Roadside Work

Cougar Commando

I always get horny when I drive long distances. With over 100 miles of straight highway, I can’t help but think about my orgasm. It’s bad enough when I’m just sitting in class, daydreaming, but I’m especially bored driving back home for breaks. Something about the car bumping along, my hips spread slightly as I sit up, rocking into the movements. I’ve masturbated on the road before, but this time I was thinking of something a little better I wanted to do.

My college was about four hours north from home, and we all know what comes up must come back down. So, I was driving down I-71, sweat hanging in my armpits, in the hook of my knee, the underside of my breasts. I was heading home for spring break and already we were having a sweltering day. I purposely wore a skirt and tank top in order to stay cool in my un-air-conditioned car, and even though I knew I wouldn’t see anyone I wanted to impress that day, I wore a push up bra, just for me, just so I could watch my boobs bounce and feel the nipples jiggle as my car hustled down the highway.

The only other thing I had to entertain myself while driving, other than my dirty mind, was the sound of my singing. I liked to turn the radio up high and sing along with the famous girls. In my head, I sounded just like them, and I pretended I was auditioning to be on TV in a competition. But after about 3 hours, my mouth always starts to get tired and my throat becomes too dry even for water to help. It’s around this time that I start looking for opportunities to touch myself.

I had sex with a couple guys my first year at college but nothing much since then. I liked it a lot, but while I definitely wanted more, pleasuring myself seemed to feel better than any guy had made me feel. Only I knew the perfect spot to rub and how fast or slow or soft or hard, and I knew when to stop. Regardless, as I thought about those guys, I started to feel my clit swell a little. I slipped my hand into my left bra cup and pinched my nipples between my middle and forefingers. Instantly, I felt my vagina get wet and my eyelids flutter. I pulled my hand out and placed it back on the steering wheel. I liked to start slow.

I looked down at the pale, fleshy skin of my exposed thighs. Already, my skirt was hitched up enough that all I had to do was spread my left leg a little to expose the warmest part of me. What I also saw when I moved my leg was the ripped leather on my seat. I still drove my high school car, and it wasn’t in the best condition when I got it. The seat was always ripped, but over the years, even some of the stuffing underneath had fallen out, leaving a bit of a whole. It wasn’t until the last time I was driving back to school, after winter break that I thought of what I should do.

I had made plans with my bestie back home that we would go together. We’d been talking for a while about sex. She was still a virgin and wanted to know what sex felt like, or at least what it was like to have something thicker than her fingers inside her (I guess), and I needed something to up my masturbation game. My fingers did wonders, but I too was ready for something more, and vibration seemed the key. It was on the drive home that I thought how nice it would be to have a vibrator tucked into that hole in my seat. Then, I could grind on it whenever I felt the urge. Maybe I’d even be able to mount it and ride it until…

I reached down between my legs. I really wasn’t hell bent on masturbating that day in the car. There was a lot of traffic, and I really needed to keep my eyes on the road. But when I got about a half an hour from home, I remembered all the family I’d have to greet and how it wouldn’t be hours until I’d get a chance to be alone again. So, I decided to take a longer route I knew, one that took me through more secluded areas with lots of trees and several spots where people would park and go to the river along the quiet, winding road.

It was on this road that I finally felt like I could relax and loosen up. I leaned back in my seat, and scooted my but down a bit to expose my clit and pussy more. I could still see the road if I craned my neck up enough, and I drove with one hand while the other pushed my panties aside.

A moan escaped my throat as soon as I felt my dripping pussy. I used the wetness to rub my clit, feeling its already swollen hood rise to meet my finger. My left leg rose slightly, to allow my legs to spread more. I placed my left foot on part of my car door to hold it up. I closed my eyes briefly and took my foot off the gas to let the car slow more. I wanted to this to last. I brought my hand back to my breast cup and pulled it out just enough that my nipple was rubbing the edge of my bra. I flicked it and rubbed my finger across it, feeling it get harder. I did the same with the other side and couldn’t Escort Büyükçekmece help but look every so often as they shook.

I slowed way down when I started to feel close. There were no houses on this part of the road, and though it was curvy, I hadn’t seen a car the entire time I’d been on there. I rubbed harder. I swirled my finger in bigger circles around my clit, and my hips started to buck. My eyes closed, and my mouth opened, and -BUMP!

I slammed the break, though really it was kind of too late. At first, all I could see was shiny metal, but then I realized it was a truck. I could see the license plate was for this area, and one of the brake lights looked broken. I looked out my right window and saw a man walking toward me. He had a fishing pole in his hand, and I could just make out the water beyond. I saw him through the glare of the hot day for too long before realizing my state. I put my leg down, and pulled myself back into a real sitting position. I adjusted my skirt, glanced down at myself, and noticed my entire breasts were hanging of my bra. I pulled the whole tank top and all up, trying to cover myself in front of this stranger. I opened my door and got out of the car.

The man had a fishing pole in his hand and tall rubber boots on his feet. His hair was dark and short, shoulders broad, but he was tall and too skinny. When he got closer, I could see the indents in his face from a life of acne. His lips were big and so were his eyes, which were a dark shade of brown. In addition to the boots, he wore light jeans and blue t-shirt.

“I’m so sorry,” I stammered, pushing my hair out of my face. I was so afraid this guy was going to kill me or call the cops. As soon as he was close enough for me to tell, though, I could see his eyes glancing rapidly at my chest.

“What happened?” he asked, and he looked me up and down. I became very conscious of my clothing again, wondering if he had seen my tits sticking out. Something felt twisted beneath my tank, but I was too nervous to do anything about it.

“I… just wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry. I can pay for any damage.”

“There’s hardly a scratch,” he said.

“The taillight us busted,” I said.

His eyebrows rose, and his eyes locked with mine in a way they hadn’t quite been able to before. I moved to let him around to see. He didn’t even blink, and his eyes remained unchanged. While he inspected the damage, I moved my hand to my shirt, and felt that the elastic band of my bra was stuck just above my left nipple, and the bottom of my breast was sticking awkwardly out of the fabric. I pulled on it quickly knowing he had to have at least seen that.

Red glass mingled with gravel beneath his feet, and I watched as he kicked it aside. He knelt down to get a closer look at the taillight and turned his head back to speak to me.

“The bulb isn’t broken,” he said, eyes glancing from my face to my chest, and then down to the ground. He must have noticed that I fixed my problem. “I can easily tape this up. This happened to my dad’s truck about a month ago.”

“That’s such bad luck. I wish there was something I could do.” I knew what I was doing as I said it. I don’t know what made me want to come on to this guy. I think it mostly had to do with my liking the way he looked at me.

He shrugged and smiled up at me. As he stood, he said, “Tape’s already bought. Thank the guy who it my dad. Maybe you’ve just got good luck.”

“I’m hoping so,” I said, and I looked him up and down, eyes not meaning to rest on his crotch, but I could see he was excited. I tried not to stare and thought that maybe it was just the way his jeans lay. “I’m Alayna, by the way.”

“Ted,” he said, and held out his hand. I took it, and he gave it one, firm up and down that sent a shiver up my spine. “It’s very nice to meet you, Alayna. Where you heading?” He leaned against his car, and I could still see his bulge.

“Home. I’m not far from here. I was on my way home from college. And you must be fishing?”

“Good eye,” he said. He voice was so cool and calm. Maybe fishing was stress-relieving. “I suppose I should be getting back to that. Will you be OK getting the rest of the way home?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Totally.”

He started to walk away. I knew I’d never see this guy again and that, even though I was close to home, I’d never seen him before. I could tell I was still wet from masturbating, and I wasn’t making decisions with my brain like usual.

“Wait,” I said. He turned back around, and I looked down at his pants. It was definitely a bulge. “Can I see?”

He stared at me for a long second then smiled and looked down. He bit the corner of his a lip a bit before saying, “Not right out in the open like this.”

I Çatalca escort let out breath I didn’t even know I was holding and walked toward him. The spot Ted had chosen to fish was a clearing in the woods. I took his hand and led him back through a line of trees. Once we were far enough in, I turned around and started undoing his belt. His pants fell to his ankles easily, and I pulled him down to the grassy ground. His dick pushed hard at his boxers, pulsing with each touch of my hand. He groaned as I took his hard dick out of his boxers and stroked the tip. Then, I moved my hips over him and slid him inside me. A moan escaped my lips, and I tipped my head back. As I bucked my hips, I brought my upper body down, pushing my cleavage in his face. His eyes fell to my breasts and stayed there as I grinded, letting my clit catch his pelvic bone as he moved in and out of me. I arched my back, feeling close. I notice his lips purse, and he closed his eyes. I felt heat rising from each place his dick touched my pussy. I bucked harder and harder and then he flipped me over, eagerly securing his dick back inside me. My shoulders rested against tree roots as Ted pushed his dick all the way inside me. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I spread my legs, bringing my feet to my hands and holding them so he could get as deep as possible. He looked down at my chest.

“Can I see them?”

I smiled and pulled the tank top and bra up over my DD boobs. As soon as I did, he caught them and put one in his mouth. I moaned and bucked my hips at him. His tongue circled my nipples, switching back and forth until I couldn’t take it anymore. Heat rose sharp and fast like warm water deep inside me, and I felt like I was pushing it all out when I came. My pussy gripped his dick and pulsed with each wave of pleasure. As I squeezed, he fucked even harder, soon tipping his head back and gasping with the effort of his own orgasm.

He rolled off of me and lay on his back in the grass, dick still a little hard, still long and excited from the effort. I sat up and rearranged my clothes. I took a deep breath and looked out over the pond where Ted had been fishing not long before. It really was a beautiful day.

Home was fine. It’s always just fine, which is actually good, because it’s better than it being bad at least. I thought about my encounter at the lake a lot and masturbated twice most days, partly due to boredom. I spent most mornings lounging around, watching movies and TV, and touching my clit. On one of the last days, my best friend and I did as we planned, and now I have a long, thick, purple, vibrating dick with 10 speeds and clit flicker. It was pricey, and my bestie might have thought I was going a little extreme, but what did she know? She’d only ever touched herself and gotten off once before. I need more than the basic model.

My family saw me off and I was back on the road again. I kept the vibrator in my purse so I could easily access it and as soon as I turned off of our road, I wanted nothing more than to try it out. I took the back way like I had come, promising myself I would pay better attention next time. And maybe that fisherman would be back to tending his pole…

I wore loose shorts and no underwear. My tank top was short, and I wasn’t wearing a bra either. I wanted to feel as carefree as possible. I got out the vibrator and turned it on the most intense speed. Some settings had different rhythms, but I just wanted hard ripples pulsing through my clit. I took my other hand off the steering wheel briefly to feel how wet I was. It’s a good thing I wasn’t wearing underwear because they would have just been soaked anyway.

I placed the vibrator straight on my clit and immediately let out a moan and closed my eyes. But then I remembered the road and opened them frantically. As I drove, trying my best to keep my eyes peeled, I swirled the tip of the rubber dick around my clit, using it to rub the hood and then forcing myself to take it right on the sweet spot. I moved it down to my pussy and my breath picked up. I wanted to come so bad. I wanted to ride that vibrator so bad. But before I could, sirens started behind me, and I saw flashing lights.

Oh shit. Thank goodness I hadn’t decided to pull down my top or anything. I dropped the vibrator and pulled over. It was still on and on the floor when the cop opened his door to come to my window. I grabbed for it and hit the off button, and then I threw it into my purse.

The cop knocked on my window. I’d forgotten to roll it down. When I looked up to see his face, I saw the fisherman from the lake.

“How is it I always find you out here driving like a blind person? You got drugs in there?”

“No.” I blurted. “Of course not. I don’t do that. I was… I Esenler escort bayan was… trying to get home. I mean, I was trying to get back to college.”

“Ah,” he said, and he leaned his arm on the car while peering in at me, looking me up and down like he had last week. “Time to head back so soon?”

“Yes. Classes are starting. I should get on my way—”

“Well, hold on,” he said. “I need to see your license and registration first.”

“Of course,” I said as I turned toward my bag. As soon I reached for it, I saw the end of the vibrator sticking out. All that went through my head was fuck.

“Or I could take a look at something else,” he said. He could clearly see me trying to hide the vibrator, and then he took a long look at my chest as if I weren’t even wearing a top.

I smiled and saw his pants were making a tent. I looked around. We were on a back road where houses were spaced miles apart. I asked him if the back of his cruiser was private enough, and he smiled, opening the door to let me out.

In the cruiser, he immediately took off my shirt and starting touching my nipples. I moaned and pressed them into his hands while I fumbled at his belt. He was wearing much more clothes today than last time. When I finally got his dick into my hand, he thrust his hips out, begging me to pump it. I squeezed the top and messaged it with my fingertips. I didn’t want to give him everything yet. He became more eager, sucking at my neck, and I pulled his head down to my breasts where he kissed and sucked like they were his first meal in weeks.

My pussy was getting so wet, and I began to move my hips with pleasure. I started rubbing his dick up and down, faster and faster. He clamped his lips on my right nipple when I reached for his balls. The next thing I knew, his hands were grabbing at my shorts, and they were off, and I was starting to straddle him. I thought about my vibrator, and honestly, I wasn’t sure which would be better. His dick entered me, and it didn’t feel as big as before. I slid it all the way in until my ass was mashed against his balls, and then I started rocking back and forth. The friction was amazing. He hadn’t completely taken off his pants, so the fabric was lightly touching my clit, and I almost couldn’t handle it.

Before I could come, he started moving my hips up and down. With a lot of force, he pulled up on my butt and brought it back down, quickly, rubbing his dick in my pussy walls. I moaned and tried rocking while he began to thrust. I pushed my hips harder into him and squeezed my pussy tight. He slapped my ass and I gasped, coming back at him with more force.

Before he came, he became tired. His hips stopped trusting, I continued my work on top. I made circles with my hips, teasing the tip of his dick like I’d read in a magazine once. He smiled and titled his head back. I started rocking back and forth again and my breathing got really heavy. My body was so ready to come I didn’t want to wait anymore. I grinded into him hard, moving my hips faster and faster until I started to scream, my eyes rolling back into my head, the world turning to pixie dust.

When I was done, I got off of him and maneuvered myself onto the floor of the car. I took his slick dick into my mouth pushed it as deep to the back of my throat as possible. As soon as I did, hot, salty liquid streamed into my mouth, and he moaned loudly, his hand holding my head in place as he did. I gagged a little, and he let go. I looked up at him. He smiled and shook his head. I mean, what are the odds that we would meet again? Apparently not too bad.

I thought about sex the rest of my drive. Ted had made me come but I wanted more. I let myself think about it for a long time though. Traffic was heavy on the highway and didn’t lighten up until the last stretch, like it typically does. The road is carved into the rolls of the land in this part of the state, and so it’s almost like driving through little mountains. I steadied my speed and put on my cruise control. The vibrator was still sticking halfway out of my bag. I grabbed it and shoved it into the hole in my car seat. I let my hand start at my neck and fall to my chest, squeezing each breast as I slid my hand down and under my shorts.

I was already wet, so I just moved my shorts aside, and pulled myself up a little, using the steering wheel as support. When I felt the tip on my pussy, I guided it deep inside me, settling back onto the seat of the car. It felt amazing already, and I grinded against it without the vibrator on for a while. When I was ready for more, I turned the vibration on low and then immediately switched it to high. The feeling seemed to pulse all the way through me, and I felt myself tightening up. I bucked my hips a couple times, and then it happened. I came with my eyes wide open, mouth screaming with pleasure. When I was done, I turned off the vibration and let my pussy convulse a few more times, gripping the hard vibrator inside me. When I pulled it out, it was slicked in my cum, and I tasted it, the sweet taste remaining on my tongue the rest of the way back to college.

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