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PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 10CHAPTER 10: RETALIATION PREPARATIONOver time we had several general missions to planet surfaces of routine purposes. Our time continued along these lines with little change in routine.Our routine life was interrupted one day by an alarm sound signaling the warrior Units to assemble for briefing. We’re all anxious what the alarm might mean. Me especially since I have not heard it since being aboard. Otton is being bombarded by questions until he finally stops us, “Listen, I heard the alarm the same time you did. When I learn something, I will share what I learn. Until then, just be a little patient.”Later, we get a little indication when both Units are ordered to assemble in the arena for a briefing. Entering we see that there are also assembled some non-warriors in stands and quickly discern that they include the medical staff, armory, communications, transportation logistics, and other military support groups. The ship Leader gets our attention and everyone settles down to hear what happened and what our next action would be.On what I had thought was a blank wall, a screen came to life and displayed a planet with several moons. The Leader started his briefing, “We have received an official notice to go to alert status immediately and await further orders. Early information is that one of our advance advisor/military training Units on the Plant Owon in a neighboring system to the one we are in has not met their latest reporting time. There are indications that they may have been subject to hostile assault. Regional command is still evaluating the latest transmission and filtering the automatic relay information most recently received through their battle suits communications systems. The information is incomplete at this time and requires study to fill in the gaps but there is every indication that they took heavy fire and were completely caught off guard. This can only mean they felt they were safe. And that can only mean the people they were supposed to be advising were the ones who attacked them. That is why we have been put on alert and order to set course for that system and be in position near that plant. We will receive our final orders shortly. I will meet with the two Unit Leaders in my chambers to review the available intel so preliminary strike plans can be formulated. Thank you.”And so, we dispersed and returned directly to our barracks to tend to our equipment, weapons, and systems in case we were needed.After the third day we receive official notice that a strike will take place and we are to make ourselves ready. It has been confirmed that the advisor Unit was indeed killed. The rebel group we were supporting in the local civil war seemed to possess the best option for control that would serve our regional needs the best. As it appears, that decision was made with faulty information. The advisor had transmitted several reports indicating unusual actions by the group and especially the leadership. However, it was a reported that there appeared to be a complication in our objective. Regional Command wanted retaliation but they wanted to control the collateral damage. Our action would be required to be handled on the ground without of use of space firepower support. Also, Command believed that many of the people involved in the movement were innocent of the treachery including the females and young. The strike would have to be precise and deliberate so as to minimize the collateral damage surrounding the leadership and main rebel group. It was known that they surrounded themselves by the local citizenry which would make a search and destroy mission nearly impossible. A different plan, a much more dangerous plan, would be called for. As more detailed information was assembled on the local people and their environment, we continued to doing the busy work of warriors waiting.Then the information started coming in and it highlighted the difficulty of the mission having success. It appeared that the rebels we would be seeking would be among the locals. They may be separated by the compounds they used for military command and housing, but that compound was in the city itself. A piece of information that was provided but not made significant attention to it caught Otton’s attention and pursued a line of questioning the others didn’t follow. This race appeared to have a genetic makeup that caused a very high mortality rate for the females at birth. To survive, they had developed where the births were frequently multiple and the number of females born was higher than the males. The result of this was a decided reluctance on the part of the females to partake in sex and bear young. The men then took the practice of r****g and taking as slaves any females they overtook in warring. As he related all this to me later, it was a bizarre thought and would be extremely dangerous but it might be the only thing that could work.Otton called the Unit together into the barracks to listen to his thoughts and get reactions to them. It would be extremely dangerous for the team but this was about honor to their own. As he explained his thought, it was more than extremely dangerous for me.“Our orders are to minimize collateral damage. Because of their location among civilians we’ll need to know exactly where the enemy is. That means we need someone there for us to get a tracking signal on so we can make an attack without searching. I’ve explained the sex slave thing with these guys. Here’s an option and it is extremely dangerous. I have NOT presented this to command and I won’t unless we feel it is workable with some chance of success.” He turned his focus directly to me and started again, “Alexa, it would be possible that we could setup a fake crash for you. Humans are new to space travel so these people would have no recognition of what you are. You will be very Beşiktaş Escort different from them and they will assume that you may be an emissary possibly working with the other side. They have worked with us and so know they are not the only life form. The danger is that finding you, which would be the intent, and seeing you as female would likely mean they would take you as a slave. My presumption is that you would be enough of a prize that they would take you back to be enjoyed by many rather than just ****d and killed where they found you. This is bad on many levels. We would have a tracking device implanted under your scalp so we could track your exact location. Not only would your life be in serious danger, but your body would certainly be used, even abused before we could reach you. You have no defenses until we got to you. This is an awful thing to present to anyone.”Before I could even begin to work through what his suggestion would mean to me, the other guys immediately objected to even considering it. We had successfully bonded as a Unit and as individuals. They saw this as suicide. They were getting angry that Otton could even consider it. Otton tried to defend himself but gave up and just took it from them.I broke in, “Guys, STOP! Otton was doing what a good leader has to do, consider all the options regardless of personal effect. We all know and trust Otton, so calm down and let’s rationally go through this. Arguing isn’t going to help. Whatever is decided needs to be thought out. No one would assume that this mission would be without significant risk.” Everyone agreed that I was right and apologized to Otton. I continued, “We all know enough to know that it will be difficult enough to get into the city for an assault and almost impossible if we have to search our way through. No way can we blend in there. If we are spotted, the alarm goes up. The longer we are in the city the less likely we’ll be successful. Let’s not forget this is for the honor of the team that was lost.”Sinar asked, “So what are you suggesting?”“I guess I am suggesting that we consider the plan. I’m not looking for a suicide plan. I’m looking for how we can make the most of the plan that stands to be most effective to the ultimate objective and can be the least danger for the greatest number of our team.”That’s what we did and determined some alternatives and precautions. Also, by incorporating some of the new tracking technology it could be easier to determine where they dispersed once back at their command center. They had recently developed micro trackers that had short life and adhesive that could stick to skin or clothing. Once satisfied that this had the best chance at success, Otton took the plan to the Ship Leadership and the other Unit Leader.He returned much later indicating that they wanted to talk to me directly. Upon arriving, the Ship Leader wanted to make sure I knew the extent of the dangers of this plan. I stated I did but believed it had the best chance for mission success. “Even if there was another female on the ship who would volunteer, she wouldn’t be successful because they would know there are more Predator’s around. With me, they have no reason to be suspicious. I would just be another female for the taking. For me to survive, though, will mean that the assault group be able to track my location precisely. Also, I have heard of new tracking technology that could be placed on individuals and allow for better surveillance of their movements. If I do this, I want every possible advantage employed. Then, for the mission I am willing to put myself in this danger knowing my Unit is intent on reaching me. I am also willing to allow them to use me for their pleasure if it comes to that to keep them diverted and allow for the assault to be focused on my location.”So, it was decided. The Communications group sent orders to prepare a dozen small tracker units. I was to report to Danna for implantation of the device under my scalp. Then we would be developing detailed plans and coordinate with the other Unit. I would be given a dozen small trackers that I could stick to anyone. They would be attached to my belt. That would allow the assault group to determine where others were relative to my location. We had a matter of weeks to prepare before we would arrive in orbit around the plant.It became clear that I would undoubtedly be taken into one of the structures inside their command compound. The guys would have to penetrate the defense of the compound and home in on my position. This would be close quarters combat. I knew that the normal weapons of the Predators were high explosive and not conducive to close quarters. I could be easily caught in the blasts once they entered whichever structure I would be in. What I had in mind was a hand-held weapon like our pistol with a smaller and more concentrated blast.Just like the modified battle lance they created for me, the armory was able to make the necessary modifications to the technology to produce a much smaller energy unit and downsize the blast generator to a size that would fit into a gun gripped by one hand. Once I was satisfied with the prototype, we all test fired it. It was determined that the guys needed theirs to be a little bigger for their hands and mine a little smaller. But the weapon was very accurate and provided only a slight kick on firing. The armory said they would make the slight modifications required and start production. They should be ready within the week. I also requested a holster to be fitted for it that I could firmly strap to my thigh once I was rescued. Otton and the others assured me they would bring my weapons with them but couldn’t bring the battle armor due to size and clumsiness. I told them that would be fine, I just wanted my weapons to exact a little of my own Escort Beşiktaş vengeance for the treatment I knew might be waiting for me.The armory also scoured through their stores of leftover items from previous excursions and found a jumpsuit that would fit me using a belt to cinch it around my narrow waist. Between that and my long hair, which I had planned on wearing in a ponytail, my identity as a female would be obvious. The crash site would be constructed of miscellaneous pieces from odd junked-out shuttles that they would carefully locate to appear like a crash. Then shoot a blast across the sky to the wreckage to provide the heat damage and entry into their atmosphere and locate my position. Everything seemed to be ready so we just needed to busy ourselves with equipment checks and briefings between the Units.I told Otton how much I appreciated the tireless work the three in the armory did in developing the weapons and other equipment. “It could just as easily be the last time I might see them and I would really like to thank them special, if that would be appropriate.”“Alexa, I don’t want to hear that kind of talk. We will get you out there. We have all promised that. The mission is priority but in accomplishing the mission we will get you out.”“I know that’s your commitment to me. And I appreciate it. But we are warriors. We know the risks we take and this one is huge. Is it appropriate?”“They don’t expect any special reward for doing their job. Just as we don’t for putting ourselves in harm’s way, they do what they do as their duty. But if you want, they would certainly appreciate your gratitude.”I arranged that the guys would be out of the barracks until further notice and the armory guys would show up at a prescribed time. At that time there was a sound that someone was there. I opened the entry and invited them in. I told them that I had requested them to come because I wanted to personally thank them for their efforts for the mission, and keeping me safe, as successful as possible. With that I went to the entry and locked it.I looked at the three and slowly removed my clothes. I then said to them, “I want to thank you in a way that truly shows my deepest appreciation for your efforts.” They looked at each other dumbfounded. The head of the group said, “Alexa, you don’t need to do this. You have already honored and thanked us. We do our duty in our way as you and the other warriors do. But you have also challenged the way we think about weapons and helped us refine the design and function. We are grateful to you.” “Thank you. But I really want to do this for you. You accepted me very early on my arrival here. You have assisted me in refining weapons for my size so I could be effective in Otton Unit. So, what I need now is for you to strip and decide how you are going to use me.”They came to their senses and removed their clothes and approached me in unison. I knelt before them and took their cocks in turn, licking, sucking and tonguing them to full erection. While I licked, sucked or tongued one, I had the other two in my hands, stoking them. I took my mouth off the one I had been sucking, looked up at them and stated, “I have always been a sexual person but I have developed new skills and talents since being here. Please do not be concerned about my smaller size than your females. I assure you; I will not break and I will be able handle your impressive size. I suggest we start with my favorite. One kneel in front of me and another get behind me and take me from there.”And without delay we started. I took as much of the cock in front of me into my mouth while his mate guided his cock to my pussy. I felt him touch my slit but still seem tentative so I braced myself and jammed myself back to him and engulfed his cock into me. I took my mouth off, looked behind me and said, “I told you I would be able to take you. Now, get to fucking me.”And he did with long, smooth strokes. After several strokes I felt him deep within me and then he expressed that same thought, “I can’t believe how far inside you I am. How can you take so much?”I took my mouth off the cock again and answered but first looked up at the guy in front of me and said, “If he would stop asking questions, I could do a better job on you. In answer to your question, though, it was a mystery and concern to me, also. But the medical staff said that the nutrients and supplements in our food which is genetically engineered for your race has combined with my body to allow certain internal changes to allow this. As the doctor said, don’t try to understand, just enjoy. So, just enjoy!”So, with a massive cock at both ends sliding in and out, the one in front slipping into my throat with each stroke, the three of us hit our orgasms within minutes of each other. Once again, I was a mess of cum, theirs in combination with mine. After dislodging from me, the third came up to me and waited. I looked up at him waiting but he just stood there tentatively. “How would you like me? Like this, on my back, on top of you, on my bed? Your choice.”“You on top of me?”“That’s right, that’s not part of your normal experience. Get on the floor on your back and enjoy.”He did as he was instructed. Amazing how compliant males can be when there is sex involved. I then awkwardly straddled over his hips and made sure he was watching and he was, clearly seeing my open legs, my open pussy with cum seeping out and down my legs. I felt like a slut and I realized that I really loved that feeling. How much of a slut was I willing to be? We had restricted my sexual activity to mainly our Unit but had introduced a couple more female participants lately. I wondered then if I survive this mission what affect will that have on me? On the Unit? I shook those thoughts out of my head and looked down at the cock I yet had Beşiktaş Escort Bayan to pleasure. I squatted down, took hold of it and pointed it to my descending pussy and kept descending until I had nearly all of it inside. Because their cocks are so long and thick, I can’t be on my knees and have much range of motion so I have to stay in a squat and raise and lower myself that way. Another thought flashed through my mind, someone should make this move into an infomercial back on earth, “get a hell-of-a workout doing squats”.* * * *Several days later we were in our approach to the plant, not wanting to go into orbit too soon and alert them of our arrival. The next day would be the assault. It was timed for my getting discovered after the crash just before evening. That would make my discovery easier and give the assault force the cover of dark. Their battle helmets had the ability to modify vision for a variety of conditions including darkness. The night before as the ship was settling into the quiet of approaching action but all preparations had been made so there was really nothing left to do but prepare oneself in whatever way that meant or to look over equipment for the umpteenth time just to have something to be occupied with.The five of us were in the barracks doing just that. Doing the meaningless busy work that warriors of any culture would relate to before going into battle. I was sitting on my bed, hands on my thighs, looking down at my feet. Nobody wanted to bother me and it was deathly quiet given that there were five of us sharing the space. Quietly, just above a whisper, I finally admitted almost to myself, “I’m scared.” It must not have been as quiet as I thought or they were that attuned to me because all four of them turned on a dime and looked at me. One after the other they came to me. Two sat on the next bed across from me, another sat next to me on mine, Otton went to one knee between the beds.When Otton spoke, it was as if he was speaking for all of them, “Alexa, you still don’t have to go through with this. They won’t order you to continue. They know you are taking much more risk in this plan.”“No, they won’t order me. But it is still the best plan for mission success.”“But not for you. And that is also important to us. You have taught us that since you have been with us. The value of the individual within the whole.”I reached out and touch a hand of each of them. “Thank you. Each of you is so special to me. You accepted me despite it going against you culture to consider a female warrior. Yes, I am scared but it isn’t just that I might die. We all might die. That is a warrior’s fate. I accepted that potential when I came on board with you. No, what I am mostly scared of is what might happen to me before I die.” “You know we’ll be doing everything in our power to get to you while completing the mission.”“I know that. All of you … that means so much to me. But we know everything isn’t within your power.”Then I looked down to my feet, again. The room remained quiet but the guys also remained with me providing quiet support. It must have been tremendously difficult for these brute-sized warriors to remain quiet and tender in their attitude.Finally, I stood and looked down into their eyes as they carefully looked into mine. “Guys, right now I need you to do something for me and I don’t want a lot of discussion. Right now, I just want to be close to you four. As close as I can possibly get. Since I made the decision to come with you, I left behind on Earth everything that had been important to me. Now, in this life I am building the four of you as the most important people in my life. I need you now. I need to feel you and hold you. I need to be able to carry that feeling with me tomorrow.” And I stripped, once again standing in front of them naked but this time shivering. Not the shivering of cold, but of pent up energy and uncontrolled emotion.They looked at each other for only the shortest of moments and each put a hand somewhere on my body and stroked me. My back, a breast, a thigh, my stomach. Then in unison, they got undressed and stood around me and I gazed again on their massive cocks. Cocks that I have come to appreciate so much, that have given me so much pleasure since I started playing with them. But I didn’t want to be the aggressor this time. This time I just wanted some loving, some tenderness. Could I get that, expect that, from Predators? Was I just setting myself up for a disappointment?Turns out I wasn’t. They seemed to sense exactly what I needed, wanted. A couple of them took mattresses off the beds and placed them together on the floor. Otton picked me up and carried me to the middle, holding me as he lay down on his back so I lay along his body. The others joined us at the mattresses. Lying on him, feeling my breasts press into his chest and his cock moving with growth between my legs, I kissed him. Mind you, not like a kiss to a man on Earth. With their mandible mouth there isn’t mutual lip action. But I have learned to kiss around the edges and they have learned that if they stick out their tongue, I will suck on it. As I did that and kissed his neck, I wiggled into his cock making him harden more. After a time, I moved to the next and the next and so on. This was going to be slow, gentle and as much loving as I could get out of them.I was plenty warmed up by the time we finished that sharing and I proceeded to sit on each one and taking their length fully inside me. It was good that I had learned to take their full length because now while on them I wanted to be pressed against their chest kissing their bodies and neck as I made us both cum. I didn’t need shattering orgasms this time. I needed and got release and sharing from each. They were incredibly gentle and caring, totally focusing themselves on giving me gentle loving and my achieving release each time. And as the last one and I finished, I knew in my soul that if they could move a mountain to rescue me, they would. It was the best I felt about the mission since I made the decision to do it.* * * Part 11 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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