Read before you sign pt8/2


Read before you sign pt8/2″Good slut, my cum and your cum will be your favourite meal…Now it’s my turn to cum and make your ass a cum dump!”Laura grabbed Rebecca’s legs and began to pound her slave hard.”Fuck!” Rebecca groaned.”Here it comes slut, ENJOY YOUR FIRST CREAM PIE!” Laura roaded as she began to shoot load after load into Rebecca’s ass. “FUCK!”Laura cock began to stop shooting, and she collapsed onto her slave.Rebecca began to cry. “Thank you, Mistress, for being my first time.””You are…most welcome slave…” Laura replied, catching her breath.Rebecca wrapped her arms and legs around her Mistress as she felt the dick inside her soften.”I want you to stay here tonight,” Laura said.”Mistress, I can’t I don’t have any clothes!””Fine, then you will stay here tomorrow night, and we can explore our relationship further!””I look forward to it, Mistress!” Rebecca giggled.A day laterRebecca walked into the salon, crushed. She has just lost her job, everything had to be cut, and she was one of those people. She didn’t have much money, and the rent was coming up.Laura was working on a customer’s hair when she saw her slave’s head down. A pang of fear shot through her body. Was Rebecca regretting things? Why was she here much earlier?”Rebecca, go into my office and wait for me,” Laura said.Rebecca walked into the back room without saying a word.”Oh, she is new,” The female customer said. “Is she a new worker?””In time yes, she needs to be trained up first,” Laura replied. “I will hand you over to one of the girls. I need to go and see what is wrong with Rebecca.””That’s fine. You have done an awesome job by the way.””Thank you for your kind words,” Laura replied. She called one of the girls over and explained what the customer wanted and left headed for her office.Once she got there, she saw Rebecca on her knees in tears.”Stand up and take a seat at my desk,” Laura said as she walked over to her desk and sat down. Rebecca sat up and made her way over to the desk and sat down. “Right, what’s wrong?””I’ve lost my job,” Rebecca sobbed. “Cuts had to be made, and I was one of them. I’m fucked. My wages were enough to pay my rent and shopping, but the rent is up soon, and I have little food in the fridge.””And?” Laura said, uncaring. “Remember what I told you yesterday?””Yesterday?” Rebecca looked at her, Mistress in confusion. “Oh, wait! The job in here?””Yes,” Laura nodded. “As for your rent and apartment…if your willing to take my dick in your mouth and ass every day. Then you are most welcome to stay at my home as my sexy maid.””I…I…” Rebecca struggled to speak as tears ran down her eyes. “I’m just your slave…you shouldn’t be this nice to me.””I may be a rough Mistress, but I’m not heartless by any means.””But what about the two-week trial?” Rebecca asked. “What happens if you learn something about me that you don’t like and kick me out in two weeks?””I doubt that,” Laura replied. “You’re thinking about negative scenarios right now because of your mindset.””I’m sorry, Mistress.””Don’t apologies,” Laura sighed. “Would you like a job here?””Yes, I will do my best!””Of course you will,” Laura chuckled. “I will be your teacher!”Five days laterIt was Sunday morning around about 8 am. Rebecca woke up and noticed Laura’s arms were around bolu escort her. Rebecca had been staying with her Mistress since Tuesday, and she had become her Mistress’s housemaid when they weren’t at work.Rebecca’s mouth was fucked every day will her ass was given a few days off after her very first fucking on Monday night. But soon that hole was getting fucked.Rebecca tried to wiggle her way out from her Mistress’s grip. But she felt Laura’s grip tighten.”Where do you think you’re going, slave?” Laura said softly.”I was going for a pee, then I was going to make breakfast for my wonderful Mistress,” Rebecca replied.”Good answer, I would like tea and toast, nothing to fancy this morning.” Laura released her grip on her slave. Rebecca hopped out of bed while Laura stretched her arms.Laura laid on her back and stared up at the ceiling. A lot has happened since last Sunday, but she couldn’t be any happier.She finally had her own slave, and the best part was Rebecca was utterly submissive to her, which made things even better. Laura began to think that she had gotten the better slave compared to what Laura got with Samantha.However, she knew they were still on a two-week trial. But she planned to make it official by tonight, and she had two items for Rebecca. Which accepted by her slave. The two-week trial will end.Laura got out of bed and headed for the loo herself. She did a pee and washed her cock as it was going straight into her slave’s mouth after the latter was done with making the breakfast.Laura took off her black shorts and threw them on the ground and laid back in bed and waited for a few minutes then she saw Rebecca in her grey tank top and grey trousers which were her sleeping gear walk into the bedroom holding a plate and tea.The slave her Mistress’s cock and knew what was going to happen. She handed her Mistress the plate and put the cup on the bedside table.”Slut, suck my cock!” Laura ordered.Rebecca grinned and jumped onto the bed. She went straight to work on the cock while Laura was munching away at her toast.”I’ll leave a bit of toast for you. But I will shot my load over it, and you can eat it,” Laura grinned.Rebecca let out an approval sound as she bobbled on her Mistress’s cock.”Fuck!” Laura groaned. “Make me cum faster before your toast gets cold!”Rebbeca upped her pace and used every trick she knew, and after a few minutes, she completed her task.”Bitch, I’m cumming!” Laura said as she pulled a bit of toast down to her cock as she began to wank her meat. Cum came flying out all over the toast. Once Laura milked every last drop. She handed the toast to her slave. “Eat it while you’re staring at me. Know the feeling that I’m watching you eat some toast which as my cum on it.”Rebecca felt her dick harden as she felt so dirty. She began to eat the toast, and it had a bitter taste. But she didn’t care it was her Mistress’s wonder seed.”Ah,” Laura said happily. “I think we will need to make that a new thing we do from now on.””Food with your cum is an honour Mistress,” Rebecca replied.”The highest honour!” Laura said firmly.Rebecca nodded. “Umm…Mistress, could I make a request?””Go on?””Would it be ok if I could head back to my apartment to pick up a few more clothes and burdur escort see the mail that has come in.””Granted! But I will join you.””Thank you, Mistress,” Rebecca smiled.A few hours laterLaura and Rebecca stood outside the latter’s apartment door.Laura turned her head, facing down the corridor to another door. “I’m guessing that’s Samantha apartment?””Officially yeah,” Rebecca replied. “But the way it’s looking Samantha will be moving out of there officially soon and live with Paula.Rebecca opened the door and the pair headed inside. Laura walked further in and checked the flat while Rebecca got on one knee and picked up the mail.Laura walked around and was impressed by how good the flat looked. She always thought one-bedroom flats would like shit. But it appeared Rebecca kept her flat in good shape. Which meant her slave must very tight with money if she is keeping her flat looking good.Laura went back to the front door to see Rebecca looking at the mail. “Any rent?””No,” Rebecca replied. “My rent is always due at the end of the month, a few days after my payday. So I had no problems paying the rent. But now…””I’ll pay it,” Laura said in a firm tone.Rebecca looked up at her Mistress. “But y-you can’t!””And why not?” Laura said, raising an eyebrow.”Because I’m your slave!””And? Look, I will pay the rent for this month, and you can pay me back with your mouth and ass ok?”Rebecca began to smile. “Thank you, Mistress, you’re too kind.””Ha!” Laura laughed. “You won’t be saying that once you officially become my slave!””Bring it on Mistress. I can take whatever you throw at me!” Rebecca replied with a fist pump.Laura had a massive grin on her face. She couldn’t believe this redhead was her slave. She couldn’t believe that she found the perfect slave after all this time.Laura wasn’t going to let Rebecca go at all. Even if she was offered a massive sum of money.”Slave,” Laura said softly.”Yes, Mistress?””Would you feel comfortable if we fast-tracked your decision from next Sunday to tonight?””I can make it right now,” Rebecca replied.”No tonight will do, because I have a few…things…for you. If you agree to accept me as your full-time Mistress.””I understand,” Rebecca bowed her head.Hours later”Ride my fucking cock bitch!” Laura demanded as she slapped Rebecca’s ass cheeks as the latter was bouncing on her Mistress’s cock. “Ride me fucking harder until my balls fucking explode with cum and paint your ass a new colour!”Rebecca was holding on to Laura’s tits as she bounced up and down this was her second favourite position cowgirl. Her favourite position when her Mistress is drilling her from behind.Laura watched Rebecca bounce up and down, the redhead, giving it her all to please her Mistress.”Bitch, raise your ass halfway and don’t move!”Rebecca did as she was told and raised her ass. Laura’s cock was half in her now.Laura pushed her hips up, drilling Rebecca’s abused hole.”Fuck!” Rebecca groaned.Laura picked up the pace moving her hips up and down fucking her slave senseless.After a few minutes, Laura pushed Rebecca backwards as the slave landed on her back with her ass being free from her Mistress’s cock but it wasn’t for long as Laura got up from the bed and pulled Rebecca’s legs towards bursa escort her. She opened the legs wide and guided her cock back into her favourite hole and resumed fucking her slave.”Fuck, fuck fuck, fuck!” Rebecca said over and over again.Laura leaned over and placed her hand over Rebecca’s throat. She tightened her hold on, but it wasn’t enough to choke her slave.”Who are you?” Laura asked.”A slave!” Rebecca replied.”Who’s slave?”Your slave!””And what is your role as my slave?””Is to pleasure and serve you in any way, any time or any place. That is my role as your slave!””Do you accept me as your Mistress?””Fuck, yes, I do!” Rebecca cried with joy.Laura began to slam harder as she was close to cumming.”Will you do anything that I desire providing its reasonable?””Yes!””Are you willing to leave your old life behind and start a new one as my slave?””Yes!” Rebecca said as she was getting close as well.”Very well then…” Laura said, breathing heavily. “There is three that we must do to make this official.””What…is…it?” Rebecca replied.”For us to both cum and for you to wear your new items.””Items?” Rebecca said, confused. A chastity belt maybe? But that thought faded when she began to move due to how hard Laura was slamming into her.”You may cum when ready slut!” Laura said.Rebecca didn’t need to be told twice as she roared with her cock spitting out cum and it everywhere. She didn’t get a chance to collect her cum as Laura pulled out and began to wank her cock.”Slut get on your knees and open your mouth!” Laura ordered.Rebecca got to the floor as quickly as she could and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Laura put her cock on Rebecca’s tongue and shot load after load into her slave’s mouth.”FUCK!” Laura roared as began to feel her legs wobble.Rebecca swallowed every drop and began to suck her Mistress off to milk the cock of it’s remaining cum.”Slave, your amazing, your mouth and ass. Fuck me, I think, Paula picked the wrong girl.”Hearing those words made Rebecca’s heart skip a beat. The praise made her shed a few tears.”Now stay on your knees while I grab the items that will seal our deal,” Laura said. She moved backwards as the cock slid out of Rebecca’s mouth and she headed over to the bedside table and opened the drawer up and pulled out two boxes.She walked back over to her slave and headed her the two boxes. “Open them!”Rebecca opened the first box and saw a collar and then she opened the second box and saw a chastity device.”Slut, if you agree to wear these two items, then you are my slave.”Rebecca looked at the two items. Then looked up at her Mistress with a grin. “Where do I sign?”Laura began to laugh. “Fucking slut! Stand up!”Rebecca stood up, and Laura took the collar and placed it around her slave’s neck. “Bitch this will stay on even when we are out in public.””Of course Mistress, you own me now like a pet,” Rebecca replied.”Good choice of words,” Laura replied as she grabbed the chastity device and went on her knees and locked her slave up. Then she stood up and folded her arms. “Rebecca, you are now my slave. We will begin working on your ass and make it bigger.””Yes, Mistress,” Rebecca said as she sank to her knees, looking up at her Mistress.Present-dayLaura had just finished dumping her load into her slave’s mouth. “Ah what a way to start the day. Bitch, we are heading into work today. Paula wants her hair done, and I’ve agreed to open up and do her hair.”Rebecca swallowed the load. “Very well, Mistress, do you know if Samantha is coming?””She didn’t say, but I guess we will find out soon enough.”

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