Subject: Pledging Alpha Delts 10A * This story is fiction although based on some real life experiences as a pledge . Any resemblance to actual events or living persons is coincidental and purely unintentional. * If it is illegal for you to read this story because of your age, location or any other reason, don’t read it. * This work is copyright by the author. Commercial use is prohibited without permission. Please do not republish any part of the whole of the story without my permission. Legal action may occur. – The chapters are based on real experiences, with some jazz added for effect. The reality is there isn’t forced gay sexual encounters, but there was much nudity. – Last, please help keep Nifty alive and well by contributing. Look for the `donate’ button on the home page. Pledging Alpha Delts 10 � Fall Break Begins Sunday night’s pledge meeting included some interesting facts on the history of the fraternity at the national level. Most of the material was in our books from the national office but the chapter had brought in some alumni to talk about it in greater detail. They had also traveled to conferences and to the main office. Of course came the quiz and surprisingly we did well. But it was never good enough � perfection was expected. Following the departure of the alumni, we were each handed a small note size envelope with instructions for the upcoming fall break. We retreated to our room and opened the envelopes. Mine and Keith’s read the same � we were instructed to pack light and to include our pledge uniform. Keith was told to bring his phone while I was told to leave mine in the dorm. We were to meet Steven at his car precisely at 6pm on Wednesday (we had Thursday and Friday off for fall break). Christian spoke up and said he had been assigned as well since he was also not leaving to go home. The three of us met around 5:30 and headed over to Steven’s place. We had each packed our pledge uniform (shorts, jock, and tank) along with an extra pair of shorts and a t-shirt. “Should we bring anything else” I asked. Keith spoke back and said he didn’t think emek escort we’d be needing anything else. “I have a feeling this isn’t going to be much of a break. Their going to have us doing all kinds of shit. Logan lives out in the country on a lot of land. And I’m guessing his parents are gone, otherwise we wouldn’t all be going to his place.” Christian and I could tell by his tone and description of Logan’s home that we’d be in for a long 4 days. Steven walked out right at 6pm with us already waiting outside as instructed. He popped the back hatch to his Explorer SUV and told us to get in the back and lay down. Once we were all spooning each other, he pulled a sunscreen canopy over us and closed the hatch and got in. We drove across campus and picked up Logan and we were on our way. I’m not sure of the time, but after a couple of stops we turned onto a dirt road and after a little bit, the SUV came to a stop with both Steven and Logan getting out. The back hatch opened and the sunscreen let go and retracted back into it’s roller holder. The house was huge with a porch that wrapped around all 3 sides. There was also a separate 3-car garage with an upstairs along with a large barn structure as well. There appeared to be a pool in the fenced in backyard area. “Grab your things and follow me” said Logan. He led us down to the barn, opening the main double doors and motioning us inside. “Pick an empty stall and throw your stuff in there. It will be yours for the weekend.” We chose the first one, not knowing any different and walked in. “Keith, give me your phone.” After getting the phone, he shut the door, slid the bolt into place and proceeded to leave the barn, shutting the door on his way out. We sat down on the floor which was covered with hay. Thankfully, while it smelled of animals and we could hear horses in nearby stalls, ours was devoid of manure. In a little while, we could hear another car pull up and some voices. Not much later, the barn door opened and then our stall door. Steven tossed in two pizza boxes eryaman escort with just a single word “dinner.” The stall door was shut and bolted and out he went. Not sure what time in the night it was, but I was jostled awake. Christian was taking a piss over in the corner. Morning came with a couple of loud fist pounds to the stall door. “Get up maggots” bellowed Logan as Steven stood behind him. Logan led several horses out to the pasture fields and then proceeded to give us instructions on cleaning the stalls out, feeding and giving water to the horses out in the pasture. Once we were done with that, we then needed to grab the mower and mow the yard. “Weed eat the yard as well and then blow off the sidewalk. Your breakfast is on the front porch.” Breakfast was a package of pop tarts. It was probably mid-afternoon by the time we finished. For most of the time, Steven and/or Logan just sat on the porch watching, going in and out of the house. I was blowing off the sidewalk and the porch around the house when a car pulled up. I didn’t recognize the guy getting out but he obviously was the same age (probably the same class as Logan and Steven). After slapping hands and general greetings, the guy walked to the trunk of his car and opened it. Out crawled two guys in superman and batman underwear. Obviously more pledges were joining for the weekend. Keith mumbled that he knew both of them � Cameron and Warren. “I wrestled with Cameron and Warren played lacrosse” he said. The two were brought over to us and introductions were made. Both were pledging a different fraternity at a different school but Jim (the guy Logan and Keith were friends with) was a brother and these were his two contributions. “Ya’ll need to clean up and show these two where they’ll be sleeping for the next few nights” said Steven. “There’s a hose by the barn to shower with. Stay in the barn until we call you for dinner.” Cameron and Warren went into the stall while the three of us went and stripped down to rinse off the best we could without esat escort soap. The water was cold. A little air drying and then we realized our clothes were dirty. A quick rinse and then we put them on wet hoping they would dry quickly. The temperature wasn’t hot but not cool either. A large bell was rung with a noise that reverberated through the air. “Maggots! Dinner is ready” yelled Logan. We went up to the house, the three of us in our pledge shorts and tank, still fairly damp and Cameron and Warren in their superhero undies. Sandwiches were brought out � spam sandwiches. As we began to scarf the food down, the smell of burgers on the grill filtered through the air. We were hungry so it really didn’t matter that the raw spam with mustard was our dinner while they were going to be eating burgers. The five of us served the three of them and then were given instructions on cleaning up. Once we had cleaned the dishes and kitchen, Steven led us out back. “You three (pointing at Keith, Cameron and Warren) strip and go stand by the fence. Place your right hand behind your head and your left hand covering your junk.” Logan brought out three cell phones and asked the pass code to open each one. A picture was taken on each phone and then some quick typing. He held it up so the three could see and read what was written ABC Party Friday 10pm @ Logan’s This is our attire The look on their faces wasn’t good. It was a snapchat being added to their story. An ABC party stood for `anything but clothes’ and people usually wore something like a sheet or towel or taped together beer boxes. The fact that a nearly nude picture of the three of them meant they would be without any coverings. “Tonight we’re going to have some people over. You will be dressed in your jock or your underwear. Be good servants” said Logan. The night’s party consisted of lots of beer on ice, drinking games and us keeping everyone’s (mostly guys but a few gals) cups full. The fire in the fire pit also had to be maintained. Cameron, Warren and Keith knew everyone there which made it super uncomfortable. Each received several comments on the pending ABC party Friday night. For Christian and myself, it was just like all the sorority dinners hosted at the house where we served in our jocks. Finally in the early morning hours, Logan led the five of us back to the barn where we were locked safely away in our stall.

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