Rita my New Secretary !!


Rita my New Secretary !!I’ll start by telling you that this isn’t a true story and began by telling you that I’m a small business owner and my name is Dave and I ‘m the owner of a reality business and right in the middle of our busiest time of the year my secretary Lisa comes into my office one morning and tells me she’s giving her two weeks notice as she’s accepted another job offer that Offers more money and is closer to home!! So the next day I place an add in the classified’s section of our local paper advertising for a secretary that has office experience as far as filing .dictation typing and answering the phone etc…..!! So in the days following I have many ladies coming in for job interviews but none of them that fit the bill, so a few days later a lady by the name of Rita comes in for an interview and he has alt he qualities I’m looking for as far as a secretary and then some!! As she has been going to school to be trained to be a secretary and I ask her a few Questions such as she willing work overtime of which she replies” Yes I’m willing to work any hours you require of me to fulfill my job responseability’s So I tell her very good now would you please follow me to my office where we can continue your job interview in prvt please !! She says Yes!! and follows me to my office where I tell her to close and lock the door!! She asks why she needs to lock the door and I tell her you’ll see just trust me Rita!! So I ask her in a very polite way to explain to me what she meant when she said she was willing too do anything to fullfill her job responseabilities?? So I’m sitting on the edge of my desk and she’s sitting in front of me in a chair with her legs crossed and she’s wearing a very low cut blouse and dress that is so short it barely covers her tits as she reaches over and proceeds to rub my cock thru my pants and he can tell that my cock is getting rock hard so she tells me to stand up so she can unzip my pants and remove them which she does and as they fall to the floor my hard cock pops out and is standing at full attention!! Rita is standing there in amazement of how huge my cock is as she says ” OMG”” your cock is huge Dave !! So I tell her get on your knees and take just the head into your hot mouth and lick it swirling your hot tongue all around my huge mushroom shaped head Rita please!! So she does as I ask and goes to her knees and proceeds to swirl her hot long hard tongue around my now engorged cock head until she’s deep throating me taking me balls deep in her hot slutty mouth as I hear her hot slurping sounds ” Mmmmmmmmm ” AHHHHHH”” Dave your cock feels so fucking good in my hot slutty mouth !! She then proceeds to suck each of my hot balls into her hot mouth as she licks and sucks them for me!! Before long Escort she is back to sucking my hard cock with her head bobbing up and down on my hard cock with such passion telling me she wants me to cum in her hot mouth so she can swallow every last hot drop of my cum !! She continues sucking my cock alternating between sucking and using her hot tongue to swirl it all around my now huge hot mushroom shaped head as well as licking my entire cock shaft with her long hot hard tongue that is so amazing!! Until I tell her that I’m going to cum and she opens her hot mouth sticks out her tongue and says Dave cum on my hot tongue baby so I can swallow every last drop of your hot semen baby!! I proceed to stroke my hard cock till I shoot my hot load all over her hot waiting tongue while I watch her lick her hot sexy lips before swallowing it all and telling me how good my hot cum tasted as she says MMmmmmmm !! very tasty Dave!! So I sit her up on the desk and have her spread her legs to reveal that she’s not wearing any panties as I proceed to use my hard hot long tongue to lick her horny pussy making sure to use my finger to rub her hot hard lil clit while slurping on her labia as I use my other hand to spread open her pussy lips so I can stick my hot tongue deep inside her hot waiting cunt to lick her for hours on end to get her so aroused she’ll be begging me in her sexiest voice “”I need you to fuck me Dave give me that huge hard cock that I’ve been yearning for since I came into your office!! So she turns around and slips out of her dress and leans across my desk and I proceed to rub my huge rock hard cock against her horny cunt and very sexy asshole!! Making sure to beat it against her sexy ass cheeks between each thrust up and down her horny holes!! Till she’s begging me Ohhhhh !! Baby give me that big hard cock and make sure to rip my horny whore pussy apart to make me the hot lil cum slut that I’ve always wanted to be !! I insert my cock slowly into her hot waiting pussy before pumping in and out of her horny pussy a few times before pulling out and slapping my cock against her hot hard swollen clit!! As I do that I hear low soft moans escape her hot lips OOOHHHHHHH !! AHHHHHHHHH !! Baby that feels so fucking good don’t stop as your making my pussy so hot and dripping wet now!! I slowly insert my huge rock hard cock into her hot horny waiting cunt before telling her she’s going to get the fucking she’s deserved for a long time and if she fucks me good I promise her she’ll get the job with a huge bonus to boot!! So she fucks me with such a passion that she releases her hot inner slut and becomes one hot horny lil cum slut that turns into a sex crazed slut out of control telling me ” Fuck that pussy harder, deeper fuck Escort Bayan me like you mean it as I want to be your new # 1 hot horny lil fuck slut every day!! I fucked her like it was the last piece of pussy I was ever going to have riding my horny cock until she has had several hot leg shaking orgasms one after the other and as she was putting her clothes back on” I told her that she had performed so well today for her new boss that she had the job ! So she should report for work tomorrow morning at 8:oo am sharp!! As I had some other duties planned for her the following day!! So sure enough there she was at 8am waiting at the door for me as I came up and opened for the next day of business!! I asked her to follow me to my office where I proceeded to tell her I was giving her a check for her to buy some new clothes to wear around the office!! I also told her there was no limit to the amount she could spend on her new wardrobe!! As well as I wanted her to have a new and different outfit for each day of the week she was in the office!! So she left the office and spent the rest of the day shopping for her new wardrobe!! She bought thigh highs and sexy heels but most of all she loved PVC so her dresses were all made of PVC!! And I must say she look so fucking hot dressed in PVC!! She bought enough wardrobe to be able to wear a different hot sexy outfit every day of the week!! So the next day she comes in wearing a hot black PVC dress with matching sexy heels with no bra or panties of which the dress is so low cut that she is revealing her hot tits swaying back and forth with each step she takes going up and down the hallway!! And every time she bends over to pick up the pencil’s or pens and papers she has dropped I can see her revealing her hot horny pussy and sexy ass hole for every one too see!! She is doing it on purpose to make cocks hard and she knows full well that she is achieving her goal!! So I call her into my office and tell her her dress is much to revealing and I’m going to have to let her go !! So she pleads with me ” Please don’t let me go I’ll do anything to keep my job here Dave !! I say to her so you’ll do anything at all I ask of you to keep your job?? Yes!! she says anything you want!! Ok so get on your knees and show me how much you want to keep your job you horny cum slut!! So without hesitation she goes to her knees pulls out my hard cock and proceeds to suck my cock like the slutty lil fucking whore she has become!! I take a hold of her hips and tell her to bend over the desk and lie her head down on the desk as I hike up her dress to reveal she has no panties on as I take my cock in hand and slowly rub it up and down the entire length of her horny pussy and beat it against her hot pussy Bayan Escort and clit making sure to make her call out in her sexiest voice ” Dave make me your slutty lil whore and know that you;ll own my pussy for eternity as well as my entire whore body that you love so much !! And with that I thrust my hard cock deep inside her as she screams out ” OH Fuck Daddy make me your number 1 slut as I so love how you give my hot horny pussy the pounding it so deserves each and every day I cum to work for you Dave!! You treat me just like the whore that I’ve always dreamed of being for my special man and your that very special man baby!! I continue pounding that horny cunt till it’s stretched to 3 times it’d normal size before flooding it with a huge hot load and it overflows onto your hot sexy thighs as you feel the warmth from it running down you sexy legs!! I take a hold of you and turn you around to kiss you full on your hot sexy soft rose petal lips before helping you put your clothes back on and telling you you can now return to your desk as you still have your job!! But tomorrow you must wear something that is less revealing!! So you tell me ok Dave I promise to do just that!! So when tomorrow comes she show’s up wearing a less revealing outfit but is sexy as hell in it!! The next day she arrives at work and comes directly to my office and asks me if I approve of her sexy outfit !! I ask her to slowly turn around as I take a good long hard look at her outfit before telling her ” Yes!! I very much approve of your outfit Rita!! So Rita will you do me a huge favor before starting your work day please I ask her? Her reply was anything for you Dave as you know I’m yours now!! So ask and you shall receive honey!! I want to fuck you in that hot tight slutty ass of yours today before you start your work day Rita so I hike up your dress and pull out my raging hard on and slowly ease it into your hot waiting ass and proceed to pummel your horny ass with deep long hard thrusts and with each new thrust I’m going deeper and deeper and harder and harder into your sexy ass till your screaming my name out loud telling me ” Give it to me baby take that slutty ass as it’s yours now and fuck my horny ass and I want you to shoot a massive hot load deep inside my whore ass for me as love how you penitrate my ass cunt with your huge massive hard cock baby !! So I do as the whore asks and flood her ass with the biggest and hottest load she’s ever seen and it’s oozing out of her hot horny cunt onto the floor in a massive puddle as she’s having an orgasm to end all orgasms as her legs and entire body is quaking and shaking violently out of control as I hear her say “” Nobody can ever satisfy my pussy, ass and hot mouth like you Dave as your one hot horny man that will always control my body as I’m your horny lil cum slut from here on out baby!! So with that Rita comes to work everyday and her only job is to service her boss in any way he sees fit as she is his obedient slut for life now!!

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