Perversion Chapter Three: Meeting Mary

Perversion Chapter Three: Meeting Mary
(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s)

Sunday was a dead day for us at the home. We all dressed in our Sunday best and went to church for 10am. The younger ones split from the main bunch and went to the Sunday School while us older ones stayed with the congregation.

The padre’s wife Susan (a cute woman of about thirty with mousey hair and nice figure) asked if I would take the younger ones, as the lay preacher who taught the school had taken ill. I had done this on a few occasions so smiling at her I stood and went with our c***dren and a couple of others that weren’t from the orphanage into the school’s rooms.

Because I wasn’t the regular teacher, we decided we would just have a small chat about the Bible a sort of question and answer thing. One of the older lads of about ten thought he would be clever and asked,

“If God made Adam and Eve and they had two sons Cain and Abel”

I already knew where this was going but waited to let him have his say,

“making four then Cain killed Abel. How could he go into the desert and pick himself a wife?”

I told him what I had been told was the answer and after listening he seemed to nod and sit paying attention. The chat went on and on, everyone joining in till Susan suddenly said its time for us to finish and join the last prayer. Time had passed that quickly I was really surprised. We all filed in and sat on the back row listening to the congregation finish the last Hymn. Then we stood while the padre a rather stern looking man I thought, said his final prayer. Filing out we went back to the home and changed our posh clothes for ones we used to do our chores in.

I was told my chores had been covered because of the help I had done in the church. After dinner Maureen came and asked me to ring Jo-Anne and tell her I was in town on Monday if we could meet. This suited me perfectly so sitting in the office I rang her number she answered after a couple of rings.


“Hi Jo-Anne its me Jake, look I am in town in the morning any chance we could meet?”

“Oh, hi Jake, I wasn’t expecting you to ring till tomorrow. Look I have a gasman coming, around dinner time! Do you want to call here till he has been?”

“Yes, just need the address but if its too much trouble, we can put it off till another day.”

“No! No trouble at all, I live at 31 Ashgrove. The bus drops you off at the bottom of the street, see you about ten.”

That night all sorts of things went through my head. Including a romp with the padre’s wife and Jo-Anne together. Needless to say it was a toss and turning night’s sleep I had. At breakfast we all sat around the massive dining table chatting and eating.

I have to admit I was more interested in getting the meal over with and getting ready to catch the bus. Maureen gave me the mobile with the fancy camera on it and showed me the button to press in case I got lucky so that she could watch what was going on later.

The bus ride would take about thirty minutes and I just sat on the side seats watching the women get on and off. Some were real lookers’ others looked more harassed and some were just old. It’s odd really as some of the older ones turned me on more than some of the young beauties.

“Can I squeeze in?”

An oldish woman of perhaps late fifties or early sixties asked, so I moved along making as much room as I could for her to sit. She squeezed in forcing me across so that I was sandwiched between her and another woman of maybe forty.

They were not dressed sexually at all, yet it brought back visions of last nights dreams. The old woman that had just sat down let her hand drop onto my thigh saying that’s better. I knew it wasn’t an accident by the way her fingers surreptitiously massaged my leg.

“Hello, I’m Mary and I’m going home.”

I didn’t want to get into a conversation with this woman but had been taught to answer when spoken to so I said,

“Jake and I am hoping to figure out which stop to get off for Ashgrove.”

“Same stop as me then, I’ll show you.”

She never stopped massaging my thigh under her bags and she soon had my erection under her fingers. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop myself hardening and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Soon she had her hand on my length and was slowly stroking it under her bags. I was excited and nervous at the same time and then disappointed as she told me ours was the next stop.

“Perhaps you could help me home with these bags, they get heavier all the time.”

Nervously I looked at my watch, it was only just after eight thirty so I had over an hour to waste before going to Jo-Anne’s house.


I said taking her two bags and following her through her gate which was number ninety-five and nowhere near Jo-Anne’s. As I entered inside the front door Mary told me to bring the bags through to the kitchen and taking off her coat said,

“You will have a tea or coffee with me, won’t you?”

“Yes, whatever your making.”

As we sat on the comfy chairs with our tea Mary started to talk about how lonely it can be for a widow without any family. Being polite I answered her saying something like I imagined it was. She placed her cup on the table, then looking at me with a glint in her eye said,

“I was very naughty with you on the bus but you didn’t seem to mind. I would love to see it,”

I guess she could see the nervousness on my face as well as the excitement and continued by moving closer to me. I pressed the record button on the special phone which was paired with a button hole camera which could see and hear. She slowly dropped to her knees right in front of me and let her hands run up my thighs till, they touched my zip. I knew this was wrong but it felt lovely so I opened my legs a little and allowed her to undo my zip.
She eased her hand in, and gripping my length pulled it out.

“Ohhhhhh that’s gorgeous.”

She started to stroke it slowly at first then telling me she wanted to see me cum started to really work it fast. I could feel me getting close but I wanted more from Mary so I took hold of her hands which stopped her movement. Holding them gently I looked her in the eyes,

“Strip so I can enjoy making out with you.”

“You can’t, it’s been that long. I think I am too dry and I don’t have any cream.”

As she said this she was doing as I told her and undoing her blouse. When she removed it her tits were in an old bra but you could see they weren’t as perky as they once were. I let go of her hands and reached around her undoing the bra she was wearing; her tits fell flat to her chest and her head went down as though ashamed.

“Mmmm, they are good enough to eat.

I said. With my smile gleaming I told her to stand and let me see her naked. She slowly stood but with more confidence now and dropped her skirt showing her large pants and a suspender belt holding up her old-style stockings. Being honest I would have loved to just grab and fuck her but because she had told me that she would be dry stood and took her hand then asked the way to her bedroom.

She started to show me then said something about locking the doors in case the warden came. I ignored her and we ended up in her bedroom. I peeled her undies off her, my cock still solid as I was enjoying this. I saw she had some Vaseline on the dresser and stood to get it. She lay still as though in my power till I started to gently rub the Vaseline up and down her pussy.

She didn’t take as long as I thought she might. Her clit started to erect and poke through her hood I went to work on it till it was solid and each stroke brought a moan from Mary. Her legs were wide as she started to hump onto the one finger I had inside her.

Her pussy was starting to soften so I eased another finger slowly inside her. She was fucking so hard on my two fingers she never noticed me looking to see what else I could fuck her with. There on the bedside cabinet was one of those mum spray tins not as thick as I am but thicker and longer than the two fingers, I had inside her which were being fucked like it was going to be her last.

I took a hold of the spray tin then coating my fingers in the Vaseline covered the tin. As I withdrew my fingers Mary shouted.

“Please don’t stop, I’m almost there.”

I eased the tin into her and could feel her sort of vibrating onto it as she came. Her sexual juices were running over the tin and my hand but my cock wanted some of the action. Still working the tin in and out I watched as she started to build towards another orgasm. The feeling I had was fabulous as I shoved my cock to her mouth.

“I can’t!”

Was all she started to mutter but as my cock head ran along her lips, she finally opened her mouth.

“Just suck it like a lolly!”

It was all I needed to say and she did exactly that. I could feel myself getting closer to coming and Mary was that close to orgasm her sucking was giving me more than I bargained for. Just as she screamed at the top of her voice,

OHhhhhh Gawd YEEeees!”

I filled her throat and mouth with cum. My cock didn’t soften as she still sucked it. I removed the tin and getting between her legs slowly slid right up her. Forcing my fingers on to her clit I toyed with it till she started to vibrate again only this time her cum was more a gush as though the few years without cumming all came together. I shot deep inside her and cuddled her to me. She was kissing my face.

We lay still for a while and I realised if I was going to see Jo-Anne I was going to have to leave. I could smell the sex on myself so used Mary’s bathroom to clean up. Finishing with a quick spray from the tin that had brought her off so well. Mary lay in the bed not quite asleep but very contented. I told her I had to go but before I went, she asked,

“Will I ever see you again?”

“Would you like to?”

“Yes, oh yes you have worn me out but I feel so alive!”

“In that case, yes you will see me again, I’ll ring!”

I took her number off her phone and looking at the time. I headed off to see Jo-Anne.
It was just turning ten to ten when I knocked on Jo-Anne’s door. She let me in dressed in I guess you would call it every day clothes though very smart. I wouldn’t have thought she would wear her lovely white dress normally because the gasman was coming so I guessed she wore it for me.

“Would you like a coffee I was just about to make some?”

“Yes, that would be lovely, white with two.”

She turned to make the drinks while I sat admiring her from behind. She was as good a looker dressed as she was in that bikini she wore at the baths. I clicked on the camera once more and standing moved to right up behind her. She didn’t flinch or move so I slid my hands around her waist and kissed her neck.

I could feel her lean into me as I continued to kiss and nibble her neck my hands going to the buttons that ran all down her dress. I let my hands slide onto her breasts holding them and feeling her. Suddenly she said,

“Stop, Stop now!”

I did as she told me and took the cups from her hands, as they were shaking. I carried them to the table and sat saying,

“I’m sorry,”

I thought I had pushed it too fast. She refastened her dress and pulled it straight then said,

“You have no idea how much I wanted you to keep going but if I hadn’t stopped you, I wouldn’t have been able to open the door for the gasman.”

It was just as well as after a couple of sips of coffee there was a knock on the door.

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