Precious Purchase


Precious Purchase

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The city clerk looked up from his computer and said, “Yes, ID valid. She born that day.” He pointed to the date on the card. “Twenty year, two month old.”

I was nearing thirty-five myself but threw my hands skyward and gleefully bounced up and down. “YES! YES! Thank you!”

I noticed dozens of people staring at the silly American, who was a head taller than any of them. I blushed and meekly calmed myself. The brief embarrassment did little to dampen my joy.


I’d just finished a long work assignment in Southeast Asia and returned to my hotel. I took out my laptop and eagerly tried booking a flight home. I sighed in irritation when I saw all planes were grounded for at least two days because of the monsoon weather. I walked to the bathroom and splashed some water in my face. When I glanced in the mirror I remembered my strawberry-blonde hair and size were quite unusual, especially on a steamy tropical island a few hundred miles from Java. It was a city of half a million people, but I doubted there was another man with blue eyes or over six feet tall within a day’s walk.

I was beyond tired of the rain and sultry heat every day! I glanced at the city website and saw it was already 32 Celsius outside. I grumbled to myself, “It’s raining again, 90 Fahrenheit, and only noon! It feels like I’ve been taking a hot shower for three months! At least the place a few blocks down has good food and AC. I can’t wait to get out of here!” Since it was a low-class neighborhood, I made sure to hide my laptop under the mattress and lock the door before I left for lunch.

On the way, I noticed a very cute female standing in a doorway next to a larger and older one. I couldn’t quite place their ancestry. I thought they might be Indonesian or Thai, possibly both. Since I could see the majority of their ribs, I knew the pair together weighed less than I did. The smaller girl opened a banana and licked it, which began a swelling in my shorts as I imagined getting a blowjob. Her waist-long hair was black and her eyes were dark brown, like nearly all the locals. I was also struck by the other’s obviously bleached blonde hair with streaks of red in Ankara bayan escort it. From her skin tone and facial features, I knew her blue eyes must be from colored contact lenses. I could see the shape and color of their nipples and areolas through their damp white tank tops, which were cut off just below their breasts. Despite their height, both had fully developed boobs the size of halved grapefruits. I was quite pleased they looked firm and didn’t droop at all, even without bras.

The sexy little women were obviously whores; with their red lipstick, red high heels, and tiny red miniskirts. Prostitution was illegal but the fine only cost the price of a decent meal. The blonde exhaled a thin stream of smoke toward my waist, then took a final puff from her cigarette before tossing it in a puddle. I might say she was the larger of the two, but ‘less tiny’ would be a better description. The top of her head was even with my armpit and the other was a little shorter yet. The blonde exhaled a cloud then lewdly asked, “Want sucky sucky? Two hundred.” I quickly did the currency conversion in my head and realized she was offering me a blowjob for about twelve dollars.

I stared silently as she continued, “Fucky fucky five hundred?” I was horny and tempted by the thought of sex for only thirty bucks, so I considered it a moment. I was astounded when she lifted the short one’s miniskirt, giving me a look at her thin dark bush and the exterior of her purple little pussy. “Want tiny poony, like cherry?” The sight froze me in my tracks, as the smaller one stood mortified with shame. The little one yanked her skirt back in place and looked in the other’s eyes angrily, then turned toward me. I was surprised when she spoke with a British accent and in much better English, “Would you like blowjob and sex with me? Only one thousand?”

I thought, ‘Holy Cow! $60 for a woman so small? WOW! But I don’t want to hurt anybody go to jail forever, especially in a third-world hellhole.’

While I pondered she made another offer, “Two thousand for my mouth and poony, plus her ass?”

She lifted the back of her sister’s miniskirt so I and a few people across the street could see her small butt cheeks and anus for Escort bayan Ankara a good ten seconds. The larger woman didn’t even seem annoyed at the exposure!

I was quite wary of getting in trouble. I decided to leave but was still curious. I asked, “How old are you? What are your names?”

The larger hooker said, “Me Sri. Sister Azizi name mean ‘Precious’. She twenty, see.” She held out their ID cards, which showed they were 20 and 23.

I involuntarily exclaimed, “Twenty! My GAWD!” I couldn’t believe it. I suggested, “Five thousand for the weekend, if she really is 20. Five for two nights of anything I want with both of you?”

Sri smiled happily. “Okay! You stay our place?”

I shook my head. “We’ll go to City Hall and a doctor, then stay at my hotel if everything’s okay. I’ll pay for checkups for both of you. If she really is twenty… hot damn!”

Sri whispered something to Azizi, who replied in a local language that I didn’t understand. Azizi explained to me in her British accent, “My sister apologize because her English poor. I tell her what you said. Please may we use condoms and… and please do not hurt us.”

I patted her shoulder gently. “Don’t worry. I always use condoms with strangers, and I’ll be nice.”

She looked up at me with a smile. “Thank you.”

After I got the great news about Azizi’s age at City Hall, a nurse and then a doctor checked them at the clinic. Azizi translated for me. “Sri is 145 centimeters…” She paused to think a moment. “Four feet nine inch and 90 pound, which average for women on this island. I am four feet six, 75 pound.” She paused and I could tell she was thinking about telling me something. Despite her tan complexion, she started blushing. “We need female exam. Want to watch for 200?”

I imagined her asking a tiger to eat a steak, as I eagerly replied, “Sure!”

I sat in a chair as they took turns laying on an exam table. They put their feet in the stirrups and spread their knees so the doctor could examine their vaginas with a few tools. I thought Azizi’s pussy was extremely sexy, but I doubted she could take me safely. Sri’s was larger, but I had no doubt it would be tight for me. The creepy doctor smiled Bayan escort Ankara and licked his lips before saying, “They healthy. Both like virgin for big American. You lucky man!”

As we walked out I asked my sexy new lady friends, “Do you have any kids you need to take care of?”

They shook their heads and Azizi explained, “No. Doctor trades one month birth control pill for sucky. He do abortion for ass three times. Sri need four abortion, but not me. We get boob job for two week of ass.” Azizi licked her lips, then held her moderate mounds together and showed off her cleavage. Sri looked sad as she turned her head away. I deeply regretted asking.

After a quick lunch we stopped for lube, condoms, and a case of beer on the way to my hotel.

When we walked in my hotel room, blonde Sri stripped as she walked to the bathroom. She called out something in their language and Azizi said, “The woman shower first, and… pee in front of customer if she need. Many like to watch.” I thought the blush in her little cheeks was cute. She continued, “If two women, they take turns jerking man when he watch. Please ah…” She pointed toward my zipper. I glanced at her nude sister, who was stepping into the shower.

I quickly undressed and my woody made it hard to remove my briefs. Azizi’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened. She’d have the same expression on her face if Godzilla appeared, she was terrified! Sri was impressed and a little afraid too. I joked, “It’s just a dick. It’s not going to run over and bite you.”

They giggled nervously and Azizi slowly reached to touch it. She swallowed anxiously. “So big! I did many man before, but… so big!”

“What do you mean? I’m only 7 inches… 18 centimeters.”

She looked embarrassed as she said, “Here that is HUGE! Our landlord has eight centimeters and… thinner. We poor, we pay half rent plus ass monthly.”

I was curious and asked, “So you’ve had anal sex?”

“Only with him and toys. No worry, Sri can do.”

I turned my head and saw Sri turn on the water, then lean with her back to the shower wall. She reached between her legs to open herself and a yellow stream poured from her small bare pussy. Azizi’s little hands started stroking my shaft and I cupped one of her firm boobs in my hand. At a little more than a handful, they were quite large for her frame. I stared at Sri pissing then washing herself, as I played with one of Azizi’s nipples and she jerked my rod.

I felt all was right with the world, and knew things would be even better soon!

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