Perfect Storm


The weather reports on the television set were coming in fast and furiously now.

“Sustained winds now reaching 30 miles and hour with wind gusts up to 50. We anticipate the eye of the hurricane to hit us within two hours with eye wall winds reaching upwards of 130 miles per hour.”

Paul looked over to Sasha and said, “Now’s as good a time as any. Not too strong, not too weak.”

They had been planning this as soon as it was apparent the storm track indicated it was heading in their direction.

The sexual excitement of what they were wanting to do was surpassed only by the uncertainty of the detrimental effects of the category 3 hurricane heading their way.

But how often does a chance like this come along?

The had showered and prepared in a fashion as to make it a truly sensuous experience.

He shaved his face as close as possible and splashed on her favorite cologne, putting on her favorite blue satin boxer shorts.

She also shaved herself as smooth as possible and dressed in a way sure to keep his visual senses reeling; She slithered into his favorite black satin bustier, her full breasts amply filling the cups.

The lace covered garters attached the bustier to the lacy tops of the black, seamed, silk stockings.

Her feet were supported by her personal favorites, her black, patent-leather “Fuck-Me” pumps with the 4″ heels.

Finishing the ensemble was the matching black satin robe with the lace fringe.

She then carefully applied her eye shadow and rouge, finishing up with the blood-red lipstick and lip gloss.

Slight but deliberate applications of a light perfume in all the right places topped off the scene.

Paul turned off the television and walked over to the double French doors leading to the back yard of their ranch-style home and noted the tall palm trees swaying in the wind.

The rain was more of a mist but the clouds dark and angry.

Sasha walked up to him and they looked at each other briefly. He stood back to take in her magnificent beauty.

His pulse quickened at the sight and smell of her and smiled broadly, almost child-like.

Smirking at the control she obviously held over her lover, she opened the doors and the wind began whistling through the house.

She took his hand and lead him out trough the large manicured yard to the pool deck, their skin beginning to feel the moist droplets.

Her beautiful fiery-red hair swirled around her face and she momentarily closed her eyes, allowing the power of the wind to carry her mind off to a fantastic world of sexual anticipation.

Her heels clicked Anadolu Yakası Escort on the wooden deck next to the poolside fountain made of stone. The water was still running into the pool as he had forgotten to turn it off.

However, the sound was beginning to be drowned out by the increasing winds of the approaching storm.

She stopped in front of one of the deck chairs and turned around. They were both wrapped up in the scene now. There was no turning back.

He leaned in close to the nape of her neck, and breathed in the intoxicating combination of smells, her perfume mixed with her heated flesh.

He reached underneath the robe flapping about from the wind and gently touched the tips of his fingers against her sides. The heat of her body underneath the satin made him hunger for her.

He began planting small wet kisses on her neck as she leaned her head back.

He then reached up to her shoulders and ran his fingers down her arms, dropping the robe.

But it never touched the ground as the increasing winds whisked it up over their heads and off toward the neighbor’s house behind them.

He continued kissing the left side of her neck as he gently placed his opposite hand on her right cheek, gently running his fingertips down her cheeks, back toward the indent behind her ear, and down to the front of her cleavage.

Her breathing came in more rapidly and shortened gasps.

Her hands began their own search as she began running them over his chest. She took the lead and began nibbling on his neck, sending shivers up and down his spine.

As the misty droplets coming down became larger, she sat down in the deck chair and slowly lowered his boxers, staring up into his wanting eyes.

As he stepped out of his boxers, they too flew off, adding to the delicate debris of the storm.

She slowly began caressing the base of his cock and watched the material fly into the sliding glass door of the single male neighbor, Michael.

To her surprise, she noticed him looking out the glass, apparently for signs of the impending storm, only to be alarmed at the articles of clothing raining down on his property.

As Michael’s eyes darted around, they finally settled onto the scene being played out in his neighbor’s yard.

When Sasha was satisfied that they were discovered, she poured more emotion into her role than ever before.

She lowered her head toward Paul’s hardening shaft, slowly extending her tongue out through the glossy red lips to swirl it around the head.

Her attempts to moisten his cock were simply for show, as the rain Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan performed the act already.

After licking up and down the shaft several times and bringing him to full attention, she finally, deliberately, and slowly engulfed him with her mouth.

Her open mouth slowly lowered down over his throbbing member, the heat of her breath in stark contrast to the cooling winds whipping the rain about.

When she reached the bottom, she clamped her red lips around the base just above his sac and, with the sucking force of a tornado, slowly raised her head up, painting him with the red hue of her lipstick.

Paul’s head fell back and his eyes clamped shut, relishing the experience.

As the droplets came down larger still, She sped up her ministrations and glanced over at Michael, who was now rubbing the large mound obvious inside his shorts.

She increased her pace in earnest, lowering her head to Paul’s sac and sucking with mind-blowing intensity as she came back up.

After only a few feverish minutes, Paul quickly pulled back as he did not want to blow too soon and was closing in on that exquisite moment.

He reached down and gently pulled her wet-stockinged legs down toward the end of the deck chair, leaning over her long enough to run his fingers through her sopping wet hair and give a deep, lingering kiss.

He then trailed his kisses down to her breasts which, one by one, he pulled out of the cups of the bustier, and began licking small circles around. He took the left one in his mouth and began sucking.

Her response was automatic as the nipple hardened in his mouth and, as it did so, he began using his teeth, nibbling on it.

He shared the experience with the right in much the same fashion.

He kissed his way down her wet satin-encased belly as she turned her head toward Michael. He was now free of his shorts and was visibly aroused, his large member only half covered by his hand as it slowly stroked up and down.

His other hand was against the glass of the door to brace himself. His mouth was half open, entranced by the show going on.

After planting more small kisses on either side of her swollen lips, Paul finally reciprocated her earlier ministrations by flattening out his tongue and ever so slowly licked from the bottom of her drenched slit to the tip of her now engorged clit.

Sasha let her head fall back on the lounge, the rain splashing her face in the most erotic of fashions, her fingers interlaced in Paul’s hair, attempting to guide his head closer to her sensuality.

But he continued Escort Anadolu Yakası the exquisitely slow, long, wet kisses. Her moans began a little louder than usual.

As his tongue flicked quicker over her clit, she allowed yet louder moans to escape her mouth, overtaking the sound of increasing winds, rain, and creaking of the leaning palm trees.

Finally, she tensed up, arched her back, and gave Paul her liquid appreciation. He held on tight and swallowed as much as she offered.

Taking a moment to experience the ebbing waves of pleasure, she looked over at Michael, whose mouth was wide open and his hand in more deliberate motions on his cock, whose mushroom head was as large as the small oranges grown in local groves.

Paul moved up over her and placed his own large cock head at her entrance. She took firm hold of it, gave it a slight squeeze, and guided it into her.

He placed her legs on his shoulders.

His first strokes were slow. But as the rain began pouring down in waves, he increased his speed, slapping his sac against her.

He took one of her heeled shoes and began licking the rain drops off, giving proper homage to her petite and glorious feet.

The sight of this brought her to another orgasm and she screamed this time. She looked over at Michael, whose image was blurred by the rivulets of water cascading down the glass.

But his excitement was obvious as his hand was a frenzy over his cock.

Paul continued his furious pace as thunder pounded several miles’ distant.

At the sound of this, he rolled his head back and groaned loudly, forcefully shooting spurt after powerful spurt deep into her hot and greedy pussy.

He stayed inside Sasha for a minute, feeling the whipping rain against his face and the aftershocks within his soul.

Then, without warning, he pulled out and went down to clean her hole.

Surprised, Sasha screamed out again and looked over at Michael, who when their eyes met, began shooting thick strings of gooey cum all over the inside of the glass.

She was unable to hear him over the howling of the wind, but she saw his mouth wide open and knew it was as loud inside the residence.

Watching Michael cum, mixed with the feeling as Paul used his tongue to scoop out their combined juices was too much for Sasha to bear and she too released, again filling Paul’s mouth.

After he’d had his fill, Paul lifted Sasha off the deck chair and kissed her hard, sharing the mixture of their passion.

As the lightening began hitting closer, Paul knew they had pushed it as far as they should and grabbed Sasha by the hand, leading her back into the house.

As she followed, she looked over toward Michael’s sliding glass door. His cum still slid down the inside but Michael was nowhere to be found.

She wondered if Michael would ride out the storm as well as she and Paul would.

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