Personal Services Manager Pt. 2

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Personal Services Manager Pt. 2

Lunchtime was very interesting. Alice was complaining that she was still sore from our morning rut and although she felt aroused, she knew she shouldn’t have penetrative sex. Did anyone have any suggestions? Anne said that Alice could always go for anal sex, but Alice pointed out that she had said penetrative sex, so she wasn’t letting me anywhere near her.

Mary said that June should find out what her boss could do to enhance her sexual education. Alice appeared to like that suggestion because she asked June if she was agreeable and June most definitely was.

“Before you slope off to rut, I have something to suggest. I know I’m a new broom and have hardly had time to learn about the family’s preferences, but it seems to me that I have already caused changes to how you all interact. I honestly think that you’ve been missing the chance to have a great deal of fun and satisfaction because you carry on with the usual ‘Victorian polite society’ baggage.”

“You have lived in each other’s pockets for years so why do you not behave like it? You are all, without exception, gorgeous females with healthy sex drives. The only person here who has apparently remained remote from the sexual activity is Anne, and even she is always close when its’ happening and I know she does indulge in Sapphic sex.”

“For various reasons, you are unable to commit yourselves to one man. Fair enough, I’ve never wanted to commit to one woman but I am now in the wonderful situation of being able to actually enjoy what is available and, as I have discovered, willing.”

“It would be my idea of paradise if you would occasionally not wear your underwear except when nature dictates otherwise. Any type of casual sex at unexpected moments does wonders for a body’s libido and having to delay matters until clothing is removed spoils the immediacy of the moment.”

“I know my contract says that I am not allowed to initiate sexual activity unless I am told otherwise. Well, it is one down, one teetering and I have real hopes for number three in the very near future. The fourth will have to make a decision eventually and as I’m likely to busy for some time to come, I won’t hold my breath.”

“Alan, tell me who you believe will be giving you free rein with their body in the near future?”

“Alice my love, I must admit that I think it will be you. I know I could be wrong, but out of the two possible, I reckon that you are the odds-on favourite to capitulate and admit that I am the one person who can satisfy your desires.”

“Don’t be so ready to count your chickens, I am unlikely to give you the right to have me whenever you want, not when I can have you whenever I want. I do however; feel that you are correct about the way we’ve been pussyfooting around each other.”

“Ladies, this is not an order, but those of you wishing to divest yourselves of our ‘Victorian polite society baggage’ then feel free.”

“Alan, I have to tell you about the members of my family that you haven’t met. Gordon’s brother John had learning difficulties. When he was still a teenager, he attended the same special school as Flora, he got her alone one afternoon and he fucked her. He was nineteen; she was eighteen.

Unfortunately she kept the fact that she was pregnant a secret until it was too late to abort the foetus. The families covered up what had happened by keeping them on this estate until she gave birth.”

“Flora had twins, Karen and Kate and as soon as it was possible to arrange it they were married and sent to live with Gordon’s grandparents in the Scottish highlands. They stayed in the Highlands, but they visit us regularly and the next visit will be for my birthday next month.”

“What you really need to know is that although John and Flora are a bit dim, the girls, unfortunately, have a mental age of around ten years old and are very precocious and inquisitive. The problem for you is that they are actually nineteen, physically gorgeous and sex mad. They will fuck anyone who attracts them male or female.”

“We’ve kept the lid on this because they never get off the estate when they’re here and we don’t mind letting them play with our bodies. Thankfully, your predecessor actually frightened them and so we never allowed him to get anywhere near them, but I rather think that they are going to be all over you.”

“It is up to you to decide. If you want to fuck them then do so, just don’t hurt them. John and Flora will be too busy fucking each other’s brains out to be bothered about what the girls do. Mary seemed to be their favourite plaything last time they came so she’ll probably be glad if someone else takes the strain. “They aren’t virgins. John made sure of that.”

“June, my bedroom if you please. Alan I’ll expect to see you around seven thirty in the morning; oh yes, and the omission of underclothes also includes you”

“Alan, undo your belt and unzip please, I want to take your trousers off.”

“Mary, I will do that if you remove that bloody apron and dress.”

She did and I did and then I was asked to sit down again which I did. I was happy to find that she had already done away with her knickers and she would soon be losing her bra’. Mary in the nude is a wondrous sight. Tall and statuesque, topped with long flowing auburn locks and curly pubic hair covering her vulva.

My cock rose up in salute as she stepped forward to grasp it before kneeling and applying her mouth to my cock helmet. As she massaged my cock with her hand and mouth, I massaged her glorious breasts and nipples.

I sat and wallowed in the sensations running down my shaft and causing my balls to twitch in anticipation of a requirement to eject a dollop of semen into her mouth, but I think she sensed it because she stopped what she was doing, stood up and straddled me.

Taking my cock in her hand again, she held it at an angle to allow her to lower herself down and feed my cock into her vagina. Once she was comfortable, she began to rotate her hips as she raised herself up and then back down my shaft.

Resting her arms on my shoulder, she fucked me for over half an hour whilst I fondled and sucked her tits and nipples. All was going smoothly until I released one of her tits and slipped my hand down to her pussy and began stroking her clitoris.

Mary grunted and immediately her tempo increased until she was gasping and panting with the effort of maintaining the mounting sensation of an approaching climax.

Releasing her other tit I put the freed hand behind her and pulled her as close to me as I could as she shuttled up and down my cock. Once I’d managed that, I reached for, and found, her anus.

I pressed my finger into her sphincter and Mary exploded into action. She yelled, she swore and almost suffocated me when she rammed a breast into my face as she orgasmed and fluid was running down my cock and balls.

Allowing her to rest for a minute, I used my hands, which were still on her soft underside, to apply lifting pressure which forced her up into a standing position and then, without pausing, I turned her round; bent her over the edge of the dining table, spread her thighs apart and forced my way back into her sopping vagina. It was then that she learned exactly how long I could fuck a woman for without a break, especially when she is the same size as me.

I was enjoying myself immensely because I was fucking a woman who sincerely wanted me to fuck her, not just pretend. I slid my hands over her back and around to feel her swaying tits and then down over her hips to grasp them and use them for leverage to allow me to slam my groin against her lovely soft buttocks.

After approximately an hour Mary begged me to let her rest because her hips were beginning to hurt by being rammed against the edge of the table so I lifted her up onto the table and climbed up there with her. She was on her back with her legs spread wide as I showed her my still rigid cock and explained that from now on, this was what I wanted from her; uninhibited sex, anywhere I chose, whenever I chose.

I then thrust myself back into her vagina and fucked her until she screamed and sobbed and even Alice and June came to see why she was making such a noise. They were both nude. Alice was, of course in her wheelchair.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes, please let me rest.”

“June, your mother wishes me to stop fucking her for the moment and in view of our conversation earlier on today I think that now would be the ideal time for you to lose your virginity. You asked that your mother should be present when I took it, she is. You were happy to let me pick the place, I have. Help me to get your mother of the table and onto a chair and then get up here and take her place.

“Take me instead.”

“Are you telling me that you want me to fuck you, here and now with every one present?”

“Do it, for fucks sake do it, stop dragging it out.”

“How do you feel about that Alice?”

“Alan, she’s 22, if she wants you to fuck her then fuck her and let me take June back to bed.”

Anne had been quietly sitting, un-noticed in a corner of the room during Mary’s voyage of discovery and still she wanted to join in. I was overjoyed at the prospect of fucking this deliciously sexy woman, but I needed to pee and I was soaked in sweat and so I asked her to wait for me to have quick comfort break.

When I returned, she was the only person in the room so I was more than happy to take her to her room and unveil that lovely, curvaceous body.

She stood like a statue as I undressed her. It was obvious that she was going through with this purely so that June didn’t have to. She was tense and unresponsive to any caress and so, tempting as she was. I told her that she was stunningly beautiful, kissed her cheek and wished her goodnight.

I was still unsatisfied and determined not to go to bed in that state so Mary in for a visit. When she opened her bedroom door, she was in a bathrobe and smelt wonderful. She didn’t say anything to me, merely opened the door wider to allow me inside and then poured a glass of wine for me to join her.

“You were quick, was it good?”

“I wasn’t quick, we didn’t actually do anything. She obviously didn’t have her heart in it and I think she was trying to protect June from my lecherous advances.”

“She doesn’t, or didn’t, know that June has asked me to take her virginity just so that she can say that she’s at least had a heterosexual experience and lost her hymen to a man, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that will be the last time she does.”

“I’m guessing that Anne and June will be moving in together shortly. I don’t know if Anne is a virgin, but I doubt that I’ll ever find out.”

“Why have you Escort come to me?”

“Because we have unfinished business my love. Not just because I was unsatiated, but because For the first time in a great many years I have been fucking a fantastic female body for fun and not only thoroughly enjoying the experience, but revelling in the knowledge that she really did want me to do it.”

“I also came to see you because I wished to make certain that you knew that I felt this way and that I do mean it when I say that from now on you will have to make sure that you are always prepared for visitations, until you throw in the towel and give me a key.”

“The door isn’t locked.”

“’Nuff said my dear, now get the bathrobe off and lie down on that bed. I still have something to prove to you, because I’m not sure that I have convinced you yet, and of course, I may never manage to do that, but I will persevere.”

I knelt between her long legs and ran my fingers down over her nipples. She shivered as I tweaked them before cupping her breasts and pushing them together to view the soft mound of flesh I held before leaning forward and sucking her now hard and erect pink protuberances.

“I want to taste you; I want to bring you off just using my mouth on that beautiful pussy and that dinky little pink bud. I haven’t tasted you when you’re all fresh and scented and the thought of the aroma from your sex is making me so hard it hurts.”

“For fucks sake Alan, you’re bringing me off just talking like that, I want your mouth on my sex, I want your tongue inside my vagina and I need your tongue on my clit. Now do it before I cum without having any of what I want.”

I did, I applied my mouth to her the lips of her aromatic sex and for an extremely erotic hour, I took her up and down the climactic ladder without allowing her to reach the top rung. It was sensational, her body rippled with pent up emotions and her breasts were quivering from the energy she generated. Her nipples were now so sensitised that if I merely placed a finger against one, she jerked as though she’d been shot.

Finally, I relented and backed away from her soaking labia, rolled her over before she could speak. My hands prised her bottom cheeks apart, my mouth encompassed her little puckered sphincter, and my tongue forced its way inside her anus. Her bottom jerked and she gasped, loudly.

Once again, I backed off and rolled her onto her back and without ceremony slid ten inches of solid, pulsating cock into her vagina, which immediately clamped around it.

I didn’t actually fuck her. I honestly believe that a certain amount of thrust and withdrawal should have taken place to call it a fuck. What actually happen here was that the end of my cock touched her cervix on its first inward thrust and as her vaginal muscles contracted around my shaft she climaxed. She erupted, she exploded and it was mind blowingly fantastic to feel her sucking great spurts of semen from my burning cock as she tried to break my back with her long legs as her nails raked my shoulders.

We slept. I was still inside her body when I awoke. The time was 2 am and I needed to pee so I tried to ease myself off her.

“I want that every night.”

“OH, all right then if you insist. How do you feel about me fucking June just to take her hymen?”

“Honestly it is fine by me because I now know you will only do it once for her and not for just your pleasure. I don’t expect you to not enjoy it.”

“Alan, I honestly have no problem in you doing what you were hired to do, which, after all, did include fucking me if I wanted you to. Apart from fucking Alice, which you still do have to do, you are going to have to fuck Flora and the girls. I mean that; Flora is a great deal more demanding than Alice”

The girls will be easy to handle, they will open their legs and do whatever any of us want to do with them. Flora will want you to tie her up and fuck her, because that is what John did to her and apparently, she loved it, and still does.

“Go and have that pee then get back in here I want to feel you cum inside me again.”

She was asleep when I returned. I had to try though. I knelt beside her and bent over to gently blow in an ear and after three or four puffs she reacted by turning away from the stream of warm air. I breathed behind her ear, which caused her to roll onto her side.

Now I was able to get close to my target. I breathed into the cleft between her buttocks to be rewarded when she rolled a little further over. This placed the cleft of her soft bottom upwards and I was able to blow directly at the beginning of her anal entrance.

I blew and her legs parted. I lowered my face to her bottom and inserted my tongue into the widening cleft between her thighs. I did it gently and slowly and the reward for this was a widening chasm and a gentle sigh as she moved into a more comfortable position.

I have no idea what she was dreaming about at that point, but she lifted her bottom, which enabled her to slide one of her hands down to cup her vulva and as I watched from above, I could see that she was pressing on her clitoris.

Returning to the task in hand, I licked into her anal cleft and began probing her sphincter with my tongue until it was not merely wet, but also slightly open. Next came a finger, suitably moistened, which was applied to her sphincter and left there with just the slightest amount of pressure against it.

The sphincter opened, my finger entered Mary’s aroused body and I eased it in as far as the second knuckle of my finger and gently pressed against the sheath wall between her vagina and her anal passage.

Mary’s brain really liked the sensations it was receiving which caused her buttocks to begin humping and her finger to begin masturbating herself and took my cue from that and commenced to finger fuck her anus.

Mary awoke just as she climaxed. Her anus clamped on my finger and I didn’t dare try to remove it in case I hurt her during her orgiastic frenzy. I was surprised to find that during the upheaval caused by Mary’s sudden re-entry to sexual reality, I had also ejaculated and doing that out of sheer lust was a first.

We went back to sleep and the next thing I knew it was 7am I was supposed to be attending Alice at 7:30. Mary was already leaving the room when I went to shower and pay a visit to my room for fresh clothing. Therefore, I had no chance of a quick fondle or even a grope en-passant.

I entered Alice’s bedroom to find that she and June were still in bed with June underneath Alice. I had a lovely view of Alice’s anus because June’s tongue was licking upwards through Alice’s open, and very pink, slit to her clitoris.

“Er Alan, I think you can take the day off today. We seem to have unfinished business. How did it go with Anne, was she a good fuck?”

June had stopped licking and was obviously very interested in what I had to say.

“I didn’t take her, she obviously didn’t have the heart for it and I think she was merely trying to protect June from my lustful advances so I told how beautiful she was, gave her a kiss and went to fuck June’s mother instead.”

“June you don’t have to go through with it you know, Get Anne or Alice to take your hymen. I think Anne would love to do that for you and I think you may be lucky enough to be able to take hers because I think she is a virgin.”

I leaned forward and licked Alice’s anus as June returned to her task of making Alice’s clitoris swell up. My next act was to do to her what I had recently done to Mary and once my finger had caused her sphincter to open, I inserted a second and shortly after that, a third finger entered her.

Throughout this activity, June kept working on keeping Alice aroused, but I could see that she was keeping a close watch on what was happening just above her nose.

I had to remove my fingers for the start of act two because I needed to remove my shorts, which didn’t take long and as I wasn’t wearing anything under them, my cock was instantly available to spear into Alice’s wide open anus and be thrust down her anal passage, past her inner sphincter and deep into her rectum.

Because I had my hands on her shoulders, forcing her downwards, Alice was prevented from any sudden and violent reaction. The only thing she could do was gasp and curse into June’s sex as I fucked her rear passage.

As soon as Alice stopped cursing, I manoeuvred myself into a more comfortable position on top of her and then enjoyed giving both women an experience they would remember. Because June never ceased at her task and I was causing a lot of sensations in close proximity to where she was operating, Alice climaxed.

As she did so, June’s arousal reached its peak, her hips were thrust upwards to ram her sex into Alice’s face, and as I was still holding her down, Alice had no option but to suck all the sex juices and swallow them. Of course, this affected me and I, for the second time that morning, ejaculated another dollop of semen into a warm, wet, and very aroused body.

I clambered off Alice and then lifted her off June, who went to shower, she needed to get all Alice’s cum off her face and remove the aroma of sex from her sweating body. Alice pointed out that I had been told to take the day off, but she was smiling when she said it and I knew that she was a very satiated woman. At least, for a while.

She asked me if I intended to carry her around all day or was I actually going to put her in her chair at some point.

I sorted her showering paraphernalia out and then accompanied her into the wet room and we washed each other’s interesting bits. Once cleansed and dried, we dressed for breakfast. At least, I did. Alice put her bathrobe on because she intended taking June and Anne to bed later on and having a threesome. She said she was determined to get Anne and June to admit their sexual preference and as she was bisexual, she was damn well going to join in occasionally. After last night’s dinner, none of that came as a surprise.

After breakfast, I began investigating the house and discovered a largish room that appeared to be an unused withdrawing room off the dining room. I also discovered large cellars, one of which had been fitted out as a workshop.

That gave me a few interesting thoughts. In the days when I was earning a large amount of money, my house had a workshop and I had enjoyed learning joinery for maintenance work.

I went to have a chat with Alice about my thoughts, the outcome of which was a trip to town with Mary on her weekly shopping trip for household supplies. All the foodstuffs were ordered on-line and delivered to the estate so what Mary actually had was a trip to town to buy occasional items and then do whatever she Escort Bayan wanted.

This time she spent an hour with me in a DIY super store, an hour in an outdoor sports centre, most of which Mary spent deliberately giving the male staff a view of paradise by taking deep breaths and stretching up to look at something more closely than was necessary.

After doing this on one occasion, as she relaxed and turned around, she dropped her purse. She then had the nerve to bend over, from the hips and with straight legs; she has long legs. I heard the gasps and turned to see that every member of staff was aware that she was not wearing very much at all under her little summer dress. After that, we visited three sex aid shops.

That was the most fun. One of the items we wanted needed to be a good fit and as we were purchasing quite a few, top-of-the-line, items, we intended to make certain that they definitely were a good fit. That meant a visit to the fitting room. The store had two sales assistants so boss man had to send female assistant to help Mary.

The gasp was audible at the front of the store and the manger had difficulty trying not to rush to see what the problem was. He had to stand outside the cubicle and asking if there was a problem. Mary cheerfully informed him that there was no problem; she had merely stubbed a toe as she tried the item on.

Shopping finished, we drove up to the top floor of a multi-story car park. I had a flash back to my interview with Anne as Mary swallowed my cock and deep-throated it.

Things went a little further than they had on the previous occasion that I had been in this car. Firstly, because, just like the staff of the sports centre, I knew she was sans knickers and she knew what use I intended to make of that knowledge. I know that having lots of room on a big bed is conducive to good sex, but fucking on the back seat of a large SUV is a great deal of fun.

When she straddled me and opened her dress to allow me unfettered access to her breasts, I was putty in her hands and she knew it. My left hand was on the nipple of her right tit, my mouth on the left nipple and my fingers between her thighs to stroke her clitoris. We both had our orgasm.

The parking charge was high, but we had our money’s worth.

On the return journey, Mary told me that she had a new friend. It seems that the assistant became a little excited at the sight of Mary in the nude. She had expected to see lacy undies at least, but the sight of glorious breasts and sundry other parts was unexpected, but certainly appreciated.

The ‘fitting and adjusting’ of the item took a little longer than absolutely necessary because Mary placed one of the assistants hands on a naked breast as she made her own acquaintance with one of the assistants breasts and was not repulsed. The fact that fitting the item meant that the assistant could not avoid touching Mary’s sex and Mary had made certain that an exacting fitting had taken place. She told me that the till receipt also contained a company business card, which had a hand written mobile number written on it with words ‘after 7pm’.

The timber and other equipment I had ordered arrived the next day, and even though Mary had kept me awake until turned mid-night, I was ready to start work as soon as I had it all in the workshop.

Two days later, I showed Alice the result of my labour. I had erected a wooden framework in the unused drawing room. It was the skeleton of a square cage with beams above it. Fastened to the beams were pulleys through which ran cords. There were chords for various purposes, but for the moment, most of the cords were tied back to the uprights, which had eye rings screwed into them at various heights for exactly that purpose.

The chords still hanging from their pulleys had a small detachable canvas sling attached to them, which was lying on a wheeled table. The sling had straps dangling from the sides and ends. The other ends of the cords were connected to geared electric windlasses, which were in sync and operated via a remote.

I picked Alice up, put her on the canvas sling and then fastened the straps around her waist. The straps at her leg end looped around her thighs and pulled them as wide apart as they could go and the ones at the other end looped under her armpits and cinched tight.

“Are you ready?”

“I’ll tell you if I’m unhappy. At the moment I’m just curious.”

Turning the windlasses a few rotations, I hoisted Alice into the air. When she was clear of the table, I pushed it to one side and then hoisted Alice higher until she was at head height.

When I opened her bathrobe and licked her sex, she began to swear at me because she thought this was all about exercise equipment. I ignored her, and kept licking into her and sucking her labia. She tried to wriggle, but I held her steady and kept at my ministrations.

“Oh what a beautiful, soft and sexy woman you are. Your pussy is like silk and is so wonderfully pink and fragrant, even when it is gushing juices as it is at the moment. I really must remember to have some cloths here in future.”

I sucked her clitoris and she gasped, I pulled her labia open and forced my tongue into her vagina and she moaned, then I sucked her anus. She didn’t make a sound so I kept doing it and her body reacted by opening her sphincter to allow access to her rear passage should I wish to use it.

I played with her underparts until my cock began to twitch and then I lowered her until her sex was in line with where my cock would shortly be. I quickly stripped, and then, taking the remote from its storage hook I lowered Alice to the level I needed in order to be able to enter into Alice’s waiting tunnel of love.

I put the remote in the pocket of her bathrobe and then slid into her moist vagina and fucked her as I played with her breasts, stomach and clitoris. Alice sometimes reached boiling point extremely quickly and this was one of those times. She was in ecstasy, but was unable to do anything but be a receptacle for my attentions, whatever they may be.

I stopped moving and allowed her to calm down before recovering the remote and switching its mode of operation. I started the motor and Alice’s head began to rise. Once she was in an almost vertical position, I stood in front of her and adjusted her height until I was happy with the geometry.

Putting the remote back in her pocket, I inserted my rigid and throbbing cock back into her vagina. Sliding my hands under her buttocks for purchase, I fucked her furiously as she urged me to go faster and harder until she cried out that she was coming and did exactly that.

A little later, once I had released her and we were having coffee, she told me that being unable to move as her arousal turned into a climax heightened every sensation that she felt from my thrusting erection.

Being fucked as she dangled in mid-air had intensified every feeling that she had experienced and she loved it. By the time I had explained all the scenarios it could be used for, Alice was gagging for more demonstrations. I promised her that she would experience all it could accomplish.

We went back into the cage and as she watched, I unclipped the sling from the cords and replaced them with fur-covered straps. I wheeled her to the
straps of one hoist and looped one under her each armpit and cinched them tight. Using the remote, I hoist Alice out of her chair and then placed a wide fur covered belt around her hips and fastened it before clipping the winch straps to the connections of the hip belt
Using the remote in its various modes I rolled the shoulder straps winch backwards and the hips belt winch forwards and upwards until I was once again able to spear Alice’s vagina with my erection.

Once I was deep inside her, I raised her shoulders until she was at an angle of approximately 450 and then played with her tits and nipples as I gently fucked her.

“Oh I do like this, it’s bloody sensational. Faster Alan, please go faster and harder. This is good, oohh this is so fucking good. This reminds me of the concept of a fffucking, ooooh, fflying fuck I talked about, Aaaggh.”

“You just wait until I make a couple of adjustments.”

I unplugged me from her and picked a pair of soft handcuffs from a hook and handcuffed her hands behind her back and then resumed my position and began to fuck her again. Using my hands to push against her breasts I started a pendulum motion so that all I had to do was stand there as she slid up and down my cock and fucked herself.

“That is so fucking erotic, oohh I love this, what else can yooou make it doooh, oh fuck I’m going to cum.”

I stopped the swinging, came out of her pussy, moved to the side of ‘the cage’ and returned with a tube of spray lubricant. Once satisfied that we were both well oiled, I pushed my cock against her sphincter and eased it into her anal passage.

Alice sighed as my cock slid past her inner sphincter and I was able to fuck deeply into her. I toyed with her clitoris and finger fucked her vagina as I pumped up into her rectum and eventually she could no longer deny the climax that was mounting within her and shrieked out to the world that she was ‘fucking coming again’.

When her orgasm had finished I pulled out from her rear passage, covered her with her bathrobe and went for a wash. On my return I found Anne and June had entered into ‘the cage’ and were amusing themselves by finger fucking a helpless victim. Anne was using Alice’s anus and June was inside Alice’s vagina as she applied her mouth to her clitoris.

Alice was doing her best to show disapproval, but saying ‘stop it’ was never going to convince anyone that she really meant it. The interesting thing was that both Anne and June were nude and perfectly at ease.

June stopped what she was doing to talk to me.

“I told you that Anne would be surprised when she discovered how much I’d learned. Well we’ve done it, Anne took my hymen and I took hers. We’re no longer virgins and I feel so happy. We are going to move in together. Now we want to tell Alice and you’ve put her in such a lovely position that this is going to take some time so you should go and find Mary. I know she wants to see you.”

I found Mary in a swing seat, reading.

“It sounds as though Alice likes your little torture chamber. Is she resting now?”

“Not really, when I left the room, Anne and June were giving her their full attention to warm her up before they tell her that they are now a couple and are moving in together.”

“It seems to me that they’ve got the right idea about life and before it’s too late I want you to move in with me, or me to move in with you, whichever is more suitable.”

“Why, is the walk from your Bayan Escort bedroom to mine getting a little strenuous for you?”

“Not at the moment it isn’t, but the time will most assuredly come and before that I want to be certain that you’ll be where I can easily find you.”

“What are you……? Are you proposing to me?”

“I do believe I am.”

“Why? you know you can get in my bed whenever you wish.”

“This, my love is a matter of the heard not the libido.”

“Well I honestly wasn’t expecting this, but seeing that you’re asking. Would tomorrow be suitable? I have a meal to cook shortly.”

“Oh very well, I’ll try to curb my impatience. How about a celebratory fuck?”

“What about Alice?”

“Well I hadn’t thought about my employment situation.”

“I meant right now, you can’t leave her there.”

“I suppose I‘ll have to go and release her, but there are some more options that she needs to become familiar with.”

“There’s no rush is there?”

“I sort of assumed that if we were a ‘WE’, you might not be quite so relaxed about me fucking….”

Don’t be so silly, you’re here because you are exactly what Alice wanted plus, you’re well mannered, and you’re incredible well hung. I for one am content with the life we lead and I have no objection to seeing, and or, hearing you fuck another happy woman, as long as I get all the sex I want, from you or any passing female.

Al the time we’d been talking she’d been masturbating me, but because of what we’d been discussing I hadn’t had the sense to warn her about the state of my arousal so the sudden eruption of my cock came as a surprise to her and the sight of her face dripping semen had me in stitches.

She forgave me after I began to lick it off her face. She stopped me and set off to wash and then prepare dinner. I went to rescue Alice, but I need not have worried because Anne and June had worked out how to release her. I checked that everything was ready for the morning’s fun and then went to find Alice; she was in her bed, as were Anne and June.

I dropped the bombshell after dinner.

“Alice, If I told you that my circumstances were about to change and I was getting married, what would your response be?”

“I think you’re rushing things, but you are, after all, a grown man and so you’re entitled to do as you see fit. Did Mary say yes?”

“I never mentioned Mary, why did you?”

“Because I can see the way you two feel about each other and the way she looks at you could boil water. I wish you both every happiness; and no, I won’t cancel your contract, but I will amend it so that I only have you twice a day.”

“When do wish to tie the knot?”

“I haven’t spoken with Mary about any arrangements, but….”

Mary interrupted me.

“As soon as we can arrange a date with the registrar.”

Although we hadn’t discussed anything, this did not surprise me.

“You’ve actually helped me with a problem involving our visitors next month. I have always put them in the gatehouse on previous visits, but the girls are now becoming more wilful and disobedient. Being so close to the gates, unsupervised is only going to lead them into trouble and we don’t want them roaming around the countryside.”

“How would you and Alan feel about moving into the gatehouse? Then John and family could have your suite of rooms because June told me earlier today that she is moving in with Anne.”
We could not have a better start to our married life and so of course, we accepted the proposal.

“How did you like the new toy Alice?”

“You know damn well how I liked it. That was a fantastic experience; I do want more of that. We girls, including Mary I might add, are also extremely taken by the possibilities it presents.

“Well you’ll get another go tomorrow morning, don’t eat or drink a lot at breakfast. I’m off to help Mary with washing up, because June seems to have taken Anne to bed instead of clearing the dishes away.”

“Would you like me to come and tuck you in?”

“The idea is sound; but after what you put me through earlier, followed by what the girls did before they released me and then what happened in my room, I need some respite, so no thank you, but you could knock on their door and tell them I need help getting ready for bed.”

She rolled off and after ‘helping’ Mary in the kitchen I collected her dress and shoes and took her to bed. After she’d recovered from my loving onslaught, we discussed the problems of moving into the gatehouse. It appeared that there weren’t any. Neither of us had much stuff apart from clothing.

The gatehouse was a much smaller version of the dower house. There were the usual downstairs rooms, three good size bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. There was a cellar, and a brick storage shed at the rear.

“We knew that we had a great deal to thank Alice for, but we also knew that it was her way of thanking us for making her life bearable, even though we were actually her employees. Finally we discussed the mornings coming attractions.

The next morning I collected Alice from June’s sticky fingers and re-connected her to the hoists. The difference being that this time she was face down and I started the session by once again handcuffing her hand behind her back and putting her anus at just the right height for me to apply my mouth to her sphincter.

As I sucked and licked her rear door I inserted three of my fingers into her vagina causing her vaginal muscles to clamp tightly onto them. Mary entered ‘the cage’ and used the remote to raise Alice’s head and shoulders up as her bottom was lowered.

When we thought the heights were correct, Alice was treated to Mary’s breasts as her vagina was treated to my cock. I fucked Alice and played with her breasts as she suckled Mary’s breasts until her breathing became more ragged and then we stopped.

We re-configured Alice’s height and position to enable her to swallow my cock as Mary applied her fingers to both Of Alice’s other openings. Once again Alice’s arousal began to mount, and so once again we stopped and altered her position so that she was hanging vertically.

I moved in close with my stiff cock standing proudly to attention and offered it to her vagina, which gratefully accepted it and Alice’s pleasure was clear to see. What Alice couldn’t see was that Mary had removed her dress and donned the strap-on dildo that we’d purchased on our shopping trip.

Using her fingers, she made very sure that there was plenty of lubricant on the dildo and inside Alice’s anus and then inserted it into Alice. Slowly but surely it entered Alice’s body and because I was already filling her vaginal passage I felt every millimetre of the dildo’s journey into Alice’s rectum until Mary said that it was all inside her.

We began to fuck Alice in tandem, both thrusting into her and then withdrawing before going again. Alice was shrieking, crying and swearing, but when we stopped she begged us not to. When we restarted Mary went in first and as she withdrew, I entered. Alice lasted ten minutes and almost blew the roof off when her orgasm began.


We withdrew from her body and let her hang there. Mary removed the strap-on and moved to stand in front of Alice. I rolled the little table and pushed it, end on, against Mary’s legs until she was sitting on the end of it then she lay back on the table.

Now I used the remote to put Alice in the horizontal position, moved both winches along their track and then adjusted the height until Alice’s mouth was just on Mary’s pussy.

Mary lifted those lovely long legs and rested her ankles on Alice’s back.

Alice did what we expected her to do, she began to eat Mary’s sex and as her hands were free, she used Mary’s tits as handholds to prevent her from swaying backwards away from her delicious snack.
I told Alice that I would assist her to remain in touch with Mary’s pussy and went to her rear. I didn’t have to worry about Alice being sufficiently lubricated; she was so wet that there wasn’t a dry spot around her sex, which allowed me to slide straight into her vagina.

Once I was fully immersed in her soaking vaginal passage, I gave Mary the thumbs-up. She grabbed Alice’s head and kept it hard against her sex as I began pounding into her vagina.

I began this action by holding her hips, but as so often happens, my hands moved of their own volition to reach for her breasts. She licked, sucked and nibbled Mary’s tender sex as she mauled her tits and pinched her nipples, knowing full well just how much Mary’ loves them to be treated in that way. I was doing my best to even the score by carrying out similar activities on Alice’s tits and fucking her as hard as I could manage.

Anne and June came to see what was causing the two women to make so much noise. The scene affected Anne to the point that she removed her dress and straddled Marie’s mouth.

Mary knew what to do about that and soon Anne had joined with her mother to fondle Mary’s tits as she started down the road to an orgasm. June obviously didn’t intend to stand idly by because her dress came off and she moved to stand behind Anne and commenced fondling her love’s tits.

Alice stopped panting and wailing. She tensed, my cock felt as though it was in a vice and then she climaxed. I could feel warm liquid squeezing its way down her vagina as I pumped into her, but I soon learned that I could stop what I was doing.

This was because she’d removed her mouth from Mary’s sex and informed us, in a low voice that she had just experienced the best sex she would ever have and would we please now just leave her to wallow in the memory of what had been done to her.

I was happy enough to comply because I had just decided on my next move.

I prised June from Anne and then prised Alice from Mary after which I rolled the table into Alice’s room and lifted Mary off the table and onto Alice’s bed and, to put it bluntly, I fucked her until she pleaded with me to take a rest. She experienced two hours of me in ‘Porn Star’ mode, all rigid cock and no quarter given. She said afterwards that she loved it, but would I please, in future, keep that for anniversaries.

During the afternoon I demonstrated exactly how everything in ‘The Cage’ worked, how versatile it all was and giving a safety lecture. I learned that Anne and June had, once again, returned Alice to her chair and then tried out the various pleasures it could provide.

Three weeks later Mary and I were Mr and Mrs, with our own front door key and a king sized bed which didn’t squeak. We had tested it a few times to make certain, but it always pays to carry out regular maintenance inspections. Alice had informed us that we had a two weeks holiday for our honeymoon and when we said that we were staying on the estate she gave us a cheque for £1000 instead.

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