink but were kind of crinkled. I was amazed at how beautiful girl’s tits were.

I said, “God! They’re beautiful. I never saw a pair like this before! Please don’t get them reduced! I will worship them if you want me too! Just don’t make them any smaller!”

Robin said, “But they just keep growing. I need a bigger bra now! The Internet does have 32-I, 32-J, and 32-K but after that I’m screwed! Plus there are not all that many styles to choose from as I get bigger. Even the 34 only goes to a K! What if they never stop growing? I’d be in a circus freak show or something!”

I said, “I’d pay to see that. Hell every man on Earth would pay to see your tits! Especially if they are real!”

Robin said, “Real! Who would be stupid enough to do this to herself?”

I asked, “Can I touch them?”

Robin smiled and said, “Go ahead! I do all the time! I can have an orgasm from just playing with my nipples. They are super sensitive! I think they are connected directly to my clit or something! I get my panties wet just walking down the hall in school knowing that ever eye is on me! I feel like such a freak!””

I said, “You may think you’re a freak but I guarantee that every boy in school would give his left nut to do what I am doing right now.” With that said I leaned in and sucked on one of her nipples running my tongue around it, then I kissed it, and then I sucked it into my mouth.

Robin grabbed the back of my head and held me closer. I took that as a good thing and sucked harder and used more force with my tongue trying to fold her nipple over. She forced me over to her other nipple. Soon she was shaking but she wouldn’t let go of my head. Meanwhile she was close enough to be rubbing my hard cock with her knees as I grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands.

After she stopped shivering she announced, “That was the best orgasm ever! Thank you! Oh! Thank you! I really need that! I needed someone to say they liked my tits! You can see them anytime you want if you promise to suck them like again!”

I smiled, “I would love to see them every single day and as to sucking them, I could do that all day long! I love your tits!”

Robin said, “I believe you!”

Over the next week or so I fondled Robin’s tits and gave her orgasms every day after school and at bedtime when she could sneak into my bedroom for a few minutes. I did such a good job that she started rewarding me with blowjobs. That led to me eating her pussy after her nightly bath. She insisted that her pussy be nice and clean if I was going to lick it. I loved Escort her fine downy hairs and asked her not to shave them. She said that she would have to trim them soon for the summer.

One evening at dinner Mom asked, “Where do you kids want to go this year for our family vacation?”

Robin piped right up and said, “Jones Beach out on Long Island!”

Mom looked puzzled and asked, “Why?”

Robin said, “So that I can go topless!”

Mom said, “What?”

Robin said, “Here in New York all State parks allow you to go topless but no one around here does. My friends say that at Jones Beach lots of girls do!”

Mom asked, “And what do call lots of girls?”

Robin replied, “Jenny said that she saw probably five thousand women on the beach last summer and that probably fifty or more were topless!”

Mom said, “That’s only one in a hundred!”

Robin said, “No that’s fifty other topless women so I wouldn’t be the only one! Plus Jenny said if you walk east about a mile you would find the nudist area where they don’t wear anything at all! Even the guys!”

Mom said, “So now you want to show your tits off! What changed?”

Robin said, “I got a new outlook on them a couple of weeks ago. I realized the boys love them and the girls are jealous!”

Mom smiled and said, “Haven’t I been telling you that same thing?”

Robin smiled and said, “Yes! But you are my mother! A very nice boy told me! He is the first boy to actually tell me that he loved my huge tits! It was so cool!”

Mom asked, “Does this boy have a name?”

Robin said, “Of course he has a name, but I’m not going to tell you!” She smiled and ran off to her room.

The next day after dinner mom and dad announced that we would go to Jones Beach for a week and then go to the mountains for our second week.

Robin was excited and that made me excited. Mom told her that she could go topless if she really wanted to as long as there were other topless girls there. Deal!

We were so excited when the day finally came. It was a four-hour drive to New York City then we had to drive thought it to get out onto Long Island and head toward the south shore. Finally we got to our motel and checked in. Dad had gotten two connecting rooms, one for him and mom and the other one for Robin and I. Their room had a queen size bed and ours had two double beds in it.

Robin wanted to get right to the beach so mom gave in. We had to park a long way a way and walk forever. As soon as we stepped onto the beach Dad stopped dead in his tracks. Three topless girls were approaching us on their way to the concession stand. Dad couldn’t take his eyes off them. Robin untied her top and had it in her hand when dad turned around to look at us. His eyes bugged out when he saw Robin’s bare breasts. Mom blushed but never said a word. As we walked through the hot sand carrying our beach stuff dad checked out all of the women and all of the guys checked out Robin. She got a lot of smiles and even some whistles too. She loved it!

We laid out the blankets and dad put up the big umbrella. Robin grabbed my hand and we headed for the water.

Along the way she said, “I love all this attention! Did you see dad stare at my tits? I have to get in the water because my bikini bottom is all wet from cum!”

We hit the water and it was cold as hell. Robin said that it was just because we were so hot. She just walked out to her waist. She wanted her tits to show. When that cold water hit my crotch I almost got out. Damn! However Robin was encouraging me to keep coming so I did. We turned to look out into the Atlantic Ocean. That’s when Robin slipped her hand into my trunks and fondled my limp dick. Then she reached into her own bottoms and apparently washed out her pussy. We dove in and swam out a little way before coming back in.

We walked back into shore and looked at all of the men watching Robin. We made our way back to mom and dad but we sure weren’t in any hurry. Robin held my hand like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn’t mind.

Robin asked for money and we went to the concession stand for a couple of cheeseburgers and fries. We split a Pepsi. Robin just loved getting stared at now and ate it up. She would reach behind herself and pretend to scratch her back so that her tits got thrust out even further.

A couple of boys asked, “How big are they?”

Robin proudly said, “32-H, almost 32-I, and they are all natural too!”

They would then ask, “How old are you?”

Robin replied, “Fourteen!”

Then they would run off to tell all of their friends what she had told them.

At the concession stand a guy was selling string bikinis and you could just buy the bottoms. Robin had enough money left over from dad to buy a very skimpy one and went into the lady’s room to change. When she came out it barely covered her trimmed bush. Then she turned around to model it I could see her entire ass, like that string could cover anything. When she bent over I could clearly see her light brown puckered asshole too. She noticed that I had gotten hard again so we took a walk…east!

Robin took me over a sand dune and gave me a quick blowjob. I thanked her.

Robin said, “Hey big brother I caused it I really should fix it!”

I thanked her again.

We kept walking east. We saw a bunch of gay guys and that really turned us off. Robin kidded me saying that the looks we were getting were for me not her. We laughed but kept walking. Sure enough about a mile or so up the beach we came across some nudists. As soon as Robin saw two naked women walking toward us she popped that string and tucked her bottoms in my waistband with her other pair. I loved seeing her naked. I thought about taking my suit off but I was too impressed with my naked sister. So was everyone else.

Those two naked women walked right up to us and started talking. They quickly learned our first names and that we were fourteen and sixteen and that Robin was a 32-H. they walked us back to their group and introduced us. They asked who had shaved her pussy into the cute heart. Robin told them that I did and that I was her brother. Robin kissed me on the lips and told them she loved me! Wow!

I was really surprised when they told us that incest was best! What! Holy shit they started telling Robin and I about making out with their brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and even mother-in-laws. Almost every one of them had a story to share. We stayed with them almost two hours and promised to come back tomorrow. When we got back to our parents Robin had her new string back on.

Dad’s mouth dropped open. Mom was in shock! Finally dad said, “Robin Escort Bayan Red Breast!”

Mom asked, “Aren’t they sore?”

Robin asked, “What are you talking about?”

Mom said, “Your breasts are beet red! Didn’t you put any sun block on them?”

I looked at her and they were right. One of the nudist ladies had said something about body parts that had never seen the sun before should be protected. They had even told stories of how red their tits had gotten in the beginning.

Robin said, “With any luck it will turn into a nice tan tomorrow like it always does.”

I said, “I’d like to get a picture of them when we get back to the motel.”

Mom insisted that we leave for the day. Dad had really enjoyed his girl watching and joked about staying here for the full two weeks. Mom just hit him like she always does.

Robin let me help her put on dads big T-shirt so it would be loose enough for her tits. As soon as we got back to the motel mom gave me some stuff to put on her tits. It is a kind of Green Ice that has a hundred percent Aloe Vera Gel for cooling and healing. Robin just lay back on the bed and let me apply it. God they looked bad, bright red, and were they ever hot to touch. She admitted that they were sore in dad’s scratchy T-shirt. As I applied it she felt much better. Of course she said that I would apply it quite often and smiled at the lump in my pants. Robin stayed topless all night, dad ordered in pizza, and we went to bed early. We had a long day. We could hear dad’s television through the closed door. I saw Robin latch our side for privacy.

Robin whispered, “What did you think about what those nudists said about incest?”

I said honestly, “It excited the hell out of me!”

Robin said, “Me too! Want to do it?”

I said, “I’m a virgin!”

Robin said, “Me too! Want to do it?”

I said, “Yes but what if I hurt you?”

Robin laughed, “Hurt me? Believe me you’re not big enough to hurt me. Mom gave me a couple of dildos last year and I asked her for a bigger one. One time I ripped the arms off my Ken doll and fucked myself with him.”

I smiled and said, “Well in that case I’d love to do it with you!”

She said, “Come over here and help me get these shorts off and you can have me!”

I went to her bed. As I pulled on the waistband of her shorts she lifted her butt up off the bed. I noticed that the crotch of her shorts was wet. She was as excited as I was. I removed my shorts and T-shirt so that we were both nude. She didn’t want to delay any but I told her that I wanted to kiss her pussy and lick it a minute first. I knew that doing that would make me a lot harder and it sure did too. When I got the head of my cock closer to her open pussy lips she closed her eyes. I slipped it in and watched her smile in a dreamy way. Once I was all the way in she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. I braced myself on my stiff arms so as not to crush her red breasts. This was a lot better than jerking off. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my little sister and she was loving it even more than I was. The little brat had three orgasms to my one! It just wasn’t fair. Then she reminded me of the blowjob in the sand dune on the beach. Oh yeah! Robin just stayed there on top of her sheet and I went to my bed.

The next morning she asked if I wanted to do it again. Hell yes! So we made love again, then showered together, before getting dressed. Robin said that her tits were a little tender but promised to keep some sun block on so that mom would let us go back to Jones Beach. After breakfast we headed right out. It was a nicer day so there were more people but we got a better parking spot this time. Robin started out in her string bikini and just put a towel around her neck to cover her tits until we got to the sand then she took that towel off quick.

We got mom and dad settled and walked east to the nudist area. After we got by the gay guys we took our bottoms off and walked to the nudist area. Most of the people we had met the day before were there again. Robin couldn’t wait to tell them about the two of us loosing our virginities together last night then again this morning. One of the guys asked Robin if she would like to try out any more cocks to get a feel for different sizes. His wife piped up and said that the women would have to equally share me then. Robin looked at me and smiled.

She said, “I’m game if you are!”

I replied, “Okay!”

Robin said, “Okay we’re in! Who’s first?”

The men couldn’t believe that Robin was really going to let them fuck her. They told her that she was God’s gift to man. They told her that she had the best body that any of them had ever seen before.

While they were trying to make up their minds a lady grabbed her husband and said, “Hey stupid! You do know she is only fourteen don’t you?”

He replied, “You’re kidding!”

Robin said, “No she’s not kidding! I am only fourteen! Why?”

The men started telling her about not wanting to go to jail for fucking a minor no matter how much they would like too.

The woman said that since I was over sixteen that I could fuck her if I still wanted too.

I looked at Robin and said, “No thank you! I’ll stick with my sister until we can both do it with you guys!”

Robin said, “We hope to see you guys in two years then!”

We got all kinds of hugs, kisses, and a few free feels before heading back to our parents. About halfway we put our bottoms back on and I put sun block on Robin’s tits and on her pink ass. We hung around mom and dad the rest of the day. It was a very pleasant relaxing day. We went out to dinner and then back to our motel room.

Robin stripped down to just a sexy pair of panties for the evening. Dad stared at her more than he did on the beach in her thong. Mom noticed and changed into a see through baby doll outfit with panties. That was the first time that I had ever seen mom’s tits. They were bigger around than Robin’s tits but not as impressive. There was some sag to them too. Soon dad told us that it was bedtime. We knew that he just wanted sex because that’s what we wanted too.

Robin locked the door between our rooms then giggled when she heard it locked again from the other side.

Robin said, “Mom’s going to get laid again!”

I said, “So! They are married!”

Robin said, “Well yeah, but mom told me that dad was extra frisky last night after seeing me topless on the beach yesterday. That’s why I just wore my panties tonight for him. Mom had to wear that negligée for you because that was part of my deal.”

I said, “So you’re the reason I got to see mom’s tits tonight! Thank you Robin! Bayan Escort I got a quick glimpse of her pussy too but I wish I had gotten a good look!”

Robin smiled and asked, “How much of a good look would you like?”

I asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Robin said, “Well mom already asked me and you to take them to the nudist area tomorrow and to let dad see my pussy! I’ll just tell her that she has to get nude too and let you see her pussy in exchange!”

I asked, “Do you think she will go along with it?”

Robin smiled and said, “Yeah! She’ll go along with it all right! She really likes the way dad fucks her after he sees me all day!”

I said, “I know just how he feels! Want to do it?”

Robin said, “Yes! It’s just that I want you to eat my pussy and massage my tits first. Then you can have all the fun you want afterwards!”

In the car the next morning on the way to breakfast Robin whispered, “Mom’s going to show you her pussy! And I really mean she will show it to you! I told her to get on her back, open her legs, and hold her pussy lips open for you to look in for a full minute at close range!”

I said, “Holly shit and she went along with that?”

Robin said, “She sure did because I told her that was what I was going to do for dad!”

I said, “Wow!”

At Jones Beach Robin said, “This way dad!” Then we headed to the left and walked about thirty minutes or so to the nudist area. We introduced our parents to our new friends and stripped. As Robin watched dad undress I watched mom undress. Me and every man there that is!

Just as soon as mom was naked Robin asked, “Mom I dare you to do as I do!”

Mom blushed knowing what was coming and softly said, “Okay!

Robin told dad where to kneel, told me where to kneel, and then squatted in front of dad. Mom mirrored Robin’s every move! Robin lay back on the sand, opened her legs very wide in front of dad, and then reached down and opened up her pussy lips. Mom did the same thing. Robin did not stop after a minute. All the nudists even the women were cheering the two girls on. Finally Robin told dad that her arms were getting tired and asked him to hold her pussy open. She told him to slip a few fingers into her to get it opened fully. I watched as dad finger fucked my sister as I finger fucked his wife. I went back to staring at mom’s gapping pussy as I slipped fingers in and opened her up as far as I could. I could see she was loving it from the moisture gathering in her opening.

Then suddenly I heard Robin say, “Now fuck me daddy!”

I looked over at her. She was more excited than I had ever seen her. The small crowd cheered him on and encouraged him with the fact that would if they could.

Mom looked at me, smiled, and softly said, “Go ahead! I really need it! Please fuck me!”

I slipped my hard cock into mom’s opening. She was really wet and her hole was a little bigger that Robin’s hole so I slipped right in. I wanted to take my time but mom had other ideas. Suddenly she grabbed me, wrapped her legs around my waist, and fucked the shit out of me. The women encouraged mom and the men encouraged dad. Together we had a pretty good workout. I gave mom as much cum as I usually give Robin and ten minutes later I was hard and right back inside her. This time mom was lying still and trying to recover. Dad was trying to recover too but Robin was pestering him and sucking his cock. I lasted a lot longer and cum in mom a second time. Dad just shook his head as I slipped it back into mom for a third time about twenty minutes later. I could tell he was jealous and wanted to be fucking Robin for the second time but he hadn’t gotten hard yet. After that third cum in mom she begged me to give her a break.

Robin asked, “Why should he mom? What are you going to offer him if he does?”

Mom replied, “Please let me rest! If you do I’ll let you fuck me all you want!”

Robin smiled at me and said, “Do you really mean all he wants to?”

Mom snapped, “Yes! That is what I said! Isn’t it?”

Robin said, “All he wants! Tomorrow, next week, and even next year?”

Mom realized that she had just been had by Robin and said, “Yes! Yes! I’ll let him fuck me all he wants to, any time he wants to, and anywhere he wants too! But you have to let your father do the same to you young lady!”

Robin looked directly into my eyes and said, “If I were you I’d let her rest!”

I backed off realizing what Robin had just set up! Mom was my “Love Toy” from now on. I also knew that dad couldn’t keep Robin satisfied so I would have her all I wanted too.

As I sat in the sand watching mom’s breasts raise and fall as she tried to control her breathing I could hear voices around me giving me advice.

“Fuck her in a restaurant!”
“Fuck her in her office!”
“Fuck her in the middle of Main Street at noon!”
“Fuck her in front of your friends!”
“Fuck her in front of her friends!”
“Fuck her just before she goes to work so your cum keeps her panties wet all day long!”

Then one familiar voice said, “Fuck her first thing in the morning before she pees! Her bladder is full and she squirms like hell when she orgasms. Then she pees all over your cock, balls, and the bed sheets!”

Mom’s head snapped to the side and she just glared at her husband! Then she said, “You bastard! You promised never to tell anyone about that. Now you told both our children and a dozen couples! See if I give you any sex after this!”

Robin smiled at mom and said, “Don’t worry about that mom I don’t think dad will ever have enough left over for you again!”

The next thing I knew dad and I had traded mates. Mom was going to sleep in bed from now on and Robin was going to sleep in his bed.

Shortly mom said, “I’m rested! Fuck me all you want too! Hell let them fuck me too if you want!”

The nudist men said, “At least she’s over sixteen!” “Can we?” “Do you mind?”

Then a nudist woman said, “Hey! I want some of that too!”

Mom looked at me and said, “Do you want all of them to fuck me or not?” Then she got a mischievous look on her face like a little girl wanting to open a present!”

I looked at my mother lying there naked, legs splayed open, waiting to be ravished by the twelve men and probable a few if the women too. She smiled at me as I told the men that they could have her.

I saw Robin sitting on dad’s cock fucking herself. I got behind her and squirted some Aloe Vera suntan lotion on her asshole and on my hard cock. She knew what I was going to do and leaned over for me.

Robin said, “Oh God! I’ve died and gone to heaven! The two men I love the most in this World fucking me at the same time, on a public beach, with a dozen couples watching us. Life can’t get any better than this!”

I was just thinking the same thing!

The End

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