“Too many to recall, though there can only be one ultimate,” I replied. “Perhaps my ultimate sexual experience is still yet to happen. A wonderful thought.”

“It’s a wonderful thought if I am to be involved.”

“Tell me about your ultimate sexual experience thus far?”

“Perhaps standing naked, with my back to the wall, with a roaring erection while we were passionately tongue kissing, while one of your girlfriends was giving me a blow job as her man watched, agitated and obviously turned on by the size of my thick nine-inch erection. She was edging me as I fought to hold back a tremendous orgasm before she swallowed. Do you remember that?”

“I do. However, perhaps my ultimate sexual experience would have to be the first time you organised two much younger men for me. One of them gave me the most wonderful tongue fuck while I gave the other a blow job. He was huge and you were almost beside yourself as you watched and masturbated.”

A few days later, I could hear Sarah leading three of her girlfriends to the topic of ultimate sexual experiences as she entertained them over coffee. “My man I both agree any sexual inhibitions need to be completely abandoned to achieve the ultimate sexual experience.

“What has been your ultimate sexual experience?,” I heard Sarah ask Julie, one of her girlfriends as they sipped their coffee.

“I am still anticipating it, wanting it and waiting for it to happen, though watching another man giving my man a blow job while his lady tongue fucked me was special.”

“And you Mary, “What has been your ultimate sexual experience?,” Sarah asked.

“While on holiday, sucking a toy boy’s big cock while my man fucked me.

“Did your man enjoy watching?”

“He did, we had a repeat.

“And you Callista, “What has been your ultimate sexual experience?,” Julie asked.

“A tongue fuck from a girlfriend while I gave my man a blow job. And we had swaps afterwards. Though an ultimate sexual experience for some people I know is watching others having erotic sex. A real turn on for them.”

“And you Sarah, your ultimate sexual experience?,” Mary asked as the three women were obviously enjoying the tone of the conversation.

“It is still a fantasy, size is important for me, I love flaunting my naked body for a hung man, though I do enjoy being licked and teased by both sexes. And I love having my big ass worshiped. I also have a thing about sex with an audience.

“Perhaps two women and one man? Or even more exciting three women and one man. One of the women could tongue fuck me while the other kissed me with her tongue while I watched the third woman give my man a blow job.

“As a prelude to that, my exhibitionist streak would love to give a really well hung man a blow job while three fully dressed women watched. I would love to demonstrate my blow job skills and turn them on.

“Come and meet my girlfriends Julie, Mary and Callista, Roger,” I heard Sarah ask on cue.

She had deliberately set this up and given me specific instructions. Çorum Escort “I want you to be eye candy for my girlfriends, I want you to appear wearing your tight, low cut jeans,” she told me as she oiled my taut, tanned torso. “And I want your big, thick cock to be obvious.”

It was obvious, when I walked out, hands on hips, my exhibitionist side in overdrive as the three women ogled my body.

“My man and I both agree any sexual inhibitions need to be completely abandoned to achieve the ultimate sexual experience,” Sarah told them again as she licked and kissed my torso just above my jeans.

Incredible sexual tension as the three women watched her slowly slide my jeans down to expose my almost fully erect cock.

“You are setting new benchmarks for us Sarah, this is almost an unbelievable sexual experience for me, I love it. Can’t wait to tell my man,” Callista whispered obviously incredibly turned on as she watched Sarah blowing me with great aplomb.

A week later Sarah and I were entertaining two different girlfriends and one of their men, Jules, an androgynous blond, slim, much younger, pretty toyboy, with a diamond earring, over coffee.

Sarah had his complete attention as he ogled her ass in a tight, short skirt as she served the coffee, thriving on and enjoying his attention as she sat down and crossed her legs for his benefit.

“My man I both agree any sexual inhibitions need to be completely abandoned to achieve the ultimate sexual experience. So let’s all talk frankly and openly. What has been your ultimate sexual experience Christine?,” Sarah asked, as they sipped their coffee as Jules listened most attentively.

“Why don’t you go first Roger, break the ice for us.”

“I have an ass fetish, kissing and licking Sarah’s magnificent ass cheeks before we share another man or woman. Perhaps a boy to please Sarah,” I teased while I had Jules full attention, as he alternated looking at Sarah and me.

“Now you Christine.”

“The first time I fucked two hung men, they were huge, while my man watched while my girlfriend gave him a blow job.

“And you Dianne, tell us about yours?”

“My man watching me seduce Jules. We had a tacit agreement he could watch me seduce a toyboy One of his long held fetishes. He wanted the toyboy to be really well hung. I was naked from the waist down as Jules licked me with his hands on my ass. The moment Jules slid his cock and balls out of the tight opening in his trousers was magical for me and my man I. He was huge and thick, neither of us expected him to be so big.”

“We are all impressed Jules, that was a big wrap from your lady. Now tell us all about your ultimate sexual experience? You are much younger than us,” Sarah asked as he took one of her fingers and sucked it.

“The night Dianne seduced me while her man watched,” he told us as Sarah smiled at him as he sucked two of her fingers. “When her man joined in, it was sexual heaven. She triggered my interest in older women, she wants to watch me seduce and pleasure Çorum Escort Bayan another woman. Do I have your permission Diane?,” he asked.

The sexual chemistry between Sarah and Jules was electric as he approached Sarah and licked and kissed her thighs, then ran his hands up her skirt. “These would look better around your heels, much better,” he told her as she lifted her ass so he could slide her thong off.

“Should I leave?,” Christine asked, a little agitated, as she watched on, the odd one out.

“No stay and watch. And enjoy, I love an audience. Perhaps this will be my ultimate sexual experience?,” Sarah told her. “And perhaps our’s baby?,” she smiled at me.

The look on Sarahs face was one of exquisite anticipation as he took her hand and helped her stand. “So would your skirt,” he told her as he turned her around, undid the zipper and slid it past her heels.

“Your big ass is magnificent,” he told her with his hands on her hips as he knelt and licked and kissed her ass cheeks as she clenched them for him while smiling for the small, though appreciative audience.

Jules was in total control as he turned Sarah around, grasped her ass cheeks and commenced licking her cunt lips as she parted her legs for him, hands on her hips, smiling at me. I never tire of watching a woman with wonderful thighs, receiving and enjoying cunnilingus, standing in heels with her legs apart. In this case my lady, perhaps part of my ultimate sexual experience today?

At that moment, I was reminded of Sarah’s answer a week ago when Mary asked her, “What is your ultimate sexual experience?”

“Size is important for me, I love flaunting my naked body for a hung man, I enjoy being licked and teased by both sexes. And I love having my big ass worshiped. I also have a thing about sex with an audience. Perhaps two women and one man?”

“Are you comfortable watching my toyboy tongue fucking your lady,” Diane asked me as both she and Sarah directed his head with a hand.

“Yes a mutual turn on for us,” I told her truthfully as she ran a hand over my obvious erection under my slacks as she watched Sarah soaking up the sexual pleasure he was providing her.

Jules stepped back, helped Sarah remove her blouse, no bra, lick and suck her nipples, then remove his own shirt. He had an obvious erection, a real boner, under his slacks before Diane slid his trousers to his ankles and helped him step out of them. “You are making me jealous baby, but I love watching,” Diane told him as they tongue kissed.”

“Wow, long and thick,” Sarah managed to whisper as she ogled his almost hairless erection, then slid a hand along it while I tongue kissed her. An incredible vibe, just exquisite, exchanging tongue kisses with my lady while watching a toyboy, half her age tongue fucking her to her great enjoyment.

“Would you like to watch me give Jules a blow job?,” she whispered, knowing I would.

“I would Sarah,” Diane cut in. “Would you like to watch me give your man a blow job simultaneously?,” she whispered Escort Çorum as Sarah returned her kisses. “How about you Jules, would you like to watch me give Sarah’s man blow job while she gives one to you?”

The smile on his face made a verbal reply unnecessary as his lady helped me undress to show him and his lady my already thick, nine-inch erection.

Jules and I were comparing the sizes of our erections, as were our ladies, as we sat on carver chairs at ninety-degrees to each other, mirrors on all four sides, while each other’s naked ladies knelt between our legs.

The women were mimicking each other, or was Diane watching Sarah to learn new tricks? Licking our balls, the underside of our erections as they pushed our erections back against our torsos. Both of them moved slightly so they could slide our erections over their nipples.

Jules and I both had our hands behind our heads as our ladies simultaneously wrapped their pursed lips around our erections, tacitly determined to outlast each other.

They were rolling our balls around in their hands while they continued sucking. Giving the whole sack a few soft tugs. Then focusing on our balls with their mouths. Keeping a hand going on our erections as they licked all around our testicles with a broad, flat tongue. Taking each ball in their mouth for what seemed like a minute. Licking in between our balls, going all the way from the back of our scrotum to the front.

“What do you like better? This? Or this Jules?,” Sarah asked, determined to take the lead role and show how good she is.

I watched my lady holding the base of Jules’ erection in her hand while moving her lips back and forth over the ridge between the head of his erection and shaft, teasing by moving an inch before Diane copied her.

A basic stroke with her hand on his erection, then turning her wrist back and forth as she moved up and down his erection.

Christine was red faced, fascinated as she stood closely, watching and comparing the blow job techniques of two women, and mentally comparing the size of our erections.

It was obvious neither Jules or I would be able to hold out much longer, we were breathing heavily, both with a bulglng vein along the full length of our erections. Not sure which woman was mimicking which, as they sucked just the tips of our erections, their tongues in play, while they ran the tip of a thumb and finger along our erections.

“Do you want me to stop Jules?,” Sarah teased as she increased the pressure. “Do you? Do you?,” she continued teasing, his lady watching on, as he stood and commenced masturbating. “I love watching a man masturbate, a toyboy, half my age is special, very special she told him as he growled and blew a huge load.

“Wow,” was all Diane said as she continued teasing me to orgasm.

“I need an orgasm, fuck me with your tongue until I cum Jules,” Sarah told him as the swapped positions in the chair.

I had watched men, and women, bring my lady to orgasm with their tongues while I watched. Never with that man’s lady sucking me to orgasm.

“Was that our ultimate sexual experience?,” my lady Sarah asked me after she watched Diane swallow while she was enjoying multiple orgasms on Jules’ tongue.

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