River And Sonya Get Xtra Cuddles


“Get out you horrible pervert!” Sonya exclaimed with a protective fierceness.

“I can’t believe you said that! You really know how to hurt me Sonya.” Fred looked at her with puppy dog eyes and looked like he was ready to cry. “We both KNOW that I’m an excellent pervert.”

The shower door opened and a drenched shower puff hit Fred in the middle of his chest.

“I can see when I’m not wanted. I’ll be downstairs playing video games.” He stormed out of the room, hurt by the resistance. “Let me know if you need any help.”

Sonya stood tall, dripping wet and naked as she slammed her bedroom door and locked it. She rarely locked anything. Even though she was rather flexible with her relationships, she wanted to keep River all to herself.

She stepped back into the bathroom to find River surprised and dripping wet. It was an expression that matched a mild hangover and dealing with morning and no coffee.

Sonya grabbed an extra-large towel from her closet and dried River off softly, kissing down her neck and holding her close as the towels fell to the floor and they held each other in the light of day. Sonya’s arms wrapped around River in a protective hug for as long as they could until Sonya lifted her head to stare at River’s beauty.

Sonya kissed River on the forehead and said, “I’m sorry about that. He’s and old friend and enjoys free range mooching in my house. Why don’t you get back under the covers for a little bit and I will come back up with some coffee?”

River had a vacant and exhausted look on her face, “That would be lovely. Thank you Mistress.”

“You are so welcome.” River gave her a deep kiss and held her tightly, leading her back to the bed as she pulled the covers back and helped River get back in bed.

She covered her up tight; leaving her naked kitten alone in her bed when that was the only place she wanted to be. She wanted to spend the day wrapped around River, while the rest of the world was floating far away from them.

Sonya covered with a soft fluffy robe as she descended downstairs ready to rip Fred’s head off. She found him in her living room destroying aliens with a shotgun completely engrossed in the video game. River took his headphones off, and hit him with them on the chest.

“What Ankara escort is your major malfunction? You knew I’ve wanted River for a long time! You little freak, this is not an area to be playing around in!” She punched his puny girly arm. She hoped it bruised.

“I know, I know. I just didn’t know you would get all sentimental on me like that. Geeze, where did you learn to punch? Ouch, that hurt.”

“The Marines you idiot. Now, what is it that you want and why the hell are you here?”

“We have a new friend coming in today as a surprise birthday present for the Head Mistress. She will be here in a few hours and I thought you may want to see her picture, she seemed like your type.”

“All of this to show me a picture? You really do know how to piss a girl off.”

“That’s my specialty. Just think, a few moments ago, you said I was a horrible pervert. You know I’m much better at this than being horrible.” He smiled at her brightly. “Looks like you enjoyed yourself, that’s great. I’m happy for you. What was it like? This never bothered you before.”

Sonya took a deep breath and realized he was right. She had a few partners and was never particularly possessive as she was this morning. She just wanted River all to herself, but commitments were commitments.

She was sure she could figure something out but in the meantime, she punched him in the other arm out of frustration before she went to make a pot of coffee.

“When is the plane coming in?”

“Answer my question first. How was it?”

She clenched her fist again.

“Alright, be like that, I see how you are. Fine, tell me about it later. The plane comes will be here in 3 hours. I thought you might want to get a jump on shopping. They want me to drive you both to L.A. this afternoon for the party.”

Sonya stared him down harder.

“What? I tried to call you last night but you had that concert. I knew you needed to get ready as soon as possible. Sorry, geeze.” Fred suddenly looked penitent and sorry, not a usual look for him.

“Fine, fine. We will go over this again later. Go out and get me some strawberries and doughnuts, I need a bit longer and then we will talk.” Sonya gave him a strong hug then shooed him out the door.

“Don’t I get Ankara escort bayan some of that coffee?”

“No. Now git!”

Fred faked a heartbroken look as he acted like a sullen teenage girl and over dramatized his exit. The door slam would have been more impressive if he didn’t have the arm strength of a fairy fart.

Armed with coffee, Sonya juggled mugs as she headed back upstairs to a very curly haired goddess. She looked peaceful and sweet as she snuggled into the bed with her sweet River.

Dreamily River opened her eyes and smiled.

She had not felt this comfortable and cared for in so very long. She put her head on Sonya’s shoulder as they held each other tight. Sonya meant to explain what had happened with Fred, but decided this moment was too strong to be interrupted with silly words.

She just wanted to be lost with River in the moment of infinite cuddles.

Beneath the covers their bodies melted softly together. Their embrace was hungry but sweet, neither wanting to leave the cocoon of care.

River kissed Sonya’s neck as she was held tight and their hands wandered over each other.

River kissed her way down Sonya’s chest, gently kissing and caressing Sonya’s soft pink nipples. Sonya ran her fingers through River’s crazy curly hair holding on to the electricity of emotions and passion in the room.

With the day of travel and business before her, Sonya realized she may need some quiet time prior to the looming crazy. She let herself rest on her soft pillows as she enjoyed the soft gentle kisses River was bestowing upon her. Each simple touch brought her closer to paradise.

River could feel Sonya’s frustration and myriad of brain complications. It was much too early in the morning to let her sweet Mistress be so distracted.

River set to make things right and as relaxing as they could be for sweet cuddle partner. She kissed her way down Sonya’s body and watched her breathing release and slow.

Sweet kisses covered Sonya’s soft skin as River’s gentle fingers started to take Sonya’s breath away. Soft kisses swept over Sonya’s breast and player with her nipples until they were strongly erect.

River’s fingers slipped between Sonya’s legs, gently exploring each fold and slippery Escort Ankara pulsing nerve. Gentle strokes of her tongue opened and explored where her fingers were a moment ago.

River’s swirling tongue caressed Sonya on each side of her throbbing clit, teasing and manipulating her into submission. River’s heart raced as she could feel the building of breath. The wetness of her actions displayed so wonderfully as she tried for a few moments more to build the longing and passion in her actions.

It would be too easy to simply make Sonya explode in ecstasy. River wanted Sonya to hold on, wait a bit longer and feel her passion.

River could restrain herself no longer as she took control and skipped over further pressure building and grabbed Sonya’s clit between her fingers, pinching it in pleasurable plain.

River’s fingers snuck inside of River’s pussy, deeply wandering and pleasuring all that she wanted.

With Sonya’s clit pinched before her eyes, she teased the skin just below the pressure in long slow licks with her forceful tongue.

Exquisite torture shot through Sonya as River wiggled just one more finger inside of her. The feeling was tight and hit each pleasure button on the way up to Sonya’s flaming G-spot.

The pinching fingers pulled and tugged but never released the trapped clit with River’s tongue rewarded as it was rewarded with gushing wetness. River pushed further and deeper with her fingers and pinched stronger, building Sonya’s abandoning of the outside world.

Feeling the pulsing start and knowing that the time had come; River released Sonya’s clit and lapped at it like a starving kitten. River’s tongue went from the widest point, engulfing Sonya’s clit, to pointing it to the perfect pleasure point, then covering all that she could back to pin pointing to lapping at her clit.

River pushed just a bit further and expanded her fingers as the moment was upon them.

Sonya let lose a scream that shattered their cocoon of heavy breaths and whimpering. Sonya’s hands wrapped through and pulled on River’s hair, bringing her closer and feeling the deep release of a world shattering orgasm.

Sonya’s body pulsed with pleasure as each sensitive touch flickered like a candle light standing strong in the wind.

When the flame flickered to a burning glow and Sonya released River’s hair, River kissed her way softly back up to Sonya’s waiting lips. River left Sonya glowing and breathless as River herself felt shameless and happy.

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