Read before you sign pt10


Read before you sign pt10Samantha was in the kitchen, having toast. It was Monday, and today was the first time she was going to work as a girl.Tracy had bugged Paula about getting Samantha a real job instead of being a maid for the past few weeks. So, Paula craved in, and Tracy offered Paula’s slave a job.Samantha, for her part, felt she couldn’t refuse because if she did, she would be letting down her Mistress.Samantha had work in retail when she was a boy. But that was the stockroom she never dealt with the public.Paula walked into the kitchen with an empty cup. “Samantha, how are you feeling?””I feel nervous,” Samantha replied.Paula sighed. She felt sorry for her little girl. “I’m sorry.””You don’t need to apologies Mistress,” Samantha said quickly. “I couldn’t say no, because I would have let you down. I would hate myself if I did that. But I don’t understand why Miss Tracy wanted me?””It was to give a wage,” Paula replied.”But I’m getting a wage here, your cock in my mouth and pussy. Also, the cum let’s not forget that.””Yes, but you can’t pay bills or buy nice things with my cock and cum, can you?” Paula replied, raising an eyebrow.”Well no, I can’t,” Samantha blushed.”Tracy had a point,” Paula sighed. “I couldn’t keep you here as a slave without an income. You need money of your own to make you more independent.””Ok,” Samantha sighed. “Mistress.””Yes, Sammy?””We have sometime before I need to go, and my pussy is clean…”Paula burst out laughing. “You fucking slut! Hurry up then get those jeans and thongs off and get on all fours while I grab the lube.”Paula ran out of the kitchen as Samantha undid her jeans and pulled them down along with her thongs. Then she got on her knees and hands. Then she widened her legs to spread her ass open, making it easier for her Mistress to fuck her pussy.Paula walked back into the kitchen, naked from the waist down. Her dick already hard covered in lube. She got on her knees and began to spank her slave’s ass.Samantha let out a small moan then her eyes widened as she felt Paula eating her ass. “Oh, fuck!”Paula stuck a finger in, but she began to laugh. “I don’t know why I’m fingering you to loosen you up.” She pulled her finger out and began to pour lube over her slave’s pussy. She stood up but bent her knees while she grabbed Samantha’s sides.Samantha felt the dick pressing against her hole. Then she let out a soft moan as she felt the dick go inside her.”Take it, slut!” Paula said as she went balls deep into her slave’s pussy. She began to move her hips back and forth. “Oh fuck, how are you still tight?””Because I haven’t had a cock up my pussy in a few days,” Samatha replied. She knew it should be this way, her on her knees, taking Paula’s dick. While she did enjoy fucking Paula’s ass. But this was her real purpose being a bottom for her Mistress.Paula was pounding away as she saw her slave’s ass jiggle, and it made her happy. A few more touches and Samantha will be perfect. Paula grabbed her slave’s hair and pulled her head back.”Fucking take it, bitch!” Paula said firmly as she began to slam her dick into her slave’s hole. The sound of her balls slapping against Samatha’s ball echoed around the kitchen.”Mistress,” Samantha moaned in pleasure. “I’m close!””Let it all go, slut!” Paula replied. “Cum when you’re ready.”Samantha’s eyes rolled back as her locked up clit began to shoot out cum onto the kitchen floor. She let out a scream of pleasure.Paula began to spank Samantha’s ass. “You better have shot a big load. To prove how much you enjoy getting fucked by me!””Mistress…it was…big!” Samantha replied barely.”Good slut,” Paula giggled as she pulled her cock out of Samantha’s ass and stood up. “Suck me off and swallow my cum bitch!”Samantha got off her hands and turned around to see her prize. She opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth. She was glad that her pussy was clean because she would fear if it wasn’t.”Hmmm, keep going slut,” Paula said softly. “I’m very close!”Samantha bobbled on the cock as she reached her left hand up to her Paula’s balls and began to play with them softly.”Shit!” Paula gasped. “Get ready, slut!”Samantha held still as she felt her mouth getting folded with cum.Paula let out a mighty roar of pleasure. “Fuck that was good you have done well my pet.”Samantha pulled her head back, keeping her mouth closed as the cock fell out. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth to show Paula Sultangazi Escort the cum before swallowing it all.”Thank you, Mistress,” Samantha said, licking her lips. “That has calm my nerves about today.””Ah, the power of my cock and sex, eh?” Paula laughed.A few hours laterSamantha walked into Tracy’s shop and saw a few women looking at different items.”Ah Sammy, you’re here,” Tracy said as she appeared out of nowhere and hugged Samantha. “I’m glad that you showed up!””Well I did tell Mistress, that I would take the job not to let her down,” Samantha replied.”Oh come on Sammy, think of the bigger picture, money! Christmas is coming up in a few months. Do you have any money to buy your wonderful Mistress anything nice?””Umm…””Point proven,” Tracy replied. “Now, let’s get your jacket off, and I will show you around the place and meet some of the girls.”The two women walked into the backroom, allowing Samantha to take her jacket off and hanging it up.Tracy let out a whistle. “Damn look at those big tits,” she grinned. “Kelly said to me about you getting tits.””They’re not real,” Samantha blushed.”One day they will be,” Tracy replied. “And you will receive the pleasure of me licking your nipples,” she winked. “Now then, follow me.”Samantha followed Tracy into another small room. The young woman saw tons of black totes, a few clothing railings and an iron board.”As you can see, this is the room where we take our newly delivered clothes to get iron so they can sit out on the shop floor. We call this the ironing room. In the black totes is our Christmas stuff. So that will be your first job.””I can do that,” Samantha replied.”I know you can,” Tracy smiled. “Woman, if I knew about you before Paula did. You would be my sexy maid.”Samantha blushed. “Would you have kept me as a boy or turn me into a girl?””Girl obviously, I want to see ass and boobies jiggle, when I fuck my prey,” Tracy chuckled. “Anyway, I will show you the small staffroom we have and my office, then let you meet the girls and let you get on with your job.”Tracy showed Samantha those two rooms and the latter got to meet a few of the girls that were in the shop. Then the pair went back to the room with all the black totes.”Right, don’t rush yourself to get all of the clothes done,” Tracy said. “It’s your first day, relax and ease yourself into the job understood?””Yes,” Samantha nodded.”Good, if you perform well enough, I may allow you to suck on my dick. How does that sound?”Samantha shook her head. “You’re such a tease.”Tracy burst out laughing and left the room.”Right time to get to work,” Samantha said. She headed over to the black totes and opened one. Samantha saw a Christmas t-shirt wrapped in plastic. She pulled it out and saw the same one sitting in the tote. “Makes sense. It would be pointless only ordering in just the one.”Samantha pulled out a few t-shirts and took all the plastic off them. Then she began to iron the t-shirts.An hour laterTracy walked into the ironing room and was left gobsmacked at how many totes, Samantha went through.”Oh hey Miss Tracy,” Samantha smiled as she put jeans on a hanger and put them on the clothes railing.”Sammy, when you’re working for me. It’s just Tracy, ok.””Understood.””And I told you to take it easy,” the older woman said. “You’ve nearly gone through all the totes.””Well, you promised me dick,” Samantha pouted.Tracy let out a sigh. “Yeah, I guess I did. I shouldn’t have said that. Well, I’m a woman of my word. My dick will be going in your mouth later on. But for now, we are going to get you till trained.”Samantha froze with fear. She didn’t want to go near a till even when she was a boy. “Tracy, I will offer you my pussy. Please don’t put me on a till!””Sweetie, you’re going on a till if you like it or not, I’m your boss remember. Plus, you don’t want to upset or embarrass your Mistress,” Tracy smiled.Samantha put her head down in defeat.”Oh come on, it’s not that bad, I will be with you, while I let the other girls put the new stuff out. Now follow me.”Samantha followed Tracy out to the shop floor and headed over to the till. Allowing the girl who was on the till to walk into the back room.”The tills are very easy,” Tracy said. “All you need to do is scan the barcode, say how much the item is and make sure you hand back the correct change.”A woman with brown hair in her early 20’s walked up to the counter with a basket Sultangazi Escort Bayan of clothes.”Hello,” Tracy smiled.”Hiya,” the woman replied.”Right, Sammy, just watch me right,” Tracy said.Samantha watched Tracy pull out the clothes and scan them.”That will be £45.64, will you need a bag?” Tracy asked.”Yes, please,” the woman replied.”The bag will be 10p, is that fine?””Yes, that is fine.”Tracy grabbed a bag underneath the counter and began to put the clothes into the bag. Then she typed in a unique code on the till screen to add the bag.”That will be £45.74, will be you be paying by cash or card?””Card,” the woman replied.Tracy pulled up the card reader and put it on the counter and pressed card on the till screen. “You can stick your card in or do it contactless.The woman pulled out her purse and got out her bank card and hovered her card over the card reader, and the transaction was completed.”Thank you for shopping with us today,” Tracy said as she grabbed the receipt and put it in the bag. “Receipt is in the bag.””Thank you,” the woman smiled and left the shop.”You made that look so easy,” Samantha said, stunned.”I’ve been doing this for a few years now. You will get the hang of it. Right, you stand here while I put the basket back at the front door.”Tracy picked up the basket and walked away.Samantha’s nerves shot through the roof when she saw a 5ft8 woman with blonde hair and green eyes in her late 20’s walk up to the till with two pair of jeans.”H-Hi,” Samantha said nervously.”Relax, this is your first time doing tills, isn’t it?” The woman replied, smiling warmly.”How d-did you know?” Samantha asked.”I’m a loyal customer, and I know when I see fresh meat,” the woman licked her lips.”Alice, will you stop scaring the young woman,” Tracy said, arriving back at the tills.”Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” Alice giggled. “She was so nervous.””Samantha, this is Alice. Alice this is Samantha,” Tracy said. “Alice is a loyal customer, and she has become a close friend of mine ever since I opened up this shop.””How big is her dick?” Samantha asked without thinking.Tracy covered her face with her hands in embarrassment which shocked Samantha, while Alice let out a small laugh.Samantha’s eyes widened in horror as she realised what she had just said. “I’m so sorry!””It’s fine love,” Alice replied. “I’m not packing any heat. I’m just a normal woman.”Tracy put down her hands and shook her head. “Sorry about that, Alice, as you can see, Samantha is a newbie.””Again it’s fine, now the important question is. Are you packing heat?” Alice asked Samantha.”Yes, but my clit is locked away,” Samatha replied.”Clit, huh?” Alice said, raising an eyebrow. “Trace, are you her Mistress or something?””Fuck, I wish!” Tracy replied. “Samantha is a slave to a friend of mine.””I see, right then Samantha, I will be your first customer, please take your time,” Alice said as she put the jeans on the counter.”Ok,” Samantha replied weakly. “She picked up the first set of jeans and scanned them and then did the same with the second pair. She looked at the screen, then at Alice. “That will be £30, please. Will you need a bag?””No, I’m fine thanks.””Ok, will you be paying by cash or card?” Samantha said quietly.”You need to speak up, Sammy,” Tracy replied.”Cash,” Alice said. She took out her purse and took two £20 notes out. She handed the money to Samantha.Tracy pointed at the screen. “On the screen press where it says cash, then type in how much the customer has given you. Then it will appear on screen how much you give the customer back as the till will open.”Samantha followed Tracy’s instructions and the screen told her to give £10 back. The till opened and Samantha put the £40 into the till and took out £10. She grabbed the receipt and handed both to Alice.”Thank you for shopping with us,” Samantha smiled at Alice as she closed the till.”Yay!” Tracy said as she began to clap her hands. “Your first customer.””It felt too easy,” Samantha replied.”Yeah,” Tracy laughed nervously. “I rigged this up. I wanted your first customer to be someone that I knew. Then Alice told me she was coming in to buy something, so I arranged this little setup.””Oh,” Samantha said disheartened.”Chin up girl,” Alice said as she put her new jeans into a bag that she was carrying. “You did great all you need to do is be more confident and speak up.””Alice is right,” Tracy smiled. “Alice, thanks Escort Sultangazi again for shopping here.””No problem, babe,” Alice smiled. “Right, I’m off. Bye.”Samantha watched Alice leave the shop and before she got a chance to think. Another customer walked over to the till and got to work.Hours laterIt was the end of the day. Tracy had just let out the girl and locking the door. Samantha watched from the till and she was glad the day was over.”Pfft, that’s another day done,” Tracy said as she walked over to the till. “So how was your first day?””Umm it was ok I guess,” Samantha replied. “I hated being on the tills.””Aww sweetie,” Tracy giggled. “Being on the till is one of the best bits. You can stare at cute women bums when they wear tight jeans or yoga pants.””You have a good point,” Samantha replied.”That’s what I do when I have a bad day on the tills,” Tracy said. “Now then, I promised you my dick didn’t I?”Samantha’s eyes lit up.”Slut!” Tracy laughed. “Come on, then let’s head into my office, and you can get on your knees.”Tracy and Samantha walked into backroom then headed into Tracy’s office. Tracy walked over to her desk, and pulled out her phone, placed it down. Then she pulled down her jeans, then thong and sat down on her chair.”Right on your knees, slut! Crawl your way to my dick and get sucking!” Tracy ordered.Samantha didn’t need to be told twice, and she sunk to her knees. The young tranny crawled over to Tracy. She put lips on the dick and kissed it softly. Then she took the soft dick into her mouth.”Yeah, that’s it,” Tracy moaned softly.Samantha felt the dick grow in her mouth as she bobbled her head.”Fuck!” Tracy moaned. “I have an idea. Look at me with my cock in your mouth.” The black-haired woman grabbed her phone. “Say cheese.”Samantha looked up at Tracy as the latter took a photo.”I will be sending this to your Mistress right now, continue to suck away slut!”Samantha went back to sucking on Tracy’s now six-inch dick as she heard the latter’s phone go off.Tracy opened the messaged and giggled. “Your Mistress orders you to give me the best blowjob ever!”Samantha raised her hand began to play with Tracy’s blows as she licked the head.”Fuck me!” Tracy moaned. “You know how to suck dick and play with balls, don’t you?… Fuck the blowjob! Bitch is your pussy clean?”Samantha stopped bobbing, and she looked up at Tracy and nodded.”Good,” Tracy chuckled. “Sammy, get up and take off those jeans and bend over the desk. I’m going to give you a fucking to remember.”Samantha stood up and took off her jeans and thongs and bent over the desk. While Tracy opened a drawer and grabbed the lube. She poured it over her cock and Samantha’s pussy.Tracy stood up and went behind Samantha. The former lined her cock up to Samantha’s pussy and pushed in.”Oh, fuck!” Samantha groaned as she felt the dick enter her.Tracy grabbed the slave’s hips and began to pound away.”Oh my god, how are you still this fucking tight?” Tracy asked. “You’ve been fucked multiple times and even had two dicks inside your pussy at the same time.””I guess my pussy was built for taking girl dick,” Samantha moaned as she began to hear the chastity device hit against the desk.”You’re damn right it is,” Tracy replied as she began to slap Samantha’s ass cheeks as she continued to pound away.”Fuck me hard!” Samantha begged.”Why should I?” Tracy asked.”Because I’m a fucking whore!””A whore to who?””Mistress, you, Kelly, Laura and Rebecca! My two holes are for all of you to fuck as you please. All I ask is for you to fuck me like the whore I am!””Permission granted,” Tracy chuckled as she grabbed Samantha’s hips and started to pound Samanatha’s harder and faster than before.”FUCK!” Samantha roared as pleasure washed over her body as her clit was leaking cum.”I’m close to cumming Sammy. I hope your pussy is ready for a new coat of paint.””I’m a cum dump,” Samantha said as her eyes began to roll back into her skull. “Please use my hole as your personal cum dump.”The dirty talk from Samantha was too much for Tracy as she began to unload in the young woman’s pussy.”FUCK I’M CUMMING!” Tracy roared.Samantha felt the warm cum flood her pussy. “Yes fill me up, I love having cum in my pussy.””You…dirty…whore,” Tracy said as she tried to catch her breath. She pulled out and sat on the chair. She watched the cum slide out of Samantha’s pussy.Samantha stood up and looked at Tracy. “So, boss, how was my first day here?” She grinned.”Pretty good,” Tracy laughed. “I think I will need you bent over my desk after work more often.””I can also bounce,” Samantha said winking at Tracy.”Oh, don’t worry, you will be doing a lot more than just bending over and bouncing. That I can very much promise you.”

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