Race Weekend


This is a “prequel” to my story “College Girls,” posted on this site some time ago. The two young men in that tale, Dan and Tom, were juniors in college. This narrative begins near the end of their sophomore year. It isn’t necessary to read one to understand the other. Just like “College Girls,” this has no redeeming social value.

* * * * * * * * * *

The college I went to was in a small, backward town. There were six churches and one bar. Almost every night, that bar was packed with college kids, most of whom were too young to be there. It helped that the bar owner was the town sheriff’s brother.

We were at our usual table – me and my drinking buddies, Tom and Jack. We were talking about what we would do over the summer after our sophomore year of college.

“C’mon, guys, it’ll be great,” I said. “We watch racing on TV. We like to party. The cars are awesome. Imagine forty cars roaring past you on the back straight and then belching flames when they downshift for the hairpin turn! There’s crazy amounts of hot pussy. Everybody gets stupid drunk, and the lucky ones fuck their brains out all night. Can you get the tent, Tom?”

“The tent’s no problem,” Tom said as he re-filled our mugs. “Even if it’s just a camping trip, I’m in.”

I said, “We’ll drive up Friday, party all night, maybe sleep a little, maybe not, drink breakfast, and go to the track. There’s racing on Saturday and Sunday, and we go home Monday. We’re not paying for grandstand seats. There are plenty of places on hills and on the edge of the woods where you can watch, and thousands of people partying and smokin’ hot chicks everywhere.”

“Yeah, with their boyfriends,” Jack said. “I can go to the mall if I want to see that.”

“Wrong, oh serious one,” I said. “When I was there two years ago, there were girls all over the place flashing their tits and running from one party to the next. I even saw some chick riding a guy in the grass right next to the dirt road everyone walks on, in the middle of the afternoon. At night, there were all kinds of girls getting naked and hooking up with guys.”

“How much pussy did you get?” Tom asked.

“Um…, well…, none. But I wasn’t trying. Hell, I was only eighteen then.”

“Why would it be different this time?” Jack smirked.

“This girl I hung out with in high school called me this afternoon. She’s a friend-with-benefits,” I said.

“Probably ugly,” Tom said.

I ignored him. “She wants to get together and party some time this summer. She has three girlfriends she hangs with in college, and they’re all single. She wondered if I had any buddies that we could plan some crazy weekend with.”

“Desperate, or just pathetic, if she fucked you,” Jack said, downing a few swallows of his beer. “I bet her friends are real gems, too.”

“Check it out. She sent me this.” I handed my phone to Tom.

“Holy shit! Nice tits on the Asian chick! Which one is yours?” Tom exclaimed.

“Give me that!” Jack said, grabbing the phone. He started to grin when he saw the picture of Tina and her friends posing topless in skinny jeans.

I said, “The girl with the light brown hair standing cheek-to-cheek with the Asian hottie is Tina. She’s the one I went to school with. I don’t know the others.”

“I’d like to know all of them, in the Biblical sense. You please me, young Daniel. I am definitely doing this if you can get them to come,” Jack said.

“How did she talk her friends into stripping and sending your their picture?” Tom asked, licking his lips.

“Tina’s a marketing major. I guess she’s a pretty good salesperson.”

“I’m buying,” Jack said.

“Tina and her friends are excited about the racing, the camping. and the partying. I said I’d call tomorrow and tell her if I’m bringing you guys.”

“How big is the tent?” Jack asked.

Tom smiled. “Six-man army surplus. It’s nice. Great party tent, but a little tight sleeping seven.”

“Are you kidding?” I exclaimed. “With four girls, we can each have one snuggled on both sides of us. That sounds all right to me.”

“How are the girl’s getting there?” Tom asked.

“Tina’s borrowing a van – plenty of room for four girls and their junk. Tina’s a big partier. She says they all are. They’ll bring whatever refreshments they want.”

“Cut to the chase,” Jack said. “Will I get laid?”

“Let me put it this way. When we were in high school, Tina wasn’t a girl you took home to Mom, especially if you weren’t sure you could trust Dad,” I replied. “Now she says her new friends have corrupted her. They’re naked in the next picture.”

Jack touched the button and got a very evil smile on his face. “I just decided I’m into butt-sex. Check out the ass on the blond, Tom.”

“And the Asian chick shaves! Let’s do this,” Tom said, raising his mug in a toast.

The big weekend finally came. I drove to Tom’s house and loaded up his stuff. Then we went to Jack’s place and got him. We looked like we were packed for a month-long safari with all our junk tied on the roof and the trunk, but that was so we would have room inside the car for beer.

I was the only one who was comfortable. I talked the guys out of putting a case of beer on the floor on my side, since I was driving. Tom sat in front with his feet up on two cases. We had beer on the floor on one side and food on the other in the back, so Jack lay across my tiny back seat, a sleeping bag for a pillow and two cases of beer under his legs.

When we pulled into the gas station near the campground, I heard a familiar voice.

“Dan? Dan! That IS your car under all that stuff!”

Tina was jogging across the parking lot toward me. When she doesn’t wear a bra, that’s a very pretty sight.

“God, it’s good to see you!” Tina squealed.

She jumped onto me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my ass. When she broke our kiss, I put her down and said, “We’re going to have some fun this weekend, baby.”

“Let’s get to the campsite. I’ll show you fun,” Tina said with a naughty smile.

“We’re all sharing one tent, you know,” I said.

“My friends won’t mind. Oh, that reminds me. Miyoko couldn’t come. You know, the Japanese girl who lived across the hall from me?”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Don’t worry, I found a substitute,” Tina said. “There’s still four girls and three guys, so you boys should all have fun. My roommate, Haley, brought her little sister, Sonja. You’ll like her.”

She turned to the van and yelled, “Girls, come and meet our camping partners.”

A blond, a brunette, and a ginger got out of Tina’s van. I could hear a low whistle coming from one of my boys in the car. No wonder. All three girls were as hot as Tina.

“Tom, Jack,” I said. “Get your asses out of the car and greet our tent-mates.” Tom hopped out, but he had to help Jack crawl out of the back, because his feet had fallen asleep.

“Boys, I’m Tina, and this is my roommate Haley,” Tina said, putting her arm around the waist of the luscious-looking blond. “This is her sister, Sonja,” she said, indicating the equally luscious-looking ginger-haired girl, “and that’s Marcy,” pointing at the leggy brunette.

Damn. If these chicks were as wild as Tina, we were going to have a very good time. “I’m Dan, this is my buddy Tom, and the crippled one over there is Jack.”

“Fuck you, Dan, you try riding side-saddle for five hours in the back of your little shitwagon, with two cases of beer for a footrest. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same,” Jack grumbled.

“Dan, how could you do that to him?” Tina exclaimed.

“Someone was going to suffer in my back seat, and I figured Jack wouldn’t piss and moan the whole time like Tom would, so I put Jack back there. He’ll be OK. He never smiles anyway,” I said.

Tina frowned for a moment. Suddenly, her facial expression changed. Uh oh. Tina just had a very naughty thought.

“You poor boy,” she said, slinking over to Jack. That strutting-her-stuff walk is why you can’t take her home to meet your parents.

“I bet my friends can make you forget all about your aches and pains,” she said to Jack.

“Give me the keys,” Haley said. “I’ll bring the van over here.”

“How far to the campground?” Marcy asked while we waited.

“About half an hour to the gate, if we don’t wind up in a long line,” I answered.

Tina smirked at her friends. “Can you girls make Jack feel better in that time?”

“I’ll do my part,” Marcy said, unbuttoning her shirt almost down to her navel.

“You know, I’m pretty stiff myself from riding with my feet on the dashboard,” Tom complained.

“I’m sure someone can take away that stiffness by the time we get to the campground. Why don’t you ride with us?” Tina asked.

Sonja said, “I’ll go with you, Dan. We can learn a little about each other. Can you move the beer into the back seat so I have room to get comfortable?”

While I made room for Sonja, the rest of the gang folded seats and moved stuff in the van. Tom glanced over at me and gave me a goofy grin and a thumbs-up. Then Marcy pushed him into the van, where Haley knelt, topless. Marcy turned toward us, opened her shirt the rest of the way, and pinched her nipples. Then she climbed into the van and shut the door. Tina yelled out the window, “We’ll follow you.”

“Let’s go,” Sonja said, settling into my passenger’s seat.

I quickly got in my car and pulled onto the road leading to the campground. Tina was right behind me.

“How far do we have to go?” Sonja asked.

“If traffic is like it was the last time, about half an hour. The people I met up here said, if you don’t get to that gas station by six pm, you’re gonna be stuck in a traffic jam that makes it a three-hour wait to get through the gates. By that time, the best campsites are gone.”

Sonja turned in her seat, tucking her legs under her and leaning a hand on the console, allowing me a nice view of her upper chest. “Do you know where you want to camp?”

“Same place I did last time. There were cool people all around. We all wandered from tent to tent, and there was a huge campfire at one guy’s site. A bunch of people I talked to said they’d been coming here for years, and swore they’d never miss one of these weekends. It got pretty crazy, but no one got really stupid. We all just had a great fuckin’ time.”

“Will I get in trouble for drinking? I’m only eighteen,” Sonja said.

“There’s security in case there’s a fight or drama, or if someone gets sick or hurt, but they leave the partying alone. Hell, I saw one security guy getting a blowjob from some girl. He must have been over fifty, and she looked like she might have still been in high school,” I said.

“Does anyone get naked outside?” Sonja asked.

“Well, yeah. Someone got the idea of having a wet t-shirt contest, so they put two pick-up trucks back to back with their tailgates open. That made a platform big enough for eight girls to dance and get ice water thrown on them. There were a bunch of people naked before I finally crashed around five in the morning,” I said.

“I love being nude. You know a fantasy of mine?” Sonja asked. “I’d like to walk around nude in public in broad daylight. I think it would be cool to have sex in public, too. Maybe I could do that this weekend.”

“You could, I guess. I’d watch that,” I laughed.

“Oh,” Sonja said, an exaggerated pout on her face. “I thought maybe you’d want to join in.”

“I might get talked into it,” I said.

“I’ll Çankaya Escort give you a preview,” Sonja said. In a moment, her shirt was on the floor. Her breasts were nice and firm-looking, creamy-skinned, with erect pink nipples.

Sonja’s face lit up. “Hey, wanna know another fantasy of mine?”

“What’s that?” I was having some fantasies of my own.

“Giving road head to a cute guy I just met.” She fished a hair tie out of the pocket of her jeans and swept her full ginger mane into a quick pony-tail. Then she lay across the console and opened my pants, pulling my swelling cock out and stroking it gently. “Pay attention to your driving. I’m not ready to die yet. How much farther to the campground?” she asked.

“Oh God, about fifteen minutes,” I gasped.

“In fourteen minutes, you’re going to cum in my mouth,” Sonja said, lightly licking the head of my cock and stroking the shaft with her hand.

You have to understand something here. I’m twenty years old, which means I’m always horny. Now that my sophomore year in college was over, I was back to living in my parent’s basement. My social life had been limited for the last month, so when Sonja started bobbing up and down hard on me, fluttering her tongue on that little bundle of nerves at the base of my helmet on the out-stroke, I knew this was going to be over way too soon. I felt my thigh muscles tighten.

She felt it too. “Didn’t you like that?” she asked.

“I liked it almost too much. We’re only about halfway to the gate,” I said.

“Now I know how I’m going to finish you,” Sonja murmured, before taking half my manhoond into her mouth. She slowly bobbed up and down on me, sometimes angling her head so I would scrape the roof of her mouth, sometimes pulling off so she could rub my cock on her face, alternating between licking softly and sucking hard. In short, Tina, good as she is, should take some lessons.

I managed to drive pretty smoothly, but after a while, I began humping up at her face. I couldn’t help it. I was almost ready to cum.

“How close are we to the gate?” Sonja asked, looking up at my red face.

“Maybe eight minutes.”

She sucked me hard again, and resumed jacking me with her hand.

“I’m not gonna last much longer,” I warned her.

“Yes you will,” she chuckled, grasping me firmly at the base of my shaft, squeezing until we both knew my cum would have to simmer for a while longer. Then she lightly bathed my entire cock with her tongue, just licking and teasing. I was sweating freely by now, the intense pleasure making me tremble.

When we made the last turn before the gate, there were only a few cars sitting in line. “We’re a couple of minutes from the gate,” I said.

“Okay.” She opened her jeans and thrust her hand inside. “I’m gonna drink you down.” She took me all the way to the base again and then started bobbing her head up and down rapidly. This new fast pace, along with the moans and aroma coming from her, forced me to start thrusting my hips again. I was glad I had to bring the car to a stop then.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum,” I hissed. Sonja pulled mostly off of me and grabbed my shaft, jacking me furiously, sucking hard on my head, while fluttering her tongue rapidly on the bundle of nerves she had found before. I came buckets. Sonja was squirming, her one hand vigorously fucking herself, moaning as she worked to swallow all my spunk.

We managed to make ourselves presentable before we got to the guy at the gate. I handed over our tickets, and he gave me a camping permit to hang on my mirror. “I need to put wristbands on you,” he said.

Sonja leaned across me, her head out my window, and held the hand she had been rubbing herself with out to the guy. He started to put her wristband on and then hesitated, inhaling deeply. A slight smile played across his face as he finished trimming the excess plastic. “Thank you, miss,” he said forcing his gaze from the erect nipples showing through her shirt up to her face.

“You’re cute,” Sonja said.

There’s no way the guy didn’t smell my cum on her breath.

After he put my wristband on, he smiled at us and said, “You kids have a real good time.”

I could see Tina’s van behind us in line, so I led the way to the area where I wanted to camp. When we parked, Tina came over to me and said, “We need to get the tent set up right now.”

“OK, we’ll get to work on it, but let’s unload our stuff and get organized.”

“No, right now,” Tina said. “I had to listen to the four of them back there the whole way here, and I didn’t see Sonja’s head from the time she took off her top until we were almost at the gate. I need you to help me now!”

“Guys, let’s get the tent set up. We’ll unload the rest of the shit later,” I yelled.

Jack and Tom were still hammering on the rear tent stakes when Tina dragged me inside and started tearing clothing off both of us. She was naked, kneeling in front of me, with my jeans and shorts bunched around my ankles, when Sonja poked her head into the tent. She smiled at me and left. In a moment, she returned with Haley and Marcy. They were carrying sleeping bags, which they quickly unrolled and spread into a big pallet on the tent floor. Then they all began shedding their clothes.

Sonja pulled back the tent flap and stood there, nude, calling out, “Hey, Tom, Jack, I think Dan needs a little help with some things in here.”

In moments, everyone was naked. I lay on my back, and Tina knelt between my knees to continue working on me.

Haley flopped down next to me, grabbing my hand and rubbing it on one of her large, firm tits. Sonja got on her hands and knees at Haley’s feet, lowered her face toward her sister’s clean-shaven pussy, and said, “Someone needs to fuck my ass.”

Tom was on his back with Marcy squatting over him. They looked pretty pre-occupied.

Jack spit in his hand, and rubbed his cock. “Yeah, I am into butt sex,” he muttered as he positioned himself behind the pale ginger’s sweet-looking ass. “Sonja, I’m going to lube us up with your pussy juice.”

“Good. I’m horny as hell,” Sonja said, pausing from tongue-fucking her older sister.

Tina, it seemed, may have already had some lessons from Sonja. I thought it would take a while for me to feel like I wanted to cum, but Tina’s talent and enthusiasm were pretty amazing. I was having more and more trouble resisting the urge to explode all over the back of her throat. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I groaned.

“Not this time,” Tina said, lifting off me. “But I want to cum in yours. Don’t worry, baby, I was driving, so I’m still clean inside. Do this for me, and then I want you to fuck the hell out of me.”

She got up and straddled my face. Her pussy was just as pretty as I remembered it, clean shaven, except for a small, close-cropped triangle of rich brown hair. The lips were glistening with her moisture, and her clit protruded, proud and needy. I knew how much she liked to get off on my tongue, and I loved to taste her. Besides, she always showed me her appreciation when I was done.

Tina had been squirming and moaning for a while, occasionally crying out with a small orgasm when I nibbled on her clit or inserted another finger, but all those mini-cums really did for her was get her more aroused. I hoped that when she finally came for real it would be intense. It was my thumb in her ass that finally got her off right.

When she stopped screaming, I heard a man’s voice outside calling, “Miss, are you okay? If you don’t answer me, I’m coming in.”

Haley had her legs wrapped around Sonja’s head, the blond sister’s one hand wrapped in her younger sister’s ginger mane and the other hand stuffed in her own mouth to muffle her noises. Jack was busy getting off in the redhead’s squirming ass with a few fingers buried in her sex. Marcy was lying on top of Tom, spunk running from her pussy, plunging her tongue into his mouth. It didn’t look like any of them was going to speak up.

“She’s fine,” I called to the guy outside.

“I wanted to hear it from her,” he said, unzipping the tent door. “Oh! Oh shit! Hey guys, I didn’t mean to screw up your party. I’m not used to hearing that much moaning and screaming before dark around here. Which of you girls was so loud?”

Haley said, “I think it was her,” pointing to Tina, who was now lying on my chest, panting for air.

“Damn. Nice job, man,” the guy said, looking at me. “Hey, yeah, well, um, I’m sorry I interrupted you guys. Come over to my camp when you’re done. I just tapped my first keg. I’m in the orange tent over there. My name’s Andy. See ya later, and, uh, sorry.” He backed out of the tent and zipped the flap. I could hear him laughing as he walked away.

Marcy rolled off Tom, and Tina crawled off me and worked her way between Tom and me, putting her head on my chest, grabbing Tom’s hand, and planting it on her ass.

The hand fondling me wasn’t Tina’s. Haley said, “When you’re done with him, Tina, may I have a ride?”

“Girlfriend, I told you, Dan and I were never exclusive. We’re friends, and we like to fuck, but we have other ‘friends,’ too.” Tina replied.

“I hope we can all be ‘friends’ this weekend,” Jack said.

“That’s why I came along,” Sonja said. “Haley told me there would be three guys, I have three holes, so I said, ‘Why not?’ Which reminds me, I still haven’t gotten to know Tom at all, and I haven’t had my pussy eaten or properly fucked. And, come to think of it, Dan hasn’t gotten fucked yet either.”

“My little sister hasn’t figured out yet that sometimes it’s not cool to be a total slut. Sometimes you have to pretend to be a little innocent,” Haley observed.

“You seemed real innocent when you were naked, talking to that guy with your sister’s head in your crotch,” Marcy giggled. “He’s big enough to break us in half, and he looked downright scary with his shaved head. Was he security, Dan?”

“No,” I laughed. “I remember him from last time. He had a huge campfire, an orange tent and a big pick-up truck. The whole bed was a huge insulated box full of ice and beer.”

“Speaking of beer, I think we should finish unloading our junk and setting up our camp. Then we should probably wash up before we start making dinner,” Jack said.

Marcy got to her feet and started looking for her clothes. “I’ll set up the little tent I brought so we have a place to store clothes and stuff. We can keep all the coolers in the van so no one gets into the food and drinks.”

“OK, everybody up and at ’em,” Tom said, following Marcy’s example.

“You guys go ahead,” Tina replied. “Dan and I have some unfinished business. Namely, his cock in my pussy. Now, the sooner you guys get out of here, the sooner we can be done and can come out and help.” She pushed Haley’s hand away from my raging cock and motioned for me to get on top of her. “I haven’t had you inside me since Spring Break,” she murmured, grabbing me and pointing me toward her still-wet sex.

I was vaguely aware of the others getting dressed and leaving as I pushed my way into Tina for the first time in months. Yes, just as hot and tight as I remembered. She gasped when I hit bottom. Then she said, “I missed this. You always fill me so well.”

“We are a good fit, aren’t we,” I said, pulling out partway and then pushing into her again.

She wrapped her legs around mine, and grabbed my shoulders so she could kiss me. Our tongues wrestled for awhile, and when we broke for Cebeci Escort air, Tina said, “I want you to fuck me hard. I want to scream on your cock like I screamed on your face. I want you as deep inside me as you can get when you cum.”

That’s exactly what I did.

We got dressed and went out to see what the others were doing. They had cleared the grass around an old truck wheel rim we would use as a fire ring, gotten some wood together, and set up Marcy’s two-man tent so her tent flap was close to the opening on the big one.

“No wonder that Andy guy came over,” Tom laughed. “That scream scared me, Tina, and I had already heard it before.”

“Fuck you, Tom. You can ride in the back on the way home,” I said.

“Well, at least we won’t have all the beer,” Tom replied, tossing cans to Tina and me. “We’re not done setting up camp, but we excavated this cooler.”

“Yeah,” Jack said. “Marcy and I have the whole campsite planned out, and we’re ready to unpack the clothes and food. We’ll put your car next to the small tent and the van over here. The chairs can go near the fire, and we’re open in the front to the rest of the campground so we can see what’s going on.”

“After this is all set up, can you show us where the showers are, Dan?” Haley asked. “Are there shower rooms or just outdoor shower heads?”

“Both. During the day, people mainly use the outside shower heads for cooling off, but at night people are out there actually bathing each other,” I said.

“Cool,” Tom and Marcy said together.

“Let’s finish our work and have another beer, then we’ll go get cleaned up and make dinner. After that, it’s party time,” Haley said.

We finished setting up our campsite and prepared the fire we would light when we got back from the showers. We grabbed our shower stuff, towels, and clean clothes and headed toward the bathrooms.

Andy’s bright orange tent was set up along the path. As we walked by, we saw Andy sitting in a camp chair with a bottle of whiskey. “Hey guys,” he called. “Stop and have a drink or five.”

“Thanks, Andy. We were on our way to the showers,” Tina said. “Sorry about scaring you earlier. I guess I’m pretty loud.”

“Yeah, I heard you the second time, too,” he leered. “Who did that to you?”

“Dan, here,” she said, pointing at me. “He was the one who made me scream both times.”

“Oh, you two are together,” Andy said.

“Not really. We’ve known each other for years, but we’re not a couple in the traditional sense. I’m not a one-man woman, and he’s not a one-woman man. That’s what all of us are about this weekend.”

“Nice,” Andy laughed.

“My name’s Tina. Let me introduce my friends. That’s my roommate Haley, the blond with the great tits, her little sister Sonja, the ginger with the killer ass, and that’s Marcy with the sexy dark hair and beautiful legs. These are Dan’s college buddies, Tom and Jack.”

“Good to meet you, uh, properly,” Andy said, shaking hands all around. “Now who’s drinking what? The keg’s over there, the whiskey’s right here, and those coolers have booze, mixers and sodas. Help yourselves.”

Jack and I tapped beers for ourselves and Tina. The other girls were mixing drinks. Tom got a beer, took an extra cup, and went over to Andy, who poured at least three shots into it.

“Wait, everybody,” Andy called, pouring a large serving of whiskey for himself. “There are a few extremely important rules about this campsite. First rule: Don’t be an asshole. Second rule: Party hard enough that you’re almost an asshole. Third rule: The first drink with new friends on a race weekend is to be consumed rapidly. Beer and mixed drinks are to be chugged. Straight booze like Tom and I have must be consumed a good mouthful at a time, shot by shot. The kicker is, there’s only a five second break allowed between shots. Ready?”

I knew where this was leading. Someone was going to have to babysit Tom. He can be a real pain in the ass around four in the morning.

“Begin!” Andy yelled. He took a big gulp of whiskey, let out a little gasp, looked at Tom, and said, “One, two, three, four, five, drink!”

Tom gulped his second mouthful and coughed.

“One, two, three, four, five, drink!”

Tom blinked back a tear as he dropped his empty cup.

“Damn, you’re red, boy!” Andy laughed. “Drink that beer to cool down.”

“Do I have to chug it?” Tom wheezed.

“No, hell, the first drink ceremony is over,” Andy said. “You can drink your chaser as slow as you want.”

“Thanks, dude,” Tom said, taking a couple swallows of beer.

Haley was holding her empty cup, mopping her face with her shirt. “I never had a rum and cola make me sweat before.”

Marcy asked, “Andy, how many times have you been here?”

“My brother brought me here the first time as my eighteenth birthday present He was getting married later that summer and figured he might not have another chance to party with his kid brother. I’ve been back every year. Tomorrow I’ll be thirty years old, so this is my birthday party. Everyone’s invited.”

“Why don’t we go get our showers and then bring some food down here?” Tina asked.

“Great,” Andy said. “I’ll get the campfire ready, and when you get back, you guys can watch it while I go clean up.”

“See ya in a little while,” I said, and our group walked off to the showers.

Since it was early on the first night of the weekend, the building was deserted. Tom, Jack, and I walked into the men’s side, laid our clean clothes on a bench, and each went into a shower booth. I had shampoo in my eyes when I heard the stall door open.

“Occupied!” I snapped. How fucking stupid can some guys be?

“Now, now, Dan, wouldn’t you like help washing your back?” Marcy purred.

“What are you doing here?”

“Hopefully, getting wet and friendly,” she said, pressing her naked body against me. “I’ll wash you if you wash me.”

“Where are the other girls?” I grabbed her ass to pull our crotches firmly together.

“I’m over here with Tom,” Haley called. She sounded a little breathless already.

“Tina’s in here, oh God,” Jack groaned from his stall.

“Where’s Sonja?” I asked.

“She said she’d shower later. She went back to keep Andy company,” Haley said.

Marcy and I managed to get clean, then messy, then clean again. Even so, we were the first ones out of the shower. We dried each other off and reluctantly got dressed. The others joined us a few minutes later.

“Do you think Andy’s having a good time?” Tina asked as we walked back to the campsite.

“If I know my little sister,” Haley chuckled, “poor Andy doesn’t know what hit him.”

“Andy’s a guy,” Jack said. “Trust me, he doesn’t care.”

When we got back to Andy’s campsite, it was starting to get dark. “Hey gang,” he said, coming out of his orange tent. “I’m ready to start the fire.”

“Did Sonja come back here?” Marcy asked.

“Yeah, she’s getting dressed,” Andy said, pulling a gas can from the enclosed trailer behind his truck. He walked over to the fire ring, a huge thing made from three tractor wheel rims welded together. It was piled high with wood and brush. Opening the can, he splashed a little gasoline into the center of the pile.

“Am I in a party mood yet?” he said to himself. “Yeah, I think I am. You guys in a party mood?” he yelled to us.

“Hell yeah,” Tom answered. The whiskey was starting to catch up with him already.

“We’re gonna light this place up!” Andy said, pouring gas all over everything in the fire ring. When the can was empty, he closed it, put it back in the trailer, and came back holding a highway emergency flare. Walking slowly around the fire ring, he examined the ground.

“Good. No leaks. I suggest you kids stand back,” Andy said. He walked away from the ring and pulled the cap off the red stick. “This is gonna make a big fire, you know,” he said, striking the flare. Instantly, the end of it was spitting bright orange fire and showers of white sparks.

“Let the games begin!” Andy yelled at the top of his lungs, tossing the flare into the fire ring. There was a loud “Whooomp!” sound, and a column of flame shot twenty feet into the air. The chill of the evening was gone instantly. As we moved further from the fire, cheering sounded from campsites all around.

“What the fuck was that?” Sonja cried, rushing out of Andy’s orange tent. “Holy shit! How are we going to cook on that?”

“Oh, sweetheart, that’s only the ceremonial fire. We sacrifice virgins there at midnight,” Andy said.

“We’re all safe,” Haley laughed.

“Can someone give me a hand?” Andy asked, skirting the raging fire and opening the rear doors of his trailer.

Jack and I helped him haul out a large grill and a bag of charcoal. The trailer was filled with firewood, more bags of charcoal, several kegs of beer, and more ice chests. This guy was prepared.

“I’ll get this going,” Andy said, pouring a good amount of charcoal into the grill. He dumped a liberal dose of lighter fluid on it, and produced another impressive fireball. “Sonja, let’s go get cleaned up. By the time we get back, we should be ready to cook.”

“Yeah, I’m kinda sticky all over,” Sonja laughed. They grabbed their shower supplies and clean clothes and started down the path.

“Help yourselves to drinks while we’re gone,” Andy called over his shoulder.

It was only three beers later when Andy and Sonja returned. The raging inferno in the fire ring had died down to a furnace-like pile of almost white-hot coals. Blue flame still rose a foot above the ring, and the steel itself showed areas of dull red glow.

“How’s the charcoal?” Andy asked.

“Ready,” Tina said. “We brought burgers. Should I start them?

“Yeah. There are hot dogs and brats in that yellow cooler next to the tent,” Andy said. “Make some of them too. I feel like pigging out. Guys, let’s put some big wood on that fire. I brought some stuff that will take two of us to throw in.”

While we ate, Andy told us some stories about race weekends of past years. “There used to be an area off the last turn before the front straightaway that was called ‘The Bog’. It was a low-lying area that turned into a mud pit when it rained. The people who camped around there were wild. They made us seem like a bunch of prudes.”

“Prudes?” Tina exclaimed. “They must have been pretty hardcore.”

“They were animals. Mud wrestling, fucking in the dirt in broad daylight, people passed out all over the place – it was crazy. Some of them even brought old junk cars here to burn in the mud. That practice went on for a couple years until some bozo stole a tour bus, drove it into the bog, and torched it. When I came back the next year the area was filled in, but the crazy partying goes on.”

“Speaking of which,” Sonja said, “I feel like getting naked.”

“Really?” Andy asked, a wicked gleam in his eye.

“Out here?” Marcy exclaimed.

“I dare you,” Tina said.

“Oh my God, Tina, that was the wrong thing to say to my little sister!” Haley laughed. “She never backs down from a dare.”

“I’ll do it,” Sonja taunted, “and I dare the rest of you to join me.”

“Tina? I know you always take a dare,” I said.

“When are we going to do this?” Haley asked.

“’We?’” Marcy exclaimed. “When did this get to be ‘We?’”

Tom had weaved his way over to me. “I think I’m in love, Dan,” he said, quietly.

“Huh? With who?”

“All Çukurambar Escort of ’em. Every fuckin’ one of ’em. This weekend is turnin’ out so fuckin’ awesome.”

“Pace yourself, buddy-boy. It’s only Friday.” I looked at my watch. “It’s not even eleven o’clock. I want to have some more fun with our new friends over there before I pass out.”

“Do you realize, Dan, that I have already had a blowjob from two different hot girls, and fucked a chick who could be a Victoria’s Secret model?” Tom said, sounding a bit more sober.

“Blowjob from Sonja in the car, suck and fuck with Tina in the tent and Marcy in the shower, and a little fondling with Haley,” I said, pointing to myself.

“Dan, dude, you were right about this place!”

“The last time I was here, it didn’t start to really get fun until about midnight,” I reminded Tom. “We haven’t even met the neighbors, and the wandering bands of chick aren’t out yet.”

“I think I’m gonna get myself a burger and a soda,” Tom said, heading for the coolers.

“Don’t forget, ladies, it’s my birthday,” Andy called. “You should do this right for old Uncle Andy. Hang on a minute.” He dashed to his trailer and returned with a small generator and two halogen lights on stands. “Boys, help me out here. We want to be able to see them if they’re going to all get naked together.”

Soon, we had two bright lights on an area of grass big enough for all four girls to shed their clothes for us.

The girls spread some blankets on the ground. “Ready?” Sonja asked, grabbing the hem of her top.

“Uh, wait a minute. Are we touching?” Marcy asked.

“Duh,” Sonja said.

“That means we’re touching,” Haley snickered, already topless.

Tina was the first one naked. She went over to Marcy, who still had her shorts on, and grabbed her. In seconds, Marcy’s hands were on Tina’s tits, and Tina was gripping the brunette’s ass as they kissed passionately. The sisters were on the ground in a side-by-side sixty-nine.

Tom flopped down in the chair next to me. “Danny Boy,” he said, “do we really have to go watch cars this weekend? I think I’d be happy to just stay right here.”

“We are definitely walking around tomorrow. The racing is insane, and the cars are so loud that you’re kind of drawn to them. So are all the chicks.”

“Yeah, but they’ll have clothes on. Here, they don’t, and I like that,” Tom said.

“You have a point. But we’ll want to go over to the showers. If the sun’s really hot, some girls will be showering outside. We might get to join them. There’s body painting we can watch, too.”

By this time, the girls had formed sort of a daisy chain, each one with her head buried in the snatch of another. Marcy was making appreciative noises on Tina’s face, while she herself was busy getting the same sounds out of Haley. Sonja was quivering on her big sister’s tongue, and Tina looked like she was working up to a good scream again, with the ginger’s tongue on her ass and Sonja’s fingers sawing in and out of her pussy.

“Hot damn!” Tom said. “I’m hard as a fucking tree trunk.”

“I’m not sure I needed to know that,” Jack observed.

“I agree with you, Jack, but I’m enjoying the show, too,” I said.

One by one, the girls broke contact with their partners. They lay there for a while, gasping for air, kissing, fondling, and eventually giggling amongst themselves.

Finally Tina sat up and called to us, “Hey guys, we want to see you naked now. Dan, you’re first.”

“No one wants to see his junk,” Jack dead-panned.

“Speak for yourself,” Haley said, her large breasts bouncing delightfully as she trotted to me. Dropping to her knees, she caressed my hardness through my shorts.

“Don’t look at them, Jack, look at me,” Marcy called. She beckoned to Jack with her finger.

Soon I was under the lights, naked as the day I was born, standing with Haley, kissing her while she stroked my cock to full readiness. Tom was next to me, making out with Sonja.

“Hey, Birthday Boy,” Tina called, “lose the clothes and get over here.”

Andy was quick to comply.

“OH! Oh my God!” Tina exclaimed. “Your cock is huge, Andy! I’ve never seen balls that big!”

“Why do you think I was sticky all over earlier?” Sonja laughed.

“As small as you are,” Tina asked, “you actually fucked him? You fit all of that in you?”

“It took a while. He reached places no one ever reached before.”

“Really? Come here, Andy!” Tina said. “Girls, look at this!”

“Holy fuck!” Tom muttered, following Sonja’s line of sight. “Now I know what penis envy is.”

“Gay, gay, gay,” Jack said, lifting his face from Marcy’s crotch. “Tom, that’s one thing about you that really … oh shit, he’s hung like a horse!”

Haley kissed me, re-directing my attention to where it belonged. “I’ve never seen anything like that,” she said. “But I do see something I like a lot, right here in my hand. I haven’t had it inside me yet. Let’s change that.” She sank slowly to her knees in front of me, kissing and nibbling at my chest and belly. Finally she was at eye-level with my cock.

“Oh yeah,” she said, looking at my manhood with a lusty smile. “I so want you inside me, but I wanna taste you first.” She flicked her tongue across the head of my cock once. As she pulled away, a thin strand of pre-cum stretched from her tongue back to me. “My sister said she sucked your cock when you were driving here. Did you like it?” She licked the very tip of my dick again.

“Yeah,” I gasped.

“Why?” Haley teased. Her index finger stroked slowly from the base of my shaft to the helmet, circling delicately around the rim.

“It felt good.”

“Does my little red-headed slut sister give good head?” She ran her tongue along the same path her finger had just traced.

“Yeah, she’s pretty good,” I breathed.

“I’m glad,” Haley said. She opened her mouth and took half of me inside, and then worked me with her tongue as she pulled back. “I taught her everything she knows.”

She had all the moves her little sister had and more. If I hadn’t already cum so many times that day, it would have been over quickly, but I only have so much self-control. “Keep that up much longer and I’ll cum,” I moaned.

“I want that, but not yet,” Haley said, moving her sweet mouth away from me and holding my shaft firmly. “When you cum, I wanna feel it deep inside me. I saw the way you fucked Tina, and she’s been telling me about you ever since I met her. Fuck me that way, Dan.”

I lay down on the blanket next to where she was kneeling, and pulled her down on top of me. We kissed passionately, almost roughly, as we explored each other’s bodies. My hands tightened their hold on her ass, and urged her up, along my leaking cock, until her pussy was at my mouth.

She lowered herself to me, pink, swollen, fragrant, and wet. I resisted the urge to just dive in and eat her out hard. As much of a slut as she was being, Haley looked very tight, and her little pussy smelled very fresh. The tip of my tongue glided up the crease between her right thigh and her right pussy lip.

She gasped, shuddered, and lifted herself. As I watched, a syrupy drip of her moisture leaked out, falling slowly to ooze onto my tongue. She reddened in the harsh halogen light when I smiled and pulled her against my face. The same licking on her left produced the same reaction.

Haley may be the wettest girl I’ve ever been with. She oozed the entire time I licked at her, moaning her pleasure. Every place my tongue touched her caused her to shudder. That’s exactly how she came when I sucked on her clit – shuddering, a flush on her pale skin, moaning quietly, and bathing my tongue with her nectar.

Sonja and Tom were next to us now. She was riding him for all she was worth, her breasts bouncing with her motions. She paused when her sister came so she could watch. “Nice job, Dan,” she laughed. “Most guys can’t get her to do that. I know when she’s faking, and she wasn’t that time.”

“No, I wasn’t – not at all. Dan, fuck me now,” Haley said, moving down to masturbate herself on the shaft of my cock. She ground on me, lubing both of us with her slippery sweetness, and then positioned herself, no hands, notching me in the entrance to her treasure. Slowly, she worked her way down onto me, twisting and rocking to find a comfortable position. She lifted her feet from the blanket for a moment to prove to both of us that she had all of me and broke into a huge grin. Then she leaned forward over me and began to work me with her pelvis and the muscles inside her.

Haley’s a strong girl, built like a volleyball player, but with nice big boobs. There was no resisting them, the largest of all the girls in our group. I palmed the right one and sucked as much of the left one into my mouth as I could.

“Oh, God, yes!” Haley whispered, pumping me harder, her wetness making our skin smack together audibly.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Sonja giggled. She was squatting astride Tom’s legs, dribbles of cum leaking from her.

It had been a helluva long day. Six hours on the road, a fair amount of beer, and more sex than I had had in the last month. But when Haley started shuddering on me, her Kegels squeezing and milking my cock, I knew I would cum again. I looked at her face, and saw a feral grimace on her face as she muttered, “Fuck me, Dan. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I grabbed her ass, and helped her raise and lower herself as I thrust deep into her, over and over. “Gonna cum soon, Haley.”

“Do it,” she growled, kissing me hard and then straightening up, pinching her nipples and riding me more slowly and purposefully.

One more time, I lifted her ass, and then pulled her down on me hard and held her there. Who knows how much semen I had left to give her, but it seemed like I came for a long time. When I was done, Haley lifted herself again and pumped me with her soupy pussy. I reached for her clit and began massaging it. That was all it took. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she reared back, her blond hair whipping with the spastic movements of her orgasm. When she was done, she pushed herself upright, laughed, and then reared back again to yell, “FUCK! THAT WAS GOOD!”

We could hear scattered applause and catcalls as Haley lay down on top of me so we could kiss and cuddle our way down from our high. I probably would have passed out right there, my wilting cock slowly slipping from her wetness, but she propped herself up on her hands and said, “Who the hell are they?”

We struggled to our feet and went over to Andy’s tent. There was a group of five young women taking turns trying to suck Andy’s enormous cock. The wandering bands of chicks had arrived.

“Oh, hey guys,” Andy said, “meet the neighbors. They’re camped on the other side of the road, up near you. Ladies, meet Haley and Dan.”

Each of the girls smiled at us, sizing up both of us as we stood there nude and messy, except for the one who was at that moment struggling to force Andy down her throat.

“Where’s the rest of the gang?” I asked.

“Showers,” it sounded like Andy said from between the breasts of a rather buxom lass.

“Good idea,” Haley said.

We picked up our discarded clothing and went back to our camp to get our shower supplies. The others were taking turns washing each other at one of the outdoor shower heads when we got to the bathhouse, and they waited for us until we were cleaned up. Fresher, but still very tired, we made our way back to camp to tackle one of our coolers of beer.

I was nearly asleep when naked Sonja wriggled under the blankets and cuddled against me.

“You’re the only one of the group I haven’t made love with yet,” she whispered. “Can we change that in the morning?”

“At least once,” I yawned.

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