Paradise Bound Ch. 03


Fridays are our days. My wife and I have, without ever stating it or writing it down somewhere, always reserved Fridays for ourselves. We will put on some of our favorite music, make some of our favorite food, talk about our week purging the events at work that turned our days in one way or another. We will confirm what plans we have for the weekend. We muse about vacations, retreats at spas, extended weekends in NYC or on a remote lake paddling. We will sip from a more expensive bottle of wine maturing in our modest wine cellar. And most Fridays, if one of us doesn’t fall asleep right after dinner, we will make love.

My wife had sent me a text message apologizing for being caught in a meeting that was running late. Being a VP at a small bank often meant late running impromptu meetings any day of the week.

On the ride home I planned what I would make for dinner, planning to have it ready when Carol arrived home from work. Poached salmon with lime/chipotle mayo, steamed broccoli finished with garlic butter, and some orzo lightly bathed in homemade pesto. I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed the salmon, lime, basil and some fresh broccoli. I picked up some tapenade and hummus for appetizers. Everything else I needed was at home.

I dropped the food in the kitchen and threw 5 CD’s into the player. Some Miles, Ella, Chet, Coleman and Jane Monheit set on random play. I went upstairs to shower off the remnants from my work week.

The warm water cascaded over my body. I thought of what things we had scheduled for the weekend. Our typical weekend chores of course. Dinner with Friends Saturday night. Tanning Saturday morning. Tanning with Stephanie Saturday morning. I touched my cock and closed my eyes. I imagined Stephanie in front of me, the salon buzzing with a Saturday morning crowd, Stephanie removing my clothes, getting on her knees and silently taking my cock into her warm mouth. She stands up, turns around, grabs the handles on the doors of the stand up tanning machine. I step in behind her; pull her thong aside and start fucking her against the machine. My cock is hard and full in my hand. I shake my head and as difficult as it is to do, stop masturbating, deciding to save my cum for a session with my wife later tonight. I washed up; my erection making it easier to thoroughly clean my cock in preparation for the night’s activities, toweled dry and threw on some weekend clothes.

I was washing the broccoli and basil when Carol called to say she was on the way. I had about 45 minutes before she would be home. I went downstairs to retrieve some wine. I grabbed a crisp bracing white from Alsace that would go well with the mix of food I was preparing and half bottle of sparkling wine for starters.

When Carol arrived I had two plates of appetizers ready, the Kadıköy Escort Bayan pesto and lime/chipotle mayo were prepared. The water for the pasta had just boiled.

“Hi hon. Sorry I’m late,” Carol called from the front door.

“Hi Babe. That’s okay. Dinner is ready to go,” I yelled back to her.

I popped the cork on the sparkling wine just as my love turned the corner into the kitchen. We kissed hello and I poured two glasses of bubbly. I handed a glass to Carol raising one myself.

“To Friday night and the weekend.”

Carol clinked my glass took a sip and looked around the kitchen.

“This looks perfect for dinner. What can I help with?”

“Nothing right now. I think it’s all under control. Why don’t you take your wine and a plate of appetizers upstairs and change into your weekend wear?”

“If you don’t mind, that would be great.”

My wife kissed me on the check and disappeared upstairs. I stirred the pasta and started the fish and broccoli. Miles was blowing a tune on the stereo. I heard the water running in the shower. I lit some candles in the dining room and continued to cook.

Dinner was fabulous, We recounted tales of the work week to each other and slowly wound our way out of work mode and into weekend mode.

“So how’s your tanning going?” my wife asked. “That’s a busy little salon you found. I mean, you’re never there less than an hour. Obviously people like it.”

“Oh okay I guess. Yeah, I guess they provide good customer service. It’s just a salon as far as I can tell but I guess people like it.”

“I will have to go and give it a try sometime and see what all the fuss is about.”

Sirens started wailing in my mind. Nope. Nope. That would not be good. That would be trouble. Quick! Get out of this pending disaster NOW!

“If you want to I guess but why would you spend the time when you’re happy with your salon. If I had known this salon was so busy I would have picked another I think. But I’ve paid for time here so I go. I just want to get a tan and get to Jamaica as soon as we can. I really need a break.”

Good thinking. I hope. Tell her to go but then give her some things to think about and tell her you would rather be going someplace not so busy. And hope like heck that my Jamaica reference will change the subject.

“I can’t wait to feel that warm sun on my naked body too,” my wife continued my thought. “To make some new friends on the beach and share drinks with other Au Naturel bathers at the bar.”

Yes, the subject has been changed. Let’s keep it here.

“Yeah, I long for that too…” and our conversation switched to our upcoming vacation and the new friends we would make and the new places we could find to make love.

We consumed our last few bites sharing thoughts and memories Kadıköy Escort of our vacations, mostly about the times we made love in one form or another somewhere other than in our room and were almost discovered by other couples or employees. The talk was getting me aroused, and I hoped it was doing the same for Carol.

“Let me clean up hon. Why don’t you go and get comfortable in den while I clean up the kitchen?” my wife suggested, “You prepared dinner. I will do the clean up.”

I helped carry the dishes in from the dining room and made my way to the den with the last of the wine. There wasn’t a lot to clean up. I had been doing the pots and pans as things finished cooking.

When I reached the den I piled some paper, kindling and logs in the fireplace and lit the paper in a few places with a match. I kicked the bean bag chair out from its hiding place beside the sofa. I plunked it down pretty much in the sweet spot of the stereo. Jane was singing Dindi. I sipped my wine and closed my eyes listening to Jane’s perfect pitch. I heard the fire beginning to pop and crackle beside me. I don’t know if I fell asleep or just got lost in the music. I opened my eyes when I felt my wife sit on me straddling my pelvis.

Carol had slipped into her white bathrobe at some point after cleaning up. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I fished for the belt on her robe, pulled it open and peeled off her robe. Carol was wearing her favorite black lingerie. A demi-cup bra supported her pert bosom. Her lower body was adorned with a matching black thong and black garter holding up black silk stockings. Carol leaned in and kissed me again while grinding her pelvis against my growing erection.

“You like, my big man?” Carol asked in her best ‘I’m the boss tonight’ voice.

Before I could answer she covered my mouth with her own. We spent a long while kissing and caressing each other luxuriating in the heat from the fire and the mellow tunes rolling out of the speakers.

Our foreplay continued for at least 30 minutes without us removing another stitch of clothing. Then while nibbling on my ear, Carol whispered to me “I want you naked now!”

Carol lifted off my t-shirt when she stood up. I slipped off my pants and underwear. My steely cock pointing to the ceiling. Carol looked down at me with a hungry expression on her face. She straddled my pelvis once again, kissed me hard, then ran a hand over my forehead grabbing a hold of my hair and tipping my head back.

Carol stood up without releasing my hair, still holding my head back against the bean bag chair. She stepped forward, now straddling the chair. With her free hand my gorgeous wife reached between her legs and held her thong to one side exposing her clean shaven pussy. She lowered herself onto my face mashing Escort Kadıköy her sweetly coated yoni over my mouth and nose.

I licked and drank her sweet honey as best I could, stealing a breath when Carol’s gyrating hips permitted some air to reach my mouth or nostrils.

Sometimes my wife enjoyed taking control. Forcing me to have her pussy for dessert has never been punishment for me but the breath control part was definitely a challenge at times.

Carol rode my face holding me by the hair. Her thighs and the bean bag covered my ears meaning the only sounds I could hear were coming from me gasping for air and licking and gulping the juice dripping from my wife’s pussy.

My lover slid herself off my face not yet having cum. Her pussy left a wet trail down my chest and over my abdomen. As her slide reached the bottom of her ride, Carol grabbed my cock and guided into her hot pussy. We kissed grinding our hips together. Carol’s feet were beside my hips. She started riding my cock cowgirl, sliding her pussy up and down the full length of my shaft. I grabbed her hips and stopped her at the top of one of her slides. It was my turn to take control. I started thrusting in and out of her with all the energy I could muster, our bodies slapping together in rhythm with the music on the stereo. Our grunts and groans in syncopation with the rhythm of our slaps.

My first delivery was deep into Carol’s pussy but my convulsion was so severe my cock slipped out sending the remainder of my cum load onto my chest and stomach. Carol wasn’t finished yet. She slid down further licking and sucking my cum off my chest and stomach and topping off her own dessert by sucking her sweet honey and my salty excretion off my softening lollipop.

“Trade with me my love” my wife demanded.

I rolled my spent body off the bean bag. My wife took my place. She positioned her hips higher on the bag then I had had mine. Carol grabbed my hair again and guided my face onto her pussy. Her lips were hot from the friction of our fucking and creamy with a blend of her honey and my lotion. I slid two fingers into Carol’s hot hole and searched for her g-spot. My lips and tongue found her sensitive nub. Carol held my head tightly against her cunt. I licked and sucked her clit while massaging the inner walls of her heated slippery vagina. Carol rolled back on the chair arching her back and lifting her pussy higher. She crunched her abs in conjunction with the first squeeze her pussy gave my probing fingers. Yelps and moans freely escaped my orgasming darling. I allowed her to ride her waves of pleasure before rolling her onto the floor and spooning behind her in front of the fire.

We awoke an hour later and made our way to bed. I was thankful tomorrow was Saturday. My trip to the spa would probably not involve any sex with all the customers likely to be there. I wasn’t sure my body could take another round of sex. I think my balls were completely drained from the activities of the week and could really use a couple of days to recharge.

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