Our first Couple


Our first CoupleLet me begin by saying who we are, a mid-40s couple who has been swinging for 11 years. He’s Ben, 5’11’170 lbs,, brown hair and eyes, and a standard but thick 6”. I’m Michelle, 5’4” 120lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and 36c. We work hard to stay fit and trim. We have been married 23 years and always had a good active sex life. We were playful, adventurous, and shared our fantasies. As we shared them, we found more and more we were missing the excitement of flirting, seduction and some of the variety we had before our youthful marriage. About 12 years ago, after much discussion, we thought about re-exploring our sexuality with others. At first, we figured we would be playful one or two times and see what would happen. However, it wasn’t as easy as we thought finding the first couple to play with. However, with luck, we got some neww neighbors, Steve and Trisha, couple years younger than us and both attractive. He is 6’ slim at 1weigh65 lbs, and blonde with blue eyes. Trisha is 5’5 weighs the same as me and like her husband is also blonde and blue eyed, and for the inquisitive 34B. We became good friends relatively quickly by sharing bbqs, going out to dinner and having many things in common. After Escort 6 moinths of knowing them, we decided they were the couple for us, attractive, sexy, good sense of humor and intelligent. The challenge facing us was how to seduce them. The men played golf and while they played, Trisha and I would lounge at the pool. Couple times we would be topless and would share our inner most thoughts about our life including our joys of sex, our fantasies, but not the desire to swing. But it did seem that Trisha and Steve might be subjected to seduction. So Bn and I planned a night of dinner at our pool and the seduction. After dinner on our patio and the enjoyment of romanic background music , and 2 bottles of wine over a couple of hours, it was time to jump into the pool for a refreshing swim. We were all in bathing suits from an earlier swim. As planned, Ben asked Steve if he was aware that the wives would be topless when they were golfing. Right away, Steve surprisingly responded yes and maybe the wives should be topless for the night. We were hoping for something like that, so I could respond it wouldn’t be fair if the men didn’t take something off. Ben’s rehearsed respons was why not although if the men Escort Bayan were totally naked the wives should be too. Again, we were surprised by Trisha’s response who said why not. So before we knew it, all four of us were in the pool naked. Naturally, some horse play occurred with the men grabbing their wives, at first, and tossing them up in the air or chasing them around the pool. Before long, it didn’t matter which wife the men grabbed and shortly after that the playful touching, than holding and eventually kissing. We were amazed at how quickly, our seduction was going. The men jumped out and we culd appreciate their nakedness and at least for me, imaging having another man was making me very excited and hot. As Trisha ut, Ben rushed over and started drying her off so naturally Steve did the same for me. Followed by passionately kissing me and saying loud enough for both Trisha and Ben, I want you. My boyishly reply was what about Trisha and Ben and Steve said why not them too. They seem to be on the same wave length that we were, and without hesitation went into the rec room off our patio. It had 2 sofas facing each other and Trisha and Ben took one, while Steve and I were on the other Bayan Escort directly across. The men startd caressing us slowly at first, and I could feel the excitement of almost the first time again, a new lover, a new experience, and passionately we were kissing feeling each other and soon his fingers were on my pussy making me even hotter, and seeing Ben and Trsiha doing almost the same thing added to the excitement and the thrill. Before long, I was laying dwon on the sofa and Steve was in me moving slowly at first and more rapidly as I responded to his thrusts and his fingers. In the background were moans coming from both Ben and Trisha which made my excitement and desire stronger and almost too quickly I came and than could feel Steve coming also. Just in time, I peeked over and saw Trisha sitting across Ben hit her climax with Ben’s cum filling her. The pleasure we experienced was new somewhat taboo in today’s morality and more rewarding than we thought. All four of us, glowed with the aftermath of our orgasm. We briefly chatted again for awhile, when Trisha said it was easier than they thought to seduce us. We laughd we hadn’t realized they wanted what we did, and told them we thought we were seducing them. We each made love to the others’ spouses again and almost immediately after did our own spouses. The night was better than our fantasies and our expectations and at that point were definitely committed to sharing each other again.

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