Road Trip


Friday mornings are the best in our house. I usually wake up early and make a batch of my step-dad’s favorite chocolate chip cookies as I know it helps to get our weekends off to a good start. This Friday morning wasn’t different than any other as I rolled out of bed. After freshening up a little, I pulled my long wavy brown hair back into a ponytail and began walking down the hallway toward the stairs. I was stopped momentarily in the hall by a low groaning coming from my parents’ bedroom. Butterflies rushed to my belly as memories of that same moan resounded in my head.

I took a couple of steps back and looked in through the slightly cracked door. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned again. There he lay on his back on the bed, my mother between his legs. Her pretty head of brown hair just like mine was bobbing up and I down. The look on dad’s face revealed she was giving him one amazing blowjob.

The butterflies in my belly turned into tingles beneath my pajama bottoms. Sounds of her slurping and gagging on my step-dad’s thick stiff cock was making my body react wildly; my nipples hardened beneath the sheer light blue fabric of my tank top and my breathing became labored. Pure ecstasy beamed on his face with every long slow slurp of his cock that she took. Without thought, my hand began to travel down my belly toward the elastic rim of my white boy shorts. I closed my eyes as my fingers found my slick hard jewel anticipating the joy I would soon give to myself.

Just as I opened them, his deep hot eyes staring back at me. He threw me a dirty rugged smile and bit down on his full bottom lip as he groaned loudly and bucked his hips into my mother’s face. Busted! I wanted him so bad in that moment I nearly burst in the room myself!

He loved performing for me, knowing that not having him had been driving me crazy since that night. When my mom came home the day after our evening together, we both knew it would be a while before we would be able to be with each other. We all have pretty busy schedules and when we’re home, we’re usually there as a family. We’ve had some chances though.

There was one day when she was out grocery shopping and I came home. I ran upstairs toward my room and ran into Mike in the hall. He grabbed me as I got to the top of the stairs and his arms wrapped tight around me. His rough hands found their way to my ass, their favorite place to be as he slammed me against the hallway wall. He pushed his face into mine, his hot tongue probing my mouth.

“Finally,” I thought, “I get to feel him.” He must’ve been ready for me because his dick was instantly hard against me. We wrestled to get my pants off, not fast enough. His beautiful full cock was wrapped snug in his dark gray boxer briefs, darker at the tip where I could see his excitement. My cunt was aching to be filled with him.

Just as his hand reached into my panties, we heard the door open. “Anybody home?” she yelled up the stairs. My body was physically in pain anticipating the feeling of him destroying my body with his. Instead we quickly parted and I went into my bedroom to get dressed.

There were other times when we’d sneak away to make out, but we haven’t found the right time to completely be together. Mom was home for vacation, Mike was working a lot, and I was taking summer classes down at the community college. It seemed as though we would never have the chance to be together again.

Knowing that I couldn’t have him right then and there while my mom slurped on his dick, I walked away, wet, horny and disappointed. I made my way down the stairs to the kitchen to begin making his cookies. I purposely did not turn on the radio while I worked, as I usually do, so I could hear them more clearly. My mom loved Mike’s cock. He always made her cum…many times. More recently, I’ve been hearing Mike groaning more loudly than usual. Part of me thinks he wants me to hear him so I can cream my panties. It’s working.

After getting one batch of cookies in the oven, I sat on the counter and spread my legs. Rubbing my hard little nub, I listened to the orchestra of fucking going on just above my head. My hand eventually made its way beneath the white cotton fabric of my shorts and my fingers were deep in my wet kitty. Remembering him working himself in my cunny and hearing the slapping sounds of him plowing into mom sent me into orgasm. As the convulsions of my pussy subsided, I heard a door shut upstairs. I jumped off of the counter and turned to face the cabinets and catch my breath.

“Mmm, chocolate chip?” Mike queried, as if he had to. He knew they were. They always were…for the last 2 years at least. I knew he was close behind me; I smelled him first. A mixture of sweet smelling cologne and sweat and a hint of pussy which oddly turned me on. He was so close I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he asked me the ridiculous question. What a fuckin’ tease he is.

His still slightly stiff dick was just barely brushing up against İstanbul Escort my ass. “Mike, I always make you chocolate chip on Fridays,” I answered, trying to appear unaffected by the rush of arousal in my body. He reached his hands around my body and cupped my large breasts and tweaked my nipples between his fingers, “No, these chocolates.” He turned me around and kissed me full on the mouth and headed down to my nipple. He pulled my tank top away from my body as his hot mouth enveloped my hard nipple. Like a key unlocks a door, my legs immediately opened and his fingers made their way to my sopping wet cunt. He hummed on my nip and pressed hard against my stiff clit. We were silent as he finger fucked his hot little step daughter to orgasm. His hands were so rough inside of me. It didn’t take long before my pussy clenched around his fingers and came all over them. As his hand exited my welcoming cunt, he rubbed his index finger against my clit once more. He kissed me gently on the lips and then gave his little kitty a pat.

“Yummy! Renee’s making her famous cookies,” mom’s voice said coming down the stairs. Mike and I parted, him sitting back with his fingers in his mouth and me facing the oven.

“Good morning my loves,” she said, kissing me on the cheek. She looked over at Mike with his fingers in his mouth, “Are you eating her cookies before they’re all done?” Mike looked like a kid who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Little did she know the cookies Mike loved tasting was between her little girls legs.

Mike chuckled then broke the silence, “Honey, did you know Renee has a college tour coming up? She’s going up to the mountains next weekend to look at the school in Chadwick.”

“Oh really? Why didn’t you tell me, Renee? That’s wonderful.” My mom was so ready for me to go to college. I’m sure she wanted the entire house to herself so Mike could fuck her brains out. But she wasn’t quite ready for me to be so far away from home. I got accepted to a school in California and one in Georgia, but mom wanted me close enough to drive home, “in case there was ever any trouble.” I take it she knows what a little trouble maker her little girl is.

Fortunately, Chadwick is only a two hour drive to upstate and there’s a nice school up there. Far enough away to be away from home, and close enough “in case there’s ever any trouble.”

“Are you going with the school, honey?”

“No. I set it up myself a month ago. This way I can see it for myself, without having limitations of the group.” I hated traveling in groups. I feel limited in what I can get into.

“I need a chaperone, though. Apparently you have to be 21 and over to tour alone up there. I was going to ask Patrick from school.”

Patrick has been a friend of mine for years. We were playground pals that eventually became fuck buddies. He chose to work on computers instead of going to college so he stays in town with us still. My mom loves him…and his family. She can’t trust him though. Or I should say she can’t trust us together. She came home early from work one day and caught us taking nude pictures together in the living room. Imagine walking in on a half naked young man taking pictures of your teenage daughter spread eagle on the couch. That was a few years ago, though and I actually haven’t even fucked him in months.

“Nee, you’re not going anywhere that far away with that boy. I don’t care if he is ‘just a friend.'”

“Mom, I need to go with someone over 21 or they’re gonna just send me back home. He’s the only person who is the right age and is available next weekend.”

We went back and forth as we both refused to budge on our point. Sure I understood her concern. She was afraid I’d spend the whole weekend fucking Pat and partying and barely see the school…which was not entirely wrong. But there was no way I was going to go up there with the school in a group.

I glanced over at Mike mid-argument. I love looking at him. He stood there, nonchalantly, leaning against the kitchen table. He was shirtless, as usual. His maroon pajama pants sagged slightly around his waist, barely exposing his white tan line and the sexy vee of his groin. His dick was soft now, but his pants hung comfortably over it creating a perfect view. “Renee, I have to agree with your mother. You and that kid will be up to no good if he takes you. You need a more responsible chaperone.”

I wanted to hit him in his sexy perfect mouth. He usually gets my back, but today he’s doing just the opposite. I couldn’t even speak. I was dumbfounded.

“But honey,” he said, talking to my mother, “if you want, I can take her. I’ve got next weekend off and I know you’ll be busy.” My pussy twitched.

Problem solved. Mom was very relieved to know I’d be in the hands of her responsible husband all weekend. After all, if her little girl was going to be away from home for so long, she had to be in good hands.

After taking the last Anadolu Yakası Escort batch of cookies from the oven, I headed upstairs to my room to get ready for my day. While my mom showered, Mike came in my room and stood at the door. “So what is my little girl bringing to wear next weekend?” he said, rubbing himself over his pants. I hadn’t even thought about it, but he apparently had. Mike loves me in sexy little outfits, much like the first night we fucked.

I still hadn’t answered when he slid his credit card in my back pocket as he hugged me. “Don’t go crazy, but get something hot.” With a little peck on the lips, he walked out and we were all on our way out.

That was one of the longest weeks ever. It seemed like hours were ticking away like days. Classes were longer than they had ever been. I was trying to be excited about going to see the school, but knowing Mike was going to be chaperoning me made it hard to actually want to see the school.

It was finally Thursday night and I was packing my things for the weekend. Mike thought we should leave right around 8am so we could stop for breakfast, eat through rush hour traffic, then be on our way. I am almost positive that I packed more lingerie than actual clothes. I packed a full suitcase for a three day weekend.

“Renee,” Mike startled me as he walked into my room, “are you almost done packing? I want to start putting these things in the car tonight.” Mike was wearing shorts and no shirt. He walked over to me and whispered, “Are you ready?” and slid his hands around my waist and pulled me close, each of his hands firmly cupped on my ass. “Where’s mom?” I asked. As if it mattered to me at that point; I was hurting to be with him. “Your mom’s fast asleep. A couple of glasses of wine and multiple orgasms is all it takes. But you didn’t answer my question.”

I looked at him, not remembering what his question was. He put his mouth to mine and gently sucked my bottom lip between his lips, “Are…(licking my top lip)…you…(kissing and licking both lips)…ready?” Boy was I! I lifted my shirt up over my head and was just wearing a pair of loose fitting pajama pants. He kissed me deep and passionately. We layed back on my bedroom floor, kissing, licking and sucking on each other’s necks and mouths. His mouth found my nipples and he sucked them deep into his mouth.

I felt him becoming stiff between my legs as he grinded his cock against me. My cunt was soaked and juices were visible through my pants. He kissed down my belly and pulled my pants lower on the way down. I willingly kicked them off and spread my legs wide open. I was so ready to be filled with him. I thought how lucky he must feel to have just fucked my gorgeous mother and now be getting ready to fuck her hot little slut daughter. I could feel my cunt juice dripping down my ass crack as I lay there while Mike admired my pussy and removed his shorts.

When his fat dick fell out of his shorts, I gasped a little. He stroked it slowly in front of me and I could see a familiar glistening on the tip of his cock. I reached down and spread my legs and opened my cunt lips. Mike slapped his dick against my hard prominent clit and rolled his hips, grinding his dick against it. My heart pounded and my body quivered. I felt another spurt of moisture rush from my cunt and down my ass. “Fuck me Mike,” I pleaded. The anticipation was overwhelming.

Instead Mike shoved his fingers into my cunt scooping out my sweet vaginal nectar. He stroked his cock with his fingers covered in my cream then shoved his fingers in my mouth. I loved when Mike forced me to be dirty. “Finish getting packed and get some rest. You’re gonna need it,” kissing me full on the mouth, sucking my lips into his.

I laid there full of lust as he left my room. I could hardly breathe I was so aroused. Sleep was fleeting. Anticipation had me wrecked, not to mention the “blue balls” Mike had left me with. Rubbing hard on my pink little pearl, I eventually fell asleep after reaching a couple of tame quakes of orgasm. Just enough to make me sleepy.

“Good morning, honey,” I heard my mom sing into my room. Yess! Finally it’s time to get going. I sprang up from my bed like a little kid at Christmas. I was all ready to go the evening before, even had my clothes set out to wear for the trip. After a long hot shower, paying careful attention to shave smooth all of Mike’s favorite parts of me, I was in my bathroom fantasizing.

I pulled on a brand new pair of candy apple red low rise panties with little cherry embroidery on the right butt cheek. They were cute…these were more for my pleasure but I knew Mike would love smacking his cherry target. I admired the roundness of my ass as my denim mini skirt wrapped itself around my bottom. Just after pulling on a favorite white tank top I was ready to go. An ordinary college kid going on a not so ordinary road trip.

All I had to do was take out my last batch of Kartal Escort chocolate chip cookies for the road and we were good to go. “You look cute, Nee,” my mom cooed as she walked into the kitchen. “Now listen, don’t give Mike too much trouble. You know he doesn’t get a lot of long weekends off, but it means a lot to him. Oh, and not too many parties. You know you worry us. Oh and if you get into any trouble, just call Mike at the hotel. Oh yeah honey and one more thing, no boys. You and Mike are staying in the same room so no bringing anyone home.” She kissed me as I was walking out of the door and I pretended to be annoyed at the last comment. There was only one ‘boy’ she needed to worry about!

I sat in the front seat of Mike’s truck, my belly doing flip flops. I watched as he passionately kissed my mom, grasping her ass and pulling her close. I’d be getting mine soon. She was under his spell too, melting in his arms, probably ruing the day she agreed to lose her man and her cock for three whole days.

Mike stepped into the car, semi-hard from the enthusiastic production he just put on with my mom. “Save all of your energy, daddy,” I teased, crossing my thick tan legs in his direction.

The conversation was light during breakfast. Some teasing talk of our past exploits and how Mike met mom. “She was a lot like you. Too sexy for her own damn good and good at showing it off. She wasn’t easy though…mostly because I wasn’t quite her flavor.”

My mom was like most east coast Latinas who preferred their men milk chocolaty, like my real dad. “I was after her, constantly. Finally I broke her down and got her to go on one date with me. I laid on my charm…you know, the charm,” he chuckled sarcastically and winked in my direction. It’s funny how he is such a dork sometimes, but still one of the sexiest men I’ve ever been around. We joked and chatted through breakfast before getting ourselves together and back into the truck.

We drove for a little over an hour before Mike actually made his first move. “So tell me, dirty girl, what do you have in store for this weekend?” I was ready for whatever came up. I just needed some relief. The teasing games between Mike and me were fun, but at this point, my body was needy. I told Mike all of this and he was quiet. Minutes later, he pulled the truck off of the road and down a small path in the woods that surrounded the highway. He stopped the truck and immediately came out of his seatbelt and lunged toward me in the passenger seat. His hand was rough and strong on my face as his sucked my lips into his.

No interruptions. No hesitation. No quickies. I knew it was all about us now. “Get in the back,” he ordered me. I climbed over the back seat and our suitcases and into the rear trunk area of Mike’s Explorer. I sat there on my knees as he walked around to open the rear gate.

“Tease me, baby. Show me what’s under that innocent little outfit,” Mike said while he stroked his already stiffening cock through his jeans. I rubbed my hands down the front of my body and playfully unbuttoned my skirt. I did a sexy striptease for Mike lifting my tank top over my head revealing my sheer red bra. My nipples were nearly tearing through the fabric, they were so hard. As I removed my skirt, I had turned my back turned to him. As I shook my hips, the skirt fell to my knees and revealed my panties. After mischievously biting down on my finger, I slapped my hand on the cherry target and winked at him. He was as stiff as iron now, precum staining his jeans as he stroked.

He unbuttoned his jeans as he walked toward me and climbed into the truck. He put his mouth on my neck and pulled me on top of him wrapping his hands onto each of my sweet ass cheeks. He slapped his little cherries on the right and arched his hips into me. Just the tip of his cock was making an appearance, but I could feel the length of his shaft through his jeans.

He leaned up against the back of the back seat not losing grip of my ass. I pushed my tits against his chest as I thrust my tongue into his mouth. I knew my panties were soaked as I grinded my hot aching cunt against his rock hard member. I lifted up slightly to let him pull his jeans off and fully expose his cock. The head of his beautiful dick was so hard and tight it looked ready to pop.

My panties were off soon after as was my bra. I could barely contain my emotions as I straddled my step dad and my hungry cunt hovered over his dick. “I’ve been wanting more of this for too long, daddy,” I breathed into his ear as sucked my sweet brown nipples while I grinded my steamy hot slit into his rod. With one hand he lifted my ass, with the other, he found his dick and positioned it just beneath my wanton hole.

“Guess your wait is over, baby,” he said, just taking one moment away from feasting on my breasts. As I slid my twat around his prick, I couldn’t move. I felt him squeeze tighter on my tits and suck my tit deep into his mouth. My pussy tightened up and convulsed around his hard shaft. With a hard smack on my ass, I was rocking my pussy up and down on top of him. I was so lost in my own passion of finally receiving attention to my starving kitty, that I almost didn’t hear him groaning so loudly with a mouthful of me.

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