Punishment for Cheating Wife Ch. 01


It was around 2.30 in the afternoon that I got a call from my husband. He was out of station – in Goa – on a work trip with his bosses.

When he called me, he sounded a bit agitated, not that I can blame him, he has a tendency to get over excited over the smallest of matters.

When he called, I was on my bed with my legs spread and ass in the air getting my ass fucked hard by my newest partner.

Picking up the phone, I panted a nervous “hello” into the mouthpiece.

“Why are you out of breath?” He asked.

“I am working out,” I told him.

“Anyway, pack your bags, I need you to come down to Goa and do something for me.”

“Huh? Goa? Do what?”

“Rhea, just pack your bag, I am sending you a ticket for the 7 pm flight. Don’t carry any fancy stuff. Just bring some sexy lingerie and heels and anything sexy that you’d like to wear… not that you’ll be wearing anything.” He said this and cut the phone.

I looked at my phone and wondered, “WTF was this?”

Behind me, my lover was still busy ravaging my asshole. Turning my attention to him, I told him to spank my ass and fuck my asshole harder or get off.

He obliged and began ramming his 10″ cock deep inside my asshole even as he spanked my ass hard.

A few minutes later, I came and he filled up my rectum with his cum. As he popped out of my throbbing asshole, my mind wandered to that strange phone call from my husband.

“Get out,” I told my lover and got off the bed, still feeling the sting of his slaps on my ass and feeling his cum leak out of my asshole.

As soon as he left, I took a bath and cleaned out my shaved pussy and asshole nice and properly and gave myself an enema to make sure there was no sign of any cum inside me.

All done, I packed my bags and made sure I had a couple of sundresses and a lot of tiny, sexy, Lacey bikinis that showed off everything on my 5’9″ frame.

I put on a skirt and a top – both without a bra or panties, since I wanted my freshly fucked pussy and asshole to cool down before I landed in Goa.

Raj had already sent the ticket to me and around 4pm, I was on my way to the airport.

An uneventful 2 and a half hour flight later, I landed in Goa and my husband was at the airport to pick me up.

“It’s good that you are wearing what you are. It’ll be easier to take it off.”

“What do you mean?”

“Rhea, I know my small dick doesn’t satisfy you and that you’ve been fucking other men. I even have recordings of some of them, especially the ones where you’ve fucked more than one man at the same time.”

“No, but you forget that there are cctv cameras all over the house and you’ve not bothered to hide your antics at any time. I’ve seen you flirting with my bosses… and I think they’d very much like to fuck you. The only difference here would be that this time, I’ll be watching and might even participate.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Oh, we got into a discussion about our wives and the bosses, all five of them said that I had the hottest wife and that they would love to slut you out one day. I thought well, why not today? You are going to be their surprise.”
”What do you mean?”

“Oh, don’t act coy, I’ve seen how cock hungry you can get when you have multiple men around you. I’ve also seen you get your asshole and pussy fucked at the same time. And I’ve also seen you being thrown around on different well-built men’s cocks while hanging off their shoulders with your legs high up in the air.”

I couldn’t say anything. I’d been caught and all I could do was wonder what he was going to do after I had fucked his bosses.

“I am sorry if I hurt you.”

“No need. Every time I’ve seen those videos, I’ve wondered about what it would be like to see you get fucked in front of me. Well, tonight’s the night. Now, we are going to reach the villa in another couple of minutes. The bosses are on the beach in their shorts, drinking beer and yakking away. Why don’t you take off your clothes and you can then, çukurambar escort in your high heels swing that fantastic ass of yours as you turn up in front of them and surprise them? I want to see their reactions.”

Since I’d been caught and had no option left, I began taking off my clothes and in less than a minute, I was sitting in the passenger seat all naked with nothing but my high heels on my feet.

Leaning back, I opened my bag and pulled out a perfume from it and sprayed my tits and pussy and raising my ass, my asshole with it.

Raj laughed as he saw me prepare for the inevitable.

“You are a proper little slut, aren’t you?”

“I can be if it’ll make you happier and if you promise to not leave me after whatever happens today.”

“I am not leaving you ever.”

That was all I needed to hear.

Just as we reached the villa and Raj parked the car, I refreshed my lipstick and got off the car.

“How do I look?”

“Like a slut.”

“Does my asshole look ok? What about my pussy?”


As Raj led the way, I walked behind him. About 10 feet away from his bosses, Raj asked me to stop and listen.

“So, boys, what would you do to my wife Rhea if she was here right now?”

“Oooh boy. I’d throw her in the sand and getting on top of her fuck her from behind and once I am done, I’d get her to suck my cock and when it got hard, I’d fuck her again,” said one of them.

“I’d love to pound her ass and see it jiggle with each stroke,” said another.

“How about fucking her together?” Asked Raj.

“Oh yeah, that’ll be the sluttiest. Tell you what, if we ever get to do that, we’ll make you partner, on the condition that if any of us fancied to fuck her alone or together at any time, she’d be available.”

“Well boys, meet your new partner then,” Raj said, laughing as he motioned for me to come over.

I stepped out of the shadows and swinging my ass, walked over to where the men were sitting.

I swung my ass as sluttily as I could as I walked over to the men.

On seeing me absolutely naked, all of them jumped up off their beach chairs and stood up. I walked over to them and showing them that I was game for anything I let my hand feel their cocks as I walked past them.

“So, you guys want to slut me out, huh? Well, here I am and with my husband’s permission, you can do almost anything you want to me. You want to fuck my mouth, well go ahead. You want to fuck my pussy? I’ll happily spread my legs for you. You want to get inside my asshole? I’ll be happy to spread my asscheeks for you and give you ready access. I am your sex toy for as long as my husband wants me to be one. What do you say, Raj?”
”You can be their sex toy till they don’t get tired of you, girl. Heck, if you like, and if they are willing, you can even go fuck them back home in Delhi whenever you want.”

“Well, you heard him, guys. Now, if you want to fuck me, aren’t you guys a little overdressed?”

In a trice, the men had taken off their shorts and I had five rock hard cocks staring me in the face.

I walked over to the man closest to me, Pratik and asked him what he wanted to do to me.

“I am going to lay you down on this beach chair and spread your legs and fuck your pussy.”

“What are you waiting for then?”

That was all it needed to get them started.

In the next instant, I found myself on my back on the beach chair and Pratik knocking his cock on my pussy doors. He entered without any fuss as I was already wet down there from all the talk that Raj and I had on the way and the prospect of me being railed by a bunch of men in front of my own husband.

I happily took his cock in my pussy and wrapping my legs around his waist, urged him to fuck me as hard as he could and to maul my perfectly natural 36D tits.

Pratik was a different animal. Not just did he maul my tits, but he also slapped them hard and groped them leaving marks on my fair tit skin. And since the boys had been drinking demetevler escort it took Pratik some time to reach an orgasm. Meanwhile, as he continued to fuck me, I had about three orgasms one after another. I was making so much noise that one of them men, Kay, decided to shut me up with his cock and let me suck on it.

Pratik came about 10 minutes after he began fucking me. Towards the end, he began pounding me as if he wanted to drive me into the beach chair, so powerful were his strokes. At last, when he came, he plunged deep inside me and filled up my pussy. He must have come for a minute or so before he finally pulled out of me, but not before giving my left tit a tight slap.

Next came Kay, who I had been sucking for the past few minutes.

Very unceremoniously, he pulled me off the beach chair and turning me around, told me to get on all fours on the beach chair and to spread my asscheeks.

As I got into position, he noticed the redness of my ass and asked if I had been fucked recently by someone other than Pratik.

“Yes, when Raj called me earlier today, I had my lover’s cock inside my asshole. He’s the one who slapped and turned my ass red.”

“Oh, so you have been ass fucked before.”

“Yes, and I love it. How about you slap my ass a few times for cheating on my husband and then fuck my asshole with your cock?”

I just had to say this and Kay obliged. The first of his slaps landed squarely on my asshole. He made sure that the second one landed on my quivering pussy. The third one was again aimed at my asshole and the fourth at my pussy. After that, he turned his attention to the globes of my ass and began slapping them hard. I could feel each slap leave a mark and bring tears to my eyes. About 20 slaps later, he stopped and then spit on my asshole. A second later, he had his cock at the entrance of my nether hole and was ready to plunge in.

“Now, randi, I am going to plunge my cock into your asshole and fuck you. Tell me how hard do you want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck me hard enough to make me cry. And make my asshole sore.”

Kay plunged in with one stroke. He was a good 10″ long and about 3″ in girth. His was one of the biggest cocks that I had taken in my asshole. The sensation of his cock plunging into my asshole made my eyes roll up into their sockets.

True to my demand, Kay fucked me hard. He held on to my tiny 22″ waist and with each stroke in, he would not just push his cock in, but would also pull me into his cock. The feeling of being used like a flashlight was exquisite. I was a sex toy. I was a piece of meat that had to be ravaged.

Mid stroke, Kay stopped.

“Tell me, slut, have you ever been double fucked?

“Yes, I have been double fucked. One in my pussy and one in my ass.”

“No, I meant two cocks in your ass?” He said as he slapped my ass hard again.

“No, I have not done that ever.”

“Well, today you are going to get double fucked in the ass.”

“What? No, I can stretch to take your dick in my asshole, but two cocks in my asshole will be too much. You’ll tear me apart.”

“Shut up, bitch, no one’s asking you. Hey, Raj, ok if we stretch her holes wide?”

“Sure, go ahead. Why not push two cocks in her asshole and one in her pussy? See if her cheating ass can take that?”

“That’s an idea,” Kay said as he pulled out and picking me up, lay down on the beach chair and got me to point his cock at my asshole and sit on it. Once he was in as deep as he could go, he called on Vijay and asked him to be the second cock in my asshole. Vijay jumped at the invite and after plunging his cock in my pussy to lubricate it, he pointed his cock at my asshole and entered slowly. After a bit of a struggle, both the cocks were in my asshole and were plunged deep inside me.

I couldn’t believe my petite asshole had taken two cocks.

I was moaning in pain and pleasure and couldn’t wrap the thought of my poor asshole being stretched so wide.

“Raj, take a photo of dikmen escort my asshole stretched wide by these bastards,” I said.

Raj happily pulled out his phone and began taking photos of me being slotted out by the two men.

Now that I already had two men in me, I thought, what the fuck, let’s go the distance.

“How about that third cock in my pussy? Let’s see if we can fit that in.”

Rupi was to be the third cock and getting on top of me, he shoved his cock inside my pussy. Now I had three cocks in my groin a total of about 2 and a half feet of rock hard male flesh inside me. I was so full that all my senses were firing on auto in an erratic manner. I came orgasm after orgasm as the men continued to pound both my holes.

The last one, Karan decided I was making way too much noise and came and stuffed my mouth with his cock. He pushed his cock into my mouth and persistently kept at it till I leaned backwards and let his cock go into my throat. As he deep throated me, the men inside my pussy and asshole began cumming. Vijay came first and let loose his seed inside my asshole.

Rupi couldn’t take the contractions of my pussy and came second. Surprisingly, Kay, who had entered my asshole first was still holding on. As Vijay and Rupi pulled out one by one, I pushed Karan away and looking at Kay told him to fuck me harder and to cum inside my asshole.

Kay pushed me off him. Like a blithering idiot with quivering legs, I fell down on the ground on my hands and knees. But I wasn’t there for too long. A few seconds later, Kay picked me up bodily and lay me on the beach chair. Calling Rupi and Vijay, he told them to fold my legs backwards and to raise my ass that way. The two men obliged. Now, my ankles were next to my ears and my ass was in the air. Only the hind part of my head and upper back were touching the beach chair. Before pounding his cock inside my asshole again, he made it a point to slap my asscheeks, leaking pussy and asshole too. Satisfied with the colour my ass was beginning to turn, he plunged his cock into my asshole. Holding on to my waist, he began pounding like his life depended on it.

At one point, he told Rupi and Vijay to let go of my legs and picking me up from under my legs, he made me bounce hard on his cock with my tits flouncing and bouncing in front of his face.

He caught hold of one nipple with his mouth and bit into it, making me scream. Behind me, Raj was busy taking photos of me being used like a rubber doll as Kay bounced me on his cock.

Kay told Raj to slap my ass as hard as he could to punish my cheating ass. And Raj did just that. Each time Kay brought me down on his cock, Raj would give me a hard, open handed smack on my asscheeks.

A few minutes later, Kay raised me and then brought me down hard a couple of times and then stopped suddenly as he erupted inside my asshole with a stream of invectives calling me all kinds of names.

Karan was the only one left and he wanted to fuck my pussy. Taking me off Kay’s hands, Karan lay me down on the beach chair and entered my pussy. As compared to Kay, Karan was gentle and fucked my pussy long and hard before he came inside me.

All five men and Raj were sitting around and I lay there on the beach chair leaking cum from my holes and smarting from all the spanking I had got.

Raj was the only one who had his shorts on.

“Raj, why do you have your shorts on? Don’t you want to fuck your cheating wife?”

“No, but I’ll do something else,” he said as he walked over to me taking off his shorts. Standing over me, he began shagging and a few minutes later, he spurted his cum all over my tits and face. When the last of it was over, he stood there holding his cock and then suddenly, began pissing on my tits.

“Turn your ass and take my piss on it, you slut,” he said.

I quickly turned and allowed him to shower me with his piss. I even spread my ass cheeks and let him aim for my asshole.

Once he was done, he told me to turn around and suck his cock clean.

Like the slut that I am, I turned around and took his cock in my mouth and began licking it clean.

When he was satisfied, he pulled away from me and told me to go take a bath and clean out my holes and come back for a second round.

I wondered what he had in store for me next.

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