Relation with Moms Friend Pt. 02


Please read first part before reading this. At that time her age was 50 and mine was 20.

**********GETTING CLOSER*************

I ran to the switch board and switch on the light. I could see her clearly.She too getup and now sitting on bed. She was kind of in half sleep and half awake. She was not able to open her eyes properly. She was moaning.

Her gown’s front hooks are all open. Her half boobs are visible, they were very attractive. Her gown was of the shoulder, and her both bra strap visible. she was looking so attractive. But I was not sure what to do, everything was happening too fast.

I was not mentally prepared for such situation.

Then I initiated conversation

Me: “What are you doing aunty.”

Over her gown, she started squeezing her boobs with one hand, and with other hand she was scratching her pussy over her gown.

With her every move, she was driving me crazy. I started losing my self control. By now my dick stared hardening.

She replied in moaning voice

She : “Why you stood up. please come to me. I need your help.”

Her tone was sounding horny. But I was still under social pressure, how can I think evil about the lady of my mother’s age. I did like mature women, but I never thought to do with Sharmishtha aunty.

Me: “what kind of help? What do you mean?”

She: “Dear I need your male touch, I want to make love with you. Please come here. God gave us istanbul escort this opportunity, please don’t waste it. Please come to me.”

She opened her both hands and invited me.

Me: “Aunty what are you saying? We cant do such things, You are not in your senses. Please go to your room.”

She: “Yes today I lost my senses. I don’t want to think about society and morality any more. No body cares. I want to be selfish now. I am hungry from years. Please don’t ruin this chance.”

Me: “I understand, but you are very elder to me, how can I do such thing with you. its not right.”

She: “Dear all these excuses are of no use. At the end of the day I am independent woman and you are independent man. we are free to do what we like, no body else has nothing to do with this. Its between you and me.”

While this conversation was going on. she was just playing with her body (over gown) in front of me and teasing me with her sexy moves.

she is now frustrated due to my resistance. her tone changed.

She: “Ok, I understand, I am old, ugly and dark woman, so you are not interested in me. If I were attractive fair, l and beautiful you would have not wasted time.”

Me: “No Aunty, don’t say that, don’t call yourself ugly. its not right. you are very attractive and beautiful.”

She: “Ok, then come to me please. women inside me is very hungry. You come here and feed this istanbul escort bayan women.”

************** THE STREPTEASE************************

She then stood up on bed, she slowly bent down and pull up her gown till her waist and all the time she was looking at me. then she pulled it out and just thrown it on my face.

I got erotic smell of her sweat from her gown, that amazing smell of a woman changed my mood.

Now she was in her white bra and panty. She had huge dark boobs. It was kind of shaggy but bra was kind of tight, and boobs looks so tempting. She started playing with her boobs. She was teasing me.

Then she spread her legs, then she put her one hand inside her panty and started exploring her pussy. I could she her moving fingers under her panty.

I was about to break. I could not hold it any more.

She: “Do you like this dear, and am I not beautiful? Why are you so far from me? Don’t you want to feel me? Don’t you want to touch me? Don’t you want to kiss me? Don’t you want to lick me?”

The she turn around, and bend little. Her huge dark ass was just 5 feet away from me. As she bent, her ass was looking bigger than what it was. Her panty was stuck inside her ass crack. It showed me complete shape of her buttocks.

Then she pushed both hand under her panty on her back side. And she started squeezing her both ass chicks with her both hands. escort istanbul Due that action her panty little came down. It exposed her top half of her ass. She was looking too hot in that pose.

And I lost there.

************************** BARRIER BROKEN****************

I just ran to her, hugged her from back. started playing with her boobs and just tucked my dick in her ass crack. I started kissing her neck.

I moved her towards me. I started giving her French kiss and then we both fall on bed. She too kissed me back with same wildness. and in no time we were sucking each other tongue. and exchange lot of saliva.

I loved her taste. I pulled up her bra and started sucking her boobs one after another like there is no tomorrow. She was moaning loud. and just playing with my hairs. We kissed licked each other for whole night. We stayed one more day and night there.

So that is how the barrier between us was broken and we both fucked each other madly after that day whenever we can. She

She just open up about her life, her problem, reason of choosing me. and our relation is still going on whenever we get chance. We have to plan session very carefully to keep it secret. She was traditionally lady so I taught her lot about internet and sex, and the actions she never did in her life.

So please let me know do you like this story or not. I am waiting for your feedback.

What more you want to know about.

Our Sexual activities in details?

Our talks?

Her situations?

Our other secret planned encounters?

How she learned modern sex?

Please write to me in comment section. I will narrate the most preferred topic by chosen by you guys.

Thank you for your time.

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