Road History


This is a true story from years back but I always will have great memories of it.

I had been traveling across country and had been driving for many hours and was getting bleary from it. So I decided to get off the interstate and find a place to sleep for a few hours, maybe get some breakfast and then continue. I pulled off onto a state road and came upon a small town. Just as I got into town there was a small park so I thought this would be a great place to shut down for a couple of hours and since it was past midnight I was sure I wouldn’t get a room so I pulled in and got ready to kick back and sleep. I had to take a bathroom break so I wandered over to the toilets. No one was anywhere at this hour in this little berg so I took a seat and relieved myself. I noticed a penciled message next to the dispenser that said simply “Have fun” and contained a phone number and a time. It had only been there for 30 minutes and I thought what the heck so I erased it and went to find a phone (pre-cell days!)

A man answered the phone and I told him I had got his message. He laughed and told me he was in the cabin 6 up the road a bit if I wanted to come by. I did and quietly knocked on the door of this place with several little cabins surrounding a parking area. Looked like it was something out of the 30’s.

He answered the door and invited me in while looking me over. He was about 45 and around 5’9 with a bit of a paunch but tandoğan escort a decent looking man. I came in and sat on the edge of the bed and he offered me a drink. He told me he was an OTR trucker and was having to take a mid-week break because of his log book being full for the week. So he was here for three days and had been bored so he put that ad up that evening.

Now I was mostly straight but had had a few fun times with school mates playing with each others dicks and such but was more into women. However, he seemed decent and I was really horny from all the driving so I asked him what kinda fun he mentioned in the ad. With that he pulled down the sweatpants he was wearing and said “This kind of fun!” His semi-hard cock was now on display. He wasn’t particularly long but very thick and had one of those dicks shaped like a wedge. Smaller prominent head and really wide in the middle. The head was a dark purple and his cock was veined and he had low hanging balls. I smiled and said that will do just fine and he came over to where I was sitting and dropped his sweats to the floor.

I cupped his balls and put my fingers around the thick shaft and stroked the skin back and forth and it grew rigid in my hands. It had a little downward curve and really stuck out from his body. It was hot to the touch. I opened my lips and kissed the tip and then swirled my tongue tunalı escort around the head for a bit and then slipped it into my mouth as he caught his breath and whispered how good that felt. I bobbed up and down on his hard on while stroking the cock into my mouth. I looked up and saw him watching me intently. With our eyes locked I slipped his meat out of my mouth and licked the head and then plunged it back down as deep as I could. He shuddered and started to push his hips, fucking my mouth. His cock got harder and tasted fantastic. The pre-cum juices started flowing and I put my hands on his hips and let him mouth fuck me. He quickened his pace and then suddenly grabbed the back of my head and moaned he was going to cum. A moment later his hot juices filled my mouth and throat as he pulsed four or five strong pulses with a huge wad shooting each time. I struggled to swallow fast enough and cum squirted out of my mouth as I he came. His legs were shaking and his breathing was thick and raspy and he was muttering how good that felt and what a great cocksucker I was.

Finally he was spent. I gently slid my lips up to the head and licked all the excess cum from the head and the shaft. It made him jump from the intense sensitivity he felt. I pulled the foreskin all the way down and softly licked his dick on both sides and underneath. His ball sack had drawn up and I licked and türbanlı escort sucked on it taking each of his big balls into my mouth.

During all of this I was hard as a rock and had even leaked cum when he came in my mouth. I knew if I touched my own dick it would go off like a rocket! He slid up on the bed next to me propping himself up against the headboard. I got out of all my clothes and crawled up next to him. He slid his hand around my almost painful hard and commented on how nice it looked. I leaned towards him, replaced his hand with mine, and in just a few strokes I came all over his cock and pubes. I then went down and licked all my cum off that I could as he got rigid again. I straddled him and positioned his cock at my almost virgin hole and slid that pole into me. It felt like a fence post and was the thickest cock I had ever had in me. When we got everything slippery enough, he started thrusting into me gently and slowly and then faster until he grabbed my hips and slammed it all the way in. I could feel the hot pulses and he came again.

We both collapsed on the bed and he said, “See. Fun!” and I agreed.

We slept for a few hours and then went to breakfast down the road at a small cafe. He told me about his family in Illinois and being on the road so much. I told about my travels and basically we just had a nice relaxed meal and then walked back to his room. We passed a big-rig parked out behind the buildings and he said that was his truck. It had a huge sleeper on it and told I always had fantasies about those rigs. He smiled and we got up inside and crawled into the sleeper bed where I blew him again. He was there for three days and I stayed and visited the whole time. Needless to say I swallowed a lot of cum in those three days.

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