Property of Devil’s Outlaws (Part 1)


Synopsis: A beautiful 24-year-old Asian girl goes on vacation but gets lost in a small town and quickly kidnapped by a ruthless and violent biker gang. She struggles to survive as they turn her into their personal fuck-toy, beating and raping her constantly. Will they eventually demand ransom from her family? Sell her into slavery? Kill her? Her fate may be uncertain, but suffice to say, it likely will not be a happy one.


Chapter 1: Taken

As the sun began quickly setting behind the beautiful mountain ranges far away, Hannah could feel her frustration growing larger by the second. She should have known better than to rely solely on her navigation system and not bring a map with her on this trip. She was on her way to join some friends in Cabo for a few days of summer fun and relaxation. She had just a couple more hours of driving, but her normally dependable navigation tool had started behaving very oddly a short moment ago and now the screen was completely blank.
Instead of keeping on the main road like she should have the moment she was lost, Hannah had made numerous turns out of panic and now had no clue where she was. To make matters worse, darkness was quickly approaching and whatever town she was in looked like a complete slum. The old fashioned buildings all around her were dilapidated, the roads were crumbling, and the street lamps were so dim that they barely provided any light in the area. There were few people out on the streets, and all of them looked like bums or manual laborers.
After driving for several more minutes Hannah finally found a gas station. Although she didn’t want to stop and get out of her car in this shoddy town, she knew her only option at this point was asking for directions. She parked her car at one of the refueling lots and walked quickly inside the decrepit little store. The night air was chilly and Hannah wished now that she’d worn something more concealing than her small blue shorts and white halter top. She was an extremely attractive girl, with long dark hair, lovely tanned skin, and a petite, skinny body. Like most other Asians her breasts and ass were small but wonderfully round and firm, and her long, slender legs were flawless.
“Hi, I was wondering if you could give me directions, I’m lost,” Hannah smiled to the fat old man sitting behind the counter with a magazine in his hands.
“Where you headed?” The man asked in an irritated tone, lifting his eyes to look at the Asian girl.
“Cabo,” Hannah replied.
“Sorry, can’t help you,” the man apologized, turning his attention back to the magazine.
“Okay, thank you,” Hannah said, turning around and exiting the store.
Hannah felt her heart freeze when she looked towards her car and saw at least a dozen bikers around it, with several of them even sitting on the hood and trunk. She’d only been inside the little market for maybe thirty seconds, yet somehow that had been enough time for all of these men to park their Harleys and set up camp around her car.
“Hey sexy, where you from?” One of the bikers shouted out to her.
Hannah stood in stunned silence. At first she didn’t know what to do. She knew these men had nothing but bad intentions. She looked around but there was nobody else anywhere nearby. She’d also left her phone inside the car.
“Please, I’m lost, can you help me?” Hannah asked, walking slowly toward her car and the menacing group of men.
“Baby we’d love to help you,” another one of the bikers replied, drawing some laughter and whistles from his friends.
“I—I need directions, I’m heading to Cabo,” Hannah clarified.
“Cabo? Now why the fuck would you wanna go there, especially when you got us to play with?” One of the bikers asked incredulously.
At this point Hannah was just a few feet away from her car, so several of the bikers quickly began walking toward her and encircling her between them. Hannah knew she should start sprinting as fast as she could, but somehow she was frozen with fear and could not move. Soon all of the bikers had surrounded her and she could barely see anything other than their hulking bodies. All of them were huge, standing well over 6’ and weighing at least 250 lbs each. Hannah, in stark contrast, was just 5’4” and weighed no more than 110.
“It’s real simple bitch, either you can come with us nice and easy, or we can tie you to one of them bikes and drag your ass,” one of the bikers and, judging from his huge physique the leader, declared. “What’s it gonna be?”
“Please…please I don’t want any problems, I just want to leave, please leave me alone, I’ll give you anything you want, I have a lot of money in my car,” Hannah pleaded, her body quivering from the cool air and her own terror.
“Oh we’ll take your money, don’t worry about that, and you’ll be making us a lot more also,” the tattooed giant smiled. “Now you ready to come with us, or do we gotta do this the hard way?”
“Where—where are you taking me? Please I just want to go…let me go, please,” Hannah continued to beg.
“You’re coming to our place for some fun, that’s all you gotta know,” the biker replied.
“No…no I don’t want to, I don’t want to, please,” Hannah beseeched the gang, clear panic in her voice now.
“Someone get me some rope, I guess we gotta tie this stupid bitch,” the huge man said, exasperated.
“No please! Please stop! Why are you doing this?!” Hannah screamed, struggling desperately as two of the bikers quickly grabbed her arms and started dragging her toward their Harleys.
“No! Don’t! Please don’t, I’ll come with you, I’ll come with you don’t tie me!” Hannah shrieked in horror when one of the men started approaching her with a braid of rope in his hands.
“You ready to be a good girl?” The tattooed beast demanded, grabbing Hannah’s dark brown hair and jerking her head back so she was forced to stare up at him.
“Yes! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” Hannah answered, tears starting to flow from her eyes.
“You’re gonna ride with me, if you try to escape I’ll shoot your ass, understand you little Asian cunt?” The biker warned.
Hannah nodded her head in agreement, and the biker dragged her over toward his motorcycle. He forced her down on the front of the large leather cushion before taking a seat himself directly behind her. Hannah was shaking violently now and was absolutely terrified as the huge man revved up the chopper and peeled out of the parking lot, with the rest of his friends following him closely. As she saw her shiny Subaru WRX disappear from her sigh Hannah started crying and felt the dread in her stomach, wondering what was going to happen to her now.
It did not take long for the biker gang to reach their destination. In less than ten minutes, the leader carrying Hannah pulled off the road and into a large parking lot of what appeared to be some kind of tavern. There were dozens of trucks, 18-wheelers, and other bicycles parked all around the building and Hannah could hear the rowdy laughter and shouting of many drunken men inside. The biker behind her parked his Harley near the entrance and promptly grabbed Hannah by her long brown hair, yanking her off his chopper and dragging her toward the front doors of the bar.
“God I can’t wait to fuck this little bitch,” Hannah heard one of the bikers behind her say, as she was hauled into the building.

Chapter 2: The First Night

The leader of the gang led her straight past the bar and lounge area of the tavern and toward the back. As she passed by the countless drunken customers they all stared at her in stunned silence and admiration. They only got to see her for a few seconds, however, as she was quickly taken to the back of the building. Hannah struggled to keep up with the huge biker as he hauled her through a pair of double doors and down a dirty hallway before entering a room on the right.
Once they were inside the biker roughly shoved Hannah toward a large, dirty mattress near the corner of the room. The girl’s heart was pounding feverishly and she could hardly stand on her rubbery knees. Hannah was beyond terrified as the many bikers quickly packed themselves inside the room. All of them had the most sickening and malevolent smiles on their faces.
“Alright bitch here’s how this is gonna work,” the biker who’d dragged her inside declared. “From now on you belong to us, or as we’re known around these parts, the Devil’s Outlaws. You’re our little fuck toy. You can forget about whatever stupid shit you used to do in your old life, ‘cause that’s history now. We don’t know what you used to be, and quite frankly we don’t give a damn. You’re only purpose now is for fucking. You better start getting used to being on that bed and getting those tight Asian holes stuffed with cock, because that’s the only thing you’re gonna be doing for a real long time.”
“No, please, don’t do this, please don’t do this to me,” Hannah pleaded, trembling violently as the horror of her situation truly began dawning on her.
“For your sake I really hope you’re a horny little cunt, because I ain’t kidding when I say you’re gonna be getting fucked pretty much nonstop. We’ve got about a dozen of us here, but there’s more than 100 Devil’s Outlaws and I’m sure they’re all gonna be coming over real soon once Batıkent Escort they hear about you,” the biker said with a grin.
“Please I’m really begging you, let me go, I’ll give you everything I have, I swear,” Hannah begged in sheer disbelief. “I’ll give you all my money and anything else. You can have my car and everything, please, just let me go.”
“Shut the fuck up bitch, ain’t no point trying to bargain with us, that’ll just piss us off more. The best thing for you to do right now is focus on satisfying us with that hot little body, ‘cause if you don’t we’re not only gonna fuck you, we’ll beat the living shit out of you too. Like I said you’re our property now, and we can and will do whatever the fuck we want to you. So if you don’t wanna get hurt bad, you’re gonna be a good little whore and pleasure us real good with them holes of yours, understood?” The biker asked, giving Hannah a very threatening stare.
“Yes,” Hannah replied, an expression of pure dread on her face.
“Good. Now why don’t you start by taking off them clothes and getting on that bed behind you,” the large biker instructed.
“Please you guys,” Hannah implored the men, as she started to cry.
“Get on that fucking bed bitch, and get your ass naked if you don’t want that pretty little face smashed,” the man repeated angrily.
Hannah felt numb everywhere and was so scared that she was barely able to pull her shirt off. She then unbuckled her shorts and slid them down her long legs. She was shaking and crying miserably now as she removed her bra and then her panties, eliciting numerous lewd and degrading comments from the other bikers. Just like that Hannah was standing naked before the pack of demented men, and she could feel just how anxious and crazed they all were as they gazed at her in complete lust.
“Now get your ass on that bed, on your back for now and spread those legs of yours real wide,” the head biker commanded.
Hannah’s head was pounding and the whole room seemed to be spinning. She still could not believe this was really happening as she climbed onto the dirty mattress and rolled over onto her back. Her heart felt like it was about to explode and she was beyond petrified. She was so afraid but nevertheless spread her thighs apart as wide as she could, so that her gorgeous vagina was exposed to all of the men in the room.
“Fuck that’s a sweet looking cunt,” one of the bikers remarked, drawing a chorus of agreement from the others.
“Okay now we’re all gonna take turns fucking that pretty little pussy of yours for the next couple hours. Since it’s your first night we’ll try not to be too rough. You’d better keep them legs spread the whole time, otherwise we’re gonna beat you and tie you down,” the biker warned.
“Yeah let’s get this party started baby! Fuck this little slope up Tank!” One of the bikers shouted excitedly.
Hannah watched in fear as the gang leader quickly stripped naked and climbed on top of her, virtually crushing her beneath his massive frame. The hulking biker was easily 6’3” and weighed 270 lbs, with the build of a wrestler. Hannah felt nauseous as her face was pressed against his hairy, sweaty chest. Tank wedged his lower torso between her lean thighs and probed around until he felt Hannah’s sex against the tip of his gigantic cock. As soon as he began penetrating the tiny orifice Hannah started screaming horribly and thrashing around wildly beneath the man.
“Holy fuck you’re tight! God you’re fucking tight as hell you little Asian whore!” Tank roared, grabbing the girl’s flailing arms and pinning them to the mattress above her head.
“Please stop! Please it hurts! It hurts!!” Hannah screamed, struggling feverishly as the huge biker brutally rammed his dick into her.
Never in her life had Hannah fornicated with anyone even close to the size of the biker. He was nearly twice as large as her boyfriend. Even though she could not see it, Hannah could feel just how massive and agonizingly thick Tank’s 8” penis was. Needless to say, the Asian girl was not prepared in anyway whatsoever to pleasure a man of Tank’s size. Hannah could already feel her pussy starting to tear as the monstrous biker viciously crammed more and more of his cock inside of her sex.
“Yeah you got a real tight pussy slut, but don’t worry it ain’t gonna be so tight for much longer! We’re gonna loosen up all your holes soon, you’ll see!” Tank shouted in delight.
The tattooed fiend now had almost all 8” of his penis inside of Hannah and slowly began to thrust in and out of the agonized girl. Because her pussy was so tight and dry Tank had to work methodically at first. It wasn’t long, however, before the huge biker began plunging his dick into Hannah violently.
“Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaaasssee stttooooppp!!” Hannah screamed, squirming around miserably beneath the hairy fiend as he fucked her viciously.
The other bikers were all laughing and making crude comments as they watched their friend brutally rape the small Asian. The only part of Hannah that was visible to the men was her tanned, shapely legs sticking out to the sides from underneath Tank’s massive frame. They could all hear her screaming in absolute misery, however, and they loved the sound of it.
Hannah thought she was going to die as the enormous biker viciously fucked her. He was literally ripping apart her delicate vagina every time he slammed into her and the pain was unbearable. She wrapped her legs tightly around his hefty midsection and tried to slow him down but he was simply too large and too powerful.
“Goddamn this bitch has a tight fucking pussy!” Tank roared, as he continued to pound Hannah’s luscious cunt.
It did not take longer than a couple of minutes for the huge biker to cum. Tank felt his load about to burst out of his cock and tried to suppress it for just a little longer but it was too late. He gave one last brutal thrust and buried his entire shaft into Hannah’s sex just before his sperm gushed into the Asian fuck-toy.
“No! Don’t please! Please stop!” Hannah shrieked, thrashing around wildly as soon as she felt the disgusting man’s sperm flooding into her pussy.
“Don’t fight it bitch! This is what you were made for right here!” Tank shouted madly, smiling down at the girl while he drained his entire load into her aching vagina.
When he was finished the huge biker stayed inside of Hannah to enjoy the warmth and tightness of her cunt for a little longer. However, since there were more than a dozen of his friends waiting, he reluctantly pulled out of the small Asian. Hannah, meanwhile, was sobbing miserably and in a state of shock. Even though the tattooed beast had only lasted a couple of minutes, he’d fucked her so viciously that her pussy was bleeding and in incredible pain.
“Goddamn bitch that was incredible,” Tank said, as he loomed over Hannah for a few seconds. “I always figured you Asian whores were tight, but that shit was really something else. I’m gonna have to fuck that ass after the rest of the boys finish with you tonight.”
“Okay who’s up next fellas?” One of the other bikers said, after Tank climbed off the mattress.
“I think its Billy,” another one responded.
“That’s right boys,” Billy declared, stepping forward while he removed his dirty pants. “Watch me drill this little Asian bitch good.”
“Nooooo,” Hannah groaned, trying to slither away from the man as he climbed on top of her.
Hannah winced in disgust as she got a whiff of the man’s horrible body odor. He was a little shorter than Tank but actually weighed more, with a very fat and out-of-shape physique. She could feel his enormous, hairy belly pressing against her slender frame and shuddered. He had hair all over his body and a very thick beard on his ugly face. He was smiling grotesquely as he grabbed Hannah’s arms and held them against the bed on either side of her.
“You’re a real pretty little cunt,” the hideous man declared. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun with you bitch.”
Hannah screamed in pain and shock as the man pressed his fat cock against her aching pussy and slammed into the opening without warning. Billy groaned in ecstasy and nearly climaxed right away from the incredible sensation of the Asian’s silky tight pussy. He somehow managed to hold it off and slowly sank more and more of his dick into the small girl. Hannah was already weeping in misery and trying in vain to escape from underneath the obese fiend.
“God fuck you’re tight! Jesus Christ you’re fucking tight!” Billy screamed jubilantly, as he pushed forward until his entire cock was buried inside Hannah’s sex.
“Please stop! Please stop this!” Hannah begged, squirming around desperately as the ugly, fat man started violently thrusting in and out of her.
Billy basically had his entire weight on top of the Asian and she was struggling to breathe. Hannah could feel the man’s flabby, sweaty, hairy torso rubbing roughly against her own and wanted to vomit. The stench of the man’s body was overwhelming and it seemed like he hadn’t showered in weeks. Hannah was getting lightheaded from the terrible smell and the suffocating weight of the ogre’s body crushing her.
Billy was roaring in delight as he anxiously started hammering into the petite Asian Beşevler Escort like an animal. It did not seem possible that a man so fat could fuck so energetically, but Hannah’s wonderfully tight and luscious vagina was giving him the power to do so. Between her own screams of pain Hannah could hear the other bikers shouting and encouraging their friend.
Thankfully the man did not last any longer than Tank. After a few minutes of pounding into her, Hannah heard him unleash a primal roar and then felt his cock starting to twitch violently inside of her pussy. She screamed in terror and disgust as Billy exploded inside of her, shooting a torrent of hot, sticky sperm deep inside her belly. Hannah was sobbing uncontrollably as the biker finished depositing his load into her and then climbed off the bed.
“Plleeeaaaassee!!” Hannah beseeched the gang, as another huge Outlaw approached the bed.
“Get on your hands and knees!” The tattooed giant demanded, as he stripped down to just his tank top and jumped onto the bed. “I’m gonna fuck you like the dirty little bitch you are!”
Hannah squealed in pain as the man grabbed her hair and brutally yanked her to the side of the mattress. He forced her into the doggy-style position so that her knees were at the edge of the bed and her ass was raised and facing the rest of the bikers. Hannah felt her face burning in humiliation as they all made vulgar comments about her pussy and the trails of sperm leaking from it. She was shaking in fear as the huge, muscular biker walked behind her and grabbed her hips firmly.
“Please don’t! I can’t take this anymore please!” Hannah wailed the moment she felt the man’s cock against her sore pussy.
“Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee!!” Hannah screamed, instantly trying to scurry away from the massive biker as soon as he slammed his cock deep into her gaping vagina.
“Where the fuck you think you’re going whore?” The man demanded, as he grabbed Hannah’s long dark hair with both hands and brutally jerked her head back.
“Aaaaaooowwwww!!! Pleeeaassseee!!” Hannah shrieked in pain, reaching up and trying to pry the biker’s hands away.
“Hands on the bed! And keep that ass nice and high bitch!” The colossal giant roared angrily.
Desperate to relieve the burning pain on her scalp, Hannah immediately returned her palms to the mattress and raised her butt as high as she could. She screamed in anguish as the biker continued to tug violently on her hair while he started hammering his cock into her abused pussy. He was just about as large as Tank and even more brutal as he stood behind her and rammed into her with all of his strength.
“Damn you really are tight whore! Nice tight little Asian pussy!” The biker screamed ecstatically, holding Hannah firmly by her long hair while he pounded her from behind.
“Please stop! It hurts!” Hannah begged, tears streaming down her face as she was rutted like a bitch.
Each time the tattooed giant slammed into her Hannah felt like her pussy was being ripped apart. It wasn’t simply the fact that his cock was huge, but also how vicious he was with it. He was fucking her way harder than Hannah had ever been fucked in her life, and it was obvious he was trying to hurt her as much as possible.
“Someone get over here and fuck this stupid bitch’s mouth,” the biker instructed. “I’m getting tired of all that fucking screaming.”
Another Devil’s Outlaw quickly jumped onto the bed and knelt in front of Hannah. He was grinning excitedly as he unzipped his soiled jeans and pushed his pants and underwear down to reveal his rock-hard penis. Just like the others, it was huge, and he smacked the tip of it against Hannah’s forehead.
“Let’s go bitch, get that mouth open,” the enormous biker demanded. “It’s time to see how good you suck cock.”
“Please no,” Hannah pleaded, turning away as the filthy man rubbed the head of his dick against her face.
“Open your fucking mouth bitch!” The biker who was raping her pussy bellowed, tugging cruelly on her scalp. “Don’t make us tell you again slut!”
Hannah whined miserably but wisely opened her mouth. The slob in front of her instantly and brutally jammed his giant cock deep into the opening. Hannah let out a muffled shriek and instinctively tried to pull away but the man behind her held her firmly in place. He transferred his hands to her skinny arms, however, so that his buddy could take control of her head. Hannah was sobbing wretchedly as the fat biker in front of her slowly started pumping her mouth up and down his cock. It was clear he had not bathed in many days and the sour, absolutely putrid taste of his dick nearly made her vomit.
“Tastes good doesn’t it?” The hairy ogre chuckled down at the crying, miserable Asian.
Hannah had the most sickened expression on her pretty face, and she was screaming in pain as the huge man behind her continued to fuck her pussy furiously. She could feel every inch of his giant cock tearing into her aching cunt and his heavy balls slapping against her skin. He was clutching her little biceps and using them as leverage to fuck her tight pussy as hard as he could.
“Fucking suck that cock you stupid Asian whore! Use those lips and tongue of yours for fuck’s sake!” The other biker shouted angrily, pulling his cock out and slapping Hannah fiercely across the face.
“Aauugghh!! Please!! I’m—Uuaagghhhh!! It hurts!! Aaaaooowww!!” Hannah wailed, unable to respond to the biker as the huge bastard behind her continued to pummel her.
“I don’t care how hard Ray’s fucking you! You concentrate and suck me good whore! Or I’ll break that pretty little face of yours in half!” The biker getting his dick sucked yelled, just before thrusting his thick penis back into Hannah’s mouth.
Hannah continued weeping in pain but somehow managed to give the man a wonderful blow job. She wrapped her tender lips around the large cock and stroked it with her tongue while the man ruthlessly smashed her back and forth against his shaft. He was groaning in delight and appeared ready to blow at any second. He leaned forward and stuffed nearly his entire dick inside Hannah’s mouth, and the girl immediately started gagging violently.
“Shit I guess you’re not too good at deep-throating huh?” The biker sneered, mercifully pulling out of Hannah’s mouth. “Don’t worry we’ll fix that real soon. You’re gonna be the best little Asian cock-sucker in town, you’ll see.”
Hannah groaned in sheer misery as the ugly brute forced his cock back into her mouth and once again started jerking her face against it. Meanwhile, the biker behind her gave one last ferocious thrust into her pussy and then began cumming deep inside the aching hole. Hannah squirmed around desperately but it was no use, as the huge man held her small body firmly in place while he emptied his sperm inside of her.
“Fuck yeah bitch! Take it! Take that fucking jizz in your cunt! This is all you’re good for you Asian piece of shit!” The biker roared, yanking Hannah’s arms back painfully as he drained every single drop of his sperm inside her vagina.
Tears were cascading down Hannah’s cheeks and she could not believe how heartless these men were. She tried to focus on the filthy penis between her lips rather than the unbearable fact that another one of these savage bikers had just ejaculated into her pussy. She already feared what kinds of STDs might be working their way into her system.
Hannah felt the huge man behind her finally pull out of her throbbing vagina. She felt like it left a massive void, and could only imagine how much her sex was gaping. Meanwhile, after bashing her face against his cock for several moments longer, she felt the other biker’s cock twitching in her mouth just before a torrent of sperm blasted into her mouth. Hannah groaned wretchedly and frantically struggled to break free as the huge man started dumping his load straight into her mouth.
“No! Don’t you fucking dare!” The hairy giant ordered too late, as Hannah somehow freed her head from his grasp and immediately started spitting out the revolting cum.
“You stupid fucking cunt!” The biker screamed furiously, seizing Hannah’s head again and forcing her to face him. “Don’t you ever fucking spit out our cum! If we jizz into your mouth you fucking swallow it! Every fucking drop, you understand?! You do that shit again and we’re gonna cut your little fucking tits off!”
Hannah was trembling in terror and bawling uncontrollably as the enraged biker shouted down at her. She could see the sheer fury in his eyes and knew that he was entirely willing and capable of hurting her very badly.
“Do you fucking understand or not?!” The hefty man shouted, slapping Hannah’s face hard.
“Yes! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again I swear!” Hannah replied quickly.
“We’ll see whore,” the biker declared. “Let’s go boys, get over here and fuck this stupid little cunt. Remember bitch, you spit out anymore sperm and we’re gonna skin you alive.”
Hannah sobbed in absolute misery and terror as two more massive, tattooed bikers came over and positioned themselves in front of and behind her. She could feel how horny they were as they rapidly stripped off their pants and underwear. Hannah wanted to curl up in a defensive position Büyükesat Escort badly, but she knew it would anger them so she remained on her hands and knees while the pair of hulking men prepared to tag-team her.
“You got some pretty little lips bitch,” the biker in front of her said, grabbing her hair and forcing her to look him in the eye. “Them lips were just made to suck dick.”
“Please no!” Hannah squealed, as the man behind her grabbed her hips and slammed his cock deep into her messy vagina.
“Jesus Christ this cunt is still tight,” the biker declared in wonder.
“Open that mouth bitch, and remember what Duke said,” the man kneeling in front of Hannah warned. “I’m gonna cum inside that mouth of yours and you better swallow every fucking drop.”
Hannah dutifully parted her lips, allowing the massive Outlaw to stuff his cock inside her mouth. She wept and groaned miserably as the duo raped her hard, ramming their dicks into her as they held her squirming body between them. The man in front of her was particularly rough, as he constantly slammed his huge cock deep into her mouth until it was at the back of her throat. Just when she was about to gag he would pull out for a few seconds and let her collect herself before spearing his penis back into her mouth.
“Please stop that! You’re gonna kill me!” Hannah sobbed, after the enormous man plunged his cock deep into her mouth and made her gag horribly before pulling out once more.
“You like it bitch, all you Asians like a big white cock stuffed in your mouth,” the biker responded, as he clutched Hannah’s hair in one hand while he used the other to rub his cock all over her face, streaking it with her own drool.
In a few minutes the biker in front of Hannah started shouting in ecstasy and Hannah felt the terrible dread in her stomach. She mentally braced herself and tried to stay calm as a violent river of cum started gushing out of the penis. The huge biker clutched her head in his hands and screamed in delight as he began shooting off into her mouth.
“I’m cumming you fucking slut! Keep that mouth closed and swallow it whore! Fucking swallow that spunk!” The Outlaw roared.
Hannah whimpered piteously but obediently kept her head still and allowed the filthy giant to discharge his cum into her mouth. The sensation of the sickening fluid filling her entire mouth was too terrible for words, and Hannah had no idea how she kept her lips closed and allowed it to happen. Nobody, not even any of her boyfriends, had ever ejaculated inside her mouth, and the idea of it had always disgusted her.
“That’s it bitch, that’s a good little whore,” the biker lauded Hannah, pinching her jaws between his fingers while he finished dumping all of his sperm into her mouth. “Now swallow it bitch, swallow it all.”
Hannah was crying hysterically and nearly coughed up the sperm as the other Outlaw continued to vigorously fuck her pussy from behind. She groaned in sheer misery but somehow could not get herself to gulp down the hot, sticky load of cum. Irritated, the biker jerked back on her hair so that her head was tilted back and she was staring at the ceiling. Hannah whined in protest as he then pinched her nose shut, cutting off her breathing. After a moment, she finally had no choice and swallowed the entire pool of cum in one big gulp.
“Aaaauuuggghhhh!!” Hannah screamed in complete disgust, as she felt the nasty juice flowing down her throat and into her belly.
“Good job slut, I knew you had it in you, you’re a dirty little whore anyway,” the huge man stated, before tapping Hannah on the head and exiting the bed.
Not long after, the biker fucking Hannah’s pussy roared in ecstasy and then proceeded to fill that orifice with more semen. When he was finished he pulled out and stepped aside for the next lucky man. Hannah whined desperately and squirmed around as two more bikers quickly flanked her.
“Please stop this, please I can’t take anymore,” Hannah pleaded with the overweight Outlaw in front of her, as he pulled his smelly cock out and smacked it on her forehead.
“My turn bitch,” the old man replied, leering down at the dejected Asian. “Better swallow it all too.”
Hannah wailed in agony as the two bikers quickly tore their cocks into her and began fucking her hard. The man behind her had his hands on her petite shoulders and was tugging back on them while he ferociously slammed into her sore cunt from behind. Like all the other men, his cock was enormous and way larger than any Hannah had ever taken before in her life. He continued to relentlessly pound her while the other biker thumped her face back and forth onto his moldy cock. In a couple of minutes he felt himself about to climax and buried his cock deep between Hannah’s quivering lips.
“I’m cumming bitch! I’m fucking cumming! Swallow that sperm whore!” The old biker exclaimed happily.
Hannah moaned in objection as the thick semen spewed into the back of her mouth and toward her throat. The huge beast was still pumping his cock in and out while he ejaculated, making it extremely difficult for Hannah to keep the pool of cum all inside her mouth. Nevertheless, she managed to do so and waited until the man was finished. When he removed his cock from her mouth, she closed her lips and took a deep breath through her nose before closing her eyes and downing the biker’s vile sperm.
“Uuuuuggghhhhh!!” Hannah howled miserably, shuddering in complete disgust as she felt the hot, sticky cum making its way down her gullet.
More than thirty minutes passed by as more and more pairs of Devil’s Outlaws double-teamed Hannah. Three more men fucked her mouth during this time, and every single one of them ejaculated inside of it. Amazingly, Hannah somehow willed herself to swallow each load, simply because she truly believed they would mutilate her if she didn’t. Nevertheless, she was starting to go completely insane and didn’t know how much more cum she could take inside her belly.
“Please no more! Please don’t cum in my mouth! Please I can’t take this anymore!” Hannah begged wretchedly, as another biker knelt before her and produced his erect penis.
“Shut up whore, this is the only thing you’re good for,” the tattooed giant shot back. “Besides, you need to start getting used to it. You’ll be drinking lots and lots of cum from now on.”
With that, the hairy ogre forced his dick between Hannah’s lips and started fucking her face roughly. Behind her another biker was already busy hammering away at her horrendously sore pussy. Even though more than half a dozen men had already ploughed it open, the hole was still amazingly tight.
After about five minutes, the brute in front of Hannah screamed triumphantly before he too emptied a huge pool of cum inside the girl’s mouth. Hannah groaned in despair and anguish but respectfully swallowed the man’s semen. She was crying dismally and yelped repeatedly in pain as the biker behind her still continued to rape her tight pussy. In a few minutes, however, he too dumped his seed inside of the Asian.
“God stop please! I can’t drink anymore please!” Hannah sobbed, as another Outlaw got into position in front of her.
Her pleas fell on deaf ears, however, as the massive biker quickly plunged his dick into her mouth and started fucking her face like a maniac. Hannah screeched in agony as another man tore into her raw cunt and began nailing her from behind. After about ten minutes he came inside of her, and about five minutes after that the biker using her mouth ejaculated as well. Hannah tried to break out of his grasp but he pulled her head back and clamped her nose shut so that she was forced to drink his sperm.
“Good news whore,” Tank declared, stepping in front of the exhausted and weeping Asian. “We’re all done for tonight. I think that was a nice introduction don’t you? You better rest up good bitch, ‘cause tomorrow you got a real long day ahead of you. This shit tonight wasn’t even a warm up. I mean shit we didn’t even fuck your ass. But you’ll get plenty of action there tomorrow you’ll see.”
Tank and another biker grabbed Hannah and cuffed her hands to the steel bed frame. She was so devastated physically and emotionally that she did not even resist as they secured her. Most of the other bikers had left after they’d finished using her, and just a couple of them remained. All in all, 16 Devil’s Outlaws had fucked her in slightly less than two hours.
“Sweet dreams cunt,” Tank said, as he and his buddies prepared to exit the room. “Goddamn I can’ wait till morning. We’re gonna hurt you real good tomorrow. Gonna be the longest day in your life whore.”
And with that, Tank turned off the light and left the room along with the other bikers. Hannah was bawling uncontrollably as she lay in the darkness. She could still feel the sperm from the filthy bikers dribbling out of her pussy and swimming around in her belly. She screamed hysterically and pulled feverishly at the cuffs around her wrists. This still did not seem real to her, everything felt like one huge nightmare. She thought about how she should be checking into her hotel in Cabo right now, and instead was here in this godforsaken tavern after being raped by more than a dozen psychotic, violent bikers. As the harsh reality of her predicament sank in, she began sobbing even harder and wondered what on earth was going to happen to her now.

To be continued…

**I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**

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