punishing bitch


I just got back from work, my body aching from the strain of the manual labor. As I stepped through the door I put away my keys, stretched for a moment then headed to the kitchen. I fixed up a couple of turkey sandwiches and ate my dinner. Afterwards I made a couple of sandwiches for bitch, then I headed down the stairs. Bitch lay on her bed awake. She was reading the book I had accidentally left in the room this morning. Her face was red, it looked like she had been crying. I came down the stairs and set the plate on the end of her bed.

“You should eat.” I told her. She looked up at me with hateful eyes and said “Why, so I have energy when you rape me?” the words flew out of her mouth in an angry flurry. I looked at her coldly. I figured there would come a point when bitch got so full of hate that she back talked me. I wasn’t surprised by her actions. But I would punish her for her words. She was my property. My truck wouldn’t stall out of spite, and bitch will learn not to be disrespectful to her master. I leaned over and rested my left hand on the bed, gripping bitches chin with my right. She glared at me stubbornly for a moment, then her defiance withered as her eyes met mine. Seeing the look on my face bitches expression changed to one of fear. She realized she had fucked up.

“You have just made a grave mistake bitch. Tonight will not be a night you remember fondly, and it wont be a night you will forget any time soon.” I said quietly. Then I stood, took the book and plate of food and set them on the chair nearby. Bitch had lost her food privileges for at least two days. I walked back to the bed and unlocked the chain from the headboard, leaving it attached to bitches collar. She whimpered a little. Then I suddenly stepped back and pulled the chain hard, jerking bitch off of the bed. She hit the cold concrete and began to try to regain her balance. Before she had a chance I began my assault.

I stepped forward Escort and grabbed her by the chin, pulling my pants open quickly and began to violently face fuck bitch. True I had made her suck me before, but not like this. I thrust as hard as I could, and considering my general health that was pretty hard. Her head snapped back with every thrust. Her eyes were red and she was starting to cry, spittle flew from the corners of her lips. She tried to get her balance, but every time she almost got it I would thrust extra hard and slap her. After a moment she crumpled, not willing, or maybe not able, to fight my assault any longer. I twisted my fists into her hair and held her up by her hair. It was all she could do to sit there whimpering in pain. I gagged her over and over, waiting until her face turned blue or her eyes started to roll back before I let her breath. I must have spent ten minutes attacking bitches face with my dick. Finally I felt myself start to come. I forced my dick as far into her throat as I could, sitting there. She began to squirm as she started to lose her breath. I was choking her and she was panicking. Her eyes were rolling and I thought she might lose consciousness when I finally blew my load into her throat. I pulled myself out of her mouth. She immediately took in gulps of air, having no choice but to swallow my cum in the process. I let go of her hair and she hit the floor. She lay there for a moment gasping for breath. I stood patiently. After she had caught her breath she spoke.

“I’m s-s-sorry m-master. Pl-please don’t h-hurt me again.” she pleaded through a face full of tears. I stood over her with one leg on either side of her. “Get on your knee’s in front of me” I told her. She obeyed immediately. As soon as she had assumed the position I back handed her hard across the face with my right hand. She fell back to the floor from the impact.

“Listen good bitch. I’m not finished punishing you. I’m going Escort Bayan to keep going until I think I’m done. Every time you beg me to stop that is going to add more time to your punishment. That little outburst just now cost you an extra ten minutes, and another five for not being on your knees like I told you too.” I told her. She began crying softly, knowing that her night would be a horrible one.

I grabbed bitch by the hair again and threw her so that she was on her knees bent at the waist over the side of the bed. I straddled her hips and began fucking her violently. Doing everything I could to hurt her. I raked my fingernails across her back leabing shallow lacerations that would burn like hell. I pinched her nipples so hard that my fingers went numb from the exertion, twisting her nipples as I did so. I left several large, painful bite marks that would bruise for sure. I delivered short punches to both of her kidneys, all the while fucking her ruthlessly. I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back, looking at her crying face. I slapped her ass until my hands were sore. I pulled her head up once again and bit her right ear, latching on harder as she cried out in pain. I probably mounted the girl for thirty minutes, controlling my orgasm, restraining it. Then I decided that I had waited long enough. I pulled out of her and came on her ass. She shuddered as I ripped myself out of her. I relaxed for a moment and then I pulled her head up so that her ear was beside my mouth. “Now bitch, I’m going to fuck your ass, and the only lubrication your getting is the cum that on your right now.” I whispered in her ear.

Her face went ghost white. She stopped crying. Her lips moved, but no sound came out. I started talking again.”And the whole time your going to beg me to keep going. I want to hear you say “I’m your bitch” every time I force my dick into your bleeding virgin asshole. If you don’t then I’ll just keep Bayan Escort going, even after I’ve come. Now, say “please rape my worthless slave ass master, and please make it hurt as much as you can.” if you dont say that, things will be worse, I promise” I told her I waited a moment then yanked her hair and said “Say it!”

Bitch was crying now harder than she had yet, harder even than she had when I had raped her virginity out from under her.Between the sobs she managed to choke out “p-pl-please r-r-rape my s-slave…a-ass m-master, a-and p-pl-please make it h-hurt as m-much a-as y-you c-c-c-can” She could barely finish the sentence she was bawling so hard.

I rubbed the cum from a moment ago over her virgin asshole. Then I pressed the tip of my dick against her puckered hole. Drawing back and gathering all the strength I could muster I thrust so violently that I buried my dick her her completely with one thrust. I sat there, all the way in her. She fell forward and lay unmoving. I pushed her head aside and realized she had passed out form the sudden pain. I slapped her awake. As she came to she started screaming in brutal agony. She couldn’t even form words. She just howled like an animal being slaughtered. After a moment she subsides enough for me to say “you didnt say “I’m your bitch” and that earned you an extra 5 minutes of punishment. Falling asleep earned you a special punishment when I’m done with your body.” she was crying as she whimpered “I’m your bitch”

I took my time with her, breaking in her ass properly. She was shaking from pain and exhaustion when I was finally done with her. She looked wistfully at the bed, but I just grinned and said “you wont be sleeping there tonight” As I got short lengths of chain and some padlocks from a toolbox in the corner of the room. I chained her to rings I had drilled into the floor, leaving her vulnerable body face down on the cold, hard concrete.Then when she thought everything was over I took the belt from my belt loops and spent ten minutes whipped the inside of her thighs, her back, her ass and her calves. Then I left, taking my book and sandwiches with me.

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