Return to Paradise Ch. 06


There is so much happening on the island now. It’s hard to keep track of who is who even for me. I’m going to be switching viewpoints as I did above and try to keep things on track for you my loyal reader. I hope I don’t confuse you too much with the story line. What I like it that we now have different family dynamics, and kind of a group goal of thriving and not judging.


Jackson’s Coming of age

Told by Jackson – His Mom and him are on the island, and have not really been a couple. His mom is Liz and she had a brief affair with her father that resulted in Jackson’s birth. She was not too keen on the turn of events at the island, especially the nudity part, but secretly she voted yes on it as she was hopeful Jackson would get interested in someone.

I’m Jackson, Mom and I survived the end of the world. Lucky us. We hooked up with an older couple and a bunch of people of people headed to their island. We didn’t know what to do so we tagged along. It’s been just Mom and me forever it seems. My Dad never comes around which makes me the man of the family. Mom hasn’t dated since Dad left us, and I’m kinda glad of that as I get her all to myself. Over the last couple months I’ve started noticing her more and more in a special way. I can’t explain it, she hasn’t changed really it’s just I notice how her blouse hugs her breasts or the pantie lines when she wears her dress slacks.

One day I just came in from school, mom was sitting on the couch watching TV wearing her exercise pants and a sports bra. I sat in a recliner near her feet. I was facing the TV but also where I could see her from her bare feet and legs all the way up to where my heart skipped. The material of her pants was a spandex material and I swear I saw the outline of her pussy lips forming a camel toe, and I thought and it could be my imagination “Is that her Clit?”

Mom with her eyes on the TV asked, “So how was your day?”

Somehow I responded, “Pretty good mom. Pretty good.” My eyes followed up her body afraid to have her catch me staring at her pussy. Her nipples were hard and poking out the thin material of the sports bra. I kept my eyes going up to hers, she was watching me.

She was always very upfront with me and she said, “You must like what you see, you make your old mom feel good.”

I said, “You look wonderful, you work out hard and it shows.” I think I turned three shades of red but she said nothing about it if I did.

She said, “Well I better go shower, I think I stink from working out.” She got up, my eyes glued to her. Actually more watching how her pants fit over her pussy as she move. I’ve never seen a real pussy in person, just on the internet, but her pants did not leave much to my imagination.

She said, “Stand up and at least give your old mom a hug!” and outstretched her arms. I stood up, and hugged her.

Her breast pushed against my chest as we exchanged a brief hug, my cock was hard and I hoped she did not notice when it brushed her thigh. I said, “I’m going to my room and work on a report I have coming up.”

She said, “Okay, We’ll do something for dinner, maybe go out to eat.” With that she turned and started upstairs in front of me. Her ass was right in my face the whole way up the stairs, she looked back and I thought I heard her say “Humm.”

I was hard as I could get when I got to my room, but I didn’t want to jack off right then with Mom still on my mind, so I cracked my books open and tried to study. I had got my laptop booted up and just started typing my report when I heard a thud, and mom yelling, “Jackson!”

I ran out of my room down the hall opening the bathroom door to get to her. She was laying in the tub, her legs draped over the side of it as naked as the day she was born. I quickly inventoried the situation; she was holding her right wrist with her left hand with her beautiful breast on display. Her breast were not huge but they were big, and her nipples were standing up surrounded by the dark brown circles of her areolas. I couldn’t see her pussy.

She said, “Enough staring, hand me a towel.”

I said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare, really.” And handed her the towel.

Mom answered, “It’s okay, I can’t get out of here, I hurt my wrist. I need you to help me get up. Can you do that?”

“Sure Mom, I can help you.” I tried to figure out the best way I could.

“Why don’t you step in the tub and grab me around my shoulders.” She asked.

I did exactly what she asked and got her up on to her feet, my hand had to go around her back, her arm over my neck, and her left boob was pressed into my chest with only my t-shirt separating her bare breast and my chest. It didn’t take much to get her on her feet.

“Honey, my ankle is too sore to stand on, can you help me get into the bedroom?” She asked, I was on her right side and had to hack forum switch as her left ankle was the one that was hurt. I got a wonderful view of her ass as I moved over to the other side of her. We started to hobble into the bedroom, the towel fell off her front, and she just said, “Screw it, you seen everything anyway.”

We managed to get her into the bedroom and I sat her on the bed. I got a good view right between her legs, the very tunnel that brought me into this world was there looking back at me. She was totally shaved. She was just sitting there almost in a trance. I broke the silence, I had to say something, “Mom, you okay?”

“Yes, I can’t believe how stupid I was, I didn’t put that damn mat down before I got in.” she said.

“I think we need to get you looked at, I’ll call 911.” I said.

“Don’t be silly, help me get some clothes on and we can go to urgent care.” She said.

“Okay.” Was all I could say.

“I’m sorry you have to see me like this.” She said.

“It’s no big deal.” My heart was racing as I got her panties and some sweat pants and t-shirt. IT was a big deal, my first ever true to god naked female ever.

Mom said, “You all wet, go change into some dry clothes and we can go.” And as I was leaving the room added, “Jackson, thank you for helping me, I love you son.”

I went to my room stripped my wet clothes off, stroked my cock maybe 6 times and I shot my load into my discarded underwear. I got dressed quickly and went to attend to helping mom. We got her taken care of. They wrapped her ankle and wrist, saying “it’s nothing to serious Your mom just needs to stay off her ankle as much as she can and limit her use of her wrist for a few days.”

When we finally got back home we ordered pizza and camped out on the couch together for a while and watched a movie and made small talk for a while. We paused the movie and I made some popcorn, and came back in with a couple bowls of it.

She said, “You know I don’t know what I would have done without you today. You were a god send. It was years ago before you were born I hurt my ankle like that in the shower before. My father was there to help me out then. It was so embarrassing to have him and now you see me helpless and naked.”

“It’s no big deal really, you are beautiful and I didn’t mind at all.” I said.

Mom replied, “You are so sweet! I love you. You make me feel good complimenting me like that. You are going to make some girl really lucky someday.”

Over the course of the next couple days I helped mom. A couple times it was simply getting in the shower. She wore a robe in and I caught a full frontal view as she handed it out to me. I sat there and waited, catching a peek every now and then and handed her a towel and then held the robe open for her to get into.

“You know honey,” Mom said, “I could have done that by myself. But I did feel better with you there just in case.”

“Mom, “, I started, “It was really my pleasure to help you. I love how you look, not in a bad way, but you are very beautiful.”

“Still, you should not have to see me this way, or even get to see me like this.” She said.

I countered, “You do know nudity is not really bad. There is a nudist beach near here even.”

“I know, I’m just not into the nudist lifestyle really. It was nice not having to worry about being seen naked knowing it was just part of what I needed to get done.” She said. “You were great not making anything more out of it.”

I thought to myself if only she knew what I pictured in my mind when I masturbate.

I said, “Well anytime you need help, or if don’t want to worry about covering up, I don’t mind.”

Mom said, “That’s nice of you, and I will keep that in mind, it might make a few things easier if we were relaxed a bit about nudity. Just not like hanging out naked okay? “

I agreed, and for a while I would catch her in the hallway after a shower with a towel on her head and nothing else, or a door would be left open and she was changing. Just more relaxed. One early weekend morning, I got brave and went to take a shower going from my room to the shower totally naked waiting for her door to open up. She came out of her bedroom totally naked, headed for the same shower. This was the first time I was naked in front of her since I was maybe 7. We actually stood there for a while and chatted about our plans for the day.

“Jackson, what you got going on today?” She asked as if everything was totally normal as if standing in the hallway chatting with your naked son was an everyday thing.

I answered, “I have a report due, and I was going to go to the computer store to pick up some parts for a project I want to make.” The computer store here is like Radio Shack used to be and has lots of electronic parts.

Mom said, “The girl I work with want to go take a class at the Gym today and I was going to tag a long.”

I jokingly said, “Cool, You can go first for the shower if you like.”

Mom said, “What, you don’t want to join me?”

I smirked, “I didn’t know that was an option.”

“You don’t have the guts to do it.” She said.

Quickly I retorted, “Like you do.” Giving her a shit eating grin.

Mom said, “Don’t try me! You go ahead and get in, I’ll get in later.” And with that she walked to her room.

I laughed to myself a little, knowing that I won! I left the door cracked and got in the shower. Soaping myself up, good. I wasn’t really hard, but not soft either, I thought about jacking off but with the door open I decided not to. I was rinsing my hair off when I hear the shower door slide open, and mom got in.

As her breast pressed into my back Mom said, “I told you not to try me.” And she washed my back for me. “Why don’t you return the favor an wash my back too, it’s been so long since anyone has done that.”

I took the soap from her hands, lathering it up in my hands, not using a wash rag I started washing her back. It felt amazing and I was hard in no time, I continued and washed her ass. When one of my fingers went into the crack of her ass she turned to face me causing my cock to graze across her hips, the tip coming to rest on her stomach. She started to back up just a little causing my cock to slide just a little and then I soaked her breast with my cum.

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t mean to do that, I turned around got out and grabbed a towel and all but ran to my room saying “I’m sorry, God I’m sorry.”

She rinsed my cum off and followed me, still as naked as can me. She said, “Don’t be sorry, it was my fault, I should never have done that. I’m a bad mom. I’ll never do anything like that again, forgive me.”

I was just sitting her on my bed, towel covering now erect again cock, staring at her body. I was drinking in every detail and said, “I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to, I couldn’t stop, I mean you are a great mom. I loved that.”

She came over to me and held my face to her bare chest. “I love you too son, we just can’t do this. It’s so wrong. I don’t hate you for wanting, and don’t hate me for wanting either, but we can’t do this, it’s wrong and illegal.”

I held her a little longer, my arms wrapped around hold her ass cheeks. Finally breaking the hug I said, “I understand.. Let’s forget it and no more showering together. I love you MOM.”

Weeks went by, a little nudity but no more touching, no more showers, we got some good views. But it was just in passing in the hall stuff.

Things were just getting kinda normal again. And then one morning the neighbor was out on the lawn eating her husband’s testicles. She had torn his throat open already. The news gave us the story and we held tight for what seemed like a long time, a bus came out way with some people headed to an island on it and we joined them. One place we had to all strip down they were looking for bite marks on us. I was behind mom, kind embarrassed, with my hard cock pocking against her ass.

Mom whispered back to me, “Make that go way, now. I don’t want any trouble here. “

I said, “I can’t” with that she backed into me a little more. The head of my cock slipping between her butt cheeks. I was trapped she went back and forth a couple times and I came, problem solved. She scooped my cum up with her hands and did something I had never though she would, she shoved her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. I looked around, no one saw us, but some of the boys had the same problem I did, and no one helping them with it at the moment.

She said, “That never happened.”

We made it to the promised island and things were tight, we did get our own room, with our own bathroom and a view. Mom put herself on the cooking duty along with a couple other girls. Everyone was pitching in somehow. I got assigned to help with putting up some temporary housing, basically to get people out from under each other’s feet.

In the first couple weeks we got two set up and they were pretty good, They had lights and fans when the electricity was on, and each had 2 bedrooms and a small common area. Nothing fancy, no kitchen or bathrooms. The older kids were mostly assigned to these as pairs to a room with bunks in each room. They have plans for more but for right now it helps a lot. Best of all we get to keep our room.

They/we all voted on some rules for the island and Nudity was optional on the island. There was some that embraced it, and some that just accepted it as it happened. Mom and I was more relaxed in our room or at the pool.

One evening after working, I came in with a sore back, and just hit the shower. Mom was in the room and just watched as I lumbered in, stripped down and went into the bathroom and showered. I came out and just laid on the bed with the towel around my waist. Next thing I knew it was dark outside, and I had someone spooned to the front of me and I was holding a bare breast in my hand. Somewhere in the night Mom’s shirt had been invaded by my hand. I thought to myself, “I can’t do this, it’s wrong.”

Mom moved a little, gave a little “mmmm..” and turned over her way allowing me to get away. I looked over at her, my hand had not invaded her shirt, she didn’t have one on.

The next morning we woke up, this time she was spooning me. Her breasts pressed into my back. Mom said, “Jackson? You awake?”

I said, “Yes. I guess I feel asleep last night really sound after the shower.”

Mom said, “Yes you did, I was going to offer you a back rub, but you fell asleep so I just snuggled up against you and I slept better than I had since we’ve been on this island. Thank you.”

I said, “I slept well too, I woke up once and was holding you like this.”

Mom said, “I know I felt you. It didn’t take either of us long to fall back to sleep.”

“It was nice, but right now I really have a little issue that is embarrassing but I have to get up.” I said, and she let me get up.

Seeing my issues, she said, “My that’s not such a little issue is it?”

“Mom, give me a break I gotta pee.” I said.

Mom pleaded, “Come back and snuggle for a bit after you do please? I’m off this morning and I told them you would be off too.”

I did my business and came back to bed. I was still naked and slightly hard as I climbed under the covers. I had gotten used to seeing Mom’s breasts, but she was now fully naked under the covers. Not totally rare, but mostly just briefly when she was changing or getting in the shower.

Mom asked, “You okay with this?”

I said, “If you are okay I’m okay.” She pulled herself against me, her breast felt delightful on my chest. I swear I saw the covers develop a tent pole with out of nowhere. She didn’t say a thing to me, just nuzzled against my chest harder. Her leg went over mine, and I felt her pussy against my leg for the first time. I thought she felt very wet, but I wasn’t sure if that was what if should feel like.

I pulled her a little tighter to me, and said, “Mom, I love you.” Running my hand down her back to just the very tip of her butt crack and back a few times. I almost had her purring. She ran her hand on my chest downward. I was praying that she wouldn’t touch my cock as the moment she did I knew I would explode and this would be over.

She whispered into my ear, “Jackson, I love you so much.” And she flicked her tongue out and some how grabbed my earlobe and licked or sucked, I can remember which, I think she sucked it. Anyway the next word I heard was “Lay still just a second.”

She moved just a little, “Baby, give me your hand. You feel that?”

What I felt was slick and wet, and felt almost obscene, “Oh yes, I feel it mommy.” I thought where the hell did “Mommy” come from.

“That little hard spot right here, do me a huge favor. I want you to lick it.” She quietly begged.

I moved down, thankful that I was off the hook and she didn’t grab my cock right then. I kissed each of her nipples as I was moving down to between her legs, leaving a trail of my kisses so I could find my way back. I found her clitoris, I knew the word, and I knew about them and what to do with them. I had just never done it, until now.

“Oh yes, baby! Right there. Up around, and ohhh, Ohhh yes, lick it baby, suck it.. oh..oh… ” was all she could say. After a few minute she got into a “La… La.. ick Lick it!” rut, about 30 seconds later I felt a gush or warmth in my mouth and gritting her teeth all she said was, “YEeeeeeees” He hips bucked up to my face and back sever times. I knew she was cumming and kept it up until she grabbed my head. I followed the trail I had blazed earlier with kisses, lingered a little at her breast, and worked up to kiss her on the lips. As I kissed her, I felt her hands slide between us she grabbed my cock and led it to her pussy, the one I was last in when I was born, and with one little tap of my ass I was inside my mom again after all these years.

She whispered, “Cum for mommy, cum in mommy, I’m cummmmming…” She was cumming again and so was I this time. I filled my mother up with my seed.

We lay in bed the rest of the morning, Mom let me have free range on exploring her body, telling me. “Only thing is leave my asshole alone.”

I got to lick, kiss, touch, explore her as much as I liked that morning. We had sex a couple more times, she let me fuck her between her breast, something I saw in a porno movie that we more fun to watch that it is do. She sucked my cock to get me hard and that was great. I also learned I don’t like the taste of my cum in a pussy, but to please mom I still licked her pussy again.

We napped for a little bit, got up and went to shower. We went to eat like normal.

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