Partner Games Ch. 05: Shopping Trip


Partner Games Ch. 05: “Daddy” takes “daughter” shopping

It had been the first weekend in a long time that my wife and I hadn’t had sex. Not that we needed it, but the reality was that Friday night had worn both of us out. We settled for some time snuggling before we got up and carried on with our weekend. It felt bad lying to Jerry later on Saturday, but it had to be done. I didn’t want him to know that we’d been accepted and they hadn’t. The sad part was that Sue would have been a great addition.

Later that week we had a visit from Vince and his wife Amanda. They explained that a big part of the club was related to roll playing and what he called “setups”, where one club member would be set up with another, each playing some fantasy role. They were a very young couple, maybe in their late twenties, though I’d have to say that Amanda could look quite a bit younger with her thin build and long blonde hair.

Vince suggested that he take my wife to the bedroom, while Amanda would stay in the living room to “quiz” us on what kind of things we’d feel comfortable being involved in, which apparently included getting undressed and having sex. Her reasoning was that it was so much easier to learn what a man really liked when he was in the middle of sex. From the moans that came from the bedroom, her husband preferred the same technique. It was probably one of the most pleasant surveys I’d ever taken.

Amanda coaxed quite a bit of information from me before pumping the final surge from me. Whispering different fantasy scenarios in my ear as she slowly rode up and down my shaft, and listening to and feeling my response was an effective method. In the end, she suggested a considerable array of sexy situations that I found surprisingly stimulating. I was quite sure it was based on requests that had come in rather than her own creativity, but I got the distinct impression that she found quite a number of those situations equally titillating. When we were done, or should I say the survey had come to completion, we lay on the sofa naked and listened to my wife complete her own survey which Amanda assured me was as thorough as mine.

After we had all dressed, Vince asked if we would be available the coming Saturday for a trial, just to see how it went. We agreed and plans were made. I would go out shopping with Amanda, playing the part of her father, while my wife would seduce the pool boy at Cynthia’s house.

Saturday afternoon came and after dropping off my wife at Cynthia’s house, I drove to the address I’d been provided. I hadn’t ever really done any role playing so I wasn’t exactly sure how all this was going to work, but I was willing to try almost anything once. Of course it didn’t hurt that Amanda was a really hot young woman.

I pulled into the driveway and walked up to the house and rang the bell.

“DADDY!” Amanda cried joyfully as she opened the door. “You made it!”

“I did,” I agreed.

“Well, I’m almost ready. Come on. Get in here already,” she said, practically reaching out to pull me into the house by the arm. “I’m so glad your going to take me shopping. I so need new dresses and stuff,” she said as we stepped into the living room of the nicely appointed house. They clearly weren’t running short on money based on their house.

“That’s a nice dress,” I said quietly, not exactly sure what I was supposed to say.

“You like it?” she asked, turning on her toes to show off the short thigh length sun dress. It was cream colored with large print flowers all over it, extending from the middle of her thighs to just above her breasts. The dress was essentially skin tight, maybe even a size too small, so that it formed to her body enticingly, showing off each curve and bump of her body, with the exception of her breasts, since the top of the dress had a frilly “skirt” of its own about six or eight inches long surrounding her chest. “It’s getting so tight and threadbare I feel like you an almost see through it. You can’t though, can you?” she asked as she ran her hands from her thighs up her dress to her chest, lifting the frilly top as her hands slipped up over her breasts. With the frilly top portion pulled up, I could easily see the shape of her breasts and her hard nipples pushing the material out, as well as make out the darkness of the large dark areola surrounding her erect nipples.

“It might be getting a little bit thin,” I answered, wondering if I should be thinking like a father instead of a horn dog. “You might think about wearing a bra with it.”

“You think,” she asked, looking down at herself, rubbing her hands up and down her breasts. “I don’t have any that don’t have straps. Maybe we need to get one?”

“If you want to wear that dress, it’d be better,” I answered.

“Well. We’ll just have to buy one then!” she said cheerfully before walking over to get her purse. She bent over to pick her purse up off the floor, her skirt hiking up her ass cheeks as she bent until I could see the juncture of her legs and Kadıköy Escort her pussy pushing nearly translucent panties out at me. She straightened up and walked over to me, hooking one arm in mine. “All set Daddy!” she grinned.

“Uh huh,” I answered, feeling my cock already starting to harden in my shorts, wishing that I’d have not taken my wife’s advice and passed on underwear.

I led her out to the car and we started off towards the mall on the far side of town, almost a half hour drive on the bypass. As we drove I couldn’t help but notice that she idly played with the hem of her dress, slowly inching it up her legs until I could actually see the white of her panties disappearing between her thighs. We pulled into the parking lot of the mall and got out, her skirt back in place as she stepped around the car and put her arm in mine. “We haven’t been shopping together in so long Daddy! You used to take me all the time, remember? When we were little? You always made me get dresses that went all the way to my knees.”

“Seemed appropriate,” I said. “You were a little girl.”

“But I’m not so little anymore,” she said with a grin.

“No. You are definitely NOT a little girl any longer,” I answered as we walked toward the mall doors. It took several minutes for us to make our way to a store she had in mind and enter it. They had rack after rack of all kinds of trendy dresses, skirts, blouses and even lingerie, all appearing to be geared to younger women, though I saw quite a few outfits that I thought would look pretty damn hot on my wife. Amanda sorted through the racks until she had a number of items and then tugged me along toward the back of the store where the changing rooms were.

There were a number of rooms built along the back wall, most facing the front of the store, though with the number of racks I doubted it would be possible to even see the changing rooms from half way across the store. She found one directly across from a bench that had its door open, and walked in. She hung the dresses and such on the hook and then came back out to have me sit down. “Now. Just wait here. I’ll try them on and you can tell me what you think, okay Daddy?”

“Sure honey,” I said as I sat down, wondering what she had in mind.

The doors to each changing room nearly reached the floor, leaving only enough gap for me to see her feet if I bent lower than I was sitting. I doubted that anyone could even see her feet unless they tried, or the dress that now lay in a puddle around her ankles. I saw her hand and then the dress disappeared. I couldn’t help but get a little hard thinking about her inside, practically naked, a thought I hadn’t had about a young woman in a dressing room for a VERY long time.

I was almost startled when she opened the door and stood in a tiny black skirt, her arm across her bare chest, covering her breasts.

“Whoa,” I said to myself as I looked at her standing in heels and the tiny skirt.

“What do you think Daddy?” she asked as she twisted and turned, letting me see from outside the cubicle while looking at herself in the mirror in the back of the cubicle.

“I think it’s quite nice,” I answered as she turned her back to me and dropped her arm, using both hands to smooth the skirt over her butt. In the mirror I could clearly see her now exposed breasts as she twisted part way, side to side. “I like it, don’t you?” she asked as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I do,” I agreed, my shorts starting to bulge noticeably as I watched her.

She turned to face me, her hand reaching for the door, her modest C cup tits wiggling enticingly as she leaned towards me to reach the doorknob and pull the door closed.

“Wow,” I whispered to myself as I looked around to see if anyone else had seen our little show. I suspected one guy standing at the end of a rack had, but beyond that it looked like no one had.

Moments later she opened the door again, standing in what I could only describe as a lace dress. Presumably it was intended as a swimsuit cover, but without a suit under it her tits showed clearly. She looked around, slightly more nervous this time, and then at me. “What do you think Daddy?”

“I think that your underwear shows through it,” I answered her.

She looked down at herself, and then up at me again. With a quick look around the store she hiked the hem of the dress up and hooked her thumbs in her white translucent bikini panties and pulled them down. Her panties fell to her feet before she bent to work them over her high heels before standing straight up again, her pussy and the little triangle shaped tuft of blonde curls on her mound as visible under the dress as her tits. “Better?”

“Well, I can’t see your panties any longer,” I answered as she quickly reached for the door and pulled it closed rather abruptly. I saw a young woman and boyfriend walk into the dressing room area as she closed the door. The young woman went into one of the changing rooms while the young man sat down across Kadıköy Escort Bayan from her changing room, much like I was.

I was disappointed I didn’t get to see Amanda in the mesh dress longer than I had, but then, I was certainly starting to think with my other head. I was still considering how she looked when the door opened again, this time with her in an actual dress.

“What do you think about this one Daddy?” she asked, getting back into the role that I had started to fall out of.

“Very pretty,” I answered as I looked at how the thin material clung to her body. I could clearly see how her breasts were outlined, and each bump of her erect nipples. When she moved just right, I could see through the material of the dress sufficiently to even make out the lighter curls on her mound and the modest amount of inner lip protruding down between her legs.

She smiled after long seconds of showing off and then closed the door. The door hadn’t been closed very long when she called out to me and opened the door again. “Daddy, would you help me?”

“Sure sweetie. What’s the problem?” I asked, standing up.

“I can’t get the zipper undone,” she said, acting like she was struggling with the zipper that ran nearly three quarters of the way down the front of the dress.

I stepped up to her and reached for the zipper. “Here. Let me,” I said quietly.

“DADDY! Not out here! Everyone can see!” she said seeming to be surprised that I’d undo the zipper with the door open. She pulled me inside and closed the door. Then saying it loud enough for anyone outside to hear. “Now. You can.”

“You sure this is okay?”

“Sure Daddy. I’ll just turn around. It’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” I said as I reached again for the zipper and began to slowly pull it down. I eased the zipper down, allowing the material to spread apart as she reached to her shoulders and pulled the sleeveless dress off. As I undid the dress zipper, the dress covered less and less of her until it slid down off her body, leaving me holding it up around her with just the zipper. She held her fingers to my lips and then reached down and took the dress from me. She let it fall to the ground and then turned to bend over and pick it up. I looked at her in the mirror at the profile of her, her tits hanging down and wiggling as she stepped out of the dress in her heels. She leaned back and pressed her butt against my crotch, pressing her pussy against my hard shaft.

“Daddy. Are you getting a hardon?” she asked quietly, wigging her butt to work my hard dick between her ass cheeks. She stayed bent over and reached back between us, feeling my dick with her hand. “Daddy!” she hissed quietly. “You are.”

“Sorry sweetie,” I whispered back.

She stood up and faced me, wearing nothing but her high heels and looked down at my crotch. She slowly undid the button on my shorts and then equally slowly teased the zipper down, letting go of the material and allowing my shorts to slide down my legs, exposing my hardon. “Daddy!” she whispered again. “Are you getting turned on looking at my body?”

“Sorry sweetie. I can’t help it. You aren’t a little girl anymore,” I whispered back.

She shook her head and then grinned. “Good. I think we’re almost done here.”

“We are?”

“Uh huh. Just have to get dressed,” she said, reaching for her dress. She turned away from me and bent over to step into the dress, her bare ass pressing my dick between her ass cheeks. I felt her pull away as she got ready to step into the dress, pushing back again, this time with my dick pointing almost straight at her pussy. “Daddy,” she whispered as she pressed back against me, forcing my engorged head between her lips.

“What is it sweetie?”

“Daddy, is your dick trying to get inside me?”

“Not on purpose sweetie. Just go ahead and put your dress on,” I answered, trying not to press my hips forward as my head nestled between her wet lips.

“Daddy?” she asked as she lifted each foot in turn to step into the dress, her body moving from side to side and pushing back against me. I could feel my head press deeper between her lips, almost slipping into her tunnel as she wiggled her ass while pulling the dress up. Too soon to suit me, she straightened up and pulled her pussy off my head, turning around to face me as she pulled the dress up her body. “Are you okay Daddy?”

“Yeah. Fine,” I said breathlessly.

“Okay. Would you zip me back up?”

“Of course sweetie,” I answered, reaching for the open back of her dress. I zipped it back up slowly, her hand moving behind her butt to clasp around my dick.

“Daddy. You feel soooo big,” she whispered as we stood in the room with my shorts around my ankles and her hand slowly stroking my dick. I wanted at that moment to lift her skirt and stuff my dick into her pussy. I was so close only moments ago and my body was screaming at me to finish the job. If I was right, so was hers.

She squatted down in front of me, her hand still Escort Kadıköy around my cock. “It is so big,” she whispered as she leaned her face towards my dick. She opened her mouth and engulfed my engorged head with her lips.

“Oh damn,” I whispered as she slowly stroked her lips along my shaft as far as she could without choking herself. She stroked me half a dozen times before pulling off and looking down at my feet. She pulled my shorts up, tucked my dick into my pants and then buttoned and zipped them.

She stood up with a grin and whispered, “I think I need some new bras and panties.”

“You do?”

“Oh yes. I definitely do!” she grinned before she turned away. “I think I’m going to keep this dress,” she said as she bent to pick up the mesh lace dress that was so incredibly sexy on her. She collected her purse and the remaining items, opened the door to look around and then stepped out. I followed, the young man still sitting a few rooms away staring at me as I stepped out, his mouth almost hanging open.

Amanda led me to the register where she paid for her purchase and then looped her arm in mine again to lead me out into the mall and down the long wide corridor filled with people. She led me to a little lingerie section of the Macy’s store, steering me around the racks of bras and panties until she had selected a number of items. With a grin, she again looped her arm in mine and led us to the changing rooms. She settled me onto a bench seat in front of a pair of rows of changing rooms that faced each other. Each of the rooms was separated from the aisle they created by a curtain. “You wait here and I’ll show you how I look.”

Amanda disappeared into the last changing room on the far end of the aisle. I saw the curtain move a few times and then saw her peek out before pushing the curtain apart and stepping out in full view. She had on a bright red half bra, the kind that supports her breasts from below, but leaves most of her areola and all of her nipple showing, and an equally bright red see-through bikini panty. She smiled at me and turned, with her arms out, giving me a complete look before turning back to face me. With a smile, she stood in the middle of the aisle and reached behind her, unsnapping the bra and letting it fall from her chest to her hands, leaving her tits bare before quickly ducking back into the booth. Three times she repeated the process with various bras and panties. The last time, she shrugged the bra off and then bent and pulled the panties off so she was completely nude. She stood there as long as she dared, darting back into the changing room only when someone in another room was stepping out.

A few short moments later she stepped out, dressed again, carrying the bras and her shoes. “Which were your favorites?” she asked quietly as she handed me the wad of lingerie.

“The red thong and the red half bra,” I answered.

“Cool,” she said with a grin. “Now Daddy. We have one more stop to make on the way home.”

“We do?”

“We do!” she said emphatically as she looped her arm into mine and guided me back into the mall. It took quite a few minutes to get back to the car. It was late afternoon by that time and almost as soon as she was in the car she had her skirt hiked up and her legs spread, teasing her pussy. “Oh my god Daddy. I am soooo fucking horny right now,” she cooed as she ran her fingers up and down her pussy. “Did I make you horny too? Your dick was so big in that store. For a minute I thought you were going to push it all the way inside me.”

“For a minute I was,” I answered honestly.

She grinned and leaned over the center console and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. She fished my hard dick out of my pants and then lowered her face to my dick, teasing just the head with her tongue. “I’d suck your dick daddy, but you’d probably cum all over my face and I want you hard for our last stop.”

“Aren’t you afraid of someone seeing us?” I asked.

She sat up and grinned at me. “You mean they might see your dick Daddy?” she answered, sitting up and pulling the top of her dress down to expose her tits while she held my dick with her left hand. “I’m sure they’ll be more interested in these,” she said as down the interstate highway her hand was gently stroking my cock to ensure I stayed hard. “Get off here,” she said as we approached an exit. She directed me off the highway and down the frontage road and into a parking lot of a place called “Cally’s Boutique”. We parked and she pulled her dress top up. “Come on Daddy. We have one more thing to get,” she said as she got out. She met me in front of the car, giving me time to fix my pants as I got out, and then looped her arm in mine again. She led me to the door of the store and I opened it to let us in. The first thing I noticed was that the store was divided into two halves, one half being rack after rack of video and the other rack after rack of very playful clothing. Amanda nodded to the young lady behind the counter and then led me deeper into the store on the lingerie side, guiding me to a rack of tiny almost thong type underwear, only these were for men. She reached out and pulled one off the rack and held it to my shorts. “We need to get you some new underwear Daddy.”

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