Photographing My Mother in Law


Photographing My Mother in LawThis is another true story about the second time I had sex with my mother in law Kathy.   I was 32 this time around and Kathy had just turned 51. She was still really big into fitness and it showed. Kathy had large titties with no sag what so ever, a flat stomach and a large toned ass.   Kathy new that I liked taking nature photos and one day she text me out of the blue and asked if I could take some photos for her. I happily agreed, figuring it just some pictures of her garden or something.    The next day rolled around and it was a beautiful day outside. I figured it would of been perfect for some outdoor pictures. I saw my wife off to work with a kiss and told her I was off to her mother’s to take some pictures for her. She figured it was of her garden too and was just happy that Kathy and I were getting along. I guess she thought that no one is suppose to like their mother in law.   Once i arrived at Kathy’s, i jumped out of my car and headed right into her back yard. I started taking photos of her garden, which was really beautiful, and of a beautiful tree hanging over a bench next to the garden. Kathy opened her back door and called me inside. She said thanks for taking pictures of her garden but that not what she had in mind. She started out by saying that the last time I was over for yoga, things got a little hot and heavy. I laughed and said if that’s what you want to call it. She too laughed and said we probably can’t have that happen again. I was a little disappointed but totally agreed with her.    Kathy then said the reason I called you over was I want you to take some pictures of me. I was completely caught off guard by this. She saw the confused look on my face and started to explain. Kathy said one of her annoying friends just had some portraits done and is bragging about how good they are and I want to show her up. I figured what the hell and agreed to help her out.    I asked Kathy what she had in mind for this and she took me by the hand and led me to her living room. She had 2 dresses d****d over a chair and began to tell me what she was looking for. Just some class but sexy photos of me standing and lounging on my sofa she said. Kathy took for first dress and returned to the kitchen to put it on.    Kathy retured wearing a rather sexy and silky green dress that hung past her knees, accented with a pair of nylon stockings and some black high heels. The dress really pushed her cleavage together, not that she needed help with that. We took lots of photos exactly how she wanted them. Once she was happy, I asked her did she want to try her other dress. Kathy grabbed the other dress and returned to the kitchen.    Kathy had been in there a few minutes and I called to her was everything going ok. She walked Şirinevler Escort back to the living room and said that she couldn’t get it zipped. She turned around  in front of me and I pulled the zipper up for her. Oh my God she smelled amazing. She thanked me and walked over to her sofa. I was shocked again. This dress was quite short compared to her last one. I could actually see the tops of her stockings. The dress showed quite a bit of underboob also, so I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra anymore. I was starting to get a little stiff in my pants but tried remaining professional. Again I took the photos until she was happy.    Kathy said she had one more wardrobe change and asked me to follow her upstairs to her bedroom. My mind start running wild thinking that she had planned this all along. I was already half hard and had trouble deciding which head to trust. I didn’t want to say no and get her angry or disappointed with me, so I just followed her upstairs.    She pushed her door open and we walked in. There was a pink bra and panty set laying on her bed. Kathy told me to unzip her dress and sit in the chair next to her bed. She let the dress fall to the floor and it was then that I realized along with no bra, she wasn’t wearing panties this whole time either. Kathy said I hope you don’t mind, photographers usually end up seeing models naked eventually. Nudity shouldn’t be an issue with us since we did have sex she said laughing.    My cock was at full attention now and I was having a really hard time hiding it. Kathy moved to the end of the bed still wearing only her nude colored stockings and black high heels and began to get dressed in her lingerie set. Kathy pulled her panties up first and turned around to show me. They weren’t a thong type but showed off a lot of her bum. It was then that she noticed the large bulge in my pants and said that she knows my cock approves.    Kathy turned back around and pulled her bra on and suggested we get back to the pictures which I was very happy to do. She seductive walked towards me as I snapped a few photos.   She stopped in front of me and place her knee into my lap and leaned forward. Her breasts were right in my face. The bra did an amazing job popping up her cleavage, not that she needed much help with it. After a few more photos, Kathy brushed my cock as she stood back up and suggested I remove my pants because of how much of a tent I was pitching.    I stood up and dropped them as Kathy moved on top of a small table next to the chair. Kathy said I was a bad boy for agreeing to take photos of her in her underwear. Bad boys must be punished, especially ones who have crushes on their mother in laws. I apologized to her and said I would probably put my pants on and leave. Escort Şirinevler She stopped me right away and said weren’t finished with the photos. She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and threw it to the floor. Large DDs with nipples sticking out like pencil erasers. They looked perfect for sucking and it was making me drool.    Kathy learned back a bit on the table and began rubbing her tits. She snapped her fingers at me and demanded that I focus and continue taking pictures. I apologized again and told her that she has nicer tits then her daughter. Kathy said do you know what else is nicer, as she pulled her panties to the side, freeing her pussy. It was already quite wet looking and her clit was protruding also resembling one of her nipples. I could smell her pussy musk and was losing total control. I snapped a few more pictures and then began running my hand up her stocking clad leg. She stopped me as soon as I was rubbing her bare skin only inches away from her pussy. What would my daughter think of you massaging my leg like that Kathy exclaimed. I think its time for you to learn a lesson.    Kathy walked towards the bed and dropped her panties all in one motion. Again she stood in only her stockings and high heels. She crawled onto the bed and stuck her ass up in the air and motioned for me to come over. I stood up from the chair and continued taking photos as I moved closer. Kathy demanded that I remove my clothes before getting into the bed. I pulled my shirt over my head and started to pull my boxers down. Kathy noticed the large pre cum spot on my boxer and said that I was turning her on. My cock sprung free, flipping some of the pre cum on her ass. She wiped it up with her finger and sucked it clean.    I climbed onto the bed as Kathy rolled onto her back and grabbed my camera again. She started masterbating as I was taking more photos. Her right hand pulled her tit into her mouth and her left was rubbing her clit. Her moans were muffled because of the tit in her mouth. I was snapping pictures furiously and my cock was rubbing against the bottom of her foot. I told her I needed to taste her pussy again and she opened her legs wide and welcomed me in. It only took a minute of licking and she was close to an orgasm. I sucked her clit and licked her hard as she orgasmed, squirting all of my face. Her whole body was shaking and I remembered from the last time that I wouldn’t be able to lick her for a few minutes because it was too sensitive.    I crawled up her body and we began to kiss each other slowly. It was only a minute and her tongue was down my throat. I’ve never experienced anyone who kissed as passionately as her. Kathy then rolled me on my back and sat on my face 69 style. Omg I thought her Şirinevler Escort Bayan tongue feltgood down my throat, but she was licking my balls and the tip of my cock like it was a lollipop. I too was returning the favor for her. My face was soaked with all her juices and we were both getting close to cumming. Kathy was bucking her hips and I knew exactly what was coming. She starting squirting all over my face again only this time, since my cock was in her mouth, I lost control and squirted rope after rope of cum down her throat. We were both shaking uncontrollably and collapsed next to each other.    After a minute of resting, Kathy got up on her knees and said that was the best tasting cum she ever had. She was also shocked that I was still hard as a rock. She wasted no time and grabbed my cock and licked the last bit of cum from the tip of my cock and then shoved it right back down her throat. After another minute of the best blowjob I ever had, Kathy sat back on her needs and said I need to feel that beautiful cock in my pussy. She swung her leg over me and was riding me cowgirl. Her pussy was so warm and wet, I was on cloud nine. She leaned back a little bit, so i start rubbing her clit and thrusting harder. It was only about 30 seconds and she was having a third orgasm. She squirted all over my chest this time and then collapsed next to me.    I gave her a second to recover and told her to get on her knees and stick that beautiful ass in the air. I manoeuvred behind her and reentered her. She was moaning with approval. Kathy was screaming how much she loved my cock. I started smacking her ass causing her to moan with pleasure even more. I was beginning to lose control again because she started twerking on my cock. I told her I was going to cum again and asked her where she wanted it this time. Kathy said I want that load right inside of me, don’t you dare pull out. Just hearing that was enough to send me over the edge. I pumped rope after rope again deep inside her pussy. She rolled over and laid on her back and said why don’t you grab your camera and get a picture of that. She suck her finger in her pussy and pulled out a glob of cum and started sucking her fingers. I snapped a ton of photos of the moment and thanked her for every second of it.    I asked Kathy if I could grab a quick shower before heading home. When I came back to the bedroom for my clothes, she was still naked on the bed softly rubbing her pussy. She sat up on the bed and began saying that she actually wants the portraits to show up her friend but the bedroom photos are for my eyes only. I told her I would start developing them immediately for her and deliver them next week. Kathy thanked me for everything including the orgasms. She said her husband hates eating pussy and his cock is only 4 inches. I felt bad for her in a way because she has no one but herself to give her orgasms. Well, and me now. She walked me to the door still completely naked and gave me another French kiss. She said she couldn’t wait to see me next week and I couldn’t wait to see her.

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