Revealed & Almost Fulfilled


Revealed & Almost Fulfilled”You know we have spent a lot of time discussing my fantasies but no time at all talking about yours….” She waited for a reply with raised eyebrows.I cleared my throat and rubbed my chin stalling for time because I was debating just how honest I should be.”Honey, stop spacing out and talk to me.” She pleasantly implored. “What would you like to know?” I finally replied. “Well for starters what’s your fantasy?” She asked.”I have fantasies like a lot of guys, you know.” I answered evasively. “I know – like doing two women?” She smiled.”Well yes (I nodded), then there is one fantasy that really gets me going. It’s kinda wild, I bet you won’t expect it from me, do you really want to know.” Like I didn’t already know the answer.”Hell yeah I want to know.” She stated with piqued curiosity. Throwing caution to the wind I said simply, ” My fantasy is to be fucked.”There was a moment of silence, she had a confused look on her face; she was trying to understand what I said. I could tell it didn’t quite register yet.”You mean (she paused cautiously) … fucked, as in fucked in the ass?” She asked.”Yep,” was my only response. “Wow, that is sooooo fucking hot, I would love to see you bent over taking a big cock up the ass. You know I can make that happen.” She said enthusiastically. “Oh no honey, I’m not gay or going in that direction.” I said defensively.”Stupid, I know your not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment does it? After all I’ve done a few women in my time and I’m not a lesbian, so why can’t you.” She was quite a temptress. “No really, I don’t think I could do a guy.” My resolve was strong on that issue. “I can still make your fantasy come true. I can fuck your ass probably just as good as any guy can. You know I’ve used a strapon before and I don’t mean to brag but I bet I could fuck your brains out.” She smiled so sweetly, but there was a mischievous look in her eyes. “Y-y-you want to do that?” I stammered out. A wave of passion swept over my body in hot rolling waves. “Hell yeah, I’ll fuck you good baby. So what do you say, you want your girlfriend to fuck your ass?” She whispered in my ear seductively.”Hell yeah” I said. I didn’t know what I was committing myself to. She said, “No time like the present. (She got up, walked to the closet and pulled out a large box) I’m going to go get ready. When I bet back YOU better be ready (she went to the bathroom).”I was dumbfounded I didn’t know what to expect. I just sat there marveling at how quickly things happened. One minute I am confessing my deepest fantasy and the next I find myself at the very edge of making it really happen. I was quite excited at what was coming next. I started to disrobe. Moments later, the bathroom door opened and my mouth fell open but I was speechless. She was standing there naked expect for a larger-than-life cock strapped to her.She could tell I was mesmerized by the contrast of her girlish figure and the pendulous appendage dangling between her legs. She gave that huge cock few pumps with her tiny hand and asked me, “Do you like?”She walked up to me, placed her hand on my shoulder pushing me down on my knees. “I think you know what to do.” She guided it toward my lips. I had never sucked cock before but I took to it like a seasoned whore. I let all my inhibitions melt away replaced by blinding lust.I avcılar escort was slobbering all over that cock, stretching my mouth in obscene ways to accommodate as much as I could. I surprised myself by suppressing my gag reflex and slipping most of it down my throat.I heard her say, “Oh my god, look at you suck dick.”She waited until I made another attempt at deep throating, then she grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down. I tried to pull back but she used both of hands and applied more pressure saying, “Come on baby suck my cock. You’re over half way — come on, take it all.”I surrendered to the moment and let myself be used like a fuck toy. More and more slid down my throat until finally my forehead touched her soft belly. I looked up into her eyes and she hissed, “Oh yeah, you fucking whore. You love to suck cock don’t you?”I nodded completely unaware that I had accomplished quite a feat by deep throating the entire length. “I can see your throat bulging with my big dick, you’ve either had a LOT of practice or you’re a natural born cocksucker. So which one is it?” She withdrew the entire length out of my throat and mouth. Strings of salvia still connected us together as my jaw readjusted to a normal position.”I’ve never …” is all I said weakly.”Well, maybe not but you will, you will. Take my word for it you’re a natural. With talent like that it’s a waste to let it go unused. (she paused a moment thinking to herself) Come here slut.” She said.I leaned closer and she cock slapped me across the face playfully leaving smears of saliva on both sides of my face. “Now back to sucking my dick.” She demanded.I did as I was told giving her a blowjob that would be the envy of any streetwalker, while she continued to insinuate that I had lied about my experience. “How else could you be so fucking good at sucking dick, well tell me,” She said. Without warning she stopped face fucking me and pulled me towards the bed. “Time to fuck.” She stated with eagerness. “Honey careful, be easy on me this is my first time, Ok?” I said in a worried tone.She said, “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle I promise (she giggled). I’ll start off slow and easy (she paused and looked kindly into my eyes) but we’ll end up fast and hard, I’ll use you like a piece of meat (she said harshly, smacking my ass hard).” “Ouch.” I exclaimed. She maneuvered me onto the bed with my ass near the edge. She was standing up holding my legs, balancing them on her shoulders, guiding her monstrous cock toward my virginal hole.”I want to see the look on you face when I shove my cock up your ass.” She said seriously. I felt the pressure of her cock trying to gain entry; it was slippery with copious amounts of my spit. My ass slowly and painfully expanded just enough for the head to slip in. My eyes bulged out and I yelped, “Ouch, oh baby that hurts please.” She relented just long enough to reassure me, “Sshh, sssh, baby, just relax.” She cooed. Listening to the sound of her voice and the new feeling of being taken like a girl started to have a profound effect on me. “Oh, Oh, Oh” I couldn’t help myself. I started to moan like a cheap whore as the pain in my ass subsided causing me to pant and groan like a rutting a****l. “There’s my slut, I knew you would come out and play.” She started to feed me bağcılar escort more and more asking, “Is that too much baby or not enough?””Oh yeah, more, more” was my only answer until she shoved it in balls deep. I let out a loud moan that announced my total submission. True to her word, she started out slow and easy like a courteous lover, letting me get use to the feel of being on the receiving end.Her pace started to quicken and her thrusting became more powerful. She was fucking me harder and faster as our bodies made a familiar sound of slap, Slap, SLAP. Each thrust was punctuated by the sound of our bodies smacking together. I had lost all composure having never felt so vulnerable and submissive. I started to encourage her, “Yeah baby, that’s it use me, fuck me, fuck my ass hard.” “You dirty little slut. You’re my little bitch. Now that I know how much your ass likes being fed cock I promise to feed it regularly.” She promised.The sound of our bodies slapping together was obscene it reminded me of a porno movie, but with me as the starlet. Our bodies sounded out a primal rhythm, slap, Slap, SLAP. She stopped long enough to roll me over onto my hands and knees.”Here it comes baby!” she announced spearing me with her cock. She gripped my hips tightly and began to slam into my ass even harder than before, and it went much deeper in this position. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure shooting through my body.”Look at that ass, you sure can take a lot of cock. You’re a real slut aren’t you?” She spanked me emphasizing her point. I couldn’t respond my body was being used as a meat puppet and (much to my surprise) I enjoyed it, all I could do was moan.”Just imagine I could be a real man back here fucking you.” She said out loud. My only response was more moaning like a whore.She stopped her aggressive thrusting and slowly withdrew from my tortured hole, asking, “Would you like that? Tell me, would you like to have a real (she tapped my ass with her cock) big (tap) fat (tap) cock (tap) shoved up your ass?””Oooh baby please.” I said, backing my ass up searching for the source of my newfound pleasure. She rubbed the head around my enlarged hole teasing me. She was enticing me, “A nice big hard cock on a man who knows how to use it. You would know what it feels like to suck a real one…” “Oh yeah sounds good. Please honey, please….” My voice trailed off.”Please what? You want me to set you up for some abuse by cock?” She teased me further with he fingers in a way usually reserved for woman. “Whatever you want I’ll do it I promise. I’ll be a slut a whore just please finish me off.” I blurted out. She grabbed my hair and pulled back. “It’s a deal then. I’ll pimp that ass of yours out. I promise that you will love a real man back here with balls slapping against your ass, making you his bitch.” She drove her cock deep.”Aaaah.” I clutched the sheets.”See you’re ready for some cock now. I’ve loosened up that hole good. Who knows, maybe after he’s done with you he’ll turn you over to his friends to use at both ends until you’re covered in jism and fucked raw.” She slammed into me grinding her hips against me trying to force even more inside me. Even though I hadn’t even touched my dick I felt an orgasm coming on. “Oh baby, I’m coming ah ah ah!” I blurted out.She rotated göztepe escort her hips against me twisting and twirling the huge thing inside me. As she did this, it had the remarkable effect of hitting my g-spot causing me to come harder than I had my entire life. My whole body shook with such intensity that my arms and legs were quivering for hours afterwardsI collapsed forward onto the bed with her on my back. Breathing hard I said, “Oh god that was good. I can’t believe it.” “Plenty more where that came from.” She promised, continuing to grind against me. My body was twitching involuntarily every time it hit my prostrate. “The boys will be lining up for you trust me. (She put her fingers in my mouth) Lining up at both ends….” She whispered quietly in my ear.After a few brief moments, something remarkable happened I started to get hard and excited again. I let out a moan that she answered, “You want some more slut?””Yessss.” I relied.She pulled me up on my hands and knees again and we went for it like a****ls. This time she encouraged me to jack off. She was fucking me with long slow strokes as I pumped my cock vigorously. She stopped and withdrew quickly from my ass. My ass remained dilated with air rushing in to fill the void where her monstrous cock was. I stopped jacking off and asked, “babe aren’t you going to fuck me? “Oh yeah, I will in just a minute. I want to capture the moment. I’ve stretched your ass out so good you won’t believe it. You’ve got a gaping hole like a porno slut” She reached over to the nightstand for her cell and took several pictures of my ass from different angles.She mounted me again from behind. And it didn’t take long for me to come for the second time — it was almost as intense as the first time. I was exhausted as she withdrew and stood up. She unbuckled the strapon and it dropped to the floor with a loud thud.”A job well done if I say so myself.” She looked down at me lying in bed and started to send a text message. She read aloud as she typed, ” Look at my handiwork I gaped this bitch out good but he needs more — interested?””What are you doing?” I asked”Oh, nothing baby.” She answered innocently then curled up in bed with me, and we cuddling together. She asked me, “So did you like it?””Yes of course I did. Who was that you sent the message to?” I was a little embarrassed and worried.”Oh that’s just a friend. (she quickly changed the subject) When you fantasize about being fucked are you a dirty eager whore or are you a reluctant sissy that needs to be forced?” She questioned.My answer was, “I don’t know. I guess willing.” “Good, you’re a willing whore, but if your really going to be a cock whore you need one thing baby.” She set the bait.Of course I bit, “What’s that?” “Experience! A whore needs lots and lots of experience. A whore is a slab of meat that does whatever and loves it. Do you want a lesson in what it is like to be a whore?” She demanded.”Yes” I said. Almost as if on cue, her cellular rang loudly. She answered, “Hey howzit going?” My heart fluttered. I wondered who it was.”Yeah, nice pictures eh? Well you wanna break off a piece of that?” She asked.”Great, he’s brand new — really just out of the wrapper. I popped his cherry tonight.” She said proudly. She was listening intently to her cell. “Oh I don’t know if he’s ready for that just yet, but eventually.” She replied looking at me with a smile.She was listening again, but I couldn’t hear anything — damn it.”Wow, OK sounds good. When? (brief pause) OK see ya.” She hung up and faced me.”Who was that?” I asked inquisitively. “No one baby, lets get some sleep ok?” She said. We slowly drifted off to sleep in each other arms.

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