Quaranteam: Phil’s Tale Ch. 05

Adriana Chechik

Chapter Five

“Harder, you motherfucker!” Linda shouted at him as he drilled her from behind, his hands on her hips, jerking her back onto his cock as he did his best to ram her, bent over his desk, the walls of his office thankfully thick enough to dampen the sound so that no one could hear, although Linda was doing her best to make it loud enough for someone to get a hint of what was going on. “Pound me like you want to fucking break me!”

“Jesus, Linda,” Audrey said with a giggle from her seat on his couch, “take it easy on the poor guy. He’s only got so much energy.”

“He’s fucking got more than that,” the blonde officer hissed back. “C’mon you pussy, punch it! Slap my ass! Yank my hair! Fucking give it to me!”

Phil had been a little surprised by how much Linda loved rough sex, but he’d been doing his best to amp it up so that he could keep her, if not satiated, at least somewhat satisfied. His comfort level had started low, but he’d slowly been pushing it a little more each time, and each time, instead of freaking out, Linda had asked him to go harder, to be rougher, to really rail into her.

His hand lifted up and slapped her toned ass with a loud crack, and she let out a whorish, enthusiastic moan as soon as he did. “Yeeeeeeessssss….” she exhaled. “That’s it. Spank that ass! Paddle it until it’s so fucking red, I can’t even sit down!”

Again, he brought his hand down with an even harder clap, and he felt her cunt squeeze on his cock affectionately in approval, her back arching like a cat in heat as she tried to thrust her hips back more onto his dick. He could feel the flesh started to warm underneath the palm of his hand, and he hooked his fingertips into claws and dragged them hard against the skin, feeling her shiver in delight so hard, he thought she might have even tried to sneak an orgasm past him.

He glanced over at Audrey, and his plump Hispanic partner had her hand down the front of her unzipped pants, clearly fingering herself while she enjoyed the show, although he knew she had to still be tingling, having gotten her turn only a few hours ago, but it seemed like she didn’t mind giving herself a second release as Phil did his best to savage into his other partner, his balls thwacking against her clit each time his cock pummeled hilt deep inside of her.

“C’mon c’mon c’mon motherfucker you know you wanna do it you wanna fill this tight cunt up with that hot fucking spunk so much fucking jizz in those balls and I gotta have it so give it to me gimme that load gimme that fucking load I fucking earned! Do it motherfucker! Cum in my cunt!”

Phil’s hand slapped down on her ass, and he felt her quiver once more, but then he decided to surprise her, and pushed his thumb right against that exposed pucker of her asshole, hooking it up and in just to the first knuckle as he felt her clamp down on his cock while she started to cum all over again, and those milking spasms made sure she was getting what she wanted, as he poured several squirts of his cum up against the back of her snatch. Her head thumped down against her forearm atop of his desk, her blonde hair covering her face in all directions, having come loose from its tied up bun somewhere in the middle of their steamy tryst.

Half a minute or so later, he pulled his thumb out as he felt his cock softening inside of her. “Too much?” he asked with a playful laugh.

“Are you fucking kidding?” she laughed back beneath her hair. “I mean, if you’d tried to shove that dick in my ass without any real lube, that would’ve been too much, but your thumb? That was fucking hot.” Linda giggled a little bit, tossing her head back like Rita Hayworth to fling her hair back and out of her face. “But if you wanna try the back door, you just gotta bring the lube, and then I’m game if you are.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Audrey asked, sliding her hand out from her panties, wiping her fingers clean with a paper towel. “I’ve never done anal. Always been too scared.”

Phil slid back, letting his cock drop out of Linda’s snatch, as she grabbed her panties suddenly, yanking them up, as if she wanted to make sure that anything that dripped out of her didn’t go too far. “I’ve done it a couple of times before, but only when my partner asked me to. My last ex wanted to try it, but the one time we did, she said it hurt too much.”

“I like that it hurts a little, but it doesn’t hurt that much, as long as you work up to it,” she said, as he grabbed a paper towel and wiped himself off a little. “Did she try and work up to it, or did she think she could just go straight in with your cock?”

“Dunno,” he said, tugging up his boxers and his jeans. He’d learned that when Audrey and Linda wanted their fixes, there was no arguing with them, and he just needed to make sure they were happy. It was a common enough thing on the base, and they’d even developed a shorthand for it. People were calling it their ‘catch-22 time,’ and it excused up to half an hour ulus escort of tardiness once or twice a week. “Just straight in with me, I think.”

Linda rolled her eyes with a grin. “That’s her own fucking fault then,” she laughed. “She should have started with a little plug or something, let her body do a little slow training before she worked her way up to assfucking. If you wanna experiment a bit, Audrey, we can get you a little plug and let you work your way up.”

“Lemme think about it, but that sounds like it might be fun.”

“And as for you, Mister,” Linda said, pointing a finger at him. “If you get a hankering for it, the lube’s in the back of your bottom drawer.” She winked at him, sliding back into the rest of her jumpsuit.

“You have some already prepared?” he laughed. “How did you know I might be into that kind of thing?”

“You’re a dude. All dudes have at least thought about it a little. Besides, I’m into it. Why shouldn’t you be?”

He grinned. “Yeah, okay.”

“Oh, you wanted to take that quick tour of a bit of New Eden?” Linda said. “How’s the schedule today?”

Phil looked at his calendar. “Nothing they can’t do without me. You want to come, Audrey?”

She nodded. “I gotta get off this base for a while, so let’s make a day of it.”

Half an hour later, they were standing inside one of the larger manors of New Eden, as the three of them walked down the hallways. “So I was thinking this one for your friend,” Linda told him. “There’s another open one just down the street a bit for his roommate, and you said you wanted to keep your friends safe, so I figured this wouldn’t be too bad, even if it’s got a couple of shitty neighbors not too far away.”

“Who’s the shitty ones?” Phil said.

Linda pointed to the east. “About a mile east, you have Arthur Covington the 4th’s compound, although it’s actually about three miles worth of driving, because of all the switchbacks and trees. Then about a mile to the south you have Nathaniel Watkins and his family, although I guess Watkins isn’t really that bad.”

“You know, I’m starting to think Andy and Eric can actually serve a higher purpose here in New Eden,” Phil told her.

“How so?”

“I don’t trust any of the fuckers involved in the New Eden project, but I don’t have time to keep eyes on it safely. Andy’s a good guy, but he’s also sharp as a tack. Plus, people have a tendency to underestimate him all the time. He’ll be good to have boots on the ground, local eyes to keep tabs on what’s going on inside of the community when I don’t have time to watch it myself,” Phil sighed. “There’s just too much fucking going on anymore that if I don’t farm some of it out, I’m going to miss out on some important shit.”

“How much are you going to tell him?” Linda asked.

“Fuck all if I can help it,” he replied. “The last thing I want him coming in here with is prejudiced eyes. Let him make his own decisions about things and people.”

“I want to size this friend of yours up, Phil,” Linda told him. “I’ve heard him talking on Discord, and read his file, but I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet. You’re going to be asking a lot of him, so let’s go check him out.”

“Tell you what,” Phil said. “Let’s ‘stumble’ into him. He was saying on Discord yesterday how they were going to try and make a Safeway run this afternoon, so we can just accidentally bump into him there. You can stay hidden, Linda, and watch him from a distance, as Audrey and I pretend for the whole thing to be a random encounter. I haven’t told anyone on the Discord about me having partners yet, so I can spin it however I want to.”

“Good,” she said. “I like the idea of getting to see him long before he sees me. Oh, speaking of that kind of thing, I wanted to show you one thing about this mansion that I wish ours had. I’m a little jealous of it, actually.” She pressed the palm of her hand against one bookcase and pushed a little and the bookcase gave just a bit before popped back, swinging out a little bit.

“Hidden room?” Audrey said. “Very cool.”

Linda led them into the room, a nice little study with a desk, two chairs and a couch. There was a balcony just outside of a door, she showed them, but it was nestled back, recessed within the roof and obscured by a couple of trees, so that if you didn’t know it was there, the balcony would be almost invisible from most angles, a nice view looking out over into the valley of New Eden from the perch.

They stood out on the balcony, taking a moment to savor the vista before Linda broke the silence. “How long you think before he fucks somebody up here? A week? A day?”

Phil shook his head a little. “Knowing Andy, he’ll probably keep this room a secret for at least a month or two, just to give him some place to go and think if he needs to get away from it all. Eventually, he’ll tell everyone about it, but it’ll be a gradual thing.”

The trio stepped back into the yenimahalle escort room, and Phil noticed there was a bottle of whiskey sitting on the desk, between two crystal glasses. He glanced over at the bottle then looked back at Linda, a question in his eyes. “Look,” she said, “I figured if he was your friend and you were throwing him into the lion’s den like this, he deserved at least a little thank you, even if he doesn’t know it came from you.”

“From us, you mean,” he said, picking up the bottle. “Jesus! This is McCallan 25 year Sherry Oak Single Malt. Isn’t this, like, a thousand dollars a bottle?”

“Two and a half,” Linda grinned. “Of course, I lifted it from Haunton’s stuff when we were moving his stuff into his mansion. He had like two dozen of them. He’ll never a couple of them missing.”

“A couple?”

“Sure, I kept one for us,” she said. “You think I was going to go through all that work and not enjoy it some myself?”

“You should leave Andy a note or something. He loves mysteries and shit.”

Linda opened the desk, taking out a good pen and a piece of card stationary, and then wrote “good luck” on the card, taking as much time as she could to make her handwriting look formal and elegant, a far cry from her normal chicken scratch.

As they headed to the car, Phil pointed out to Audrey that they were going to need to be in full protective gear, even though they didn’t need to be. At this point, Phil was pretty sure that he was basically immune to DuoHalo, but he couldn’t let on that he was to the public at large. Both he and Audrey needed to look like they were in full paranoia mode, so they had goggles and masks they could wear whenever they went out. Linda also had her own personal gear, but the camo tended to discourage from anyone talking to her anyway.

When they got to the Safeway, Phil opened the back of the Tesla and pulled out his jacket, sliding it over Audrey’s shoulders. “Why am I wearing your jacket, Phil?” she asked him.

“It’ll help Andy recognize me,” he told her.

“Then why aren’t you wearing it?”

“Because you wearing it means you’re important to me,” he said, kissing her softly.

“Oh,” she said, blushing a little bit.

“How soon should we expect them?” Linda asked him.

“He’s already here,” he told her. “That’s his Mazda 3 over there, the one with the ‘Ph33r My L33t N3kkId Skillz’ license plate holder.”

“How charming,” she said.

“It was a gift from me,” he countered.

“Ah, well then it’s cute.”

“Remember, try not to get seen by them,” he told her.

“You won’t even know I’m there,” she said, heading into the Safeway first, Phil and Audrey going in just a minute or so later.

He didn’t want to go straight for him, but he also didn’t want to let Andy slip out of the Safeway without ‘accidentally’ bumping into him, so they moved a little bit quickly, and sure enough, there was Andy standing in the frozen aisles, looking at ice cream, flanked by two women, one taller than him and blonde, the other shorter and redhead.

Of course, Phil knew exactly who Aisling Blake and Lauren White were. While he couldn’t do much to influence the way the Oracle worked, he could do some basic reviews on the people scheduled to be paired with his friends, and do some quality control. In Andy’s case, it hadn’t been at all necessary, and in fact, it had almost put him into a sense of false complacency. Aisling wasn’t just sort of Andy’s type; she was practically tailor-made to be a perfect fit for him. And when Aisling had been chosen as Andy’s first partner, Phil had done everything he could to understand how the Oracle system worked.

The giant questionnaire certainly made up a lot of the data the Oracle system used, but not all of it, and it wasn’t all weighted the same. The man’s preferences were much more heavily weighted than the woman’s, something Phil wasn’t too pleased by, but supposed was going to be necessary considering how fewer men there were to be safely entered into the system.

Aisling’s questionnaire had focused in on a number of things — she wanted a smart partner, she wanted a kind partner, she wanted a partner with an excellent sense of humor and she wanted a sexually adventurous partner, something Phil thought might have been the sticking point, until he looked at Andy’s questionnaire answers.

The first thing that had surprised him was that Andy had put down “no preference” when it had come to the monogamy/polygamy question, which had immediately opened Andy’s options immensely. Eric had put down monogamy, which had meant he would get a slower drip of partners, but was still going to get saddled with multiple partners eventually.

The women’s questionnaire didn’t even have that question included in it.

For the first handful of women that had come in, they had been shown a series of 20 pictures, each with their compatibility score beneath the tunalı escort picture, and each and every one of them had gone with the person with the highest compatibility score, even if there were better looking men in the pool. Phil suspected this sort of generous pairing was going to fall by the wayside quickly, simply because they didn’t have the time, but for the first few thousand people being matched by the Oracle system, there was a second level of cautionary testing.

Lauren hadn’t been quite the obvious match, but the system said they were still an excellent pairing, and Lauren, like Aisling before her, had simply gone with the science, and so far, they’d all seemed quite happy.

Andy, bless his heart, was a bit of a blabbermouth, and had talked about things in their group Discord so that Phil could actually use his friend as a control case, seeing how things were developing for people who he didn’t have constant surveillance on.

As he and Audrey approached Andy, Aisling and Lauren, he could see his friend giving him a suspicious look, not recognizing him at all, so Phil decided to break the ice. “Andy, that you under all that mess?”

Andy turned and glanced over at them, looking at the two figures covered basically from head to toe, but then he saw the one-of-a-kind letterman jacket on Audrey, and realized who he was talking to. “How did you recognize me, Phil?” he asked.

“I was taking a wild guess, but I don’t know anyone else here in the States who would be wearing a Nautilus Pompilus t-shirt,” Phil said to his friend. “Russian alternative rock band t-shirts aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.”

He wasn’t surprised to see Aisling wearing it, and was genuinely happy for his friend. One of Andy’s unspoken turn ons was seeing women wearing his shirts. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he could detect Andy smiling behind the mask.

“Fair enough,” Andy said to him. “We can’t exactly talk here, but let’s meet up at the base of Mount Diablo, in the park. We can stand far apart enough to talk and still be safe. We’ve got to drop groceries off, so let’s say we meet up in a couple of hours?”

Of course, Andy didn’t know that they could be standing right next to each other, breathing in each others’ faces and they’d still be impervious to DuoHalo, but it was best to keep up the ruse. He glanced down at his watch. It was longer than he wanted to wait, but to be honest, with the amount of groceries Andy had gotten, they were going to need a bit of time to get everything into their fridge. He suspected it would be the last time they would buy groceries here, since by this time next month, they would be moved into the mansion within New Eden.

About ninety minutes later, Phil pulled his Tesla into the parking lot at the base of Mount Diablo, basically the only car in the lot. People as of late had gotten so paranoid that they didn’t even want to be in public parks near each other, afraid of both Covid and DuoHalo now.

“Andy’ll park over there,” he told Linda. “If you want to, you can lay down in the back of the Tesla and I can just leave the windows rolled down, or you can try and conceal yourself over closer to where he’s going to park.”

“I’ll lay down in the back, Phil,” she told him. “I want to be sure you’re covered and taken care of, although this is a nice spot for a meeting — sight lines in every direction, but lots of trees, so it wouldn’t be easy for a sniper to get into a good position, especially with the sunlight complicating things. I like it. Maybe we’ll make a spy out of you yet.”

“God no,” he said, lowering the back windows of the Tesla down to half mast as he and Audrey shed the masks and the goggles, both of them moving to sit on the hood of his car, more leaning on it than sitting on it.

About twenty minutes later, Andy’s Mazda-3 rolled into the parking lot, placing the car on the opposite side of the space before he and his two partners hopped out, walking up towards the wooden fencing, beyond which laid the park. “So Phil, where the hell ya been?” Andy laughed at him.

It was a fair point. Phil had sort of dropped off the radar to his friends for the last few month, working through all his responsibilities with the pandemic, and a couple of the members of the poker group had even accused him of ghosting them. Phil just hoped he didn’t look half as tired as he felt.

“So, Andy, this is my partner Audrey,” he said, squeezing her shoulder.

‘Also, my other partner is laying down in the back seat of my car with a Desert Eagle in her hand in case she thinks you’re a threat,’ Phil thought, but didn’t say out loud.

“Hi Andy!” Audrey said, brightly, waving one hand at him. “Sorry I’ve kept him off the group Discord, but I didn’t want to share him until I felt like we were established.”

“Oh, love,” Aisling giggled. “We’re all doing that.”

‘No kidding,’ Phil thought to himself. Andy looked at least ten pounds lighter, and his goatee was more meticulously trimmed than he’d ever seen it before. He’d made a point not to be around when Aisling or Lauren were getting their injections, and he was pleased to see it looked as though neither of them had any recognition of him. He’d been careful, but there was always a chance someone could spot him wandering around when they were under observation.

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