Poly at the Poly Pt. 08


The fireworks show ended. The six of us slowly turned back towards the exit. But our journey wasn’t over.

Not yet.

It had started five days before, in the pool area at Disney’s Polynesian Resort Hotel. Mike, my wife’s best friend’s husband, had run into Cassie, his old crush girl from high school. At the time, it seemed like an innocuous encounter. It turned our whole trip on its head.

In the end, there were six of us: myself, my petite wife Emily, her athletic friend Allison, Allison’s tall husband Mike, Mike’s high school crush girl Cassie, and Cassie’s older husband Jack.

Together, we played stripping games, sex games, and flat out fucked each other silly. We did it in the shower, on the dining table, and in the pool. Morning, noon, and (especially) night, we engaged in wild carnal activities with everyone except the people we were actually married to.

For nearly a full week at Disney World, we three couples came together, recombined, then fused all over again in unimaginably dirty ways. We shattered our marriage vows, decimated our boundaries, snapped our taboos, and made frightening new discoveries about our relationships and ourselves.

Yet, we’d also forged better friendships, established new bonds, and, maybe, even rebuilt ourselves into better people.

And in 12 hours, we were heading home.

The six of us walked out of Magic Kingdom arm-in-arm. One big clump of adults, all strolling down Main Street. The orange-yellow glow of the streetlamps bathed us all in a cinematic, striking light. Behind us, Cinderella Castle loomed over everything, a beacon in the darkness. In that moment, we didn’t feel like couples or pairs, or arguably even individual people. We just were.

When we got to the front gate, we paused. Like we were about to step over some magical threshold, and we needed to build our courage to make the leap.

“This has been amazing,” Mike said, “A great trip.”

“We had a lovely time with you all,” Jack said, “Truly.”

We rode the Monorail back to the Poly. We had the car to ourselves. Unlike prior evenings, there was no making out. We sat comfortably, sharing secret little smiles and staring out the windows, like watching every happy memory of the last week roll past. No one said a word. No one needed to.

“We have an early flight in the morning,” Allison said, when we stepped into the hotel lobby. It was quiet, just a few ambling guests and a couple of cast members. It felt sleepy and sublime.

“Paul and I both have work first thing when we get back,” Emily said.

We walked out of the main building and onto the paths of the resort. Ambient light from nearby torches made the sky look grey and dull. The evening was quite muggy, the constant thrum of crickets filled the air. The paths and surrounding grass were wet like it had recently rained, though I knew it was from the sprinkler system.

When the paths split, Cassie and Jack turned towards the beach and their bungalow.

“I need to pack,” Cassie said, “And I’m looking forward to getting some rest. After everything.”

“I know what you mean,” Mike said, “I feel like I could sleep for days.”

We all walked down to the lake together. We passed the pool. It was empty at that hour, but brightly lit. The blue water glowed like it was made of some other, magical substance.

We went down the wooden jetty up to the front of the bungalow. Behind it on the lake, a parade of whimsical, electric sea creatures floated past. A bright, blue dragon leading an orange, drum-playing octopus, and a few others.

The creak of the front door as it opened was oddly loud against the persistent hush.

“Well, this is it,” Jack said.

“It’s been a lovely time,” Emily said.

“Definitely,” Mike said.

“We can’t wait to do it again,” Allison said, “Soon.”

“I’m already looking forward to it,” Cassie said.

We all stepped into the hallway of the bungalow. It was so familiar now, almost like coming home. Jack flipped on the lights, and we sauntered to the living room. Emily and I found our way to the couch. Allison and Mike sat down on the two, separate lounge chairs. Cassie grabbed a seat from the dining table and spun it around. Jack did the same.

After everything that had happened, we started in the strangest way of all. Emily leaned over, thin arm around my back, and kissed me, softly, on the lips. I let myself fall into her. It felt like forever since we’d melded this way. Like kissing my wife was our most novel experience yet.

I noticed differences now, in how Emily’s lips met mine. I thought I knew how my wife kissed. Now her tongue deftly danced across my mouth. She gave me little nips and nibbles. Her body even responded differently, rising sharply as the anticipation, the adrenaline, pumped through her veins.

It was intriguing and upsetting, feeling how much my innocent wife had changed. I wondered if my kisses were different, too. Was Emily feeling the influence of Cassie and Allison Kartal Escort on my affections in the same way that I could tell Jack and Mike had reshaped her?

Across the coffee table, I saw that Allison and Mike had leaned forward in their seats and started making out, as well. Her hand rested lovingly on his cheek. Cassie and Jack slid down to the rug and did the same. The older man bit tenderly at Cassie’s earlobe, and she let out a low moan.

Emily undid her bun, letting her brown hair hang free. She reached for the hem of my t-shirt and lifted it over my head. She gave me a lustful grin as she ran her fingers through my thick, dark chest hair. She raised her arms, making it clear what she wanted. I took her top off for her. Her perky breasts looked so perfect in her black bra.

Jack pulled up Cassie’s diaphanous, white dress in one smooth motion, leaving her in only a matching ivory bra and panties. Her golden blonde hair haloed around her head. She undid the buttons of Jack’s shirt, exposing his tan, muscular pecs and silvery chest hair.

Allison and Mike stripped their own shirts off, hurriedly. Like they were racing to get themselves naked. Allison lovingly traced her fingers over Mike’s long arms and thin, almost-hairless, chest. Mike, meanwhile, played with his wife’s small, round breasts — bouncing them, playfully. Allison took her strawberry-blonde, poker straight hair out of its ponytail, letting her locks spill down over her shoulders.

There was something strangely forbidden about this, watching each other with our mates. A marriage has an inherent intimacy, beyond whatever we’d already physically shared with our non-spouses. Displaying this part of our partnership was another layer stripped back and exposed. Ever closer to our fragile, fundamental cores.

Emily unsnapped her bottoms and slipped them out from under her little butt. She had on matching, black bikini panties. My petite wife in her underwear was almost sexier than when she was naked. Once she’d taken care of herself, Emily reached for my shorts and shoved them down, as well. My dick popped up in my boxers, epically hard.

With Emily nearly naked in front of me, I lost track of the rest of the room. I kissed my way down her neck and chest, exploring her body. Her floral scent filled my nose. Again, the heady mix of familiar and new spun in my mind.

I was with Emily, the love of my life. I was with some other strange woman who’d shared herself with two different men. Innocent Emily who enjoyed quiet, missionary sex in the dark, under the covers. Wild, lascivious Em, who cried out in orgasmic pleasure, cursing and pleading, while a stranger came inside her.

Both women existing in the same space. Inexorably different yet undeniably the same. It made me sick inside, how far we’d managed to escape from ourselves. How easily we came back together. Everything we’d gained was marred by all that it seemed we’d lost.

Emily clasped my cheeks with an almost overwhelming affection. She kissed me with an ardor I couldn’t honestly remember ever experiencing, even when we were first together. She gripped me tight, like trying to hold onto the last wisps of a wonderful dream. Like I might drift away if she didn’t hold me in place.

Was this it? Would Emily and I make love in front of our friends, there in the living room, and head home? Some part of me feared it, honestly. This was too intimate, too close. Strange how sex with my wife could make me feel so much more vulnerable than watching her with another man. Than being with a different woman, myself.

I knew that everything we’d done to this point had an element of the performative. Even when we’d separated the day before — Emily’s loud screams from the bathroom were still a way of announcing what she was doing. Of sharing her experience. But making love with my wife, truly encapsulating those words, with two other couples around us was different. Dangerous.

I felt another weight settle on the couch. Emily’s hands on my neck loosened. I heard her giggle. I looked up and saw Mike, sitting behind her. Like me, the tall, thin man was down to his underwear. His long, rapier dick straining to burst free. He didn’t even acknowledge me as I kept kissing my wife. As if Emily were making out with an invisible man.

Mike reached for Emily’s bra and, displaying a deftness he’d lacked before, unsnapped it with ease. Her little breasts dropped free with a happy jiggle. Her upturned nipples looked like overripe strawberries. Mike slipped his hands up my wife’s bare chest and cupped her tits, covering them completely. Pulling her from me so she was leaning back against him.

“God damn, Em,” Mike said, “You’re so fucking sexy.”

My wife responded with a cute cackle, lying prone so Mike could grip her eager little titties harder. I swallowed my objections and, instead, focused on the opportunity that the tall man had provided for me. Because Emily was laying back, it had pushed her Kartal Escort Bayan panty-covered pussy closer to me.

I reached for my wife’s black, lacy briefs and drew them down to her ankles. Emily kicked her legs, a mix of eager and embarrassed as her full, brown bush was exposed.

“Yeah, Paul, go get her,” Mike said.

I heard a low, feminine groan coming from the other side of the living room. I glanced over and saw Allison and Cassie both kneeling next to Jack. The two blonde women, their bodies so different it was striking, were kissing their way up his naked form. Allison tall and lithe. Cassie tan and curvy. They trailed their mouths up and down Jack’s leathery chest, each on one side, like sharing an ice cream sandwich. All three had managed to keep their bottoms for now, but I knew that was fleeting.

The sounds of wet kissing drew me back to the couch. Emily and Mike were making out, passionately. Mike held my wife’s breasts, possessively. Emily’s verdant eyes flashed over and saw me watching. A guilty little grin played at the corner of her lips. She returned her focus to Mike, but she lifted her knees, spreading them wide.

My wife’s cute pussy was revealed to me. I could see the products of her desire. Her puffy, swollen vaginal lips. A bit of clear liquid shining on her thighs. Even her winking brown anus. It occurred to me that I’d never seen my once-innocent wife so easily exposed. Displayed. Like a butterfly pinned behind glass.

Emily bucked her hips slightly, as if I needed the hint. I lowered my head between her pin-stick thighs and slowly kissed the soft, pink flesh of her legs. The heady scent of my wife’s arousal was overpowering. Like stepping into a room with too much incense; it practically slapped me.

I teased at my wife’s legs, intentionally missing her overt cues for where she wanted me. For some reason, it made me feel like I had a semblance of control. As if I was actually in charge. Finally, though, I relented and let my tongue lap at Emily’s open sex. A long, lazy lick, like I was a big dog. Emily sighed. Her body stilled. Like my saliva on her pussy could quench her inner fire.

Emily stiffened once again. She made a wet choking noise, and I couldn’t stop myself from glancing up. Past her tight tummy and the tiny hills of her chest.

Emily’s jaw hung open, lewdly, as Mike pushed his long, thin dick past her lips. Emily’s cheeks flushed. Eyes wide, almost frantic. Her face contorted further and further as Mike fed her his cock. It didn’t look comfortable for her, at all. But she didn’t push him away.

“Fuck you suck it so good,” Mike said, “You love that dick, don’t you, Em?”

“Mmhm,” Emily said, so easily submissive. She made loud, wet shlucking sounds as he started rocking back and forth.

I didn’t see much to contribute up there, but I had plenty to do down below. I buried my head between Emily’s thighs. She seemed even wetter now. Like biting into the world’s best nectarine, I opened my mouth and engulfed her pussy. Emily let out a long, throttled groan. She arched her back, shoving her sex further into me.

I lapped at my wife’s cunt, glorifying at the reactions I was forcing out of her. The uncontrollable grunts and jolts of her body that I could bring forth. She rolled on the couch as Mike plumbed her mouth. Choked and sputtered. The two of us really might rip her in half, I realized.

I was so lost in all of it, I’d lost track of everything around us once again. So, I nearly hit the ceiling as I felt a warm mouth wrap itself around my achingly stiff dick.

I’d been lying on my stomach to get better access to Emily, leaving my bottom half hanging off the couch. At some point my cock must have fought its way out of the fly of my boxers. I’d been so engaged in everything else, I hadn’t noticed.

Then, out of nowhere, like being wrapped in a salve, my dick was surrounded by wonderful wetness. My surprise must have been obvious, because even Emily paused choking on Mike’s penis to glance my way, her face filled with genuine affection.

I looked back and saw Allison. Her lips were wrapped lovingly over my erection. She gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up. A cocky, cock-sucking grin. The athletic blonde wasn’t giving it her usual, aggressive effort, however. Instead, she took her time — her deep, brown eyes shining with adulation and lust — and slowly licked her way up and down my member.

I raised an eyebrow and Allison responded by pulling at my legs, bringing my dick closer to her on the far side of the couch. At first, I was confused, unsure what she was up to. Then I turned back to look at Emily and I understood what was going on.

My wife had turned her crotch to the side, so now I could only see her cute little buns. Kneeling there, eagerly waiting for her, was Jack’s silver head. Emily groaned as the older man applied his expert tongue to her sex, but the sound was muffled almost immediately as Mike reinserted his cock in her Escort Kartal mouth. I swear, it looked like he was trying to stuff his dipstick down her throat.

Then my vision was blocked. All I got was a flash of wavy blonde hair, so close that everything was out of focus. Suddenly, I was being kissed. Hard. I didn’t need to see to know who it was. The familiar peach and vanilla scent, the affection of her lips on mine, told me everything I needed to know. Cassie hummed into my mouth, letting her long thin fingers wrap around the back of my head.

“I gotcha,” she said, almost musical.

The two women had successfully separated me from my wife. Jack and Mike had managed to extricate my Emily. I had to believe this had all been planned out, somehow. Yet, I couldn’t imagine how it could have happened in any way except by accident.

I lost the ability to think on it longer as Allison tugged on my legs and I dropped, hard, onto the floor. My head bounced on the thin carpet. I’d missed the glass coffee table — and an all-inclusive trip to Mickey’s Magical Emergency Services — by inches. I was too engulfed in the girls to even care.

The women around me didn’t even pause. Cassie’s lips never left mine. Allison used the opportunity to rid me of my underwear. With me fully in her grasp, she began determinedly sucking at my cock. Her fist closed tight around the shaft. Stroking up and back. It felt like she was trying to pump my dick right off my body, and considering how good it felt, I was happy to let her. This was the competitive, controlling woman I’d come to expect.

Cassie, meanwhile, finally pulled back a bit to let me breathe. The look in her bright blue eyes was unreadable. She eyed me with a need I couldn’t quantify. An affection I didn’t recognize. Her smile so playful and adoring.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” I said. I hadn’t even intended to say the words, but there they were. You’d think I’d said the most romantic sonnet, for how Cassie’s face flushed at my words.

In my position — on my back, in the thrall of Allison’s lips and tongue — there wasn’t much else I could do to engage with Cassie. I tried to lean up and start kissing her again, but Allison grunted angrily and pulled at my penis. My only option was to stay quiescent.

Cassie saw my predicament. But instead of bending her head my way, she scooched forward and fed me one of her breasts. I’m definitely a tit man, though size has never been something that stood out to me. I’d say I was an equal-opportunity lover of all boobs in their many shapes and sizes.

Yet, once again, I could appreciate how nice it was, for the first time in my life, to feel and suck at a more substantial pair. Something about how they hung off Cassie’s body, the healthy fullness of her breasts, amplified the experience.

I suckled on her lovely pink nipples like a starving man. Cassie closed her hands around the back of my head, cradling me to her chest, and cooed.

“Oh, fuck I love that tight, twisting pussy,” Mike said.

My attention shot to the couch. In my time on the ground, pulled between Allison and Cassie, the two men had switched places on Emily. My wife was still lying on the couch, but now she was slurping up and back on Jack’s dick.

Meanwhile, Mike had knelt between my wife’s spread legs. He’d taken her ankles and rested them on his shoulders. Exposing her, owning her, in a way that went beyond possessive. Like she was his plaything.

He speared my wife with this long, thin cock. Emily’s eyes widened as she was filled. Mike kept pushing in, deeper and deeper. Emily’s face clenched in a mix of pleasure and pain as the tall man hit bottom.

“Squeeze on my cock, Em,” Mike said, “Fuck yeah. Sweet fucking cunt.”

Jack, his dick buried in my wife’s mouth, reached down and pinched Emily’s swollen nipples. Emily arched her back and let out a pained yelp.

“She loves that shit,” Jack said. “Such a good little girl. Take that cock.”

“Yeah, Em, that’s my girl,” Mike said.

“A little distracted, I see,” Cassie said.

I looked over and realized that I had two attractive women staring down at me, bemused. Allison had even stopped sucking my dick and I hadn’t noticed. Clearly, I was the worst orgy-member ever.

“Two hot blondes and he can’t stop staring at the skinny brunette chick,” Allison said. The two women shared a grin.

“Don’t you like my big titties, Paul?” Cassie asked, shoving her boobs in my face.

“Don’t you want my tight little pussy?” Allison asked, wiggling her pert behind.

“Yeah, Paul, tell us.”

Both girls broke into giggles. My eyes flitted from one woman to the other. Cassie, the classically beautiful blonde with a heart-shaped face, bright blue eyes and sensuous lips. Allison, trim and tall, pale, with a sculpted tummy and a wicked smirk. The two of them equally perfect in such disparate ways.

“It’s sweet, the way he dotes on his little wife,” Cassie said, “Almost romantic.”

“More romantic if she wasn’t currently getting plowed by two dudes,” Allison said. The fact that those guys was supposed to be the women’s respective husbands wasn’t mentioned.

“Well, if he can’t give us his attention,” Cassie said, “We’ll just have to block it out.”

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