Part 2


Part 2Of course, I’d expected that I was going to fuck sweet, sexy chubby Anna and Mike was going to go with girlfriend Bethany. A straightforward, good old-fashioned hetero foursome. That is what Anna had told me over the phone was her plan. The excitement for me was the thought that I was going to watch the girlfriend having it with another (older and more experienced) man, and me finally getting up Anna’s skirt and inside her knickers. I’d long imagined being able to feel down her knickers and get inside her. The first indication that something was not quite right was the excitement that suddenly came over the girlfriend when Anna started taking her clothes off in the living room. She was giggling and laughing excitedly as Anna stripped down to her panties and bra, although at first I thought Escort it was perhaps just the drink causing her excitement. It was as if me and Anna’s husband weren’t there. The easy going intimacy of Anna and Bethany as they danced half naked showed that this “date” was more about the two girls missing each other and wanting to get back together: them wanting to have each other rather than swapping partners.I don’t know how much Mike knew of what the girl’s had planned, but he didn’t seem concerned by their display of intimacy and I was happy to see him calmly put his drink down and walk across and slide his hands down the back of Bethany’s knickers – pulling them down to her knees – and then start kissing the back of her neck. It was my cue to do the same to Anna, who was responsive Escort Bayan to my fingers down her panties and hungrily kissed me with her tongue. Licking the inside of my lips in circular motion to suggest to me what she wanted me to do to her pussy lips. Or, at least, that is what I thought it meant.She led me upstairs and I fingered her as we slowly went up, enjoying every rise in the stairs – discovering my the third or fourth stair that she was nice and hairy and wet. So this was it, I thought. I’d be inside her within the next few minutes, fucking her like crazy, and that thought made me hard and erect before I’d even got to the top of the stairs with her. But the girls obviously had other things planned. Mike was left downstairs with his drink and Anna said she Bayan Escort needed to use the bathroom before coming to bed with me and went in and locked the door, and then I discovered that Bethany was also in there. When I pressed my ear against the door a few minutes later, all I could hear was what sounded like a licking tongue on a wet pussy. Oh yes, we eventually fucked and it was good. The girls having used themselves to get fully aroused. And I did finally got to see Bethany with Mike’s cock inside her – shafting her long and hard, with her wetness clearly visible on his cock as he withdrew after each stroke – and as I lay under Anna as she rode me it looked beautiful. But I also got to see Bethany lovingly kissing Anna’s breasts and clit and toes. Mike tied to the bed with Anna sitting on him, Anna tenderly kissing Bethany as his tongue licked at her. And now I guess this first “date” won’t be their last. Already the phone has been ringing and the two ladies are off again tomorrow – presumably to the nearest motel.

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