Pet My Pretty Kitty


The first time he rang the bell to give Mrs Baskin her mail, he was nervous. He had heard about Mrs Baskin from many people and none of the stories were very good. Apparently she was crazy, she smelt, she hated men, and worst of all she was a cat lady. He hated cats. They stunk, they clawed at you, you could never trust them. When she opened the door, he half expected fifty of them to jump out and knock him down as the old bitch had a good laugh, watching them scratch out his privates.

He could hear the rustling of papers as she came to the door. He had heard that she basically lived in her own filth, never bothering to clean after herself or the hundreds of cats she was supposed to own. He prepared himself for the strong stench that was bound to hit him as soon as the door was opened. He took a deep breath and held it. What faced him as the door swung open forced the air out of his whole body and made his heart lurch crazily.

“Mrs Baskin?”, he stuttered. He couldn’t believe his eyes. With everything he had been told about her this vision before him was the last thing he had expected. Looking up from deep brown eyes, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He quickly took her all in, while trying to get his breath back and steady the raging of his heart. Shiny black hair reached down to a tiny waist, skimming over perfectly shaped full breasts and enhancing her porcelain white skin.

“No, I’m not Mrs Baskin, I’m Nicole, her niece.”

Oh my God, he thought. A cute little Irish accent too.

“I’ve mail that your aunt needs to sign for, is she here?”

He couldn’t believe that he was able to speak to her without sounding like a bashful teenager. She had him shaking all through his body, he could feel his mouth going dry, if he fainted in front of her he would die of embarrassment.

“She’s here, but she’s sick. Can I sign for it?”

Those brown eyes really were mesmerizing, he barely nodded in reply, as she took the package from him. He watched her little hands take his pen and sign her name, feeling a stirring at the sight. She gave the pen back to him and stood waiting for him to leave. He jolted himself and said;

“Thanks. Hey, tell your aunt I hope she gets better soon.”

She said, “sure, thanks. Bye.”, and closed the door. He walked away slowly from the house, breathing slightly heavily and trying to mentally shake her from his mind.


Later that night he sat in front of the TV with a cold beer in his hand. He’d been flicking through the channels since he got home from work and nothing was even remotely peaking his interest. He had one thing on his mind, the same thing he’d had since the door opened at Mrs Baskin’s. Nicole. She’d invaded his mind so much he’d barely been able to focus on his job the rest of the day. No matter how much he tried to put her out of his mind, her image kept floating right back in. Standing at the door, wearing those tight blue jeans and her little cropped top with the plunging neck line. He wondered why she bothered to wear a top at all. An image of her naked suddenly flashed into his mind, and in an instant he was rock hard. He couldn’t believe the effect the girl was having on him. His cock was literally throbbing for her. He was going to have to do something about it.

He took another swig of beer and then placed it on the table. Unzipping his pants, and releasing his cock, he hoped his room mate wouldn’t come home for awhile. His eight inch cock was thick and he’d always felt a great deal of pride because of it. Whenever he slept with a girl he knew he could give her everything she wanted. He could get in as deep as possible, his thickness making the girl feel like there was a real man inside her. He’d seen other guys in the showers at the gym, some with dicks so small he really felt sorry for them, others with dicks that hung out and looked heavy even when soft, they were that big. He knew what he had was enough. So many girls had told him so, they said the truth was no girl wanted a twelve inch cock. Any movement inside them would feel like they were being torn apart. Eight inches was perfect, they said.

Thinking about his own cock being perfect was getting him even Anadolu Yakası Escort harder. He placed his right hand around his thick shaft, and ran his fingers up and down the length of it. Rubbing the head, and then jerking it fast. He thought about Nicole’s little hand doing this for him. He knew she’d be good at it. Something about her told him she’d be dirty. He bet she’d been with lots of guys. With those looks she could have anyone she wanted.

He thought about her kneeling in front of him, mouth wide open waiting for his big cock, her mouth watering at the sight. She’d be completely naked. Those beautiful breasts swaying in front of him, just out of reach. That long black hair tumbling down her back. He’d hold on to her hair as she went down on him. Run it through his fingers gently at first, and then as he started to fuck her mouth really grab on to it. Twisting it in his fist as he came, shooting everything down her throat, and her swallowing every last drop.

He was really pumping his cock hard now. His eyes were closed , and his head was rolled back, letting those images of a hot girl with her plump lips wrapped around his manhood, squeezing everything out of him, take him to bliss. He groaned hard as he came, unloading a huge amount of cum onto his chest and all over his hand.


The next day he again had a package to deliver to Mrs Baskin’s. This time he was doubly nervous. Not only would he have to deal with the possibility of cats tearing at him but he would also have to come face to face with the girl he had wanked over the night before. He rang the bell, wishing that Nicole would open the door, even though he knew he would be embarrassed. Again he heard the rustling of papers, and again, as the door opened he saw an amazing beauty looking back at him.

“Oh hi!”

She had a big smile for him today. He wasn’t sure why but he knew he liked it. It brought her whole face to life, making her even hotter, though he hadn’t thought that possible.

“I’ve another package for your aunt.”

He decided to play it cool with her. Although he was thrilled with the smile, he wasn’t a love sick teenager. Never show a woman you wanted them, that was his motto.


Another big smile as she took the pen and the package from him. She signed her name with a little flourish and gave the pen back to him slowly, brushing against his hand as she did so.

“Listen, I think I was kind of rude to you yesterday, and I just wanted to say sorry. I was just a bit stressed about my aunt.”

She batted her eyelashes at him as she said this, and he stifled a laugh. He always thought that to be a goofy come on signal from a girl. He shrugged and said; “Don’t worry about it.”

She beamed at him again and said; “Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?”

With that Irish accent he could forgive anything, then he remembered about the cats and thought twice.

“Wouldn’t that disturb your aunt?”

“No, she’s asleep, come on in.”

She opened the door wider for him, and turned away, into the house. He followed, waiting for his stomach to turn with the stench of a hundred cats, but as he walked down the hall no scent greeted him. The paper that he had heard rustling seemed to be no more than paint splattered newspaper. Someone was obviously in the middle of redecorating the house. There was also no sign of the hundreds of cats he had heard so much about. Maybe all the stories had been wrong. An attempt to fool the new guy in town.

“Doesn’t your aunt have a lot of cats?” He called out. She shook her head, making her hair sway from side to side. The effect didn’t go unnoticed even though his eyes were almost glued to her ass by now.

“No, she just has one. A little kitten, really cute.”

Nicole brought him into a bright and airy kitchen. Completely clean and smelling of lavender. He was going to kill the guys back at the mail depot for filling his head full of lies. Nicole motioned for him to sit down and set about making the tea. He watched her as she did this and marvelled at how smooth her movements were, she did everything with grace and ease and yet there was something Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan so sexual about her that he found his thoughts once again leading to dark places.

He felt something brush against his leg and jumped.

“Hey, there’s Mitten.” Nicole exclaimed with joy, picking up a tiny white cat and hugging it to her. She brought it over to him, and sat it down on his lap. He grimaced, and twisted uncomfortably in his chair. Nicole put her hand on the kitten and said;

“What’s the matter, don’t you want to pet my pussy?”

He almost choked on his shock at her words, he was sure he’d misheard her, but when he looked into her eyes he saw a deep longing there. He was just about to kiss her when she pulled back. She grabbed the kitten and left it sitting on the kitchen table. Using her little finger she beckoned him to follow her upstairs.

She brought him into a bedroom and pushed him down on to the bed.

“Take your clothes off,” she almost barked.

“What about your aunt?”

She just shook her head, and then began to peel her own clothes off, taking off her shirt and jeans to reveal a red bra and tong. He drank her in for a second, and then realising what kind of an opportunity he had here he began to strip. He was naked in less than half a minute. Nicole surveyed him, pleased with what she saw. Dropping her bra and tong on the floor, she climbed on to the bed, and placed her ass on his thighs. She cupped his balls in her hand, stroking them with one finger. His cock began to throb. His desire for this girl was like nothing he’d ever felt before. He wanted her now, but he sensed she wanted to play with him for awhile. He was wrong.

Lifting herself up, and dropping his balls from her hand, she slammed her pussy down on his cock roughly. She was already soaking wet. Having not even kissed her, let alone touch her, he could only assume the girl was constantly in heat. She began to ride him. Not gently like most girls would, not nervously or sub consciously, but with complete confidence. She slid her pussy up and down his cock with perfect timing and pace, rubbing her clit in rhythm. He could see that she was truly enjoying this, but felt as if he was just a prop. He knew he was not going to get satisfaction until he was in charge. Until he could show this girl what he could really do.

She continued to grind her pussy on to him, not even looking at him, just using his thick cock as a tool to bring her to orgasm. She came quite quickly and the most quietly he had ever heard a girl cum. For some reason he got a mental picture of her then. He could see in her bed alone, rubbing herself furiously every night, making herself cum but unable to cry out for fear of waking someone. He was going to make this girl scream with pleasure, he didn’t care who heard.

When her climax had subsided, she lifted herself off him and got off the bed. He realised that she thought that was it. That he was just going to let her use him, without letting him cum. Grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her back on to the bed. Whispering in her ear he said;

“I don’t think a man has ever satisfied you before, but that’s going to change right now.”

He turned her head round to face him and kissed her deeply. Probing her mouth with his tongue and biting her lip. He then lifted her, and laid her down on the bed. Seeing her spread out like that in front of him suddenly made her seem incredibly vulnerable. He wanted to make her feel good, to make her realise that sex was about two people.

He began at her ankle. He would usually have started at her toes but not all women liked their feet being touched and he didn’t want to take that risk with Nicole. He didn’t want to do anything to scare her off. He licked her beautifully shaped ankle and continued up her leg with just the tip of his tongue. He could feel her shiver as he explored her. He reached her pussy, and felt her tense. She had never been licked out before. He was going to give her a treat.

He looked up at her to see if she was ok. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her whole body was tensed, but he knew once he started, she would relax and Escort Anadolu Yakası cum like she never had before. He opened her legs wide, exposing her pussy in all its glory. He could see that she was still wet, and by the time he was finished he knew she would be gushing with cum.

He used his finger to uncover her clit, then blew very softly on it, letting his warm breath engulf her. He then licked her clit once, just to introduce himself. He didn’t want to overwhelm her. Licking the tops of her thighs, and the area just around her clit he could feel her relax. He knew that she was ready for a bit more then, so he slipped his tongue just slightly into her pussy. She became wetter instantly. He probed further. Licking her juices, and twisting his tongue inside her, he could hear her trying to stifle her pleasure. Continuing to lick her pussy, he brought his tongue back to her clit and paused for a second. He wanted her to anticipate what was coming, to long for it. Waiting for just the right time, he then lunged at her clit, taking it whole and sucking. Once it was in his mouth, he rolled his tongue over it again and again, then letting it go, he would blow, then lick, then shove his tongue back in her pussy. Her legs had started to tremble, and he knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Taking her whole clit back into his mouth, he sucked it, licked it and pounded it with his tongue, until she exploded, cumming so hard she almost screamed the house down. He licked all of her cum, savouring the taste of it as she relaxed, panting, catching her breath.

There was no need for any words between them. He knew that he was the first man to make her properly cum, and she knew that she’d finally met a man who could pleasure her the way she needed it. Nicole knew that he hadn’t cum yet. She had never cared if the guy had cum before but this time she wanted him to. And she wanted him to cum inside her.

Taking his head in her hands she kissed him, tasting herself for the first time and liking it. She reached for his cock and found it rock hard and throbbing. This guy really wanted her and he had earned her. She brought him into her by wrapping her legs around him. He entered her gently, a wave of heat from her pussy enveloping his entire cock. She was the tightest girl he had ever been in. For a second he worried he might break her. Then he felt her pussy stretch to take him in and he moved inside her freely. Her pussy felt so good on his cock, that although he could usually last a long time he didn’t think he would make it with this girl. With every stroke of his cock she became wetter, she opened up more. It was like she wanted all of him, in the very deepest part of her. He felt himself slide in more and more, it felt like this little pussy was made for him.

He wanted to fuck her slow until they both came, but she was drawing him in more and more. She wanted it harder. She moved her ass in time to his strokes. He could feel his balls slap against her. He could feel the wetness of both their bodies. Her need for him to fuck her fast grew even greater. The look in her eyes told him it was time for them both to cum.

Pulling her legs even tighter around him, he drew her in, and shoved himself in to the hilt. He could go no further. He was touching every last bit of her pussy. Her juices were running down his cock, his balls were wet, she was panting heavily, sweat was dripping from both their bodies. Grabbing both her hands and holding them high above her head, he began slamming into her. He started to fuck her as hard as they both wanted it. With her hands held back, he was in complete control and she loved it. This mans cock was unlike anything she’s had before. It stretched her, but it felt so good. Her heart was racing, she was going to cum. She was going to scream her pleasure. She loved getting fucked by this man. She wanted him to fuck her all night, but he was near cumming and she wanted him to explode inside her. She wanted to feel a real man shoot his load into her waiting pussy. She wanted to cum on his cock as he held her tight.

He watched her face as he fucked her. He could see the pure joy on her face. She began to cum. She thrashed about as she moaned and groaned , still drawing his cock deep into her. Then he came. Still shoving his cock into her as he exploded and felt his cum shoot deep into her pussy.

Exhausted they both lay on the bed, panting and gently rubbing each other.

“Will I see you again?” he whispered.

“Well, my pussy cat does need to be fed every day.”

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