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He was in wood shop class in highschool and he saw a tiny young black girl who was lonely and tiny. She was an underdevloped 16yr old and had never been properly fucked. At first he swonned her not caring if she would liek it or not but she loved every second of it. He liked the tightness of her bo0dy and wondered what it would look like without those cloths on. She was a black but she had crazy ideas in her mind. IT seemed that she might have been abused or something as a kid probabluy by a family member because her pussy was not virgin and she knew things, at the same time she was so innocent you wouldnt think of fuckin her at sight. I tricked her into calling me like a pimp and set up a meeting at 8:30 Am when school started. I planned to bring her to my house early and see what she was really about. I biked her to my house and we went to the basement to kickit. WE flirted and touched eachother me trying to loosen her up to see what she really had. I got out some old and really strong dark liquor I had saved and we took a couple shots. This liquor was so strong thats all we needed. She slowly got hot and i played her like a pro. Then she went toooo drunk and stopped talking and caring just dizzy and quiet. i was also very dizzy but not as bad. She laid on the big couch ass up and i rubber her allover. She would not respond, just wiggle around a little. I slowly rubbed her privates and got her hot. she never faught what was happening which supports that this was not the first time she was taken advantage of. I loved every minute of fondling her tight young ass and hips stomacn face and tits. I decided i could not fuck her now beacuse it would be weird the next day. So i slowly slipped off her pants and undies while she lie flat on her stomach almost sleeping and passed out. I got her ass out and its was amazing. Her black hormones were in full efect. In jeans her ass looked small but in the open her ass was the tightse but plumpest round ass ever, Demetevler Escort she really got that black in her. I mmarvled at the beauty and perfection or her tiny plump roung thight ass and rubbed it for a while loving all of it. Nowadays i would have rammed my toung deep in that ass but i was not into that then. so since she was out of it i undressed and rubbed my cock on her ass. She was completly out so i decided not to violate her unknowingly. I rubbed my cock in her cheeks and felt her awsome tight ass with my other hand, my fingers going as deep as i could loving every minute of it. her ass was a masterpiece with no cellulite and a perfect proportion but very bubblbut like. I straddled her ass with her face down and my cock ontop of her ass jerking and rubbing it and loving it. I needed reliefe that night so I came hard squeezing her sleeping ass cheecks with my free hand and sliding all over her young tight black ass with my cockhead while juicing all over it. i slept and then drove her home at like 4am when we were both sober, dont think she knew i did all that but maby.
2nd date. I picked her little black ass up after talking to her on the phone and she loved that i was still intrested in her. I picked her up and she was timid and happy from my manly apperance. I did not take her out i went straight home to play with her and she knew it. She had been over before and rode my cock so good i had to push her off me so i dint fill her ovarys with my huge load and have a mixed jan baby. So this time i was devoted to cum in her someway or another, i hate pulling out and beating my cock while fucking. I put in a DVD and we watched like 20 mins before i was rubbing her tits and cunt while tounging her mouth. I dont eat pussy so i rely on my magic fingers to heat my girls up. This black teen was not in need of heating up so i moved right into the funn stuff. I got her cloths off so i could see her perfect black ass tiny and round with tight Dikmen Escort cheeks aching for attention. I didnt waste time and i laid her down on my mattress when she was wet and ready. she laid face down her ass poking way out and up but her very slender waist and thighs made her ass look edible. i rubbed all over hear back shoulders waist ass cheeks and legs. I slowly rubbed her pussy from the back and was amazed by how ready it was for my cock. I couldnt wait aneymore so i mounted her face down ass and started rubbing her pussy with my dichead from behind. it was so wet that it slipped all over her pussy. I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy while rubbing on the small of her back and top of her ass. I was amazed at how hot her tight perky ass was and how i wanted it in a special way. I fucked her pussy from behind while she lay like a board on her stomach. I used her ass as a cushen for my pelvis as i bounced in and out of her young cunt. After a while i was not satisfied plus for some reason, maby the breeze in the room, but her cunt started to feel chilly instead of warm.
Her cunt was cold but very very wet and sopping with juices. i pulled my cock out of her and felt how wet and oiley my cock was.
she was relaxing now and i saw her super tight young black ass under mee, unexpecting that virgin asshole. Im sure she hasent felt this before i thought. I leande back ontop of her and rubbed her wet cunt with my dichhead getting it slipery and wet ready for aneything. then i slid it up her crack and slowly started to slide my cock into her asscheeks. I was amazed by how slipery this was and i easily slid forward opening her tight anus bit my bit. It was feeling like her pussy only dryer but i could feel her ridges of her asshole around my cock and an extra strong tightness on my cockhead. I slowly pumped her teen black tight ass a few times and loved it. her ass started to loosen a bit and i pumped harder. at one point her ass felt like Elvankent Escort her pussy and i asked her “is it in your ass?” She replied “yes” but i was distracted with fucking her butt. I said again “is it in yoru ass” she yelped louder “yes!” and i was happy to confirm it was in her butthole. This meant i could speed up and go for the gold as hard as i could. I slowly parted her asshole over and over and watched with amazement as my cock slid in and out of her tiny tight asshole. I was soft and sentual as i assfucked ehr so she was amazingly quiet almost as if she was enjoying it. I looked at her ass and my cock inside it and took mental pictures of this rare anal fucking. I pulled my cock out almost all the way but just before her assclosed I slid it back in till my cockhead was inside her ass again. then pulled out almost all the way and then shoved my head back in. Doing this i could feel her ashole close eachtime i pulled back and then stretch open on my cock as i shoved the tip back in and out. Before long i was ready to come, but i kept stopping short of busting just to savor the amazing feel of a virgin black teen ass clenching hard on my dickhead. I finally let it flow and exploded with a dizzying, spirting, blinding orgasem which left her squirming on my cock up her ass hole and finished by burying it real deep while i was cumming. I pulled out soon after and her ass snapped closed tight and slowly oozed my cum out her ass. She did not do aneything about it and let her asshole eat my come while we dressed and laughed about the hot anal we did together.
She was my teen anal fuck toy for a few months but i had to drop her because i could not take her young ass aneywhere it would look too weird. But i will never forget my most intense, blinding, and powerful orgasem in that young black teens asshole and the many more after that. She was down for aneything and even let me fuck deep in her throat without complaining, then had her ride my cock deep in her young cunt, and best of all when im ready to cum she lets me take my sopping dick out her tight wet cunt and slip it up her asshole for some hard strokes while I blow huge loads deep in her asshole and love it. I want more girls like her and would do this to each one, every day, over, and over, and over! I love tight assholes.

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