Questions Lead To… Pt. 02


The following day and over the next few weeks Tori and I would sit and discuss what she wanted to do, in respect of learning about sex. She said that she didn’t mind coming to my flat as clearly, she couldn’t have sex at home as one or both of her parents were always there.

It was no issue to me, I lived alone and my flat was well furnished. During one of our now regular bus trips we had discussed meeting up on the next Friday night. Tori would simply tell her parents she was going into the city with friends but instead she would come to mine. Not that it needed to be a secret I guess, but I’m sure that telling her parents she was having sex lessons with a 53 year old man wouldn’t have gone down too well. The week passed by in a haze of work and before we knew it, Friday, was upon us. We sat and chatted on the bus on the way home from work and Tori agreed to come to mine at 7.30pm.

I must admit that I was still intrigued to know what she looked like under her coat. The weather hadn’t been warm, so she had always worn it. I guessed that maybe, later on, I would find out. To be honest, although she had chatted at length about this, I was convinced she wouldn’t go through with it. Anyway, the bus reached Tori’s stop and she got up to get off. She turned and gave me a wink.

“See you later Pete.”

“You most certainly will.”

With that, she was off of the bus and walking down the road. I carried on to my stop and made my way home. Having had something to eat, I took a shower, cleaning my body of the days grime. I then changed into a t-shirt and jeans and waited. I am a regular gym goer so I knew that I didn’t look too shabby for my age.

Almost bang on 7.30pm and there was a knock at my door. I got up, walked over and opened the door. Tori stood there in a knee length denim dress that buttoned up at the front. She had her hair up in a bun on the top of her head and I could see that she was wearing Converse hi-top trainers.

“Hello Tori, you look so different.”

“Well, I’m not in my boring work clothes, so I feel different.”

I could now see that she had a slim figure with a pair of perky boobs hiding beneath her dress. She came in and sat down on the sofa. I went and got her a white wine and we sat and chatted. Tori had a couple more glasses sancaktepe escort of wine and then asked me if I would strip for her.

I laughed nervously. Now, whilst I wasn’t adverse to taking my clothes off, I was going to draw the line at some poor attempt at a strip tease. Tori laughed, noticing that I was blushing.

“Hang on a minute.”

With that, I disappeared into my bedroom. I stripped off down to my black boxer shorts. Walking back into the living room I saw that Tori was watching me.

“Now, that’s more like it.”

I laughed.

“Ok, find some porn to watch.”

This was a strange request. I dug out my I-Pad and found a porn site that I regularly used. I handed Tori the i-Pad and asked her to find a video she liked the look of. She flicked through the clips, eventually settling on one featuring a rather large breasted older lady.

I could feel my cock twitching and throbbing as I waited.

“Take your boxers off.”

I slowly pulled my boxer shorts down, feeling my now stiff cock ping out.

Tori was staring at it,

“Oh my god, look at it.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a nice dark brown colour, not pale and pasty white.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

“Ok, I want to start the porn and I want you to show me how you masturbate.”

Well, masturbation was one of my favourite things so I wasn’t too shy about this.

The porn showed a woman in her early 50’s in her bra, knickers and stockings. She was talking to the camera saying how she wanted to see the viewer wanking. She kept caressing her large boobs over her bra. I was there slowly teasing my cock, using my hand to slowly move up and down my hard shaft as I watched the woman in the clip.

Tori was watching me as I watched the woman who was telling me that she had 34 H boobs, which were large and which i’d gladly have sucked on.

“How about you have a go Tori?”

“You want me to masturbate you, hmm, well, I’ve never done it before but I’ll have a go, after all you are now my teacher.”

“Before you do, I want you to take your dress and shoes off.”

Tori stood up, as I stood there with my throbbing cock in my hand. I had ignored the porn video which continued ümraniye escort to play away, both of us oblivious to it and the older woman giving her instructions to the viewer.

Tori undid her front fastening denim dress. She took it off and placed it over the sofa. She then sat down and took off her trainers. As she sat there I could see the almost sheer black bra that she was wearing which showed off her perky boobs. The thong she was wearing was the same, black and almost sheer which meant that i could see a good deal of her pussy lips. I noticed that she had a small line of dark pubic hair above her pussy.

She then stood up and walked up to me. I watched her as she walked, wanting to see more, but knowing that in time I would.

“Stand behind me Tori.”

With that she went and stood behind me, so closely I could feel her underwear as it touched my skin.

“Ok, give me your right hand.”

Tori reached round and gave me her right hand. I placed it initially on my cock. Simply so that she could feel it and get used to the feel of it. Before I could say anything else she had her hand gripped round my cock.

“Tori, I want you to gently move your hand up and down my cock.”

Now, I said this as I’d had girlfriends in the past who had gripped my cock and wanked it like there was no tomorrow, Yes, I know that may sound good to some, but usually it ended in me telling them to stop as my foreskin became red raw with their antics.

Initially, Tori started off slow and I kept my hand away from hers. She was now watching the porn while she ran her hand up and down my cock. The woman in the video was now asking the viewer to wank faster. Whether Tori was lost in the moment or not, I’m not sure. However, she then started to rub my cock harder. Initially this was OK. The she started to tug at my cock, which to be honest was like a mild form of torture as she yanked my foreskin.

“Tori, stop. Let’s slow things down a bit.”

“Sorry Pete, I think i got too entranced by the porn video.”

“It’s OK, let’s go into the bedroom.”


I took her to the bedroom and she lay on the bed.

“Ok, Tori, take your bra and pants off.”

Tori reached behind her tuzla escort back, unhooking her bra and took it off. She then saw me looking at her boobs. Now, i didn’t know what size they were but if I were a betting man I’d have said 34 C. Wrong!

“Pete, are you trying to guess the size of my boobs?”

“Maybe Tori.”

“Well, I’ll put you out of your misery, they are 32 C.”

“Very nice they are too Tori.”

She giggled and then slipped her pants off, revealing her pussy and the thin line of pubic hair above it.

“Lie on your back Tori and let me show you what its like to have your pussy licked and teased.”

Tori lay back and raised her knees so that i could get to her waiting pussy hole.

Her lips were small and I initially kissed them gently, tasting her. I then ran my tongue from the top of her pussy lips down to the bottom and back up again. I did this a few times and Tori started to moan, clearly enjoying the fact that I was focused on her.

I then took the tip of my tongue and started to circle it round her rapidly swelling clit. Now this really got her moaning as I teased it. I alternated between running my tongue up and down her pussy lips and then circling and teasing her clit.

Tori was now moaning and as I looked up she was caressing her boobs and gently pulling at her now erect nipples. Seeing her pull at her nipples made my cock throb. To be honest, i wanted to suck them and play with them, but this wasn’t a race.

I could sense and taste that Tori was becoming wetter so as I licked her pussy lips I slipped a couple of fingers in. Slowly at first I started to finger fuck her pussy which was nice and tight. Tori moaned louder as i fingered her pussy, she moaned even louder when I fingered her and then sucked and teased her clit. I wanted to finger her puckered arse hole but realised that this was something I could do in time.

I could feel my fingers getting wetter as I started to push them in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. The faster I pushed my fingers in and out the more she moaned. I really wanted to slide my throbbing cock deep inside her. I had to remember that this “relationship” was about me teaching Tori about sex, it wasn’t just about me emptying my balls into or over her.

I licked her pussy lips even more and teased her clit, I could tell that she was going to cum soon. What I hadn’t banked on was that Tori was a squirter who then managed to unleash her sweet juices over my nose, mouth and chin. It tasted sweet, almost honey like. I lapped it up. Tonight was going to get really interesting if this was anything to go by.

So what next…

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