Right on red

Big Tits

Right on redby WilliacjI’ve been checkin out this curvy curly haired redhead Kaitlin for awhile, gosh the way her ass wiggles when she walks. she’s got a pretty smile, she’s into country music while i’m not a big fan of that genre but i’d love to get on her stage and let her play with my guitar any day.one night i saw her out at the Brass Monkey tavern on Greenfield ave not too far away from where i lived and i decided to make my move not sure of where it would lead.She seemed interested in her drink and her phone and the other guys at the bar instead of me, i stayed patient yes there are other girls at this bar but she was the one i wanted. I never fucked a redhead before and hopefully tonight i’d cross that off my bucket list,. i went over to her toward the end of the night and i started up a conversation with her and she was telling me her boyfriend Brock had cheated on her and i told her that wasn’t cool, i told her i was single and just looking to make friends,as i started to leave the bar she asks me if i’m doing anything later, i said i had no plans i live right up the road from the bar, she asks me if i wanna stop by her place afterwards i said sure, we could hang out after this if you want to i told her Kaitlin smiled.”i’d like that.” she says.We left the bar and as we were walking up the street she almost lost her balance and i grabbed her and caught her from falling.”thanks” she says we were Çatalca Escort holding hands all the way to her place”i live right here.”she says pointing at a large red brick apartment building, we walked up the stairs and when she got to her apartment door she opened it, and i went inside.”you know what?you made my night, i usually don’t bring guys home but you’re an exception you’re the first black guy I’ve ever had hit on me.” she said. first times for everything i replied Kaitlin walked up to me.” honestly i’m incredibly horny right now and Brock’s not here to give me what i need.” she says. i took her by the hand whatever you want i said. Kaitlin put her arms around my neck”nail me” she demanded sternly.I put my hand on her fat ass and smacked her tush a few times we began kissing tearing at each others clothes and it wasn’t long before i had her titties in my mouth and she had her hand on my dick.”you’re well staffed,i know the perfect place where you can stick this.” she said fingering her pussy.i reached in my jacket pocket and got a Trojans condom “no need, dude i’m clean,skin on skin sweetie.” she says.She lay on her back on the couch.”gosh i’m so wet dude she spread her legs and i took my dick and plunged it deep between her fat pussy lips”ohhhhhhh she exclaimed wow feel that dick in there i began thrusting into her slowly.”let me get up in it Kaitlin!”i grunted she grabbed Çatalca Escort Bayan me and let me work my dick into her”oh my god ohhhh my god shoot”she moaned.i told her to hold her legs up.”there we go all the way up in there with my dick!” i said. she’s gettin’ her fiery crotch fucked i ran my tongue over her titties.”poundin you good aren’t i?””uh huh uhhhhhhh,oh my god fuck me harder fuck me damn it sh-hit damn it feels fucking incredible!” she replied.i’m plungin my dick in her pussy and won’t stop till i nut. ‘those long stokes, that’s torture god i can feel every fucking-“she stammered. my nut sacks slapped loudly against her pussy lips she lay there her eyes closed her cunt filled with black cock.”fuckin you deep” i gasped.”yes you are, oh my goodness never got screwed like this!” she gasped. i pulled out.”doggy style kait, turn that ass around” i told her.i looked down at her plump ass,i pressed my cock against her pussy lips and watched my dick slid into her inch by inch.”aughhhhh Kaitlin!” i grunted camera zooms in on my dick buried in her fat pussy she put her head down.”ohh yeah oh my god auhhhhh holy fuck shhhhit uhhh ohhhh ohhhhh the ddddddick is-“she mumbled i felt her pussy tighten on my dick. pokin that pussy i know you feel that shit i thought to myself.”mmmm just like that right there fuckin a god-“she mutttered. i looked down at her wide apple bottom her Escort Çatalca pussy queefed as i plunged it in her i closed my eyes and gripped her waist and drove myself into her.I had her fat ass jigglin as i worked her from behind i grabbed a handful of her hair and started ramming it home, i knew if i watched that fat ass jiggle it would make me cum.”gggggggod mmm shhit ohh shit!” she stutttered. “urghhhh umfff pumpin in that pussy kate gone bring that shit home baby!” kaitlin was getting fucked out of her frame she put her head down and gripped the pillow on the couch she let out a series of loud moans as i tagged her pussy.”uhhhhhh uhhhh kaitlin gone make me cum comin home up in this fuckin pussy!” i exclaimed i worked her over some more and then i pulled my dick out and splattered cum all over kaitlin’s fat ass.”urghhhh both nuts sacks bust on that ass!” i mumbled.I lay there sweat dripping off my forehead.”still alive?”i asked Kaitlin lay there her head down in the pillow” wow she said lifting her head up.”i might be totally useless after gettin’ hammered like that she looked back at me.”omg dude you poked the fuck out of my insides tonight i’m fucking speechless.”i know i can’t replace Brock”i said to her.”fuck Brock he’s unemployed you’re hired!” she replied. i started putting my clothes back on.” i don’t know what to say” i said.Kaitlin laughed”well your dick did all the talking for you, wow i’m kinda sore I’m gonna lay here and recover from what you did to me,just lock the door when you leave” she says .as i got dressed i couldn’t believe that i had fucked her senseless fucking Kaitlin was a good time, if i ever get the chance to do it again i thought to myself wow!

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