Preplanned (Rap)ing Drama


Preplanned (Rap)ing DramaIt was an unwanted occurrence for me, about which I have never even imagined. The incident occurred most recently and I was totally unready for facing such type of situation. Though the whole situation was pre-planned and just a drama, nothing else. The heroin of this drama was my house owner’s middle aged wife Sulekha Bhabi. I have rented this apartment in March 2010, my flat is at the ground floor. From the very beginning when I first met Sulekha Bhabi, I attracted to her liquid eyed lusty sight. When she stares at my eyes, I seemed she can see the bottom of my mind. I also think that she is a mind reader; otherwise she couldn’t make the trap for me so easily. Sulekha Bhabi is about 5’-6” tall and average figure. Her most attractive part is her breasts; those are much plumped though she is a mother of two c***dren. Her breasts size is about 30D. Her husband, my house owner Mr. Moniruzzaman was served in private airlines. Two months ago, that is in May 2010 unluckily he became a victim of a road accident and became invalid, now he is under treatment in Singapore where his son is studying. His second c***d, a daughter of 11 years is studying in school and after the accident Sulekha Bhabi is living alone with her daughter. So she has to bear all the responsibilities of the house. Rent collection, maintenance supervising, daily water tank filling etc are her routine job. From the very beginning I spent few times at least one day in a week with Moniruzzaman, it’s a trick to make good relation with the house owner. For that many difficulties from the house owners, which other tenants suffer, I never suffer from that. As a result a good easy relation has been built up within me and Sulekha Bhabi. Every day of my presence in her flat, she made cakes, coffee and juice drinks for me. But after the accident of her husband I have never gone her flat to pass time. Because others may doubt that I am trying to make i*****l relationship with the lonely lady. The day, in which the occurrence occurred, was a Saturday. My family was not at home and they went for a short leave at one of my relative’s residence in the nearby district. For two days we were suffering from shortage of water. I heard that the pump motor has become unserviceable and soon it would be repaired. In that Saturday, when I returned my flat, it was just past of sunset. The pump motor is situated under the staircase and it is in front of my flat. I saw a technician was working for repairing the motor pump and Sulekha Bhabi was supervising the job. I asked Sulekha Bhabi about the improvement of the motor pump, she smiled and informed me that the pump would be serviceable soon. When I inserted the key into the keyhole of my door to unlock the door, Sulekha Bhabi asked me “is your family not at home?” I replied “no Bhabi, they have gone to visit my sister-in-law’s house”. Then I opened the door and entered into the house. I changed my dress and washed and prepared to cook the dinner. After about one hour of my entering, my doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Sulekha Bhabi was standing at the door smilingly. She asked me to check whether water is available in the line or not. I walked towards the basin attached at the dinning space and Sulekha Bhabi locked the main door and followed me. I opened the tap and there was water available. Sulekha Bhabi told me “may I use your bathroom to wash?” I laughed and told “you are you telling so, its your house, you are the owner, please carry on.” She entered into my bathroom and spent about 20 minutes there. Meanwhile I went my drawing room and switched on the TV. I always watch TV with high volume. After finishing wash Sulekha Bhabi came at my drawing room and asked me what I was doing then. I smiled and told “watching TV, please have a seat.” I told that only for mannerism but Sulekha Bhabi really sat on my sofa and told “please let me have a glass of water.” I took a glass and filled with cold water from fridge and served her. Sulekha Bhabi was sitting on the three-seated and I was sitting on the single adjacent to that. Sulekha Bhabi began to chat with me and we chatted about my family and the improvement of her husband Mr. Moniruzzaman. There was a cell phone in her hand and Escort she was watching something in the phone, I thought she observed the time. After about 20 minutes or so suddenly the electricity went and my room became dark. I told “let me find a light”. Sulekha Bhabi impeded me and told “no need, soon the electricity will come.” So I again sat and began to chat. Though the room was dark but indistinctly I could see her. After about five minutes Sulekha Bhabi asked me to sat beside her and told “Moni Bhai, why you are sitting so far, I can’t see your face, I can’t talk without seeing other one’s face, please sit here beside me.” I got up and sat beside her and started chatting again. Once I felt that Sulekha Bhabi kept her hand on my hand and pressed, she was telling “Moni Bhai, you are so nice man, very handsome and a man of manner, I like you most among all the tenants of my building. I always feel your company but never gained courage to tell that, you are so strong that any girl would crave you.” Telling this she dragged my hand and pulled up and placed my hand on her right boob and pressed. My heart began to throb loudly and I seemed my heart would be blasted. She was rubbing and pressing my hand with her nice supple, plump and soft boob. I have no way but began to squeeze the nice soft boob. Sulekha Bhabi herself unbuttoned the blouse and removed from her chest then I yanked the bra upwards to her throat and grabbed the bare soft breast and began to squeeze hardly. I felt her nipple became hardened and I began to nibble the nipple with my nail, Sulekha Bhabi was just moaning aaah aaah aaaah aaaah Moni Bhai you are so good, I like you very much, please love me as your wife. I was squeezing both the breasts with my both hands and at the moment I was going to descend my head to take the nipple into my mouth to suck and the electricity came. Sulekha Bhabi hurriedly replaced the bra to cover her breasts and buttoned her blouse again. I thought she is feeling shy. She was adjusting her shari, so I turned my face towards her and grabbed her shari to impede from covering her boobs and told “Bhabi why are you covering those, please let me see in this bright light and I could give you immense pleasure, sure. Telling this I grabbed her right breast and at that moment the occurrence occurred. Sulekha Bhabi roared like a lioness “you bloody wicked, how dare you touch my body” and suddenly slapped on my cheek. She was breathing quickly and her eyes were turned reddish. I became flabbergasted and my brain did not work properly. She did not hit only on my face but also hit my pride. I couldn’t tolerate that because I was not the victim where she insisted me to touch her body in the darkness but when light regained she became completely changed. It was beyond my endurance and within the second I have decided my next action. I should **** this bloody harlot, it was my strong vow. Sulekha Bhabi got up and was going to out from my room, I sprung up and grabbed the bunch of her hairs from her back and yanked forcefully. She screamed “aaaaah” and was going to fell on the ground. Soon I grabbed her and impeded from falling on the floor. I softly laid her on the floor and pressed on the floor by lifting my leg on her body. I unfolded her shari and tied her hands with one end of her shari. She was shouting “what are you doing? Please leave me. You should have to suffer for this, leave me now.” I didn’t listen to her request but took a piece of cloth and inserted into her mouth and then tied her mouth with the other end of her shari. I was removing her shari completely from her body. Her screaming dissolved with the loud sound of my TV. She was impatiently moving her body but I inserted my one hand under her back and other hand under her thighs and lifted her up and laid her on my bed on her back. I saw her eyes were opened wide in unbelief. I tied her hands over her chest, so it was making problem for me. I untied her hands and lifted upwards and took her hands over her head. Then I inserted the end of the shari through the window grill and retied her hands tightly. She could not move from my bed. Though she was throwing her legs but I astride upon her thighs and sat there, she couldn’t move her legs Escort Bayan anymore. Her breasts were stiffed upwards within the blouse. I unbuttoned the blouse and widely opened, there was bra inside. I inserted my hand beneath her back and unhooked the bra, the bra loosened and I uncovered her breasts by sliding the bra at her throat. Her breasts were cone shaped and plumped with long nipples, the nipples were dark in color and stiffed inside a large black circle. I grabbed the both breasts with my both hands and began to smash forcefully. I became very cruel and my cruelty was manifesting within my acts. I was squeezing her nice breasts hard and was kneading like a bakery man kneads his atta. I then took one of her breast into my mouth and began to bite hardly, I think she was getting pain as my teeth were dipping into her soft flesh and I was also biting her nipple. I was sucking her nipples like a baby sucks its mom’s milk-less breast. I was kneading one and sucking one simultaneously. I did it for about 10 minutes. Then I got down from her thighs and made free her lower body. She was throwing her legs impatiently and for the throwing her petticoat raised over her knees and I could see her whitish thighs. I dragged the petticoat upwards and rolled over her belly and her pussy became bared. The upper pussy was covered with trimmed curly black pubic hairs, but the lower part of the pussy was completely hairless. I sat between her legs and parted her legs wider and her pussy lips opened. The clitoris was black and long and when I parted the pussy lips I could see the nice pink colored pussy hole orifice cave. I inserted the middle finger of my right hand and made the movement forward and backward. She was throwing her legs continuously, but I didn’t relief her. Then I sniffed her whole pussy and enjoyed the sexy scent of her pussy. After that I began to lick her pussy, I was biting her clitoris and inserting my tongue through her pussy hole. The pussy hole was oozing brackish pre-cum juices and I licked and drank it all. While I was licking her pussy I was kneading her breasts cruelly. I licked her pussy for about 10 minutes; she didn’t make any sound but just throwing her legs. At last my sucking caused to reach her orgasm and soon she bending her waist upwards and make some jolt and ejected yellowish thick sticky juice spoiling my bed sheet. It was unbearable for me the ejection and my penis was erected hard and nothing I could do with her mouth. I snatched my lungi to remove from my waist and my penis was then stiffed upwards for its rigidity. Seeing my giant penis her eyes were opened wide and swung her head left and right indication negative sign. I mounted astride over her head and untied her mouth. She was going to scream but I shut her mouth by shoving my penis into her mouth. She did not want to cooperate with me and wanted to push out my penis with her tongue. But I didn’t let her to do that and began to move my waist forward and backward. I was mouth fucking grabbing her hair bunch and shoving my penis as far as I could, for that my penis head reached at her epiglottis. I was enjoying much her mouth fucking and as I was over horny and soon I shot my ejection into her mouth and forced her to drink the whole semen. Then I again tied her mouth that she couldn’t scream. Keeping her lying on my bed I also tied her legs together with a piece of cloth and went bathroom to urinate. After freshening I went to my kitchen and drank a glass of cold water. I thought about the situation. What I have done, I knew, surely she would complain to the police and I would be caught by them. I thought, she wouldn’t spare me if I release her now, so why I should release her without fucking. I determined that I must fuck her, then what would be happened, it would be handled. Thinking this my penis erected again and became hard like an iron rod. I was fully naked and my penis stiffed upwards. Then I walked towards my bedroom where Sulekha Bhabi was lying on the bed nude. My penis swung left and right while I was walking. I went to the bed and she was alluding me not to fuck her but I didn’t allow her request and I untied her legs and parted the legs wider. I wiped her pussy with tissue, Bayan Escort as she ejected her pussy canal was lubricated with her semen. So I sat between her thighs and tightly held her one leg tucked under my arm. I grabbed my penis with other hand and bending down I rubbed my circumcised strawberry shaped pointed penis head at the orifice of her pussy canal and then thrust into her pussy hole. It was narrow and felt tight for my penis but I didn’t bother about that and shoved the whole length of penis till its base. Then I began to drive my penis forward and backward rapidly and harshly. If her mouth wasn’t tied she may scream or groan but she couldn’t make any sound. I stooped my body over her and grabbed her nice soft breasts again and began to knead. The breasts got scar marks here and there and became reddish in color for kneading harshly. I continually drove my penis pulling till its neck and at the next moment shoving till its base. I rapidly fucked her for about 15 minutes and then pulled out my penis from her pussy. I dragged her body to set at the edge of my bed and from the waist I descended her lower body out of the bed. Then I grabbed the ankles with my hands and lifted her both legs upward parting them widely. Then I again thrust my penis and began to fuck hard. Pokk pokk pokkat pokkat pokk pokk sound was roaring at the friction point. After fucking about 5 minutes more I upset her body and then again began to fuck her from her back. I was moving my penis through her pussy hole so randomly that my thighs were hitting her bum and fattat faattfat sound was producing. Meanwhile she made the symptom of reaching her orgasm and she was swaying her bum with the stroke of my penis. She made some spasm inside her pussy and I felt with my penis and I realized that she again ejected and her semen was oozing from her pussy hole and her pussy hole became over lubricated. While I was fucking her, I parted her buttocks and saw a nice asshole and it was hairless and round. I yanked out my penis from her pussy hole and rubbed my penis head with her asshole and made it lubricated. Then I set my penis head with her asshole and thrust my penis whole into her asshole and began to move forward and backward. Her asshole was very warm and tight and it became the cause of my ejection. My ejection was at the last end and I again pulled out my penis and ejected and shot my semen into her mouth. Then I untied her hand and went to the bathroom to wash. After 10 minutes I returned and saw Sulekha Bhabi left my room and the main door was opened. I was in fear about Sulekha Bhabi may complained to the police but I had a belief that she didn’t do that in favor of her honor. In the next afternoon my doorbell rang and I astonishingly saw that Sulekha Bhabi was standing there. I amazingly saw that there was no anger in her face but she was smiling. She asked “what are you searching, police?” I tried to smile and told “oh no, why police, I think you are very intelligent and you would not go to the police in favor of your honor.” She smiled “you are right, I could go to the police, but I didn’t do that. Instead of that I’ve come to thank you.” I was bewildered to hear her tone and asked “what are you talking?” She told “yes, dear. I acted with you to enjoy a real ****. I eagerly wanted to be ****d by a strongly sexual man but didn’t get, at last when I saw you I decided to use you. When I read r****g news in the newspaper or saw in the TV news, I thought why they do not k**nap me and **** me. From my soul I wanted to enjoy a real ****. So that day I intentionally came to your room and in the bathroom I called my caretaker with my cell phone and instructed to switch off the power line and gain switch on after about 15 minutes. And at last you have successfully ****d me, I’m impressed and thankful to you.” I didn’t let the chance in vein and told “so, you have enjoyed with my r****g but didn’t enjoy my normal action, would you please allow me to taste you my normal act?” Sulekha Bhabi laughed and told “of course, I have come for that, let’s try.” I took her to my bedroom and normally fucked her after sucking her breasts and licking her cunt, she also sucked my penis. After that day I fuck her twice in a week in her flat. Now I’m trying to abuse her daughter. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in chennai feel lonely can mail me at [email protected].

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