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Power Granny meets She HulkPower Granny Meets She HulkBy lilguy [email protected] Granny meets She Hulk on a beach..smut and muscle follows.Note- This was a commission I didhttp://lilguy31.deviantart.com/Power Granny meets She HulkThere was a beach that every now and then was rented out where Super heroes, could relax privately after battle. It was an Inland that floated between dimensions, floating in and out of reality. This way character from multiple realities could go there to relax. It had a force field around it to protect it. There were several beach houses on the beach so people could go party. On the beach, the beautiful and sensational, She Hulk laid on the beach sun bathing nude, showing off her dark green skin. She laid on the towel with sweat running down her huge beach ball size nipples. Her breast were firm bounce when she walked, but with very little sag. Her nipples were dark green always hard, and stuck out 3 inches. Despite the softness of her mighty breast they could take high level missiles without making a scratch. She was super strong all over. She Hulk really admire her breast, she loved the way they glisten. She loved how heavy they felt in a man hands, and how a man could get their hands around. She loves to have them squeezed. It was a step up from when she was a mousy c cup when she was Jennifer waters. Her nipples were still extra sensitive it fit. She loved to have them sucked right before she buried their face into her bottomless cleavage. Her big breast fit her strong Amazon body at the size of 7.2 tall with sexy long athletic that could crushed steal between them. Her legs had strong lines of muscles, showing smooth green skin and muscle over muscles, wrapped in layers. Her long legs were perfection, 22 inch calves, and size 15 feet. Her body was tone and sculpted. She had very broad shoulders, and thick muscles, hardly any fat accept for her huge tits and plump ass. Her ass was nice and thick. It was thick enough to jiggle where when she wore pants she looked like she was packing thick meat between them. It had no dents and was nice smooth and soft. Women loved to grab it while She Was trusting one of her crazy huge strap on into their pusssies, making them holds on for dear life. Her muscles the sun made her green eyes sparkle. Her face was gorgeous, that of a porn star/super model. Just seeing her Made her dripped power. She love wearing skin tight clothing or nothing at all. Her long green hair flowed down her smooth back. She had on green lipstick with some gloss over it and her nails were painted green. In the back of her was the beach how she was staying at. There she had several lovers healing up into healing pod. She gave them a wild night of loving and they now were getting their bones mended back together. She had to be careful not to cause people to have a heart attack when she was fucking them. She counted 100 orgasms from one of the women in a span of a few minutes. Most of her lovers ended drench in her pussy juices after she had them eat her out. She loved to fuck. The side affect of her condition was it made her very horny, she needed to have tons of sex, and her desires were sometime deprave, needing to feel every hole and fill ever hole she could find. She wanted to make men scream and cum till their empty, and make women pussy gush with a proper fisting. She used her toys of both men and womenAlthough she was hoping to come to this beach to find someone of her power level. This way she wouldn’t have to hold back. She could let loose and have a really good hard fucking. It was getting harder and harder to do so because she was getting more and more powerful. She had went there on vacation, after helping beat back Galactus and his Heralds with help of the world heroes and villain. It was one of those epic battles they had ever years that involve multiple people and a lot of property damage. After that long battle she needed a vacation. It been 2 days and so far she found no one who could truly keep up with her. Little did She Hulk know that her prayers would soon be anwered? She lay on the beach parting her legs lazily fingering herself. She moaned as one hand was on her breast sucking one of her nipples. The other hand was between her legs, using two fingers to part her pussy lips and she pushed the middle finger deep into her pussy. She moaned as she let it swirl around inside her, pushing it in and out. She let out a moan as her pussy juiced dripped down. She grabbed a coconut that was cut in half and filled with fruity liquor. She looked into the ocean and saw a stunning red head beauty that was coming out. The woman was by the name of Power Granny. She was a super hero from an alternate reality who patrolled the city of mega city. She uses to be ordinary hot older lady name Betty Grant who had a wild past. That was until she had gotten powers where she could absorb energy through touch or sex. Sex helps them drain faster. She also could take and copy people powers, and knowledge. Over the years she gathered many powers making her super strong, beautiful and have a godlike power. She was coming out of the water dripping wet, standing 7.5 feet tall. Her hair was long and fiery red with some grey streaks. She could have totally red hair but she like having a little gray to show off her wisdom, and for people with cougar fantasies. She love being a sexy grandmother but she looked a lot younger then she was. She looked like a hot cougar with deep blue eyes, and a gorgeous face that could light Escort the world on fire. She was white and her lips were nice and juicy with some red lipstick. Her breasts were huge and filled with warm and intoxicating milk. They were much bigger then She Hulk ample breast, and always dripping some endless supply of milk. She loves to get them suck while she held someone in her arms and jerked them off or fingered them to climax. She loved to play with people mind, playing the comforting and sometime punishing mother. That was her favorite punishment to villains was a spanking. It brought them to tears of humiliation and pain. She would make them cum with ease afterwards and during with a simple of touch. It wasn’t a villain that didn’t break under her palm hitting her as a super speed. Her breast could crush most men chest; they were the biggest that She Hulk ever seen but seem firm to match her thick curvy body. Her nipples were thick like a top of a baby bottle. Thick and pink. Her shoulders were as her wet hair dripped down. Her pussy was shaved and always dripping wet, sending intoxicating pheromones that made sex with her even better. Power Granny ass was nice and thick, with Jiggle, big enough to put a glass on it. It had a nice jiggle to it. Power Granny loved to smother people with them. She Hulk watches fingering herself faster. As Power Granny came out of the pool, she saw her long sexy legs, nice and muscles. Her biceps were thick, 27 inches thick. Her calves, 22. Her stomach was flat, six pack abs of solid steal. She had huge triceps and nicely cut body. She was totally naked walking over to She Hulk. “See you’re having fun” Power granny smirked“Yea…just enjoying the view…why don’t you sit, down and have a drink”“Sure” Power Granny SaidShe took a long drink.“Here with anyone”“Just by boy toy…He passed out in one of many sex comas I give him” Power Granny laughed“Their just fragile little things” She Hulk SaidThey laughed“Super powered ones to”“Oh really do tell stories” She Hulk Said taking a swig“Well there was this one woman, Super girl. She said she wanted something wild….So I seduce her cousin Superman and his wife. I fucked both of them while Super girl watch and played with herself. I through them around fucking Superman over and over, milking his dick till he filled everyone of my holes” Power granny Said pushing her hand between She Hulk legs “ Well you surprise how that Superboy screamed. His tears running down my breast as I fucked him. His cock was huge, at least 12 inch, pumping seed after seed into me. His fortress of Solitude crumbles around me. Large icy mountains turns into dust as we gave a mighty fucking. I of course had to rebuild this after we were done. I made sure all my muscles were glisten with cum. After the might man of steal passed out, I had the two women licked me clean with their tongue. I commanded them not to touch themselves. The little sluts came just by licking me, licking my biceps and legs, tasting every bit of muscles.”She was pushing her fingers deep into She Hulk pussy as she was fucking. She moved her fingers back and forth at super speed, sending tiny sonic vibrations into her pussy making She Hulk moaned with pleasure. Her juices dripped down. She Hulk pussy smelled great. She too dripped with pheromones similar to Power Granny. Her pussy was shaved into a nice little patch over her pussy. She Hulk bit her lip. Power Granny smiled pulling her fingers, and rubbing it with her other hand. She sucked it tasting the sweet goodness. She put her hand back into her pussy and continued talkingAfterward I had 3 people passed out unable to move. Their mouths over flowered in my pussy juices, Super girl, Superman and his secret id wife.” Power Granny Said“Lois Lane”“Ahh you met him before” Power Granny smirked pushing 3 fingers inside her.“We had some run ins” She Hulk Said. She was dripping with sweat as Power Granny was giving her and expert fingering.“Well the 3 of them were knocked out. Totally unable to even walk. I kind of forgot my own strength. It was a good fucking but they were clearly not able to get up. So much they were down for a day. I had to fight all their villains, giving them each spanking and a hard r****g. I had Doomsday walking around on a dog collar after I was one. The Banshee, I made her scream fucking her with double dildo strap on till her voice gave out. I wrecked all of Lex toys, and spank his ass. Livewire sucked her energy and fucked the crazy right out of her. I sucked Parasite dry, and tossed Mettalo little green rock into the sun. I made Lobo my Biker bitch, and destroyed Brained and made him a good little robot” Power Granny SaidShe drove her fingers deep, causing She Hulk to cum. Her pussy gushed pussy juices. Power Granny parted her fingers, showing her sticky juices“Nice story” She Hulk Said “Let me tell you something I did”She Hulk pushed her down and started sucking Power Granny breast. She sucked on their nipples making milk dripping in his mouth. She was rubbing her clit making Power Granny moaned loud. She soon felt her whole hand in as she was pushing her hands in and out.“One time I fucked a goddess” She Hulk Said“Really” Power granny Said rubbing She Hulk hair, pushing her fat nipple in her mouth.“When I was taking down Ares, with the help of Hercules and this Adamus Cho dude. Anyway after I fucked Area up, I ran into the goddess of Love. She was a sexy girl, with long Blond hair that lives in a shell. Well I walked up to her and planted a big Escort Bayan kiss” She Hulk Said“Like this” Power Granny Said kissing her, shoving her thick tongue into her mouth. The two girls tongue wrestled for control. She Hulk pushed her pussy into Power Granny feeling her wetness. She grabbed her ass pushing her fingers in and parting her asshole. Their breast mushed together as she was humping Power Granny faster and faster. She held Power Granny hand down and ram her hard, making tidal waves shake around them. The force fields around the houses pushed them back as water washed over them. She felt Power Granny body shake as she came, their juices mixing together. When they broke apart they made a long necklace of spit.“More or Less” She Hulk Said “I wrapped that Goddess legs around me and close that shell. I fucked her in every hole using a massive strap on and my hands and tongue. Her pussy tighten around my fist I fist her pussy raw. My arms were soaked. I still think I stick left knuckled prints inside her pussy. On bodies stuck together with sweat as I rocked her.”“Ohhhh Yess tell me more”“The Goddess was double jointed, I put her legs behind her head and fucked her like that. I told her she was a goddess but my slut, and she loved every minute off it. I fucked her into tears. Her cum was all over my body. Her skin was soft, and tasted so sweet. She came like a waterfall when I touch her on the right spot. She was my lovely little slut. Use to walk in Olympus where she hung and sat on her throne, I drag her out and had her eat me out right there in front of everyone” She Hulk SaidPower Granny pushed her down and started kissing up and down her body.“Ohhhh Yesss”Power Granny parted her legs open and plunge her hand into her pussy. She Hulk moaned as she held down She Hulk wrist over each other“You got some nice tits”“Mmmmmm thank you” She Hulk Said “Big enough to smother you with”She plunges in harder making She Hulk moaned and began licking her tits at super speed.“Fucccck” She Hulk moaned rubbing against the sand“Guess I don’t have to hold back with you” Power Granny Said“Hell no”“Call this the sonic screw driver” Power Granny Said. She moved her hand in and out vibrating them at Super speed.“OHHH SHIIT…SHIITTTI GOING TO EXLODE” She Hulk screamShe let out a scream as a multiple climax was hitting her body. Her tits were shaking back and forth slapping into each other. Tears of pleasure ran down her eyes. Pussy juices gushed from her pussy and dripping down her arm as she kept cumming.“Damm girl…your soaking my hand” Power Granny Said“Ohhh fuck…hands so big… feels half your arm” She Hulk“Just relax baby”Power Granny said pushing faster and faster. She Hulk pussy was still gushing. She was sucking in She Hulks nipple“Ohhhh goooood…cumming again” She Hulk Said“Damm look how much I can fit in that pussy of yours” Power Granny Said sending vibrating that made She Hulk whole body vibrates.She was dripping with sweat all over her body as the water splashed on them faster. She sucked till She Hulk nipples were sore, licking back and forth.“Mmmmm your nipples so hard baby” Power Granny Said “Want a taste”Power Granny pulled her arm out showing her arm dripping down with pussy juices. Her arm was soaked and she began sucking her fingers first. She Hulk sucked Power Granny finger tasting her juices. She Hulk pushed her down and started rubbing Power Granny pussy lips, sucking them.“Ohhh fuck your tongue is long” Power Granny screamed“Long and thick like a cock baby” She Hulk SaidShe started giving her asshole a nice licking pushing deep in her body. She was rubbing her clit as she licked the asshole.“Fuckkkkk” Power Granny Said squeezing her breast“How you like two hands into you” Her Hulk SaidShe fist her from both in, pushing her fist deep into her asshole, easing one finger in at a time“Fuccccckkk” Power Granny screamed as she came“Hold shit, your pussy sucking my hand in, it much be hungry…see how much that tight little asshole can take”“Fuck…me hard…you whore”“Will you fucking bitch, taking every inch…bet no man has fucked you like this”“No man…can that why I need a woman touch”“You feel my biceps working against your Gspot…can you feel it flexing inside you slut. Could you feel my muscles vibrate in your pussy?”“Ohhhhh Goooodddd yessssss….shiiit…filling my whole” Power Granny Said “You got to fuck me harder than that, I fucked the whole Rat pack back in the day…fuck them dry”“Good baby because you’re going to get fucked hard” She Hulk said fucking her sending shock waves all around them“Right…there right on that spot sugar…doesn’t you takes your hand out of mommy’s pussy” Power Granny SaidPower Granny body shook as she came. She Hulk pulled her hand out and started to lick her pussy as her finger fucked her ass.“Yess higher…lower right there ohhhhhhhhhhh shiiittt” Power Granny Said as She Hulk slurped up her Juices“You taste fantastic”“Not so bad yourself” Power Granny Said with a whisperedShe Hulk tongue went back and forth on her pussy walls. She sucked her and hummed making it vibrate. Soon she was award with warm juices flowing from power Granny pussy was she licked her cunt.“Finger fucker…my asshole faster” Power Granny “Nasty girl fucking an older woman like this”Power Granny face blushed red as she came, neither girl feeling the need to use k** gloves. She Hulk lungs was filled with juices. She gargled power Granny pussy juiced letting it dipped down her chest. She got on top of her and squeezed her tits. She started Bayan Escort sucking the milk as fingers pushed into her clit. She was milking Power Granny tits like you would a cow and she was loving it.“Fuck your nasty girl” Power Granny SaidMilk splashed She Hulk tits and she started rubbing it in as the rubbed them into her tits. She wiped her mouth clean and went back to sucking.“How much milk in these” She Hulk Said“Endless supply…can produce as much as I want” She Said“Want to see how my pussy taster” She Hulk askedThey got into 69 positions. Power Granny tongue was longer and thicker. It pushed deep into her clit. She had the ability to stretch it out like a snake. She stood up holding She Hulk upside down while She Hulk licked her pussy. Power Granny flew into the sky, floating through the cloud high above the earth, making oxygen rushed to She Hulk brain making and heady oral. She Hulk pussy was making loud sploosh sound as Power Granny filled it with her tongue.“Fuccckkkkk shit your tongue so big…bigger than any cock I ever had….FUCCCK” She Hulk cried“Want me to stop little girl” Power Granny Said“Never”“Good because I wasn’t planning to even if you said yes”“Ohhhhhhhh fuccckc…right there…no to much…ohhhh”Power Granny face was soaked with pussy juices as he ate her like that. She could hold her like this forever floating into space, making She Hulk fill lighter than air. They ate each other for an hour nonstop, losing count of how many climaxes they had. She Hulk knees were weak.“Ohhh fuck yesssss”Power Granny wiped her mouth clean. She snapped her fingers and made a giant strapon appear around her. She got this power back when she fought dick man. Dick man was guy who could make giant dildo around the world, so he could feel it when girls sucked or fuck them. She Hulk had one pulsating, 17 inch blue Strap on. She grabbed She Hulk and tossed her. She Hulk body crushed into the moon, creating a huge crater. Power Granny dive, slamming down on her at Super speed. The Dildo slammed deep into her pussy.“OHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD” She Hulk screamedShe was thrusting in and out of She Hulk creating crater in the moon.“You know how many little sluts asshole, men or women that I spread wide on this tight little moon”“Shiiiiiiit don’t know fuck..can feel it in my stomach”“1000’s” Power Granny Said “They cried tears of pleasure on this moon…made a little lake on the dark side out of them”She licked her tears“Take this big fat cock inside you baby. Want to feel every hole” Power Granny making a second dildo appears on the strap on. Pushing that one into her ass“This my favorite power, because even though it’s a dildo…I can feel every thrust, can feel your pussy wrapping tight around it. Damm you’re a work of perfection…look at those muscles mmmmmmmmmm”Power Granny began kissing them and licking them. She licked the sweat off of them tasting it. She sucked She Hulk nipples as she pushed into her.“Goooood yesss”“Suck my nipples” Power Granny SaidShe Hulk sucked wild and passionately, pushing up, welcoming the cocks inside her.“Mmmmm fucccck” She Hulk said gargling the breast milkPower Granny nibbled on her neck, leaving hickies all over her body. She looked deep into her eyes.“You like that baby”“Fuck I love it”Power Granny kissed her, pushing their soft lips together. She felt Power Granny long tongue down her throat. She squeezed her ass bring her to her, wrestling each other tongue down“Suck my tongue baby” Power Granny SaidPower Granny scream and felt her cum. She Hulk came with her. She pulled out“Suck your ass and pussy juices off this” Power Granny SaidShe Hulk didn’t have to be asked twice, happily sucking it off, deep throating each dildo. She gagged on it. Power Granny could see the dildo going down her throat. She Hulk cheeks was turning red as she pushed it deep down“How do you taste” Power Granny Said“Sweet and nasty”“Just how I like my girls”She Bent She Hulk over and put her on her knees. She got her from behind thrust in both holes, with She Hulk thrusting back“Shit…nice to have a cock that always stays hard” She Hulk Said“Nice to fuck someone who won’t break in two” Power Granny smiledShe grabbed hold of her hair and began thrust it in it“Yessss” She Hulk gritted her teeth“Like that little girl…take it take it all, take all of my big toys” Power Granny Said“Ohhh fuck you bitch” She Hulk SaidPower Granny watch the huge dildo disappears in her. She watches She Hulk’s ass and pussy swallow the dildo. “Fuck that’s a fantastic site” Power Granny Said“Grabbed my tits” she Hulk SaidPower Granny took a nice grab of both tits, and put her whole back into it. Her heavy tits laid on She Hulk back“Drive it home” She Hulk cried outPower Granny was moving in and out of super speed, thrust her with a 1000 thrust per second, vibrating the dildo, making her body shake. She did this all while her fingers move at super speed playing with She Hulk tits making her moan“Wow that is amazing” She HulkWhen she pulled out and a gushed of juices hit the ground. She flew down to earth at super speed, and came back. Power Granny was holding a giant 22 inch dildo made of the strongest metals on earth. They took a long 22 inch dildo that they both fucked from each side till they each created giant craters in the ground. The fucked till their bodies met“Damm this could be a start of a beautiful friendship” She Hulk SaidHours LaterShe Hulk and Power Granny laid into each other arms. Broken sex toys lay around“Damm that was fun” She Hulk Said “How about you”“Fantastic”“Our lovers, should be healed up”“Let’s wake them and have fun” Power Granny Said“Think they survive us fucking them”“Who cares” She HulkBoth girls laughed and put on their strapons before going down to earth to fuck their lovers.

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