Pretty in Pink


It was a lazy, sweltering summer Saturday afternoon in a small city in India. Two young doctors, lay entwined on a large bed in an empty house. The faint din of kitchen commotion of the neighbor’s house wafted up through the windows mixing with the delicious smell of sex, want and lust.

“Hey, I am sorry to do this but I just cannot resist any longer” He leaned in, breath smelling of whiskey and cigarettes, eyes wild with passion.

She is taken aback as he presses his full lips to hers, engulfing them.

She bites back in appreciative reciprocation for that, to her is pleasure. Pain is pleasure.

Her hands moved first, going to his broad shoulders, pulling him closer against her, drawing in his raw masculine scent. She felt his wandering hands on her hips, bringing her lower body to him as well. A guilty moan escapes his lips as he experiences throes of pleasure as she wraps her legs firmly around him feeling his male hardness against her the gentle curves of her stomach.

They move in rhythmic motion, enjoying the friction in between them, although eager to lose the cloth that separated them.

Her nipples were already hard and she moaned into his mouth as their kiss grew hotter and more generous. Wet, just the way she liked it, tongues and lips dancing to a tune of their own. His hands roved over her hips, derriere, along her backbone, over her rump again.

A dirty roll on the bed ensues she lays Gaziosmanpaşa Escort atop him.

“His favourite position” he exclaims.

He snaps her bra off under her dress. His roaming hands again found his way to her rear, groping and kneading.

‘Hey, where did you learn to do that?’ She giggles.

“I am 33 and married” he breathes in between kisses.

“Oh yes. you are married! should we do this? are you sure about this?”

“I haven’t wanted anything more in life” he makes his way to her neck.

She moans and writhes in unbearable pleasure as he leaves a trail of kisses and gently blows cool air on them, increasing her existing ecstacy.

“You seem to know what you are doing, A. Now tell me, where are you most sensitive?”

“Well…, yes…, I guess you are just going to have to find out.”

She found out within the next few minutes as her hands traversed the length of his spine and she whispered sweet nothings in his ear. His neck, he seemed to have an unbelievable sensitivity. small gasps of pleasure escaped him as she drew him in closer for more and more.

Almost 10 years older than her and with significant experience in the bedroom, her boss caught her by surprise.

As a female who sought and craved freedom, hated being put in boxes and felt unimaginably claustrophobic, he came as a heavenly release.

‘I dont think Gölbaşı Escort I can refuse you from this angle.’ he sighs. She sits atop him. her long hair tickling his chest gently, as she nibbled on his ears gently.

“But, i dont want this to be a drunken mistake”


She started working for him 2 months ago. A palpable current of electricity almost always existed between the two, right from the moment they met.

His photo during their job offer did not at all match his appearance in person. Pleasantly surprising and extremely charming, normally confident, she felt herself struggling to say the right things.

He is so tall, he towers over her, almost doubling her length. His almond shaped eyes, studded with thick lashes were inquisitive and imploring. under his penetrative gaze, she blushed a deep crimson under her mask. She left office that day, not knowing that he was married but entirely exhilarated by the possibility of working with him.

Fast forward 2 months later, an incredible synergy existed between the couple and like a moth to a fly, this undeniable passion finally found the opportunity to explore their heat. A business trip for a week proved to be the window to their romantic escapade.

They awoke the next morning, her arm was draped across A’s chest, her leg over his firm thighs, her chin nestled against his shoulder. She let go and scooted Grup Escort back. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!”

“No need. Like I said, i enjoyed myself,” A said. “I just didn’t want to have sex with you until I knew if you wanted to.”

“You know I have to come into work and see you again, dont you?.” she questioned.

A turned to face her. “Well, I look forwards to that. In fact, I’ve been thinking along those lines since I first met you.”

They weren’t touching, but his face was so close she could feel his breath on hers as she spoke. “Are you sure?”

”Yes” he breathed hotly in response.

G didn’t respond in words. She grabbed his neck and pulled him close as her tongue found his. Her hands moved to his hips, and finding the waistband of his shorts she snapped it. He chuckled. ”That was fast”

He began trying to tug her panties down.

“you have a pretty ass – i often stare at it at work” he chuckles.

She moved one of her hands to the front of his underwear and found his erection through the cotton. He was hard. Her fingers found his thick shaft and commenced her exploring, toying with his balls and kissing him passionately. He groaned a little and she relented, shifting to help him get her panties off. His fingers found her slit and traced it, edging between her pussy lips, finding the wetness that was starting to flow there.

She resisted, “I’m not waxed down there.”

“Oh, that doesnt matter at all” he growled, voice recharged with passion.

*door bell rings*

the door bell rings and brings the couple back to verity. Their coworker was supposed to arrive and that was probably him.

What happens next?

do they continue what they started?

or was it just a half days worth of passion?

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