Party Gals Ch. 03

Female Ejaculation

We all just kind of woke up at the same time. A little chit chat between us all, mostly about the great sex we just had. It was nice to wake up with Kari, her soft warm body pressing back to me as we talked with Kaye and Jake in the next bed. A few giggles between us all are interrupted by an “oh yes…don’t stop that” from each one. In between the chatter, we were all feeling each other up. Kaye and Jake got up and went to the bathroom first. I watched as Kaye had a big smile on her face and led the way. Jake was close behind with his huge hard-on waving at her ass. Kari and I just chuckled and knew they were going to have some fun.

Kari turned and kissed me. Her lips opened mine and her soft tongue started to pet mine. Since last night, I have found Kari’s tongue extremely exciting. Weather its touching my own tongue or lightly licking the head of my cock, she has a way melting me with it. I start “communicating” with her using my own tongue as I bring my hand up to squeeze her breast. She moans at this as I feel her push her hand and arm under my back to bring me up on top of her.

She didn’t know before but she does now know how much this little action of her tongue and moaning has turned my cock hard. As I move on top, her passion opens as wide as her legs. Her soft moaning as her soft lips on mine intoxicate me as I feel her warm and wet pussy search for my cock. I feel her spread her warm honey on my balls as I also move in circles on top of her as she locks her legs and arms around me.

Her wetness and desire engulf my cock as we both moan. Her pussy is as talented as her mouth and tongue on my cock. We both move very slowly in every direction, softly pushing and pulling as if the ocean were moving us. I shift to one side and she stays with me as we roll over with me on my back now.

I now have Kari’s large soft breasts in my face as she gently lifts and lowers them to my lips. I open my mouth and suck on her nipples, one at a time. At the same Alsancak Escort time, she is raising and lowering her pussy on my soaked cock. She is overflowing now as I feel her wetness run down my cock and cover my balls.

This proves all too much for her and I as I feel my need to release and tell her so. She tells me she wants to explode in my mouth and wants me to do the same to her. I tell her yes, a 69…now! Kari climbs off and turns around as I watch her open her legs and lower her wet, bald and freshly fucked pussy to my face. I open my mouth and focus my attention on her enlarged clit.

Her mouth, lips and tongue engulf me all at the same time. Her softness and desire that she is showing on my cock tells me this won’t take her long to make me explode. I can feel her fingers gently roll my balls one at a time in her hands as she deep throats me over and over. I can feel her pushing her clit around in circles as she tries to keep up with my tongue. Her moaning is changing as we both start to tense up before coming. I tried, but I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Kari tried something new on my cock just as I was letting go. She lightly started using her front teeth at the bottom of my cock as I was coming. I’ve never felt this kind of feeling before as my cum was shooting. While I was letting go, I thought this might be ok to try on her so I gently used my teeth on her clit as I felt her coming.

It was like a new passion was turned on between us as I felt her pussy let go and open herself in my mouth. I’ve never had so much pussy juice ooze on my tongue before as I gladly swallowed all she could give me. At the same time, I don’t know where all my cum was coming from. I just kept pumping and pumping into her mouth. We both kind of moaned in surprise on how much cum we were both giving each other. After we both stopped, I told her to turn around. She moaned a yes and laid on top and kissed me. I could taste my own cum in her mouth as she Alsancak Escort Bayan tasted hers in mine. Together, we made our own love mix and tongue bathed each others faces.

We laid in each others arms and heard Jake and Kaye come out. Kaye still had her smile on and Jake’s cock was about half excited. Kaye said that they were done in the shower and that it was our turn. She then sat down on the bed and told Jake to sit next to her. Kari and I kind of giggled and went to the shower.

I turned it on and got in first. Kari followed behind and shut the curtain. We both just fell into each others arms and let the steamy water bathe us. I gathered two bars of soap and gave one to her and kept one for me. After moving the shower spray to one side, Kari and I soaped each other up and scrubbed each other down. We were all business as we made sure we were both squeaky clean. Following a nice rinse, we dried each other off and kissed each other before walking out.

Jake and Kaye were already dressed and had the motel coffee made. Both of them commented that we were kind of quick in the shower and they didn’t expect us to be out of there for a while longer. We told them that we took care of business before we went to the shower as we both swatted each others ass. With that, we both got dressed and had our coffee.

We all made plans to get together in a few weeks at their place. It would be a sleep over for us as we knew things would be pretty exciting. The girls started whispering to each other as Jake gave me their phone number and directions how to get there. As we all got to the door, the girls went to the bed, got a pillow, came back to us and asked Jake and I to please cum in their mouth before Kaye and I left. Jake and I just look at each other and said sure.

Kaye and Kari dropped their pillows in front of Jake and me and knelt down in front of us. Opening our pants, they each found a willing cock waiting for attention. Jake Escort Alsancak and I had the best viewing of the two best cocksuckers we know paying loving attention to our hard-ons. Each of the girls started off slowly kissing and licking, over and over. Kari and Kay are each terrific at this as they each seem to follow the others lead in this great blowjob. I can’t keep my pants up as they worked their way down and fell. Jakes pants were next as I hear his hit the floor also. Each of the girls seem to take this on cue as Kari starts sucking on my balls and Kaye starts working on Jakes. As I watch Kari and Kaye sucking, I can’t help but notice their soft hands pumping our cocks. Each of the girls look at us at they each take our balls in their mouths and tickle them with their tongues. They then move off our balls and back to our cocks in some of the best cocksucking action I have ever seen.

Kari and Kaye are so good at this. Each has red lipstick on and watching both our cocks move in and out of their mouths makes me want to cum. Their soft moaning doesn’t help much as I feel myself letting go. Jake must have felt the same way as I heard him start to moan.

Before long, Jake and I give the girls what they were asking for. Each of them takes as much of our cocks in their mouths and holds us there while their tongues works their magic on us. I feel my own release as wave after ocean wave of passion overwhelms me and I loose it. Kari looks deep in my eyes as I watch her with my cock in her mouth take all I can give. I can feel her tongue glide back and forth on the underside of my cock, licking it and coaxing all the cum from my balls. I watch her swallow over and over as she hold me deep between her red lips and gently squeezes my balls.

I look over to Kaye and watch her hold Jake deep in her mouth. I can see her also swallow over and over as she gently squeezes Jakes balls and milks all of his cum. With a gentle tongue bath from each of the girls on our cocks, Jake and I agree that we are two of the luckiest guys in the world to have such beautiful women who love to fuck.

We all say our goodbyes and promise to keep in touch until we all get together in a few weeks.

We all just can’t wait!

This story to be continued…

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